Teen girls with Rosa Laura part of Vanguard’s “Pilot Program”; similar to earlier teen program (VÉASE ABAJO PARA (VÉASE ABAJO PARA LA TRADUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL)

Will Rosa Laura Junco bring the teenage girls being groomed for Keith Raniere's higher teachings to V-Week. As of reports earlier today, no one has seen Rosa Laura at V-Week.

Teenage girls with Rosa Laura Junco

Teenage girls from Mexico have been staying with Rosa Laura JuncoSources say, they are part of a ‘Pilot Project’ Vanguard created.

Vanguard wants to bring his new teaching into high schools. Details are sketchy but it appears to be some kind of training that is only suitable for girls.  

A source told me he saw Keith approach one of the teens in greeting and kissed her on the lips.

His Former Teenage “Pilot Project”

Before he became Vanguard, Keith was living with Karen UnterreinerHe was in his late 20s. He had a ‘Pilot Project’ then with several girls between ages 15-16.

The girls, which included the late Gina Hutchinson, would visit at the apartment he shared with Karen – but they would come over when she was at work. 

Sometimes, one girl would come. Sometimes, several came together. Sometimes, Keith would take one for a walk into the woods. Karen would drive them home at night.

One day, one of the girls was in tears. Keith, she claimed, had told her she was his girlfriend. She told one of the other girls. Keith had told her the same thing. All of the teens found that Keith was having sex with all of them and told them all of them  he was their boyfriend. He had asked them all to keep it a secret.

Some left. Others stayed after they listened to his explanation. Karen helped explain why sharing is good.  

In interviews with several of the girls [now adult women] more than one told Frank Report they hated Keith Raniere for stealing their virginity and lying to them.

The original “Pilot Project” was a success for Keith. He employed a similar model in the future: Whether teen or adult, he tells a woman/girl she is in a monogamous relationship. When she finds out it is a lie, he talks her into staying. To help him, he uses other women who have already agreed to polygamy with him to normalize it.

Some stay, some leave. Thus, you build a harem.

Kudos to Karen Unterreiner for being the first woman to help Keith develop this method. 

Hopefully, the teenagers Rosa Laura Junco is inducting into Vanguard’s new ‘Pilot Program’ have someone other than him and Rosa Laura to safeguard their virginity.

Do these children have parents? If they do, and they have not yet been removed from Clifton Park, someone should alert their parents.

By the way, the DOS women called it ‘The Project’ as it was being developed.

Vanguard plans to include these three teens in his new “Pilot Project”.
Rosa Laura as a DOS slave has made a vow to do anything Vanguard tells her to do.


smiley keith
Vanguard is not a pedophile. He just has sex with 12 year old girls. Pedophiles have bad intentions. Pedophiles are perverted. Vanguard is teaching the teenage girls the proper role of women so that they can  live ethical lives.
She may not have the beauty of the other DOS women. And at age 40, Clare Bronfman may not have the youth of the teens he desires. But she has one thing the others don’t have: She is the financial strength behind Keith Raniere.
Gina Hutchinson was statutorily raped by Keith Raniere, according to numerous women who say they were also his victims.
1024x1024 (1)
Rhiannon was 12, when Keith started her on his Pilot Program.
raiere teaches the daughters
Vanguard has a new “Pilot Program” for teenage girls.


Is teenage branding next?





Las adolescentes con parte de la Rosa Laura de “Pilot Program de vanguardia”; similar al anterior programa de adolescentes

Adolescentes con Rosa Laura Junco

Adolescentes de México han estado alojando con Rosa Laura Junco. Fuentes dicen que son parte de una vanguardia de ‘Proyecto piloto’ creada.

Vanguard quiere llevar su nueva enseñanza en las escuelas secundarias. Los datos son incompletos pero que parece ser algún tipo de entrenamiento que sólo es conveniente para las niñas.

Una fuente me dijo vio Keith acercarse a uno de los adolescentes en saludo y besó en los labios.

Su ex “Pilot Project adolescente”

Antes de ser vanguardia, Keith estaba viviendo con Karen Unterreiner. Fue en su último 20s. Él tenía un ‘proyecto piloto’ entonces con varias chicas entre las edades 15-16.

Las chicas, que incluyó a la tarde Gina Hutchinson, visitaría en el apartamento que compartía con Karen – pero vendría sobre cuando estaba en el trabajo.

