Best Description of Cults: Vicente’s 25 Tactics of Cult Leaders

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By Mark Vicente

Number 1 – PATHOLOGY

The leader of a cultic group often has Cluster B PATHOLOGY… at minimum malignant narcissism. This could go all the way to sociopathy or psychopathy.

Often it is covert.

They might have a veneer of goodness to use their followers’ dreams to entrap them. They appeal to their followers’ most cherished values – but, as the followers are reminded, the leader is the superior being.

They have a lot to do to reach his greatness.

Followers are left in a never-ending spiral of self-doubt, shame, and low self-esteem, while the leader gains fuel from their adoration and obedience.

Followers are usually well-meaning people with conscience. They cannot imagine their leader may not have a conscience. They have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to explain the leader’s sadistic and Machiavellian behavior.

‘Pollyanna Denial’ is the blind insistence that others have empathy because you have it.

I assumed Keith Raniere’s lack of emotion was indicative of his advanced emotional and spiritual state. It never occurred to me that I was dealing with a malignant pathological empty shell of a person masquerading as a human.

A defense followers use: “I’ve never seen these behaviors you allege. Our leader is nothing but kind.”

They may NOT have seen anything. Cult leaders with pathologies are strategic. They have a public persona and a private persona.

Another defense is Betrayal Blindness. The follower gets angry at the messenger trying to wake them up, because acknowledging betrayal and abuse is too much for their psyche to handle.

It’s easier to lash out at the person trying to tell the truth.


Entrance into a cult can be euphoric and seemingly transcendent. People report feeling finally belonging, finding purpose, finding their tribe or their people. You are showered with praise; idealized to the point where you’re enamored with the way they see you. You feel a sense of love and belonging which you yearned for all your life.

In a cult, existing members, on their best behavior, give the newbie an experience of community and high-vibe excitement. This will change once the newbie is in. Then devaluation and coercion sets in. The existing members don’t see what they’re participating in. Once the new recruit is in, the other members are told they need to get a newbie on the path of growth as quickly as possible. Most members rationalize the abuse as love, since they believe they are doing important work, while the newbie desperately holds on to the initial high of the love-bombing.

Number 3 – OBEDIENCE

The leader requires unconditional OBEDIENCE for themselves and to the ideology. There is a narrative: “To take you to enlightenment or ultimate awareness, you must relinquish control and your insistence on self-protection… you must let go of the ego.”

The follower, desperate to achieve the promise of greatness, surrenders to the psychopath. In Raniere’s case, he sold an idea that slavery is freedom. Yep – right out of 1984.

The follower does not necessarily think they’re an obedient automaton. They believe they have choice. If you asked if they could travel anywhere or associate with anyone, they insist they can. But that is not the case. They have some choice – within a narrow band of options. Can they serve anything other than the agenda of the cult? No. Can they choose which branch of activity to work in inside the cult? To some degree, yes.


The cult leader infantilizes the followers. Cult leaders are the parent or god of their followers, who in turn project attributes of mother and father onto the leader.

Not only is this prevalent in religious cults and corporations, but also in society. Many people tend to look at leaders as powerful all-wise parental figures and feel obedient to whatever they say.

Cult leaders will re-parent or reprogram followers to become great or holy or whatever they peddle. They want control. It’s part of a messianic complex.

Number 5 – ISOLATION

The cult is designed to break down followers, so they lose touch with friends, family, their own knowledge and intuition. They have to be isolated from their old support system, so they can bond to the leader and the system. The cult leader sees their old support system as a threat. It must be dismantled.

This isolation is achieved by convincing the follower that their friends and family do not have their best interest at heart and are actually holding them back. It’s a trap, because friends and family are usually deeply concerned and want to help – but every concern expressed is proof they don’t approve of the follower’s new life.

The followers defend this, saying they need supportive people around them, people at the same frequency, who hold similar values.

They buy into the paranoia of the cult leader, which is that their friends and family are trying to block them from their growth, dreams, and pursuit of a mission to save the world.

Number 6 – MISSION

The cult follower is told that this movement/group is bigger than them. This important MISSION requires devotion and commitment. It’s life and death. If they fail, humanity and civilization will fall. They must save the world! People who join cults are idealists. That’s how many get hooked. The mission they are offered mirrors their greatest hopes and dreams. They are utopia like a drug to the seeker who wants desperately to help the world become a better place.

There are many issues with this. Firstly, it’s the on-ramp to fascism and a totalitarian community. Secondly, it’s a lie. It’s the bait used to capture then enslave them to the ideology, and it makes it hard to leave. The follower begins to think the mission, their own values, and the great and noble leader are one and the same. To give up the group and the mission is to give up their most cherished values. They’d rather die. They become trapped inside their vision of goodness. Their defense to outsiders is, ‘Don’t you think it’s important to make the world a better place’?

Who’s going to say no to that?

To the leader, the “mission” is the perfect ruse. It’s flying the flag of service to enslave. This pattern can be seen in NGOs and charities run by Malignant Narcissists.


In a cult, the mission or ideology is more important than the individual. You need to put aside your personal concerns, your need for comfort, even your need for self-preservation. The mission could be saving a species, saving the earth, saving sinners’ souls, or saving the world from dark forces.

The battle is so important. You are such a small cog who must sacrifice! Your humanity is flawed and far less than this great ideology. Your humanity is weak. In fact, your humanity is the problem. This promotes self-hatred. It causes cognitive dissonance, because you are told love of self is important, yet, also you are a piece of shit. It is unresolvable – until you exit the coercive environment of doctrine over person.


The leader will use the follower’s values to convince them that their resistance is their problem. Their inability to surrender hampers growth. Their boundaries cause limitations. This sets them up for physical, sexual, and financial abuse. The cult leader points out that discomfort is a sign that you are not healed. It’s a barrier to greatness. This further opens the door of abuse, because any resistance to what is being done to you is YOUR limitation. It’s extremely convenient for a leader who wants to walk all over your boundaries and do whatever they want.

Pretty soon, the follower feels that any resistance to anything is their problem. They become complicit in shattering their own boundaries and healthy sense of self. The followers defend this by calling it full transparency.

