Sickness, sleep and food deprivation and cancer haunt Master Raniere’s best and brightest

Concentration camp prisoners were put on low calorie diets sometimes they were as low as 1000 calories per day.

Most women of the inner circle of Keith Raniere suffer from sleep and food deprivation.

But that is part of his teachings. He teaches that it is only lack of spiritual understanding that makes people sleep and eat so much.

Once a woman gets rid of her “disintegrations” and becomes fully ‘integrated” she needs only 500 calories per day.

In this way Mr. Raniere has trained the women that to demonstrate their spiritual advancement they must eat very little.

Women of normal weight cannot be advanced he teaches.

And he sleeps only with advanced women.

Several women on Mr, Raniere’s regime of low cal diets have gone into early menopause. Women in their 30’s plunge into menopause and some say it is because of their low calorie intake.

Several women closest to Mr. Raniere contracted cancer at an early age: His two closest long term harem women – Pamela Cafritz and Barbara Jeske got cancer.

Not long before her death, Miss Jeske began to look disheveled and acted confused.

It is not unusual for women in Mr. Raniere’s harem to act confused, but Miss Jeske had been part of his harem for so long that she had gone beyond the dazed and confused state of the sleep and food deprived beginners.

Yet she was acting very confused.

Mr. Raniere told her that he diagnosed it as carpel tunnel.

She did not need to see a doctor.

Long term harem member Kristin Keeffe disagreed and expressed her concern to Mr. Raniere about his diagnosis of Miss Jeske.

She said she thought Miss Jeske seemed to be suffering from something more than carpel tunnel. She also mentioned that Miss Cafritz seemed to be ailing as well.

Mr. Raniere, in his exquisitely humorous way, burst into a “boo hoo’ kind of crying, where he pretended he feel intense grief and could not contain his tears.

His hysterical imitation could make any audience burst into laughter, as anyone who has seen him mimic bereavement well knows.

Somehow Miss Keeffe was not amused. She realized he did not give a ‘fu–k’ about whether Miss Jeske was really ill and his saying it was carpel tunnel was his way of saying he didn’t care at all.

Miss Keeffe said, ‘who are you kidding you’re not really upset at all?”

Mr. Raniere changed the topic.

Miss Jeske died shortly afterward of brain cancer.

Miss Cafritz also died of cancer.

Some women allege that Mr. Raniere tinkered with her medicine in an effort to improve her medications over what the doctor’s advised. Mr. Raniere was reportedly the sole heir named in her will.

Suzanne Kemp, a student of Mr. Raniere, had breast cancer.

According to Becca Freidman, a Raniere student who defected, Ms. Kemp was condemned by the harem for having breast cancer and basically scorned from the group.

Part of the reason for her being banished is that Mr. Raniere teaches that breast cancer is caused by low self esteem.

Kristin Keeffe, Nancy Salzman and Karen Unterreiner also had cancer but went into remission.

Suzanne Kemp died.  Miss Keeffe left Mr. Raniere. The other two remain in matron roles helping to groom new female slaves for Mr. Raniere.

Miss Untereiner has been grooming young Cami Fernandez, sister of Mr. Raniere’s long time live in slave Marianna Fernandez.

Ms. Salzman offered her daughter, Lauren to Mr. Raniere.

Miss Salzman was unable to achieve the hoped-for status which was to bear Mr. Raniere’s child.

She has been supplanted by Allison Mack.

However, reportedly Miss Salzman as well as Miss Mack may be experiencing early menopause due to their low calorie diets [500-800 calories per day] and neither may be able to bear children.

In fact, many of the Raniere- women on low calorie diets are looking at both present and almost certain future health problems.

Some think because of the 500-800 calorie diets Mr. Raniere encourages, women are actually starving their bodies and prompting illnesses. Some women who go off the low cal diets start menstruating again, if they get off the low cal diet early enough.

Miss Salzman is over age 40. It is hard to imagine she may have much of a hope of being able to bear a child if she continues on the low cal diet of between 500-800 calories Mr. Raniere assures women is all they need if they are spiritually advanced.

