CT Family Court Cash-for-Kids Is Not Jewish, It’s Non-Discriminatory Corruption

Judge Thomas O'Neill has something special in his eye, a tongue of flame and someone in his ear....

The State of Connecticut charged blogger Paul Boyne with cyberstalking Family Court Judge Jane Grossman and two other judges.

He is being held without bail in Virginia, awaiting a resolution of extradition to Connecticut. He has a hearing in Virginia State Court in Fairfax County on August 24.

Paul Boyne…

Boyne lives in Virginia and allegedly wrote about bad judges in Connecticut.

The State of Connecticut charged Boyne based on comments he allegedly made on the familycourtcircus.com website, suggesting that people solve their gripes with judges, such as Grossman, through gun violence. By adding a hate crime element, because Boyne blames Jews for CT Family Court problems and Judge Grossman is Jewish, his alleged speech fits into a particular niche in state law as a cyber-stalking hate crime.

It remains to be seen if Boyne’s First Amendment protections extend to his alleged speech on his alleged blog.

Frank Report is convinced that the problems with CT Family Court have nothing to do with judges, lawyers, and therapists being Jewish. FR believes it has everything to do with greed, ambition, power, and lack of checks and balances, leading to a lack of due process.

They sell kids for cash because they can. 

Mia, Sawyer and Matthew Ambrose: Are they for sale?

Look at the most recent sale of the happiness of the Ambrose teenagers. The child happiness seller is Judge Thomas O’Neill, who is not Jewish.

Judge Thomas O’Neill ruled that three teenage children should have no voice in the matter of with whom they live or who abuses them. Judge O’Neill decided for them who is abusing them – the mother without money – and not who the kids think is abusing them – the man who is paying, their father Chris Ambrose.

Alexander Cuda, Ambrose’s new attorney, who conducted the cash-for-kids transaction, may not be Jewish either. He has a last name that, in Italian, means tail.

At Frank Report, we do not incite violence because it is usually the worst way to solve the problem of public corruption.

Robust exercise of the First Amendment, without ever suggesting lawless violence, racism, or anti-Semitism, is better.

FR hopes to warn everyone with a family problem to work it out between themselves if possible and at all costs avoid family court and judges like Grossman or O’Neill and destroy the cash-for-kids-enterprise through lack of business.

You certainly would not go into the den of a rabid animal. Neither should you enter the courtroom of corruption-riddled judges with saliva drooling from their mouths, ready to destroy your life unless you are prepared to buy custody from their agents – the GALs, custody evaluators, and lawyers – all working hand in glove with winks and nods, and everybody knows everyone and what it’s all about.

CT Family Court Judge Jane Grossman
Judge Jane Grossman.

The best example I ever saw was when Judge Jane Grossman was re-selling custody of the Ambrose children in December 2020 after she sold custody of them the first time in April 2020.

The kids had disclosed sexual abuse, and it was so serious that DCF and the hospital forbade the kids from returning to their father, Chris Ambrose.

A frantic Ambrose got his kid-selling team together at midnight – custody evaluator Jessica Biren Caverly, GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz, and his own high-priced, kid-selling attorney, Nancy Aldrich – to get Judge Grossman out of bed and issue orders to overturn DCF and the New Haven Children’s Hospital – and it did not get done until 2 am.

Even then, DCF would not let the kids go to Papa Ambrose.

But he successfully blocked the mother from being with the kids – something the kids wanted more than anything.

The following day, bright and early, Judge Grossman called a special hearing to re-sell the kids to Ambrose – and ordered them back to him. 

If you read the transcripts, the kid sellers – Aldrich, Hurwitz, and Grossman – acted like they were so concerned about the kids – who they were about to arrange to return to their kid-purchasing father, whom the kids alleged abused them – and DCF and the hospital found credible. 

In a future post, I will quote from the transcript where they all speak so formally to each other – Attorney Hurwitz, Attorney Aldrich, and Mr. Ambrose – and the terrible mother who took the kids without Judge Grossman’s permission – despite DCF’s and the hospital’s express instructions that the abused kids should not go with the father and could be released to their mother for simple human decency safety concerns.

Don’t shoot the judges. Expose them for their crimes. Don’t hate them. Hate what they are doing.

Consider what a soulless creature Jane Grossman is.

Consider how devoid of humanity Judge Thomas O’Neill must be. Look at what Judge O’Neill did to Mia (16), Matthew (16), and Sawyer (13) this month as CT Family Court is in the process of re-selling those kids a fourth time to the same buyer – their father.