Number 9 – DATA MINING

To get leverage, the leader must look for weaknesses, fears, insecurities, and desires. Early in the induction process, there might be lengthy intake forms or sessions where followers divulge their struggles. This is for their own good, the leader says. To help free them. Secrets are unhealthy. This information will be later used to control them. One of the most useful questions in the data mining process is “What is your greatest fear?”

This will be brought up again when the follower is resistant. Don’t you want to get over that fear? Do you want to be ruled and controlled by your fear your whole life, or do you want freedom?

Your fears will not only be used to PUSH you, but to CONTROL you.

If your greatest fear is abandonment, one day when your conscience cries out and you resist something, the leader, knowing you have this fear, will force your hand. They might withdraw attention – or the affection of the group. The potential of being shunned for not complying is like death. In some case, whatever information they have on you can be used as straight-out blackmail. Because of data mining, they know exactly how to play you.


The cult leader promotes the narrative that he or she has special knowledge or abilities, and that these are gifted to the followers.

The leader, with an elitist or messianic complex, tells followers they are special or chosen. This can start as part of the love-bombing. The leader convinces them that only he or she understands reality; no one else does. The followers can understand it too, because they are in the group. It’s a shared fantasy detached from reality. It activates a narcissistic impulse in followers, which makes them feel superior to all others not in the group.

In some cults, there is the belief that they have a unique mathematical paint-by-numbers methodology to understand human psychodynamics. In other groups, the followers are told they are gods. In others, they are the chosen who will survive the coming cataclysm. This specialness bonds followers to the leader (the giver of this information), and creates a division between the cult and all society.

Number 11 – US vs THEM

Fear is a motivator. You bind a group by unifying them against a common enemy. Even if it’s fabricated and false. All that matters is that the followers believe.

First step? Paint a picture of the enemy. This is accomplished using keywords. Names. Suppressive, Terrorist, Communist, Radical, Subversive. Anyone who does not believe must be avoided and classified with the terms. The leader may give lip service to the idea that we must unify all people and all people should be loved – but in reality, there’s US and the great unwashed, unclean, deviant ignorant evil OTHERS.

While it solidifies followers into fervent devotees, it creates stress in their psyches. They cannot hold these two opposing thoughts in their mind, and become psychotic in their hatred of the enemy. On a societal level, you see this deranged behavior on social media. Highly intelligent and educated people who say they are committed to compassion and civilized conduct become vile to people they are told are the enemy. Us vs Them is the fuel that fires most, if not all, political campaigns.


Cult leaders are obsessed with wealth and power. They get wealthy followers to donate money, and to keep overhead low, the followers become the cult leaders’ workforce, volunteering time, effort, and life force. The cult leader convinces followers that volunteering for the mission is a privilege. The followers, whose self-esteem and self-worth have been worn down over time, become the unpaid workforce.

The leader will accumulate financial wealth, houses, cars, planes, expensive clothes, etc., while followers live in poverty, struggling to put food on the table.

The justification for this is that the leader needs to interact with the world at a high level to change it. The leader must look successful to materialistic people. When friends and family question the follower on their poverty, the response is “Money isn’t everything” or “Materialism is the big problem in the world” or “Would you rather me be happy or stinking rich…” None of these arguments make sense. But the follower has been programmed to reject materialism.

But the cult leader embraces materialism with vigorous lust.


The cult members are constantly busy, with little time to think or engage in the outside world. This can involve hours of prayer or meditation, or being busy with work to the point of sleep deprivation.

There are committees to address new problems, impossible workloads, multiple job descriptions, endless tasks, needing to be present every time the leader wants to address the flock, spaces to be cleaned and reorganized, emergency tasks that require you to drop everything – BUT you are still held responsible for failing to do the thing you had to drop.

Sleep deprivation is key. The more tired, the less cognitive function to rationally question what does not make sense. Docile and irrational, the followers try to solve impossible situations or perform mindless tasks, convinced it has to do with the mission. They wouldn’t be asked if it wasn’t important. And there are always emergencies in a cult.

Either a real or perceived attack from the outside:

  1. A suppressive on the inside.
  2. A member who wants to leave.
  3. Someone breaking a rule.

The followers have to work harder or commit more to resolve the emergency. Then there’s damage control… so much damage control – which the leader blames on the followers. If they had only worked harder and kept their eye on the ball, the leader wouldn’t have to deal with attacks from the outside world and dark forces out to get him.

Cult leaders instill fear and confusion in their followers because of the terrible threat out there… and then provide the answers. What followers don’t realize is that the leader created the problem either from sloppiness or on purpose. But nothing pulls people together better than a crisis that threatens the mission. And the crisis will usually arise when the leader is being questioned about something problematic.

Friends and family will notice this insane busy-ness. They may say things like ‘Why don’t we spend some time together hanging out…’ In the follower’s mind, doing nothing is sinful since it steals time from the mission. The irony is that while they are killing themselves, the cult leader is hanging out and relaxing a LOT.


The followers, who are the cult workforce, are made to feel responsible for everything bad that happens, though they had no authority to change anything. Everything good is caused by the leader. Followers are told they are not devout enough, they have negative thoughts, they do not stand up for the leader enough, they are cowards…

It’s convenient. The cult leader may do stupid, immoral, or criminal things, and is not to blame. This erodes the self-esteem of the followers. Hopelessness sets in, and they just put one foot in front of the other, goalless, lacking in any ambition outside the cult.


In a cult, you learn there is societal morality and the superior morality of the group. To shift the follower from societal morality to the new morality, the leader must show issues with societal morality. It’s not hard to point out that society is full of shit. Leaders in society insist their activities are moral and righteous, but do immoral things. Pointing out these inconsistencies makes the job of the cult leader easy.

The idea is to get the follower to buy into the cult’s “more evolved” morality… By redefining terms and words, by giving them new meaning, you hack the person’s psyche. In NXIVM, ethics was defined as consistency and disassociated from morality. As long as you were consistent, you were ethical.

When you mess around with people’s beliefs of what is good and bad, it can cause abandonment of core beliefs. Now the cult can encourage behavior considered immoral or illegal, such as sexual exploitation, or criminal activities. The leader justifies these by claiming they are necessary to achieve the higher goals of THE MISSION, which include protecting the group from external threats.

Cults redefine morality to serve their interests, rather than the interests of members – or society.  They manipulate members into accepting their moral code, then use this as a tool for control. Cult members defend their new moral high ground by comparing it to societal corruption, which is unfortunately easy to do.