A veces, vendría una de las chicas. A veces, varios se unieron. A veces, Keith llevaría a uno a caminar en el bosque. Karen les conduciría casa por la noche.

Un día, una de las chicas estaba en lágrimas. Keith, afirmaba, había dicho ella que era su novia. Ella le dijo a uno de las otras chicas. Keith le había dicho lo mismo. Todos los adolescentes encuentran que Keith estaba teniendo sexo con todos ellos y les dijo que todos ellos él era su novio. Él pidió a todos a mantener el secreto.

Algunos izquierda. Otros se quedaron después de que escucharon a su explicación. Karen ayudó a explicar por qué compartir es bueno.

En entrevistas con varias de las chicas [ahora adultas] más de uno le dijo a Frank Report odiaban Keith Raniere para robar su virginidad y mentirles.

El “Pilot Project original” fue un éxito para Keith. Empleó un modelo similar en el futuro: ya sea adolescente o adulto, dice una mujer/chica que está en una relación monógama. Cuando se descubre es una mentira, le habla en su estancia. Para ayudarle, utiliza a otras mujeres que ya han accedido a la poligamia con él para normalizarla.

Alguna estancia, algunos dejan. Por lo tanto, construyes un harén.

Felicitaciones a Karen Unterreiner por ser la primera mujer para ayudar a Keith a desarrollar este método.

Que los adolescentes que rosa Laura Junco es iniciar en el nuevo ‘programa piloto’ de vanguardia que alguien que no sea él y Rosa Laura para proteger su virginidad.

¿Estos niños tienen padres? Si lo hacen, y no todavía se han eliminado de Clifton Park, alguien debe alertar a sus padres.

Por cierto, las mujeres de DOS lo llaman ‘El proyecto’ como se estaba desarrollando.

stghPlanes de vanguardia para incluir estos tres adolescentes en su nuevo “Pilot Project”.

ROSARosa Laura como un esclavo de los DOS ha hecho voto de hacer que vanguardia le dice que hacer.


smiley keithVanguardia no es un pedófilo. Tiene sexo con niñas de 12 años. Pedófilos tienen malas intenciones. Pedófilos son pervertidas. Vanguardia es la enseñanza de las adolescentes el papel de la mujer para que ellos puedan llevar una vida ética.



Ella no puede tener la belleza de las otras DOS mujeres. Y a los 40 años, Clare Bronfman no puede tener la juventud de los adolescentes que él desea. Pero ella tiene una cosa que los demás no tienen: ella es la fuerza financiera detrás de Keith Raniere.



GinaGina Hutchinson por ley fue violada por Keith Raniere, según numerosas mujeres que dicen que también fueron sus víctimas.


1024x1024 (1)Rhiannon era 12, cuando Keith le comenzó en su programa piloto.


raiere teaches the daughtersVanguardia tiene un nuevo “Pilot Program” para adolescentes.



¿Es marca adolescente siguiente?




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  • Two words: Human trafficking. Where are the authorities? Doesn’t Ashton Kutcher fund organizations that work to abolish this? I have heard him give testimony to Congress. How do we get MSM’s attention?

  • Who are the Society of Protectors protecting? Shouldn’t they be protecting mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, aunts, nieces, granddaughters? Not Keith, who wants to have his way with all the women.

  • It’s ironic how it is mostly the women of this cult who are pimping for this pudgy little specimen they call a “man” and who are promoting their own gender’s sexploitation. Meanwhile VanDouche is laughing internally behind those glassy eyes at how dumb these women are as he cums on their faces. I thought the Mexican men were real “men” and not the pussies they appear to be as they let a dirty old man fondle and fuck their daughters.

    • those who are part of the cult may be well tamed but I wonder if the father of pink laura rush will have another reason is the owner of a media group and has contacts with politicians and entrepreneurs given the amount of corrupcion politics in mexico would not be rare that your daughter knows about secrets that can compromise and with that keep it controlled or can even do something more related to dirty business I say it because the other time looking at something about emiliano salinas in a site that deals with Mexican politics mentioned the failure of emiliano in INLAK’ECH is supporting other movements created by other people one of them created by friend of his father carlos salinas de gortari exidente of mexico and of the most corrupt, in the article mentions that the silent partner of emiliano in NXIVM mexico is the banamex the state bank that is said to be a focus of corruption.

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