Chris Ambrose has had to purchase his kids three times and still they do not want to stay. He is in the process of buying them a 4th time,

Judge O’Neill took their mother away from them through restraining orders without stopping to think once that maybe, just maybe, he should hear from the teenagers.

You know, to get their take on it. Instead of just hearing the kid-buying father and the cash-for-kids seller, attorney Cuda.

Sure, to protect the enterprise, O’Neill had to support the prior rulings of the cash-for-kids king and queen – Judge Gerard Adelman, who sold the kids the third time, and Judge Grossman, who sold them the first two times.

Paul Boyne fought to tell the truth about the CT Family Court racketeering enterprise, but if the charges alleged against him are true, in some ways, he set back the cause by making this about being Jewish and suggesting the people solve the corruption with bullets. 

True, FBI agents carry guns loaded with bullets, but they won’t have to use them. No bullets will fly, nor should they.

The judges, lawyers, GALs, AFCs, therapists, and custody evaluators that make up the CT kids-for-cash enterprise will not run. They are not the running kind. When the time comes, they will surrender peacefully,

 On September 1, Judge O’Neill is expected to complete the 4th sale of the Ambrose kids. Attorney Cuda has made a motion for contempt against the mother, Karen Riordan, and somehow possibly through the arrest of the mother try to force the three teens back to the father.

Judge O’Neill is in a tough place. He knows he is selling kids-for-cash, but he will have to do it – sell those kids – or not protect his kid-selling cronies, Adelman and Grossman, and the enterprise itself.

The enterprise tapped the newbie judge to take the fall, after wiser and more experienced Family Court Division judges of the Superior Court – judges Eddie Rodriguez and Gladys Nieves – ran from this 4th sale of children who are tired of being sold.

Stupidly, Judge O’Neill stepped in.

He only wanted to be a judge assigned to Commercial Court and help his cronies at Day Pitney, and some over at Shipman & Goodwin, Pullman & Comley or Robinson+Cole and maybe Berchem Moses now and again – with a lustrous and impressive verdict.

And they stuck the ambitious schnook into the middle of the cash-for-kids racket.

They got to have a fall guy. A fall guy in the Ambrose kids’ sale part 4 is part of the price they’re asking for his fast promotion to the Complex Litigation Docket.

Painting of Judge O’Neill by artist Tommy Winterbrooks “Feeling the Heat”.

When Judge O’Neill feels the heat and tries to tell them over at Family Division they can get along without a fall guy, they’ll say to him, don’t be silly, Tommy boy – you’re taking the fall.

And he will.  


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  • Paul Boyne is smarter than the family court judges combined, which isn’t saying much as they’re the bottom of the barrel hired for trafficking and throwing cases in a court that is not a court of law but a for profit business with its own DUNS number.

    No law or evidence ever required. It’s a forum to lie. Where attorneys fix the cases ahead of time and do virtually no work as they deplete life savings and deliver kids to the monied parent regardless of abuse.

  • The fix was in from the start of this case. Ambrose planned it for a year. Plotted and documented and totally set up his wife to take a fall.

    He painted her with the ugly brush of all that he is and he stole her reputation and tried to present it at his own.

    Foolish man. His pad hires in family court enjoined him to convince police dcf that mom was evil, dad was good – when it’s just the opposite. As the kids said from the beginning and maintained throughout.

    These teens have major lawsuits come 18 which is why dcf is trying to put Mia and Matthew in a locked facility in Middletown.

    The plan is to say they’re both so damaged by mother what need psychiatric treatment and will disappear as soon as they’re lured back to CT.

    Too much money at stake.

  • Anonymous
    August 24, 2023 at 9:03 am
    by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law
    U.S. Supreme Court Bar No. 317048

    A proposed BILL to ensure the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of PARENTS are honored and protected in the nation’s FAMILY COURTS.