One of the traits of malignant narcissists is a need for control. They try to control everyone. What you eat, who you spend time with, what you do, and what you think. At the extreme, it becomes a messianic fantasy. They want to be God.

In a cultic system run by such an individual, there is fear. There is always the prospect of punishment for stepping out of line. Examples are made of people who consider the narrative of defectors from ‘the mission’ – and everyone knows it.

Coercive Control is a term used in discussions on domestic abuse. Coercive control is a pattern of controlling behaviors that create an unequal power dynamic in a relationship, making it difficult for the victim to leave. It erodes autonomy and self-esteem through intimidation, threats, and humiliation.

Cultic coercion is coercive control on a larger scale. The cult leader abuses a large family. Everything and everyone is controlled and monitored. You are punished for stepping out of line.

Number 17 – SECRECY & LIES

A cult is like the NSA or CIA in the way it handles information. Information is on a need-to-know basis. There is a lot of compartmentalization.

The lower ranking cult members soon learn not to challenge this culture of secrecy. It also means no one has the full picture of what’s going on except the leader, and the entire system becomes an extension of the paranoid delusion of the leader.

To protect the mission, you are encouraged to lie to outsiders. In NXIVM, on day one, we were taught a class called Honesty and Disclosure.

It started with a series of questions:

  • What is honesty?

  • Is not honest dishonest?

  • Is dishonest bad?

  • Can one ever be 100% honest?

During the debrief from the head trainer, we were given an example from World War 2.

The Nazis come to your door to look for Jews. You are hiding Jews in your basement. When the Nazis question you, do you tell them the truth, or do you lie? Of course, you lie!

This becomes conflated with all authority. Because the cult educational model has already established that everyone outside the system is corrupt, immoral, and evil – lying is justified for a higher purpose. The mission and the leader must be protected. When a family asks a follower why all the secrecy and lies, the follower says they are an open book. “Ask me anything!” they say. But their responses are rehearsed talking points and circular word salad.


To have their finger on the pulse of their followers, the cult leader must create a system of reporting back up the chain of command. A system – where everyone checks on everyone else. On the surface, it’s called accountability or care or something benevolent. But it is a system where everyone is spying and reporting on each other.

In NXIVM, a coach tree system was used to disseminate information down to lower ranks, and to report problems up the ranks to the leader. In other cults, mentoring or healing sessions may be used to flag problems in followers. It becomes an environment filled with paranoia.

You don’t want to be the person who steps out of line and gets reported. When challenged by an outsider, the cult member insists this is about caring for others. A neighborhood watch of sorts. It’s definitely not that.

Number 19 – CONFESSION

When a follower strays from the path, and breaks the Orwellian rules, the cause of their error needs to be revealed so it won’t happen again. This is framed as good for the person and the group at large. A lack of transparency is seen as a flaw. Remember, you are not allowed to have boundaries. Private, unexpressed thoughts are a problem!

In Maoist China, Struggle Sessions or denunciation rallies were violent public spectacles where people accused of being “class enemies” were humiliated, accused, beaten, and tortured by people with whom they were close. Usually conducted at the workplace, classrooms and auditoriums where students were pitted against their teachers. Friends and spouses were pressured to betray each other, and children were manipulated into exposing their parents. Often, out of desperation, the targeted person would confess to things they never said or did.

Social media is the modern equivalent of a Maoist Struggle Session. Confess your transgressions or else. In a cult, a system of CONFESSION is used to gather secret information from the followers, to normalize not having privacy or boundaries, and to encourage self-punishment and self-hatred. This results in little to no self-esteem or ability to fight the cult system.

Revealing one’s innermost secrets is part of the culture. In NXIVM, if you failed or breached, you wrote a detailed breach report, then a breach plan of how you will fix it. Then you were required to apologize to all the people your failure affected. This could involve standing in front of the entire class doing a grand confession. In other words, ‘I’m sorry that I’m such a piece of shit – I will try harder.’


In cultic communities, followers often have disputes. Some of it is normal human behavior. Some are instigated by the cult leader, who triangulates members against each other to keep them in conflict. One reason is to keep them distracted and exhausted. The other is to be the arbitrator and savior.

In NXIVM, Raniere had everyone at each other’s throats, and if they begged for help, he would arbitrate. It so happened that many of those at each other’s throats were his lovers. He instigated jealousy on purpose.

You can see triangulation used by malignant narcissists. They turn those around them against each other. Especially against the targeted person. On a societal scale, entire political groups are riled up against each other. They are so busy fighting that it camouflages what the leader or leaders are doing. As Sun Tzu said, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” A cult leader might add: “Let them fight each other.”


Another hallmark of a cult is that it has a spiritual or scientific understanding that unifies the TRUE nature of life and reality. The true cause and effect of the universe.

Maybe it’s:

  1. Your thoughts create all reality
  2. You are the only true architect of your life,
  3. The frequency you are vibrating at attracts similar frequencies and experiences,
  4. It’s your karma,
  5. Every opinion you have is a projection,
  6. You are causing your misfortune and illness,
  7. You can live forever if you overcome your humanity and increase your vibration.

These theories may have some truth, but they are applied to all reality. This kind of thinking exists in all society. Having these ideas, theories or musings is not the issue. It’s when they get enforced as the one grand unified theory of existence that trouble starts. These dogmatic precepts direct the thinking and behavior of followers, causing them to make detrimental decisions. They become less reality-based and more delusional. There is often a simple explanation for why things are happening, but the follower, isolated from reality, clings to mystical ideology, as though their life depended on it. This worldview that they believe in often excuses the behavior of the cult leader. When things don’t make sense, the leader can refer to the mystical science as the explanation. The leader might insist they have a higher perspective and can see things followers can’t see or understand.  It becomes a form of institutionalized gaslighting.

When friends and family challenge the follower on their alleged science, the cult member can be dogmatic and assume an air of superiority. They are beyond these questions, they think. Their loved ones might be tempted to try to out-logic them – but the cult member is not using logic. They are using emotions. Their mystical science gives them relief from pain, confusion, or insecurity. The only person who benefits from this is the cult leader.

Number 22 – DARVO

It stands for Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim, and Offender.

