Different views on Raniere’s judo and 100 yard dash….[Susan Dones has the last word]

Comparing the various claims of Keith Raniere about his astounding history, one finds they are often contradictory. Some people say that is because he is a liar.

On his being a judo champ

Let’s look at his claims.

1988 Albany Times Union:

He was East Coast Judo champion at age 12

2006 Bio on www.keithraniere,com:

At the age of 11, he was an Eastern Coast Judo Champion.

2010 Macleans

His father, James Raniere, said, Keith was East Coast judo champ at age 12.

2011: James Del Negro testimony

James Del Negro: He actually was a judo champion when he was young.

2017 Keith Raniere website:   Keith Raniere was ‘an East Coast Judo Champion at age 11.’

Susan Dones deposition:

when questioned by Keith Raniere’s lawyer, Ms. Dones said she thought Keith was lying:  “We can’t find any proof of … him winning the East Coast Judo championship when he was 12.”



On Keith Raniere tying record for the 100 yard dash

1988 Albany Times Union: Keith told the reporter he tied with the state record for the 100 yard-dash.

2010 Macleans His father, James Raniere, said, Keith tied the New York high school record for the 100-yard dash.

Susan Dones said in a deposition:  “NXIVM …lied …. about many of Raniere’s /Vanguard’s supernatural abilities…. Him breaking the hundred yard dash — he doesn’t physically have the body type to do that.”








I spoke full sentences at the age of one.                              I could read the word homogenized at the age of two.  I understood quantum physics at the age of 4.                I was an Eastern Coast Judo Champion at the age of 12 11.                                                                                                   I could play piano at the concert level at age 12.           I could play mastered seven many musical instruments.                                                                               I was a professional computer programmer at  13.       I was the first 17 year old to take advanced 600 level mathematics courses in RPI’s 153 year history.                I tied for the state high school record in the 100 yard dash.                                                                                              I designed a patent-able computer communication device which Microsoft and AT&T stole.                            By age 32, I was worth $50 million.                                      I had nothing to do with branding women and blackmailing them.




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  • The FBI found out recently that he barely passed his university courses. His father would not speak to the media. The biggest lie is that he was a computer programmer in 1970’s. Yet his lawyer says no big deal everybody lies. If I’m employeur and my employee had declared such bogus claims in his/her CV, I would not hire and if hired then I would fire such person.

  • Bubba wants to know if anyone has a copy of the Guinness World Records that say Raniere (Mr. Smarty Pants) is the Smartest Man in the World (echo… echo…. echo….)

    I’ve search high and low and cannot find a copy anywhere. If not, I think he’s a little short fat lying pile of Hooey. Down south, we have one thing to say about a him “pour boy his a con man and a child molester, bless his soul”.




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