    The 14th Amendment guarantees “liberty,” which includes the People’s right to raise children; this fundamental right to parent includes the right to care, custody, and control of one’s children; so too, children enjoy an accompanying right, i.e., the right to be parented by their natural parents.
    All parents are presumed fit. No court may restrict or terminate a parent’s custodial rights unless there is first a fitness trial — where the state proves child abuse or neglect by clear and convincing evidence, i.e., which can be objectively verified without resort to judicial discretion.
    A properly noticed fitness trial must include: (i) notice to the accused parent concerning the factual allegations of child abuse or neglect, and (ii) an admonition that, if the accused parent is found unfit — based on clear and convincing evidence — the state may restrict or terminate that parent’s custodial rights.
    Fit parents are presumed to act in the best interests of their children; absent findings of unfitness, equal protection demands that two fit parents share equal and undivided custodial rights.
    A child’s best interests reside with fit parents; absent findings of unfitness, the state may not enter the private family realm. No court has legal authority, (“jurisdiction”), to determine a child’s best interests — unless both parents are deemed unfit after a properly noticed fitness trial.
    Unless there is actual harm to a child — meaning abuse or neglect as defined by black-letter law — a parent’s bad behavior or felonious misconduct provides no legal basis to restrict or terminate custodial rights. No court may restrict or terminate custodial rights as punishment for misconduct against any person, including the other parent.
    All orders restricting or terminating custodial rights must include strict scrutiny analyses, i.e., was the custody order narrowly tailored to effectuate a compelling gov’t interest?—and, did the court employ the least-restrictive means of effectuating that interest?
    The First Amendment guarantees a fundamental right to familial association — including the right to private speech with one’s children. No court may impose time, place, or manner restrictions on a parent’s right to free speech with a child, (e.g., at supervised visits), unless that parent is found unfit.
    All temporary custody orders must have expiration dates; temporary custody orders with no expiration dates are null and void. No temporary order restricting custodial rights shall remain in effect longer than 60 days, after which: (i) the order must expire, or (ii) a fitness trial must commence.
    All parents in domestic proceedings are presumed innocent of criminal accusations unless or until the state, in a criminal proceeding, proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, pursuant to a criminal complaint, (“indictment”). No court may sua sponte conclude that a parent committed a crime.

  • D. Corydon Hammond B.S., M.S., Ph.D. delivered at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), Thursday June 25, 1992, at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia. Sponsored by the Center for Abuse Recovery & Empowerment, The Psychiatric Institute of Washington, D.C.

    Lecture by D.C. Hammond, originally entitled “Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse,” but now usually known as the “Greenbaum Speech,” delivered at the Fourth Annual Eastern Regional Conference on Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), Thursday June 25, 1992, at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, Mark Center, Alexandria, Virginia.

    Sponsored by the Center for Abuse Recovery & Empowerment, The Psychiatric Institute of Washington, D.C.


    • … and they’d send billions to Nazis in The Ukraine.

      … “They were making a dungeon in the basement. There would be a cage for the people who were most committed to growth” … Testifying at Raniere’s sex-trafficking trial, Salzman, who has already copped a plea, said that after the group of women shed their clothes for a photo before every meeting, the punishment began.

      “We would take the naked picture, and everyone would take the number of whips commensurate with our failures,’’ she said.

      Raniere “would call in” to make sure people were being hit hard enough, Salzman said.

      He was very specific about the “wrist flick’’ and making sure it was done to inflict the most pain, she said.

      The understanding with the paddling was that “it should really hurt,’’ Salzman said.

      “We were to paddle each other.”

      At times, though, Raniere would grab the spiked sex paddle himself to deliver the blows, she said.

      “Daniela told me she had been paddled by Keith’’ and that it was excruciating, the witness said.

      One time, Raniere accused Daniela of being “prideful,’’ Salzman said, “and she was on the floor, and he kicked her.

      “These things began to get scary.’’

      Salzman said that while it didn’t appear the dungeon was ever built, two cages had been ordered from a sex toy manufacturer in 2017. One of them was part of a $900 order that included the studded paddle and a “puppy trainer’’ perfect for “naughty slaves,’’ another witness testified last week. …”


      • D. Corydon Hammond B.S., M.S., Ph.D. mentioned “Ericksonian therapy”.

        How do Connecticut “family court” therapists and evaluators heal their patients?

        Do Connecticut family court therapists hypnotize children and teenagers?

        Which Connecticut psychologists/psychiatrists recommend pharmaceuticals to enforce court orders?

        This is from Nancy Salzman’s website and New York is one state over from Connecticut:

        Prefect is “… the president and co-founder of Executive Success Programs, a company that offers personal and professional development programs designed to help people discover, develop and utilize more of their untapped potential …

        With over thirty years of intensive study and practice in the fields of healthcare, human potential and human empowerment, Nancy brings an incredible wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience to her role as President of Executive Success Programs. Nancy spent many years seeking out and mastering models of human empowerment—from Neuro-linguistic Programming (having studied with both Bandler and Grinder) to psychobiology (with Joan Borysenko) to Ericksonian Brief Solution Based therapy (studying directly under Milton Erickson, Ernest Rossi and Stephen Gilligan). She practiced individual and family counseling before expanding to the field of human potential.