This is the cult modus operandi. It’s a tactic employed by narcissists. The leader and ideology is never at fault – it must be the follower.  Any objection the follower has is turned around. They are actually to blame. Sometimes this is overt, sometimes covert. Sometimes this reversal is baked into the teachings. In NXIVM and other High Control groups, the concept of being AT CAUSE was introduced. You were taught that the more you recognize your responsibility in all things, the more power you have.

So the question is asked… how did you cause this thing you are unhappy with? Being AT CAUSE is recognizing as how you caused and created all things in your life. If you had a concern or were upset, you were prompted to find your responsibility in it. Maybe it was your thoughts, maybe it was your energy, maybe your doubt or disbelief. Maybe you harbored resentment against the leader, which you were told was your own projection.

This ideology is convenient, because it holds the abusive cult leader and system completely blameless. In a cult, every ‘problem’ is turned against the individual. Sometimes with syrupy sweetness, sometimes with passive-aggressive rage. Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim, and Offender.


It’s related to DARVO. Gaslighting is not simply someone disagreeing with you. This word gets thrown around a lot. When someone responds with a contrary viewpoint that you don’t like – that is NOT gaslighting.

Gaslighting is a deliberate attempt to convince you that your perception of reality is in error.

Merriam-Webster defines it as “the act or practice of grossly misleading someone, especially for one’s own advantage.”

This type of dynamic is designed to have the target question their reality. Maybe they are wrong. Maybe they did imagine it. He seems so sure of himself after all. It often ends in reactive abuse. In a cult, the followers may see things that are obviously immoral. The leader will explain to them that they did not see what they thought they saw. They are examining the event through their filters and immature projections. Eventually, the followers no longer trust their judgment and instincts.

As George Orwell wrote in 1984: “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

A perfect example in society is when you watch a government spokesperson for an authoritarian leader flat-out lie about what is going on. They will use doublespeak to confuse the press and audience. If they are doing heinous and evil things they might describe it as forwarding the cause of freedom and democracy. The recipient of this narrative might know it’s a lie, but if that lie is repeated again and again, they begin to lose touch with actual reality.


For the cult to maintain its control over everyone, information must be carefully managed. There’s an official narrative put out by the leadership (which is often a complete lie) about what is going on inside the cult and outside. Think of it as state or corporate-controlled media. You are only fed information that benefits those seeking control. This narrative is used to maintain the Us vs Them mentality, and to keep followers away from sources of information that would be a threat to the leader’s control.

There is approved information that everyone is fed 24/7 and all other sources are to be feared, excluded, hated, ridiculed, and forbidden. If you dare bring up other sources of information, you will experience consequences.

You are forbidden to speak freely and openly about concerns you have with practices of the leader or organization.

Now here’s an interesting thing. The people on board with the narrative do not see any censorship. They believe the narrative so ardently, they never bump up against its boundaries. They have no idea why the fringe lunatics are causing trouble and being so dramatic.

In NXIVM, Raniere would talk about being in a war against hate. A war against people promoting hate. It turns out those people promoting hate were trying to warn us about him. Later, whistleblowers would become characterized as promoting hate.

Just because the leader labels people as terrible, it doesn’t mean those are actually bad. They may be trying to help. It’s important to know that if you bring something up in a group and there is a violent reaction to your thoughts or statements, you’re probably in a cult. You might believe you are free, but you are not.

For this all to work, all sources that oppose the official narrative must be poisoned.


In the cycle of Narcissistic Abuse, one of the last stages is the smear campaign. This is a way for the narcissist to avoid scrutiny and accountability. Similarly, this happens in cults at all scales. The leader has some activity they have done or are doing that they want kept secret – usually because if followers found out, they would be shocked and likely leave or even destroy the cult.

For the leader to maintain control, he or she must ensure followers stay in the dark. It can be hard to control the flow of information, but what they can do is manage the image of whistleblowers sharing that information. How do they do that? By poisoning the image of these truth speakers, so no-one trusts them.

Building on the Us vs Them idea, the whistleblower must be turned into THEM. A dangerous, unstable, hateful, bigoted, irresponsible, anti-humanitarian LIAR.

Whatever label is applied, it has to be something truly upsetting or scary to the followers. Something that goes against their most cherished values. They are so caught up in their own hatred of this person and what they supposedly stand for, they do not bother to question whether what they are being told is true.

Now, any information from this source is ignored, hated, and ridiculed. It’s usually vitally important information, but they are too far gone. They are an unconscious mob. No matter how much you try to convince them you are not this person, they cannot take it in. You are now Satan and their abusive cult leader – is God.



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  • Throughout history, a few of the worst people on earth tried to own everyone else.

    This year, some of the worst people on earth control the most sophisticated technology, the American president has dementia and the American Vice President is Kamala Harris. December 22, 2019 was right before the “COVID” scare.

    Before mandatory lab-created mRNA injections (that actually happened). Before the government tracked us with cell phones (that actually happened). Before this year’s threat of World War III (that actually happened). Before news of a few central bankers wanting to monopolize a world digital currency and link it to social credit scores (that’s actually their plan), is it true that Russia refuses to allow that central bank global digital currency? Isn’t that what Libya did? Did Sara Bronfman, Connecticut’s Joe Lieberman and others want to conquer Libya for a few central banks?

    Are a few horrible people trying to control our small world in secret while not telling us what they’re doing? How many know who Lord Mark Malloch Brown is? Why were Epstein and Maxwell visiting London? How many people know London isn’t The City of London?

    If banks in the City of London get all that interest from America’s new debt, which new religion must we all follow? 🤔

    December 22, 2019:

    “Peeling back the layers of their “fake news” onion, we realized their diversions drew attention away from the ‘Future of Religions’ financed by Krippner’s and the Sullas’ backers. These included western intelligence agencies serving Deep State entrepreneurs. These financiers included the Bronfmans, Peter Theil, the Maxwells, Wexner, Soros, the Mega Group moguls, and several of Epstein’s Black Book characters.

    Overtaking the religious ‘market’ was their objective, like Gates did with computers and Huxley predicted for religions. Huxley’s “Soma” was Sulla’s “Ayahuasca.” Soros, for example, became an investor in the movement that intertwined with the liberal media, Democrats, the Clintons, and the PizzaGate crowd. The Mega Group contributed to Trump and influenced Hollywood to serve MK-ULTRA. Both sides of the political coin are complicit.

