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Keith Raniere evidently has not found an attorney. The federal court system’s PACER website does not show an attorney having made a notice of appearance. It is unknown if he has the Bronfman money behind him anymore. It is unlikely he has access to the $8 million he stashed in the late Pam Cafritz’s account. He used his useful idiot Rosa Laura Junco to sign checks and Raniere accessed her account with a debit/charge card.


Is Lauren Salzman in Albany? One hopes for her sake she is. Hiding out will only result in her being denied bail when she is arrested – which is expected shortly. Whatever her crimes – and they were many – let us remember that her mother helped induct her when she was a teen – and Raniere sweet talked her into thinking she would have his avatar child.

She may be, in fact an abuser – but at one point in time, she was a victim. Her hiding from authorities is plain foolish. She should get an attorney – if she has not already done so and let the DOJ know she is not in hiding and prepared to surrender herself at any time.

She might avoid a life sentence, if she is smart.


Isn’t it ironic: The last time Keith Raniere saw Toni Natalie in person was some 20 years ago.. He said to her then, “The next time I see you Toni – you will be either dead or in jail.”

He tried his best to have her put in jail. He had her indicted twice on false charges. He had his ghouls file criminal complaints. He exhorted the criminal Clare Bronfman to bonus people to get her indicted.

He failed. He was wrong. While he nearly destroyed 20 years of her life, the next time he sees Toni Natalie – which is expected to be shortly in Brooklyn for his arraignment – which Toni says she plans to attend – he will be alive of course – but in jail – and facing a lifetime in prison.

World’s smartest man indeed! For me, it is a stunning example of karma – or action – in action.


An interesting thread of info on Rainbow Cultural Garden can be found here.  

Hard to believe that the State of New York has still not done anything to put an end to this unlicensed operation that is, in essence, conducting unapproved and dangerous psychological experiments on innocent children.


Rosa Laura Junco  a DOS slave [and salve master] has a new website:


As a DOS slave, Rosa Laura  has made a vow to do anything Vanguard tells her to do. Now that he is in prison – what should she do?

She quotes Nelson Mandela and writes about “freedom”, something her Vanguard has very little of of late. And as a DOS slave, it is an interestiong topic for her to opine on. She writes:

“Freedom is ‘The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.’….

“Maybe true freedom lies in understanding that we are always at choice. We choose our every decision: our actions, thoughts and words. …

“Ultimately, every moment allows for choice….

“It may well be that to experience true freedom, the price to pay is an acknowledgement of the responsibility of choice in every moment…..

“Maybe freedom is overrated in our time and age, too idealized a concept. Maybe we should focus more on responsibility. It may very well be the key – and the shortest path – to a free world.”

Junco further writes that her text on freedom was “inspired by a number of recent analyses Rosa Laura Junco has done with her team at The Knife Media. Many have included assumptions about the concept of freedom, in particular free speech.”


The Knife Logo looks not unlike the KR AM brand that appears on various DOS slaves pubic area.


Visit the Knife here.

Rosa Laura has vulnerability as a crime suspect. After all, she signed checks for Pam Cafritz’s account after Pam died. Was she part of the money laundering scheme?

Word is she broke up with her husband Luis — did he wise up? She certainly hasn’t.


Kristanna Loken appears in a promotional video for Keith Raniere.

Kristanna Loken may have been around slightly earlier than originally reported. She may have been a member as early as 2014. Raniere may not have met her or had sex with her until 2015. Loken knows. Perhaps she will tell.


Early harem members and purple stripes Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz. Both dead at an early age.

Should authorities inquire into the death of Pam Cafritz? Where is her body? Was she cremated? Raniere went about seeking money to put her into a cryogenic crypt. Sources tell me that after Pam died, they put her into a bathtub filled with ice.

What happened to her?

We know what happened to Barbara Jeske. Her family claimed her body. Keith wanted to preserve her in a cryogenic crypt as well. Many in NXIVM know this is true.

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  • Anyone know if NXIAN’s have visited Keith in Oklahoma? Are the lists of his visitors public record?

    • From OTF handbook – emphasis mine:

      Inmates assigned to the Federal Transfer Center (FTC), Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, will be allowed to visit with approved visitors on Saturdays, Sundays, and all Federal Holidays. ***Inmates in holdover/admission status will be limited to special visits and visits from immediate family members only.***

  • Rosa may be separated from her husband?? Mexican society is very Catholic and frowns very strongly on divorce. Her parents, who bankroll her cult life, will be very unhappy.

    • I believe Luis Montes is actually husband #2. Her older children are from her first marriage

  • Although Alex’s house is empty at 318 Moe Road, 324 Moe Road, which is also owned by Prorsus Real Estate LLC, has occupants (This is the house that sits sideways to Moe Road and is almost on Moe Road). Could it be that Luis moved over there? Do they have an older son, high school aged son who plays lacrosse? If not, then it is possible Prorsus has rented out that house to some affluent renter.

    • It appears that the BOP update will only happen when he’s booked into his next home.

      And wasn’t there a mention somewhere on FR of him appearing in a NY court within 2 weeks of Fort Worth? If so, that would be tomorrow… (or did I dream it?)

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