        She then worked as a corporate consultant for the state of New York and companies such as Con Edison and American Express, until she met Keith Raniere and discovered an approach to personal growth that yielded powerful and permanent results. In 1998, she and Mr. Raniere founded Executive Success Programs. She divides her time between developing new curriculum with Mr. Raniere’s concepts, teaching advanced trainings, executive coaching, and studying the application of Rational Inquiry® in multiple contexts. Nancy’s varied experience and unique expertise, coupled with a genuine care for people, make her the company’s leading executive coach. In this capacity, she has and continues to coach and provide special counsel to CEOs, international dignitaries, celebrities, professional athletes, intellectuals and many others …”

  • “… A year later, in March 2021, Schoenhorn filed a transcript request with the court reporter who produced the transcript, who is an employee of the state Judicial Branch.

    Schoenhorn was told he couldn’t have it because the file is sealed. When he couldn’t find a sealing order after searching the public file in the clerk’s office of the Superior Court in Stamford, he moved in Superior Court in Hartford for an order instructing the court reporter’s office to provide him with the transcript. It was later learned that the court order sealing the transcript had been inadvertently sealed.

    The custody hearing was convened to take testimony from Dr. Stephen Herman, a child psychologist who attracted attention …”


    “inadvertently sealed” 👈

    Jennifer knew:

    There was something wrong with “Dr.” Herman’s evaluation.
    See Jennifer‘s last motion to the court (May 10, 2019?)

    👉 Cash for kids.

    • The exact same thing was happening to Jennifer Dulos. Her custody evaluation by court appointed quack like Jessica Biren Caverly who has stolen kids for the financier and left the healthy parent with no contact and no custody.

      The sealing of these evals is to protect the fraud. No one will endorse the custidy evaluations of Biren Caverly. It’s a scam.

  • How fascinating it was to see Mr. Adelman change the subject when a senior asked him about grand juries. 🤔

    “… PUBLISHED MARCH 16, 2023 AT 3:07 PM AKDT

    A coalition of protesters based in Kenai are standing up against what they see as unconstitutional limitations of the power of grand juries to investigate corrupt public officials, and of the public’s ability to access the juries.

    Grand juries are made up of citizens and decide whether there is enough evidence to charge a person with a crime. If a grand jury determines there is enough evidence, the case then goes to a trial jury. There are between 12 and 18 grand jurors at a time, and they meet monthly over a year-long period.

    A group of advocates including organizer David Haeg has been present at the last several Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meetings to spotlight what they say is suppression of the power of grand juries

    “Those folks are misleading you, trying to strip the power of grand juries so they can insert and steer what happens away from what we believe is systemic corruption involving numerous judges, and we now believe it involves all five Alaska Supreme Court judges,” Haeg told the assembly.

    Haeg himself has been speaking out on the issue for years, following his own 2004 trial for unlawful game hunting, through which he was convicted on several counts. He alleges the Alaska Supreme Court is corrupt, and has limited the power of grand juries to investigate corrupt judges and officials. …”


  • Mainstream news headlines …

    “Greenwich School District’s hiring practices show no systemic discrimination, town investigation finds”

    — and —

    “Fired founder of right-wing org Project Veritas is under investigation in New York”

      • Teens need to have a voice. They were silenced and ONeill turned an innocent mother into a violent abuser.

        It’s criminal. He was hoodwinked or part of the plan. It seems likely part of the Cuda fast money sting operation.

        • Was Mr. O’Neill hoodwinked in one of those secret rituals with a secret “brotherhood” or was he part of an in-our-face plan to provide the distraction and “evidence” for the family court judges’ case against Paul Boyne? Everyone saw the Judiciary Committee hearings, right?

          Hiding the CT AFCC, Inc. train wreck has been a top priority for skunks in Hartford, New Haven and Pullman and Comley since 2013.

  • Chris, GIVE IT A REST!!! What exactly is you life about? Being a cruel, petty, vindictive asshole. Is that who you want to be? How will you be remembered? Do you like being this way? Do you like who you are?

  • Why didn’t Alex Cuda file an appearance in Ambrose case? Why is Chris Goulen still listed as his attorney?

    Conflict because he’s in bed with Nusbaum.

    • Cuda still hadn’t made appearance in family case. They’re playing games.

      Judge shopping. They got Judge Nieves off the case.

  • Safety plans in New Haven are not working. Why does the Ccadv never publicly speak about the minority mothers. Unwed. Is it’s because of the federal funding for welfare reform? Apparently the safety plan was to protect yourself. Wish she would have been able to stay at a hotel for the night with her children. Maybe they could fill a budget hole for safety plans. Maybe the New England fatherhood initiative conference could be held at inexpensive location. Uconn could stop overpaying people.