    The Bronfmans’ and Sullas’ intertwined businesses, and Peter Theil’s undertakings in hallucinogenic drug neuroscience and AI developments for simulating and computerizing ‘consciousness,’ evidenced sophisticated religious-world undermining and human ‘consciousness’ subversion foreshadowing transhumanism, biotechnology conversions, and advanced robotics.”

  • Isn’t it interesting how Mark, who was into making films, and Sarah and Nippy who were into acting when entering NXIVM are now in the cult industry after leaving NXIVM.

    Is it because they can’t return to being actors and film making because they are ex-cult members?

    Is it there is more money to be made in the Cult “expert” industry?

    • “the cult industry”?

      They’re probably in it to process what they went through, heal and help others caught in the trap that trapped them. That’s a common healthy response to trauma.

      • Nah. They’re in also for the validation. They could process all of this trauma in private. All were part of or were trying to be part of the acting industry, one whose participants have higher levels of need for external validation in being known to (many) others. It’s likely what made them susceptible to this cult and good at it. While everyone has some need for validation, people don’t join these things if they’re individuals self-confident in themselves. So they have a propensity to seek it from others. It’s those who are ripe for the classic cult playbook technique to attract others with — love-bombing. Now they’ve simply shifted this onto “cult whistleblower” status and are likely relishing in the validation that brings them.

      • “Process”
        Christ, everyone is so into this psychological damage shit it’s disgusting. It’s like a competition to see who is the most damaged, weakest, pathetic, helpless and sad little baby.

        Why in hell would someone like Mark Vicente need to “heal his trauma”? He wasn’t in the trenches in WWI or flying daylight raids over Nazi Germany getting shot up by flak and fighters. He was making good money alongside his good friend Keith Raniere, happy as a pig in shit. Now he’s making good money off his new role as anti-cult hero.

        I’m fed up with all the whiners indulging their petty mental bumps and bruises with therapy-speak and pretending that everyday disappointments give them PTSD, extended sick leave on disability insurance and an excuse for their bad behavior. Grow the fuck up, people.

  • Don’t you see one common demoniner – all cult leaders are men and they abuse innocent women. Men always pray on women. We have been victims since Eve.

    Laws should be made to stop men from abusing women not just physical but any kind of meanness.

  • Of all communities, why the LeBaron community? Of all resorts, why Jack’s resort? says:

    If Sara Bronfman and Joe Lieberman first tried to take Libya and then tried to take Mexico, what’s wrong with opening the southern border?

    Salinas saluted “The Vanguard” and also threatened Catherine Oxenberg?
    “Convicted killer Ervil LeBaron is the tap suspect in the JFK assassination.”?

    “Without the Mexicans, NXIVM would not have grown so much … All the numbers you look for in NXIVM, of sex slaves, of the 50 closest collaborators, in almost everything, half is Mexican. This company was made here (in the United States) and at the moment they began to know it some Mexicans tried to take the franchise there and take the courses there (in Mexico). And then, there came a time when Mexican participation became crucial,”

    — Juan Alberto Vázquez, in an interview with Expansión Política.

    • “… In 1838, the Mormons first entered the world of covert operations, with the founding of a secret, military organization bound together by oaths and secret passwords. Known variously as the Avenging Angels, the Sons of Dan and
      the Danites, members of this order — according to one who was also on the Council of Fifty — were “placed under the most sacred obligations that language could invent. They were sworn to stand by and sustain each other; sustain, pro- tect, defend and obey the leaders of the church unto death.”

      Allegedly established in self-defense against persecutors, the Danites were also linked to the brutal ended Federal harassment. The Saints deaths of Mormon dissenters and of those Saints who concealed property from Church authorities continued their quest for a worldly empire and spiritual conformity.

      Church leaders have often gone to great lengths to ensure conformity and obedience. During the Mormon Refor- mation of 1854—1855, Brigham Young sent missionaries to every Mormon settlement to question each church member
      And then, in 1839, Smith urged the Saints to engage in simple intelligence gathering as a way of dealing with their
      persecutors. “We would suggest all the Saints gathering up the names of all about his sins; today, all Mormon boys persons who have had a hand in their oppressions,” he wrote. “And perhaps a committee can be appointed to find out these things, and to take statements and affidavits and also to gather up the libelous publications that are afloat.”

      • “We would suggest that all Espians/Nxivms conquering North and Central America, should gather up collateral and list all persons who have had a hand in their oppressions and perhaps a committee can be appointed to find out these things, and to take statements and affidavits and also to gather up the libelous publications that are afloat.”

      • 👆 Mae Brussell: “… the highlight of that article uh, written by Jim Kostman, J.C. Lewis and Harvey Yazijian is the forming of the secret army organization in San Diego and the links of the Mormons to the secret army organization because that is the group that was going to plan to kill Richard Nixon at the time of the conventions in 1972.”

        From the article: “Jerald Tanner, a Mormon apostate who has written several works refuting the theological and historical claims of Mormonism, is one who has recently turned his attention to the church’s
        CIA connection. “There are definitely relationships between the church and the CIA,” he says. “It’s just difficult to get information on the subject.” Nevertheless Tanner has gathered such new evidence as a letter from a current CIA employee who wrote that “the Agency has been very fruitful in hiring Mormons, especially former missionaries.”

  • Thank you Mark. We love you, respect you, admire you. You are our leader. Might I say savior/rescuer.
    You did it, you are a high ranker again. Just like you were in the cult.

  • “Police alleged that the organization worked as a sort of pyramid scheme ✅ where at least 170 members paid monthly fees ✅ of $200 to $10,000 or personal property to obtain higher levels ✅ within the yoga school. At the top of the seven-level pyramid sits Percowicz, known to his followers as “El Angel” or “El Maestro.” ✅ His closest followers are ranked at level six and called apostles, followed by geniuses (Level 5) and pupils (Level 4). The three lowest levels were for ordinary “humans.” Only Percowicz could decide who was able to ascend the levels.
    The school also targeted people looking for treatments for diseases and addiction. Police alleged that “under the discourse of ending ‘the evils of AIDS and drugs’ they captured people, defrauded them and reduced them to a situation of servitude.” ✅

    • “Si Actúas Como Si Supieras Lo Que Estás Haciendo, Puedes Hacer Lo Que Quieras“ Frida Kahlo

      Nxivm did what they wanted from the north to south.
      BAYS did what they wanted from the south to the north.

