Details of what the Feds took from Nancy Salzman’s house —

Nancy Salzman is the figurehead of the Raniere teachings.

If ever anyone wanted proof of how successful Executive Success Programs are, he or she need look no further than the Prefect, Nancy Salzman.  Here’s a detailed description of what was taken by the FBI during their raid on her home at 3 Oregon Trail, Waterford, NY 12188, on March 27, 2018.

The raid suggests that Salzman will among those who will be charged by the Feds for various crimes.

Description Of Items

$390,180 in a Shoe Box

$15,637 in a Shoe Box

$109,727 in a Bag

White Envelope Containing $2,770 and a check.

Yellow Envelope Containing $700.

Misc cash lying about: $1,923.

60,000 Rubles [$967]

100 Pesos  [$5.50]

$2,180 Travelers Checks

Bank Of America Check

Thumb Drives

Portable File Box With Numerous Folders

Black Iphone

External Hard Drive [Silver]

Apple Airport Extreme

Kyocera Cell


Apple Mac Book

Sandisk Cruzer Glide Thumb Drive

Sony Recorder Micro Sd

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cell

Apple Iphone

Hp Pavilion Line P/c

Dell Desk Top With Digital Editing System

Fujitsu External Harfd Drive

Mac Pro Computer

Maxtor Hard Drive

Lacie Hard Disk Drive

Maxtor Removable Hard Disd Drive

Western Digital Hard Drive

Blackberry Moble Device

Kyocera Mobile Device

Blackberry Nobe Devicde

Sandisk Thumb Drive

Imac Computer

Samsung Mobile Device

Maxtor Personal Storage


Dard Disk Drive

Hitachi Hard Disk Drive

Plumax External Hard Drive

Swann Hd Video Recorder

Adt Dvr

Seagate Backup Plus External Hard Drive

Western Degital Passport External Hard Drive

Toshiba 32g Thumb Drive

Staples Relay Thumb Drive

Apple Time Capsule

Airport Time Capsule

Logitech Thumbdrive

Verbatim Thumb Drive

Buffalo Drive Station

Apple Ipad


Viva Executive Success. It pays to follow the world’s smartest man – except, of course, when he’s headed to prison for the rest of his life..




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  • Wow, that’s a big haul ! This is the sort of stuff taken in a drug dealer’s lair. Without the drugs. It is interesting that a box of white pills was taken from Kieth’s house.Viagra? Date rape drug? We can bet it’s not vitamin c ! The large amount of cell phones is a dead giveaway to fishy activity. Are they for the illegals? Nannys? Slaves? Cant wait to see what evidence comes from all those devices..teeheehee

    • Bottle of pills – Viagra is a little blue pill. White pill could be roofies although they have added blue dye to it recently. My first guess was Roofies. Keith probably drugged the girls and had sex with them and filmed them.

  • Sweet haul by the Feds! Just remember, Nancy: “There are no ultimate victims, therefore, I will not choose to be a victim!”

    For the rest of us, remember the wise words of Paul Martin, Ph.D., founder of Wellspring Retreat (counseling for victims of spiritual abuse, psychological abuse, and toxic relationships), who wrote a critical analysis of ESP:

    “There are no ultimate victims.” What does this mean? How far do we take human responsibility? Is a raped woman somewhat responsible for her rape? Is a battered wife somewhat responsible for her battering? Is an employee subject to a mean, dishonest, boss somehow not a victim? Are slaves in some manner not victims? Are those hit and hopelessly crippled by a drunk driver not victims? Are those accidently paralyzed by the slip of a surgeon’s knife not victims? What does Raniere have to say to this? The normal definition of victim, according to the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language, is “a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime or accident. 2. A person who is tricked or duped.” Common observation teaches that there are victims. ESP appears to make victimhood seem as unnatural as sensing the brisk chill on one’s cheeks on the morning of the first autumn frost.”

  • I’d really love to have a coffee talk with Nancy now. Or maybe wait until she’s in jail. Clearly, she didn’t snitch yet. But, hopefully, this gives her the reason to. I think serving some hard time would be good for her.

  • That sure is a lot of thumb drives and cellphones. I sure hope no incriminating data or text messages are found there … Ooops!

    Doesn’t anyone watch Mr. Robot? You’re supposed to put that shit in a microwave for 4 minutes!

  • With all that money, why do she and Vantard look and dress like Special Olympics candidates? You would think they could afford better clothes and haircuts.

    • Why do Russian mobsters from Boynton Beach wear Adidas track suits? Because they can, because they are mobsters.

      Maybe VanGrifter is reliving his glory days from his 100-yard Dash victory, and Judo Championship…

    • they have to look like they need the $ to be able to keep collecting it from the suckers, who don’t know how much they have already taken (includes you, Sara and Clare).

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