    • He’s not pure evil. He’s been tortured. Unfortunately his hate undermines the good he does at exposing the truth of the truly evil sadists that are destroying innocent children.

      He’s the red herring of family court judges. A distraction to find fault. They’re good. Boyne is evil. They are evil. They profit from abuse.

          • Boyne is similar to Hitler in that he tries to blame all the world’s problems on Jewish people and he tries to convince other people to think the same. I don’t believe that losing custody turned him into an evil hateful, dangerous person. I think he lost custody because he is an evil hateful, dangerous person.

          • Have you ever heard of the Ted Taupier case?

            Paul’s blog was political theater to focus the spotlight on family court corruption and Connecticut’s crackdown on free speech. Follow the money and connect the dots as long as you don’t criticize anyone in control of that “family court” racket.

          • @7:35: if it was just a matter of Paul’s blog being empty political theater, how come he continued his hateful antisemitic comments here in the Frank report’s comments section? Ever since he’s been locked up those sickening comments haven’t been appearing here anymore. Yay.

            If anything, his blog was “political theater” to showcase his hateful and evil violent fantasies. Just because it was “political theater“ doesn’t mean it didn’t have a foundation of evil. But I don’t buy the bullshit that it was political theater. And yes, I am familiar with Ted Taupier. He also deserved to get locked up. You can’t go around making threats to murder people.

          • Such general statements about the private lives of families within the context of such deeply detailed for-profit businesses and hidden political favors don’t address the fact that dangerous child cases are managed in purposely adversarial courts.

            Some of the most immoral people generating massive profits in dangerous cases should make anyone stop and think. What kind of people are okay with criminals enjoying free reign in Connecticut family courts? What kind of people are okay with no oversight and no accountability for crimes those immoral people commit?

            It’s not okay to steal from the state. One small example of the racket might be:

            Family court evaluator Sidney Horowitz stole from the state in the Boyne case. Family court judge Lynda Munro facilitated the theft of those state funds. A state office employee affiliated with Gerard Adelman’s corporation was an accomplice. That corporation started organizing in the state in 1984 and continued ever since via private-public contracts for profit. The corporation members registered in the Secretary of State’s office 2013 to 2015. Not before 2013 since 1984 — and not after 2015. Imagine the vast numbers of crimes committed against children, parents and families in Connecticut family courts — just like that small potential example of that massive racket. None of that interests you, 11:16 am?

          • And by the way, Boyne truly was antisemitic. If he wasn’t, he would’ve told lawyer Cunha that he actually didn’t mean what he wrote/said about an evil Jewish conspiracy before she took his cockamamie claims to court and got disbarred. If it was just empty political theater and he’s really not a hateful evil person, why didn’t Boyne tell Cunha “hold up I was just kidding to make a point!” Because he wasn’t kidding. it was not satire.

        • The points he makes about the court corruption are on point and true. Agree it’s unfortunate the hate speech detracts from credible reporting.

  • “… utilizing funding the state received from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) … Grant recipients will be required to attend a training session and complete the compliance documents for the use of ARPA funding. The devastating effects of family court corruption, the signs and symptoms and long-lasting damage so often done to children and teens in family courts will not be addressed in any way, shape or form during the training.”


    • Rosa Delauro and the appropriation of funds. What is going on with the funding to Connecticut that we can afford to over pay Uconn employees and go to Newport for conference on the states dime. What is going on with the billions of dollars funding the Connecticut family court fatherhood initiative welfare reform? Maybe you can take a survey in the school system of how many kids are traumatized by family court .

      • School surveys don’t ask those kinds of questions. Schools only ask questions like:

        “Are you a boy or a girl?”

        “If you’re a boy, have you ever thought (ever) you want to know what it’s like to be a girl?”

        “If you’ve ever had a random thought, have you considered telling your teacher about that random thought so your teacher can arrange for life-altering surgery to remove your body parts?”

        “If you’re not a royal, why would you even want to raise your own children? Only royal families should celebrate having children, right?”

        “Who needs more children in this over-populated world that’s plagued by climate change after multinational corporations made millions, billions and trillions ruining the environment?”

        “Isn’t destroying children and families the best way for multinational corporation owners to control all people and resources on earth?”

        “So now, if you’re a boy, don’t you want to be a girl? If you’re a girl, don’t you want to be a boy?”

        “If you want to be rich and famous, why not cover one eye and take a “selfie”?”

      • Yes! Make it public! That would shine the spotlight so bright on the corruptness it would disappear overnight! People watch the make believe courts on tv I’m sure it would be real big hit with viewers!