      Who let them get away with what they did for decades?

    • From Telenoche: “VIP prostitution, drugs and the façade of Yoga. It was known as the school of Yoga of Buenos Aires led by “El Maestro” Juan Percowicz. They deny charges of sexual exploitation and reduction to servitude. There are 19 detainees for trafficking, money laundering and other crimes. They captured vulnerable people and with the pyramid effect, they were taking properties, cash, paying tithes and forcing them to practice prostitution. Juan Percowicz had the same case thirty years ago but was acquitted.”

    • Do any NXIVM survivors know about the multi-level marketing cult in Argentina?

      “… crimes go unpunished since the crimes they commit are not criminalized.”
      “… the victims have a voice and can never be silenced again.”

      “… Because abuse has no borders. Anti-Cult Law now! …”

  • I like Vicente. He may not appeal to everyone but he makes a lot of sense to me. Nobody said it better about cults.

  • Vicente ought to know.
    Vicente was a major leader in NXIVM and a potential successor to Raniere.
    Raniere compared Vicente to Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the cult of Communism.

  • Word on the street is the law, using the civil suit are soon coming for Mark, Nips and Sarah for sure, whiles others are being looked at. What’s the word Frank, I bet you have the real scoop.

  • As I understand it, Vicente has been filming people for upcoming projects listed here:

    To me, it appears Vicente has been very hard at work. His comprehensive summarisation of “what a Cult is” leaves me gobsmacked. I’ve learnt a lot from this hour. The term “Pollyanna Denial” itself has shaken me. Great work by Vicente and I very much look forward to 2024!

  • So Mark Vicente tells us how to spot a cult. Mark Vicente, who joined two cults, now poses as an expert on avoiding cults. The guy who joined Ramtha. Then joined Nxivm. Where he stayed for years and rose to the highest ranks.

    What a hypocrite. Delivering his hour long lecture. Like he’s so perceptive. Such a critical thinker. We all should take advice from him. The guy who joined Rantha’s cult, who wholeheartedly believed some utter bullshit about the cult of the 20 million year old warrior woman or whatever crap it was she was selling. Yeah, real perceptive, Mark Vicente is.

    His 25 points on how to spot a cult. Check out number 21, Mystical Science. You mean like the stuff in your one and only feature film, “What The Bleep Do We Know”? That kind of mystical science Mark?

    The utter hypocrisy of this man is unbelievable. He’s pure bullshit artist.

    And people still listen to him. These are precisely the kind of people who join cults.

  • Achtung!

    It’s time for Frank Parlato to play the ultimate game and face his GREATEST challenge!!!

    The GAME is F’, Marry, Kill!

    The CHALLENGE is to choose between these three femme fatales:

    1. Clare Bronfman
    2. Toni Natalie
    3. Nancy Salzman

    Frank has to choose someone to F’, marry, and Kill.

    An heiress! A skank! A Proctor!

    Such titillating choices!

    The suspenses is killing me!!!!

    If Frank chooses nothing, we know who is a craven wanker.

    • Since Frank refuses to play F’, marry, kill, I’ll play in his stay:

      Frank would marry Toni – Italians are thicker than blood or olive oil.

      He would totally bang Nancy because she touched him seductively and he wants to ride that pony off a cliff.

      Lastly he’d send Bronfman to pasture then eat her. Sicilians love horse meat and Clare looks like
      a transgendered Mr. Ed.

      Clare Bronfman looks like a transgendered Mr. Ed.

      • I don’t think Niceguy is out of line. F M K is a legit game that requires sincere and deep thought. While I disagree with Niceguy’s guesses as to Frank’s answers, Frank’s attempt at deflection is weak.

        To slightly defend Frank, Niceguy should have disclosed if Frank’s new spouse will demand a prenup and/or be fine with Frank demanding a prenup. This has obvious implications that Frank will need to consider.

        • NutJob-

          The prenup is not something I considered, whatsoever!!!! Your genius is always on display.

          The analytical and observational mind you possess is limitless in its ability to grasp minutiae and squeeze out the truth!!!!!!!

          If only you’d stop defending the indefensible, we could be brothers!

          Hope your life and health are good!!!

          “Don’t do anything Frank would “do”or you’ll be banging sheep and Oklahoma jet skiing to an early grave.”
          -Scott Johnson

          • To make it fair and keep finances out of it, I say that a prenup needs to be signed when Frank marries the woman of his choice. Here’s my educated guess on what Frank will do:
            F Toni
            M Nancy
            K Clare

            Frank carries his choices in women close to the vest and makes this one a little difficult to predict. However, I believe Frank has disclosed that he likes omelettes. And I don’t see Clare being his type in any way, shape, or form. If Frank was ever going to make a move on Clare, it would have been when he shacked up at her house.

            In addition, Frank talks a good game about Toni and she would be the betting favorite to be killed. But lets not confuse this outward appearance with what it actually is – sexual tension.

            I feel good about my picks – 75% confident that I’m 3 for 3.

        • NutJob-

          You’re logic is supreme!
          The hate and sexual tension is strong with Toni.

          Nancy is a good cook and a horny broad(DTF). Frank scores Nancy he’ll get to attend swinger parties.

          I concur NutJob!

          *Banging Nancy and Toni means Frank will have to double up on the condoms.

  • Achtung!

    It’s time for Frank Parlato to play the ultimate game and face his GREATEST challenge!!!

    The GAME is F’, Marry, Kill!

    The CHALLENGE is to choose between these three femme fatales:

    1. Clare Bronfman
    2. Toni Natalie
    3. Nancy Salzman

    Frank has to choose someone to F’, marry, and Kill.

    An heiress! An skank! An Proctor!

    Such titillating choices!

    The suspenses is killing me!!!!

  • Hard to have much compassion for Mark as we was way up high on the NXIVM totem pole. He worked with KR and Nancy to put the whole thing in place. To make things worse, he came from. 1 cult like organization to another.

  • Vicente is a little soy-boy pussy. He basically just unpacked NXIVM: a company he helped build. What a dick.

    # 9 cracks me up. Vanturd convinced Nicki to sleep with him to overcome her fears!? Vanturd had game. What the hell was Nicki thinking admitting she slept with that creep? That’s something you just keep to yourself. NXIVN’s are fucked up.

