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Does Raniere hide shell companies through domain names: Check out this list of 475 domain names–

The following domain names are believed to be registered by Keith Raniere associates such as James Del Negro, Nancy Salzman, Pam Cafritz, and Jness. (Robbie Chiappone and Steve Ose originally registered many of these names).

If you know of any others, please let us know….



PS/We just found some more:


more to follow…

Question: Why would anyone ever need so many domain names?

Answer: ’cause when you’re moving lots of money around, you want to have lots of flexibility.

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  • I’ll put an offer in for the domain right now. $2. After all of this is said and done, I think that’s a very generous offer. I have some photos of sewage and rotting garbage I’d like to put up. Which I think has a lot more value than the courses at ESP and Keith’s teachings. I stopped after 5 days thankfully when I saw what this was. Since I’m in a generous mood, I’ll also offer to buy for $1.25. I have some photos of stained carpets for that domain. Some really nasty, disgusting stains. Both of my sites would be a huge improvement to what’s up now and possibly make Nancy and Keith look better.

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