  • CHRISCO is so pathetic. Anyone who forces himself on three kids who want nothing to do with him is absolutely delusional and creepy. What does he think? Bring them
    Back and prove they are his property ? This caveman mentality is archaic and disturbing. He is literally disgusting 🤮

  • https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/children-sale/

    Ever been to Brazil ? I have . I saw hundreds of children on the streets near old men. I saw a pimp negotiating a deal with a fat old man 100 feet from me. The girl looked 5 years old. A little blond girl. Beautiful. With red lipstick on! High heels and a mini skirt. I wanted to save her, my chaperone held me back furiously telling me I’d get myself and the people I was with killed. He said that id get my throat slit open.
    I wept that night and have never forgotten her.
    Mothers are literally taking their babies around to prostitute them. Babies!
    There’s bathhouses all over Brazil. Little kids are there.
    It’s all normal there.
    Yes. Kids are for sale.
    Of course the family court in USA is also making money off our children !
    Anyone who says otherwise lives in a bubble.
    Time to pop that bubble.
    Frank, you truly are a hero among men.

    • He is indeed! One of the few brave and dedicated enough to put himself at risk to fight for our children! He’s been threatened and sued by Ambrose and others. And he still exposes these evil doers.

      The only reason the government indicted Frank those many years ago was because his investigative journalism brought down big fish and returned money to the people.

  • They are pathetic soulless trash
    All they care about is their pockets and kissing each others rectal opening.
    Filthy individuals. These judges and slimebag attorneys need to be held accountable for the destruction they cause to every child man and woman
    Piece of crap 💩 excuse for a human being

  • Where’s Ambrose getting all his money? His peso ring? Porn production and distribution? East coast rep for Hollywood trafficking? Time to dig deep.

  • I swear I do not know any of the parties involved in this case. But I sincerely cannot understand how people perceive this as corruption. The mother violated court orders constantly and unceasingly. The mother coached the children to lie against dad — there is proof of that. She was accused of poisoning their minds against the father very early on, and what is her reaction to that? To continue to trash the dad online and make sure kids can see it. The mother did not show up to visitation. How could anyone expect any other outcome? Her actions have been so egregious, the court would have to be corrupt to grant her custody.

    Naturally the kids don’t care if she’s violated court orders, but guess what, the court does. I can’t comprehend how Karen does not understand that. It is wrong with her to convince the children that the custody situation is the father’s fault. It is all Karen’s doing.

    • How to Check All of Chris’ Boxes: 101

      “I swear I do not know any of the parties involved in this case.”
      “I sincerely cannot understand how people perceive this as corruption.”
      “The mother violated court orders constantly and unceasingly.“
      “The mother coached the children to lie against dad — there is proof of that.”
      “She was accused of poisoning their minds against the father very early on …”
      “[she] continue[d] to trash the dad online and make sure kids can see it.”
      “The mother did not show up to visitation.”
      “Her actions have been so egregious …”
      “… the court would have to be corrupt to grant her custody.”
      “Naturally the kids don’t care if she’s violated court orders …”
      “It is wrong with her to convince the children that the custody situation is the father’s fault.”
      “It is all Karen’s doing.”

      • I know…Lol. Chris, you are a plagiarist and a liar so anything flowing from your mouth is the same as a sewage truck being emptied. You are obviously incapable of being sane so reach out and get some help and take the guy (Geoff Herzog) who role plays the teenage girl trying to get raped in an incest relationship with you. I am sure you’d both get along well with one another. You could live together and take the door knob off of his room door as well. A match made in Hades.

      • I’m not Chris. But keep deluding yourself that everyone but Chris agrees with the twisted take on display at this blog. You’re living in a land of make believe if you think that.

    • Let the teens speak Chris.

      Why are you so afraid Chrissy? The kids tell the truth. You’ve had them for years. You are a monster… a psychopathic predator.

      You can’t tell you lies fast enough. Now you’ll drown in your own lies. Old and alone.

      These three beautiful souls will never see you again. They are done with you and your abuse and lies. You can take all who love them but they will never return to you.

      You’ve been found out. Hollywood pedo hides behind lavender marriage and hoax of adoptive children.

  • “Our belief in the transformative power of the free press and the crucial role of citizen journalists in maintaining the health of democracy has led us to create this innovative program. Your voice matters. Your insight is vital. …

    Our inaugural class kicks off on September 1st, 2023. And as part of our commitment to encouraging budding citizen journalists, we’re delighted to offer a whopping 75% discount on the regular price of $500 for those who sign up before our first class begins. Just use the Discount Code: 75-OMG at checkout.”