    • There’s absolutely nothing funny about conduct like Raniere trying to “heal” women’s trauma through sex. This kind of thing happens in places you don’t hear about in the news or in documentaries. We had a local self-help program where the leader did that before he was eventually run of town. He faced civil charges but not criminal. It’s a terrible, terrible abuse and should never be made light of.

    • What the hell are you complaining about dude? This abstract is informative and nothing but helpful.

    • Well, Nicki is an ass. Her greatest fear, she told him, was that he would try to have sex with her. Next thing you know, she’s having sex with him. What, the word “no” not in her vocabulary?

      I mean, it ain’t that hard. If a person tells you to do something you don’t want to do, don’t do it.

      The woman is an idiot.

  • “… At Domingo’s table were classical musicians who, according to police, were part of the group’s leadership: Ruben D’Artagnan Gonzalez, Veronica Iacono and Mendelievich, among others, according to Carlos, who said it was common knowledge at school that all three accompanied Domingo on his journey.

    González, who died in 2018, served as concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra from 1986 to 1996 and is accused of playing a key role in the group’s US operations. Iacono was a New York-based soprano who used the stage name “Loiacono” and is the subject of an international arrest warrant. Another supposed leader named Mariano Krawczyk, was an oboist who goes by the stage name of Mariano Krauz.

    The extent of Domingo’s professional or personal ties to the group’s musicians is unknown, and he has declined to comment. But Domingo has performed with several of the people who have been arrested, including at a 1996 concert that featured the three he allegedly invited to Europe and Krawczyk.

    During that concert in Buenos Aires, Domingo and Iacono sang a part of “Cartas Markas”, an opera that Iacono, Mendelievich, González and Krawczyk wrote together based on a book by Percowicz, the founder and leader of the Yoga School of Buenos Aires …”

    • “… the Argentine newspaper El Diario identified Loiacono and a woman named Verónica Ángela “Loia” Iácono as being the same person. Iácono, who is believed to be living in the U.S., is still wanted by police in connection to the alleged crime ring.“

      “… The networks of the Villa Crespo sect reached Las Vegas, Chicago and New York . In the United States, the “Yoga School” is known as “BAYS”, for its acronym in English (Buenos Aires Yoga School)…”

      • Uno de los podcasts más duros hasta el momento, sin duda. Pablo Salum, que pasó buena parte de su vida metido en una asquerosa secta y que consiguió escaparse hace unos años, visita a Jordi Wild para charlar de su propia experiencia, en un dificilísimo periplo que termina con él fugándose, pero dejando atrás a su madre y hermanos. Ellos, más de una década después, siguen ahí dentro… Además, charlarán de las sectas modernas, grupos coercitivos, religiones, polémicas con famosos manipuladores y mucho más …

        One of the toughest podcasts so far, without a doubt. Pablo Salum, who spent a good part of his life involved in a disgusting sect and who managed to escape a few years ago, visits Jordi Wild to talk about his own experience, in a very difficult journey that ends with him escaping, but leaving behind his mother and brothers. They, more than a decade later, are still in there… In addition, they will talk about modern sects, coercive groups, religions, polemics with famous manipulators and much more …

    • “… In March of 2010, Kim Advent, Founder and President of Avanti Wellness L.L.C., a Nevada based company began her research in Buenos Aires, Argentina at a medical facility that incorporates practical philosophical ideas into individualized medical treatments for clients. The medical clinic is CMI and the mission statement is to improve the quality of life using practical philosophical ideas into the medical environment.

      Since 2010, Advent has been bringing into action the “practical philosophy” approach to American clients that has been working successfully in Buenos Aires, Argentina for decades.

      Candor is a business enterprise that promotes a wide range of projects in wellness, health care, and education. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Candor promotes medical and philosophical therapies, one medical facility being CMI.

      Medical Travel Today (MTT): Give us some background on Candor and how you got involved here?

      Kim Advent (KA): The branding of CANDOR is a result of extensive research and interaction with many people in different professions, including medical doctors, psychologists, and most importantly the families struggling with a family member with addiction and/or mental disorders that Avanti Wellness actively pursued. Speaking across the United States for almost a decade via different venues, radio and television interviews, workshops, guest speaking, published articles, and one on one with families sharing their resources to find help has been the function of Avanti Wellness. This journey started as a grassroots effort in communities all the way to Washington D.C. 👈 Having the dialogues necessary to bring an awareness that wellness, education and solutions are needed to improve the global quality of life for the human race; birthed the concept and branding of CANDOR.

      MTT: Where are you located?

      KA: The facility is located in the beautiful South American city of Buenos Aires; also known as the “Paris” of the Americas!

      MTT: So is it a multi-lingual facility in Argentina?

      KA: It is multi-lingual – they speak Spanish and English. Some professionals speak additional languages as well.

      MTT: You focus on American clients for any area of improvement to their life?

      KA: Most people are looking for some level of improvement in their life, be it relationships, medical, stress, substance abuse, etc. We are people and we all can use some high-quality health care and comprehensive solutions. CMI, which is a group of professionals that uses traditional medicine and integrates practical philosophical tools for anyone seeking a new approach to improve many levels of their life. It’s unique in that the diagnosis is very comprehensive in the physical, psychological and emotional assessments (what we identify are wrong ideas about oneself) with multi-diagnosis, and a treatment developed to encompass all findings. CMI not only has on staff medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, philosophical coaches, massage therapists, nutritionist, elite physical trainer, kinesiologist, osteopath, amongst professionals working with clients on a daily basis. This team of professionals is in daily communication with each other to adjust and be flexible to the client’s daily needs.

      MTT: Have you had success in any particular area in treatment?

      KA: The success in treating the opiate addiction is 95%.

      MTT: Why is your approach more successful than the hundreds of others that are out there that are vying for this market?

      KA: The success has been identified by final ending all the cravings, the triggers and replacing it with solid ideas that give a good consequence to their lives. CMI does not use M.A.T. (Medication Assisted Treatment, like methadone or suboxone), it does not use the 12 step approach either. It is individually made for each person using the lost or unknown good ideas that they didn’t access before.

      MTT: How long is your treatment program and what is your rate of success? Do you have any recidivism?

