Dones #9: ‘How do you know Raniere is a compulsive gambler?’

Robert Crockett, NIXVM’s lawyer is asking the questions (Q). Susan Dones. a former head trainer at NXIVM is answering them (A).

Q: ….How do you know that Keith Raniere is a compulsive gambler?

A: … he’s lost over $70 million in the commodities market. ….  he had actually opened commodities markets in Pam Cafritz’s name and in Karen Unterreiner’s name and had lost that money, and that Keith also would go to casinos –….  that he also participated in several gambling ventures.

Q:  … You’re basing your understanding of Keith’s compulsive gambling on a former girlfriend; is that correct?

A: …. Barbara Bouchey had told me… Keith had lost $1.7 million of her money and that they had borrowed money from her cousin … and …Noel Neilson and … Michael Sutton and that that total amount was approximately $5 million…

Q: Do you have any evidence that Keith Raniere was involved in compulsive gambling outside of investing in the commodities market, like, for instance, casino gambling or Black Jack or cards or anything like that?

A: …. Toni Natalie (said) that he gambled at the casinos.

Q: …. So gambling at casinos is considered an affront to NXIVM’s ethical system?

A: Keith’s position in the company …- taking members money and utilizing it in that capacity is not only unethical, but it’s a conflict of interest.

Q: Do you think that Keith ever took NXIVM members’ money to gamble at the casinos?

A: …. I think 70-plus million dollars is a lot of money to lose in the commodities market.

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