  • uconn audit funds violations bylaws, state stutes. Inside investigator. State audits of public account at university operations of 2019, 2020, and 2021 revealed 22 findings. 18 which repeat from previous audits. International decencies, instances of non-compliance with laws, regulations, policies and procedures that warrant managements attention. Pay increase with out justification, conflict of interest, overpaid employees $355, 000 and $98,000. . $289,000. Approximately over payment to employees and didn’t seek repayment. Failure to to solicate comprehensive bids for contracts. For further details consult the article. Unconn is the home of the health and human services. Fatherhood initiative. Conferencing in Newport . ⛱️ $$$$$$. ? Budget appears to have high limits.

          • Anne Stevenson already investigated the Connecticut family court cash for kids racket and the kids for cash racket, too. She reported about it ten years ago … until someone broke into her home.

            The same criminal racket in family courts extends far beyond family courts because We the People don’t govern ourselves anymore.

            When Gerard Adelman was lecturing a small group of seniors, he signaled a fear of grand juries. That might be the Achilles heel.

            Can a few people look into that possibility?

            Mainstream news outlets have refused to report it for forty years. The New Haven DOJ has known for years about “CT AFCC, Inc.” since 1984.

            A grand jury seems to be the quickest way to most appropriately address it.

    • Does Max’s letter explain the ladder in the painting in the governor’s office?

      Does it also explain the lying to the masses about “family courts”? Max noticed the political lies, the lack of moral force, the crimes against knowledge, eyes held shut, show trials, slander, dishonor, stooges, mouthpieces, a little money, a small gift even when it is large, and an increase of mental confusion and moral decay — way back then, in 1938.

      Max seems to have been much more honest than Corliss. And today, knows who Max is. Ned’s a governor who does as he pleases and some call him “King Ned”. Excerpts from Max’s letter:

      “Max Eastman
      A Letter to Corliss Lamont
      (April 1938)


      In 1934, when I met you, and asked about your political position, you said:

      ‘I am a Communist, but I am a Truth Communist.’

      And you explained that striking phrase to mean that you believed in the theories of Marx as interpreted by Lenin, but that you did not accept the policy of political lying to the masses practiced by the official communist parties under Stalin. That gave me a high feeling of respect for you, and upon that basis there arose a certain intellectual and moral friendship between us. You expressed it upon your side by presenting me with a copy of your book, The Illusion of Immortality, and inscribing upon the fly-leaf:

      To Max Eastman

      Who believes with me that Truth is
      “More sweet than freedom;
      more desired than joy,
      More sacred than the serving of a friend.”

      Corliss Lamont
      April 1935

      Although so clearly seeing that lying to the masses was an essential ingredient of Stalinist policy, and so solemnly abjuring it for yourself, you continued to run with the Stalinist chiefs …

      You never exposed their political lies, or said publicly what you said to me in private …

      Anybody who plays both sides in quiet times will be found in a crisis on the side with power …

      The one priceless thing you could have brought to the proletarian movement, coming from the source you do and with your education, was true knowledge and absolute principled integrity. Instead you are bringing a little money, a small gift even when it is large, and an increase of mental confusion and moral decay …

      You well know the ‘for us or against us’ policy. You know that the unscrupulous vilification and destruction of critics is as essential a technic of the Monolithic Party as of the Totalitarian State. You know that your pose of detached intelligence is being used, and what it is being used for. Perhaps you will realize why I call the resulting state of consciousness Pharasaical, when I remind you that you have addressed these noble-sounding sentences to me, among others, and that they arrived in my hand just after I had been criminally advertised to the world by your colleagues and co-workers, on the basis of these same ‘confessions’ whose credibility you are so eagerly advocating, as an ‘Agent of the British Secret Service’. You are hand in glove with the authors of that criminal libel. You are doing their work, the work of which it is an integral part. You know them to be, and have yourself named them ‘Lie Communists’. And yet you strike this pose, and make this plea against ‘vituperation’, and for a ‘sincere’ disagreement about ‘the grave issues’ etc. And you send the letter to me!

      Corliss, the grave issue at the present moment is between truth and lies. It may seem to you that I am drawing moral issues rather fine against you here and now. But you will find that in your role of public defender of a deliberate policy of falsification, you will be impelled, and compelled, to more and more crude, more and more conscious, more and more debased and foul, and even as we see in Russia, murderous, tricks of public deceit and private knifing, until there is not a clear fibre left of the man who coined those words ‘Truth Communist’ and ‘Lie Communist’, and who wrote that moving inscription in my copy of his book.