      KA: Any person that goes to CMI will first do 7 days of diagnosis both medically and psychologically. At the end of the diagnostic period the length of inpatient can be determined. It’s safe to say if the reason for treatment is for substance abuse and/or behavioral disorders that three months is most likely, however, each person is different, so that will vary and may take longer.

      We do recommend a program of six months and have an estimated completion rate of 95%. For the people who don’t complete the treatment, they have about 60% of success, without relapse. The patients learn new tools to maintain a healthy life.

      MTT: That’s a big difference between the usual drug programs. Why do you think it is so successful?

      KA: Our patients’ success comes from applying practical philosophy in their day to day life. Our goal is for the patient to return to their life, know not feeling compelled to revisit the bad options, people or habits. They can maintain using Skype with their philosophical coach after returning.

      MTT: What percentage of your patients comes from the US?

      KA: We have patients from all over the world. It’s about 70% Americans now. 👈

      MTT: Is there anything else you’d like to reiterate to our readers?

      KA: We are here to improve the quality of life using practical philosophical ideas to eliminate anguish from addictions, depression, anxiety, etc. I would like to quote Almafuerte, a philosopher – “Because happiness consists in living a truthful life; in other words, happiness consists in living one’s own truth.”

      This is what Candor accomplishes through its work globally.“ 👈

      • “Kim dedicates her professional and personal time to assisting people in need. She works tirelessly to help families struggling with substance abuse to know of options for treatment. She will answer a call (even travel to the family) on holidays to ensure they feel emotionally supported when seeking care for their loved one. Kim puts her energy and focus into helping the community heal and know of solutions for quality care. She puts the needs of clients and struggling families ahead of her own. Watching her work is motivating in itself and seeing the success she helps families find is incredible to see.”

        Prostitution is a money-maker in Nevada and Argentina.

      • “Avanti Wellness LLC is accredited to teach CLE classes in Nevada and Florida on the topic of substance abuse and mental health. …

        We works with a wellness destination as a Planner and Facilitator, offering a dependable and trusted choice that helps clients successfully navigate their way on the journey to healing. We handle all pre-trip planning and in-country logistics for our clients and their travel party. We commit to tailor each client’s travel and treatment package to meet their schedule, and medical and philosophical needs. 🤔

        Whether your need is to regroup, re-calibrate, recharge, or just feel the need to spend time working on yourself we help change lives on every level from: comprehensive medical testing and over all well-being, substance abuse and/or behavioral disorders. Avanti Wellness LLC makes the patient´s well-being our priority by accompanying them in every step of the journey until the desired results are achieved and the treatment is completed.

        How We Got Started
        Over nine years ago Founder and CEO of Avanti Wellness LLC, Kim Advent, was introduced to Medical Philosophical Therapy (MPT) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She learned the professionals at the medical facility developed MPT and had been working many years treating people for stress management, mental and behavioral health issues, and addictions. She was so impressed with the quality of work, love and results from the professionals working with MPT she decided to share her findings with the world.”

    • “A 1995 opera called Cartas Marcadas, whose music was also written by the four, was based on a book written by the alleged crime group’s leader, Juan Percowicz, and dedicated to Yehudi Menuhin. According to a 1995 article in La Nacion, Domingo praised the work, and included the opera’s overture in a concert of his own. Within that article, La Nacion also mentioned that several of the opera’s collaborative team were involved in the Buenos Aires Yoga School.”

      “… I grew up around some of the biggest names in Yoga, yet never was much attracted to it. My uncle, violinist Yehudi Menuhin, one of the very greatest if not the greatest violinist of the last century, has been credited with bringing Yoga to the West. In 1953 the image of him in various esoteric positions occupied a number of pages in Life Magazine. In those days, millions of people read Life …

      … Yehudi sent me to see his good friend Laura Huxley, the wife of the great writer Aldous Huxley, who lived almost directly below the Hollywood sign in the mid-70s. Yehudi and Laura had been child violin prodigies–Yehudi was better known, of course. But that was their bond. Yoga was also thrown into the mix.

      Then one day in 2002, I read in the Los Angeles Times about Indra’s death at 102 years of age in Buenos Aires. It was a long story. Apparently she had become a celebrity as a wave of Yoga spread south of the border. …”

      • “Now it was Nimrod who excited them to such an affront and contempt of God. He was the grandson of Ham, the son of Noah, a bold man, and of great strength of hand. He persuaded them not to ascribe it to God, as if it were through his means they were happy, but to believe that it was their own courage which procured that happiness.

        He also gradually changed the government into tyranny, seeing no other way of turning men from the fear of God, but to bring them into a constant dependence on his power. He also said he would be revenged on God, if he should have a mind to drown the world again; for that he would build a tower too high for the waters to reach. And that he would avenge himself on God for destroying their forefathers.

        Now the multitude were very ready to follow the determination of Nimrod, and to esteem it a piece of cowardice to submit to God; and they built a tower, neither sparing any pains, nor being in any degree negligent about the work: and, by reason of the multitude of hands employed in it, it grew very high, sooner than any one could expect; but the thickness of it was so great, and it was so strongly built, that thereby its great height seemed, upon the view, to be less than it really was. It was built of burnt brick, cemented together with mortar, made of bitumen, that it might not be liable to admit water. When God saw that they acted so madly, he did not resolve to destroy them utterly, since they were not grown wiser by the destruction of the former sinners; but he caused a tumult among them, by producing in them diverse languages, and causing that, through the multitude of those languages, they should not be able to understand one another.

        The place wherein they built the tower is now called Babylon, because of the confusion of that language which they readily understood before; for the Hebrews mean by the word Babel, confusion …“

        👉 INTERMISSION 🎼 🎶 🎵

        “… In tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, our pupils have recorded a special performance of ‘Nimrod’ by Sir Edward Elgar at The Menuhin Hall. ‘Nimrod’ is a work that many will recognise from its repeated patriotic performances, such as at royal events, in the opening ceremony of the London’s Olympic Games in 2012 and at the Last Night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, London. It was also played at the funeral of Prince Phillip in St George’s Chapel, Windsor, and every year it is performed at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, for the annual National Service of Remembrance …”

        For those who don’t know why Prince Phillip is one of the most special people in the entire world:
        “He’s Number one big fella him bilong Misis Kwin.”,_Duke_of_Edinburgh

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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