Different views on Raniere’s judo and 100 yard dash….[Susan Dones has the last word]

Comparing the various claims of Keith Raniere about his astounding history, one finds they are often contradictory. Some people say that is because he is a liar.

On his being a judo champ

Let’s look at his claims.

1988 Albany Times Union:

He was East Coast Judo champion at age 12

2006 Bio on www.keithraniere,com:

At the age of 11, he was an Eastern Coast Judo Champion.

2010 Macleans

His father, James Raniere, said, Keith was East Coast judo champ at age 12.

2011: James Del Negro testimony

James Del Negro: He actually was a judo champion when he was young.

2017 Keith Raniere website:   Keith Raniere was ‘an East Coast Judo Champion at age 11.’

Susan Dones deposition:

when questioned by Keith Raniere’s lawyer, Ms. Dones said she thought Keith was lying:  “We can’t find any proof of … him winning the East Coast Judo championship when he was 12.”



On Keith Raniere tying record for the 100 yard dash

1988 Albany Times Union: Keith told the reporter he tied with the state record for the 100 yard-dash.

2010 Macleans His father, James Raniere, said, Keith tied the New York high school record for the 100-yard dash.

Susan Dones said in a deposition:  “NXIVM …lied …. about many of Raniere’s /Vanguard’s supernatural abilities…. Him breaking the hundred yard dash — he doesn’t physically have the body type to do that.”








I spoke full sentences at the age of one.                              I could read the word homogenized at the age of two.  I understood quantum physics at the age of 4.                I was an Eastern Coast Judo Champion at the age of 12 11.                                                                                                   I could play piano at the concert level at age 12.           I could play mastered seven many musical instruments.                                                                               I was a professional computer programmer at  13.       I was the first 17 year old to take advanced 600 level mathematics courses in RPI’s 153 year history.                I tied for the state high school record in the 100 yard dash.                                                                                              I designed a patent-able computer communication device which Microsoft and AT&T stole.                            By age 32, I was worth $50 million.                                      I had nothing to do with branding women and blackmailing them.




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  • The FBI found out recently that he barely passed his university courses. His father would not speak to the media. The biggest lie is that he was a computer programmer in 1970’s. Yet his lawyer says no big deal everybody lies. If I’m employeur and my employee had declared such bogus claims in his/her CV, I would not hire and if hired then I would fire such person.

  • Bubba wants to know if anyone has a copy of the Guinness World Records that say Raniere (Mr. Smarty Pants) is the Smartest Man in the World (echo… echo…. echo….)

    I’ve search high and low and cannot find a copy anywhere. If not, I think he’s a little short fat lying pile of Hooey. Down south, we have one thing to say about a him “pour boy his a con man and a child molester, bless his soul”.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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