Frank Report’s new Mexican Correspondent, Cocó Wash, weighs in on NXIVM pricing and the poor in Mexico

Emiliano Salinas
Emiliano Salinas

Frank Report welcomes our new Mexican correspondent, Miss Cocó Wash. She will be writing regularly on the doings in Mexico of ESP. 

By Cocó Wash

How many times will we have to read, again and again, ‘Tonight Emiliano Salinas tells the truth?’

The truth about what?

When asked if women have been marked as cows with a hot iron, he always deviates from the question, or answers something else that is not associated with what they are really asking.

It is  rehearsed and pre-announced both what they are going to ask, and what he is going to answer.

Why not answer with the truth then?

What is more shameful, in reality, is that all his faithful followers, who love him because he is “Emiliano Salinas” proudly publish through social networks that he will announce the truth about everything.

“The truth will set you free” and although this phrase is well known, we know that this organization wants to have people imprisoned, so the truth will never be announced.

Free it is not. Because they live locked in a group that does not socialize with the outside, because nobody understands them, they are not there in that place yet (outsiders), or they lack growth to understand, or they do not have the tools to be able to socialize with them.

The people who are outside are afraid to speak; they are afraid because they know that if they talk, they stay outside, outside the circle of trust, out of all logical “integrity”.

They will no longer be able to pay for having friends, because they would be left out of the logical society and we all know that to belong in ESP, you have to pay.

The ESP course is designed to help humanity and society, but the reality is that its cost is out of context for any salary of any regular Mexican family.

An average minimum wage in Mexico is 80.04 Mexican pesos per day. This, if it is divided by the price of the dollar to date 19.4 are 4.12 dollars per day average per person.

Which gives us a 30 day average salary of 123.77 USD; the ESP course has a cost of $3,000, USD which would take a minimum wage person in Mexico 24.39 months to pay for this course, a course that is designed to help humanity.

If it were designed to help all humanity, do you not believe it would be more affordable or accessible to all social classes? What is the idea then, of the course?

A Jness Track can cost up to $25,000 USD. Can you imagine this? It would take a person with the Mexican minimum wage income, 5,681 days to pay for this course, that is 15 years (without eating, without paying rent, water, light, food, internet, etc.).

Is this giving and receiving with integrity?

The most unfortunate thing is that there are people who are indebted to NXIVM for taking all the courses invented by this supposed genius whom they praise.

Human pain, Mobius, Jness, and many more which I do not remember the names.

More than personal growth, we could say that it is designed for the growth of laundered money of Vanguard and its followers. This company has been scamming people for more than 15 years.

In Mexico, 8000 people have gone through the courses, which has generated $24 million dollars, that is, $1.6 million USD per year. And the taxes where are they? Would they show us the tax returns? And the other $24 million from the USA for the 16,000 people who have taken the course? Not counting Jness, Jness track, Rainbow, Human Pain, SOP, Mobius, and NXIVMs University to be proctor in two years that has a cost of $5,000 USD per month.

How unfortunate it is to know that people do not see this and are still there day by day selling their souls to the devil thinking that they are with God.

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  • Mexico City on November 04, 2017

    Appreciable Carmen Aristegui,

    I presented

    By this means, and in response to the journalistic interest that your information space has
    shown by the operations of our company, we want to put at your fingertips
    Detailed information about ESP Mexico, which is a licensee in the local market
    of the personal development programs of the NXVIM corporate in the States
    United, as well as the Executive Success Programs (ESP) brand.

    Specifically, ESP Mexico is a private company that, since 2002,
    operates in the country international licenses for educational programs,
    training or personalized coaching; all of them focused basically on
    personal improvement The shareholders partners of this Mexican company are
    Carlos Emiliano Salinas and Alejandro Betancourt.

    The company currently generates around 50 high work places
    specialization, aimed at collaborators who, as contractors
    independent, provide coaching and training in our various
    operation centers located in plazas such as CDMX, Nuevo León, Jalisco and

    In its 15 years of operations in the country, ESP Mexico has imparted around
    250 training courses for a total of 8 thousand people; operations with
    that annual revenues of around 50 million pesos have been generated,
    duly reported to the Tax Administration System, same as
    they have increased annually by an average of 5%.

    Our clients are, for the most part, enterprising people who are looking for
    overcome professional limitations, overcome challenges or improve their relationships
    interpersonal In demographic terms, they are upper-middle class people from
    between 35 and 45 years old, in a proportion by gender that is currently
    makes up 40% for women and 60% men.

    According to the evaluations we conducted at the end of each course, eight out of 10
    people who participate in the ESP training programs is declared
    fully satisfied; they even become the main promoters of the
    company when recommending our services within their professional circles,
    personal and even family.

    The areas of opportunity for the company that are reflected in the recommendations
    of the participants are basically focused on administrative adjustments or making
    improvements to the monitoring of the coaches to the objectives of the program. We find
    also cases in which those that the methodology and its results do not conform to the
    expectations of the client, so that they freely decide not to complete the
    entire program.

    The entire ESP program consists of three different levels of training,
    each of them consisting of a course of 50 hours spread over a period
    only five days. The average cost per training hour is 1,200
    Mexican pesos, a rate that is fully competitive compared to the average
    of the fees of a professional coach or a psychologist focused on overcoming

    The company participates locally in a market of services of improvement
    staff in which signatures of the likes of Mexworks, Semiología de la vida
    Daily, Creser, Elite Excellence, Landwor, Dasein Coaching, Leadmex, Visionar
    Training, Leadlife and SMX Transformation.

    It is worth mentioning that ESP Mexico’s customer acquisition system is for
    personal recommendation; that is, word of mouth, for which we are aware
    that the lack of dissemination of our operations has allowed us to
    relate to practices of secrecy that are completely foreign to our

    It is transcendental for us to ratify that the practices of ESP Mexico are based
    with respect to physical integrity, human rights and beliefs of
    our clients. The program offers exclusively a proposal of
    tools for self-improvement, which in no way have
    relationship with those presented in the report published by The New media
    Yok Times on October 17th.

    As an exercise in transparency, we make available to you and your team
    work these data, and we ask you in the most attentive way to disseminate it in
    their information spaces, since the handling of inaccurate information about
    ESP Mexico seriously affects the operations of the company and the work of each
    one of its members.

    In fact, we would like to emphasize that the dissemination of exclusive documents
    and the violation of the confidentiality agreements of the company, focused on these
    exclusively to protect the intellectual property of the methodology, they have already
    directly impacted our operations in terms of competition, post
    that, both the methodology and the working documents, are the main asset
    of a company with our characteristics.

    Without further ado, we thank you in advance for your availability to do
    public this letter.

    Carlos Emiliano Salinas
    Alejandro Betancourt


    the NXVIM partners stated that “the handling of inaccurate information about ESP Mexico seriously affects the operations of the company and the work of each of its members.” This has a direct impact on the 50 “high specialization” work places, which provide coaching services in Mexico City, Nuevo León, Jalisco and Guanajuato

    “In fact, we would like to emphasize that the dissemination of exclusive documents and the violation of the company’s confidentiality agreements, focused exclusively on protecting intellectual property of the methodology, have directly impacted our operations in terms of competition, since, both the methodology and the working documents are the main asset of a company with our characteristics “, they detailed

    There is a Scribd link to the full letter text.

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Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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