Consider: Prisoners at Auschwitz got at least 1300 calories per day.


raniere back of head b
Master Raniere keeps an eye on his entire harem.
All three of his original harem women got cancer. Two died. from left to right: The late Barbara Jeske, Karen Unterreiner and the late Pam Cafritz.
allie with someone
After Raniere: 500 calorie diets are proper according to Master Raniere who believes that the body needs far less food than what is commonly believed. Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack both are courting health risks, some say, by a diet that is lower in calories than what concentration camp prisoners consumed.


Before Raniere: Prior to her becoming a slave to Mr. Raniere,.Miss Mack could be described as healthy in appearance. Mr. Raniere taught her a new standard for beauty.



alli 1
Allison Mack leads DOS which requires women to be branded with Kieth Raniere and her initials on their pubic region. She has reduced her diet to 500 calories per day. Although she sometimes slips up and goes up to 600 even 700 calories on bad days, according to sources close to the actress.


Concentration camp prisoners were put on low calorie diets sometimes they were as low as 1000 calories per day.



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  • Those who try to excuse Raniere from prosecution, or think he’s above or immune from it or the ramifications of his disgusting behavior, are even bigger pussies than the ones he has a hard time getting hard for.

    The last time I checked, it was law enforcement that helped Keeffe escape from him. There are still good, honorable people in law enforcement and the legal system who can’t be bought off with money or intimidated. He’s not God. Just another snake oil salesman who takes a shit and will die like the rest of us.

    • The NYS Police Investigator who helped Keefe escaped is the same guy who later became a NXIVM pawn and helped bring criminal charges against Toni Natale, Joe OHara, and Barbara Bouchey by providing false and misleading testimony to an Albany County Grand Jury. He also held numerous meetings with NXIVM’s attorneys and shared all sorts of inside info with them. So, Raniere and NXIVM can even get to the “good guys” and turn them into eunuchs.

      Waiting for local law enforcement officials to do anything to Raniere is a complete and utter waste of time because they’ve all been compromised or intimidated to the point that they won’t do anything. How else do you think Raniere has gotten away with his increasingly weird shit for almost 30 years? You think he’s just a really lucky guy?

      If you really want to stop Raniere, you’re gonna have to come up with something other than law enforcement to do the trick. Any ideas?

      • So what you’re effectively suggesting is the entire legal system is corrupt in that area of the U.S. Then this sounds like something where an Internal Affairs Unit should be contacted at the highest levels of the Federal government to get involved and start investigating. Who knows? They may already be doing so. 😉

      • Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie were vindicated. The charges against them were all dismissed, as were all the civil litigations against them dropped because NXIVM, particularly Clare Bronfman got caught lying in every instance. NXIVM might have been able to con the State Police who were made to look really bad, and the civil courts for a time, but the bottom line is they got caught. Caught. Now there name is mud, and they are despised by the State Police and Albany area civil court Judges. Just because the State Police and DA’s offices did not advertise this failure of their system and come out boldly saying “We were wrong these people are evil liars” doesn’t mean they don’t all think it. They do and they are out for blood.

      • Had never heard of Raniere or NXIVM until today’s QANON post. Now I have 20+ tabs open and have stumbled into a twisted rabbit hole! Who’s NOT involved in this MESS?! Luckily it seems – the Trump team is willing to go where no one has gone before – bringing JUSTICE to all the victims of this vile, long-time cult (esp the children)!!

  • Despite all the incredible reporting that’s going on here, the unfortunate reality is that Clare Bronfman’s money has allowed Raniere to make himself pretty much immune from prosecution for anything – even branding women! So don’t expect any help from the office of Albany County D.A. David Soares, NYS Police Investigator Rodger Kirsopp, NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, local FBI Assistant Director William Sweeney or local U.S. Attorney Richard Hartunian because they’ve all been compromised and/or intimidated one way or another. And don’t expect any exposes by the local newspapers because the last time a reporter had the balls to take on Raniere, that reporter was driven into early retirement. Maybe other readers of this blog came come up with some alternative ideas for putting an end to this travesty and the Frank Report will share those thoughts.

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