      Max Eastman

      • Truth is more sweet than freedom?
        Truth is more desired than joy?
        Truth is more sacred than the serving of a friend?

        That Godless thinking inspires Governor Lamont, Democrat leadership in general, the Uniparty, war, poverty, pollution, repression, family court corruption and soon-to-be central bank digital currency tied to “social credit”.

        Look around. What kind of “truth” and “social credit” has controlled the world so far? Truth isn’t an obstacle on the way to freedom, joy, service and friendship. Truth is the way to freedom, joy, service and friendship.

        Truth is Leviticus 25. Truth is The Lord’s Prayer. For the past 2,000 years, truth and debt forgiveness could have led to freedom, joy, service and friendship all over the world. It didn’t — and the Mr. Lamont who is governor of the state of Connecticut, Democrat leadership and the Uniparty know why.

        They know:

        “This new global economy has tended to split the haves and the have-nots.”

        “Industrialized countries are producing excessive greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.”

        “For every $1 in foreign aid from the north nearly $7 returns in debt payments.”

        “Rising interest rates meant that the developing countries owed almost four times as much in 1997 as they did in 1980.”


        The corruption and extortion built into family courts was built into family courts in the same way debt was build into national economies and the world economy.

        Everyone knows what debt does to families. Everyone knows what debt does to nations. As interest rates rise and the economies crash, the truth of the world digital currency will destroy all freedom. Soon, only certain kinds of joy will be allowed. All service will serve those who control government and all friendship will be conditional.

        Ask Mr. Adelman what poor children and families should do next after they’ve been destroyed in “family courts”. Ask Mr. Lamont what poor states should do after multinational corporations push out every last small businesses.

        Mr. Adelman and Mr. Lamont will be happy to put on their bow ties to give you their schpeels.

        • “… Ammonius Saccas (c. 175-242). Founder of Neoplatonism and teacher of Plotinus. Ammonius founded the Eclectic Theosophical School in Alexandria in 193 CE, which according to Helena P. BLAVATSKY, was the precursor of the modern Theosophical Society (TS) …”

          • Tim Kumfer at Sojourners:

            “It seems that Jesus recognized debt as not simply a matter of money rightfully owed. Many of those who responded with excitement to his message of the coming Kingdom had basically become slaves through the deceptive system of debt bondage, sharecroppers on their family land whose wealth went to enrich absentee landlords. One bad year could lead these Judean and Galilean peasants to become trapped in intractable cycles of debt, struggling just to feed and clothe themselves. The little money they made to provide for their needs was further whittled down by the heavy taxation policies of the Roman Empire.“

            “Forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors.” was to save the world.

            2,000 years later, Central Bank Digital Currency under the skin and tied to “social credit scores” looks like Rome’s next trick.

  • The CT Family Court system is just full of evil and corrupt people. Selling and buying children to the bidder willing and able to pay and now reportedly Melissa Needle (tsk tsk Melissa) being exposed as an attorney for one side making the other side pay so she can cause harm to her own client. The CT Family Court system is like a terrorist or an illegal drug organization destroying people’s lives for profit. But also like a terrorist or an illegal drug organization, the arrogance of those involved starts to catch up with them and they can’t even recognize they are being exposed and with the exposure comes a call for them to pay for their crimes through the same legal system they have abused. The evil eventually fail as society calls for an end to their reign.





      SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2004 …

      ,,, Russert: Let me turn to Iraq. And this is the whole idea of what you based your decision to go to war on.

      President Bush: Sure, sure.

      Russert: The night you took the country to war, March 17th, you said this: “Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised.”

      President Bush: Right.

      Russert: That apparently is not the case.

      President Bush: Correct.


    • 2004, President George W. Bush: “… It’s important for people to understand the context in which I made a decision here in the Oval Office. I’m dealing with a world in which we have gotten struck by terrorists with airplanes, and we get intelligence saying that there is, you know, we want to harm America. And the worst nightmare scenario for any president is to realize that these kind of terrorist networks had the capacity to arm up with some of these deadly weapons, and then strike us. …”

      2023, Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy: “… Last week, a comedian podcaster asked me if 9/11 was an ‘inside job or exactly as the government tells us?’ I answered truthfully: I do not believe everything the government has told us about that day. I wasn’t referring to the baseless theories about controlled demolitions at buildings around the World Trade Center, but the very real possibility supported by recently declassified documents that al-Qaida’s attack was undertaken with support from Saudi intelligence officials.

      Apparently, that breached a third rail of American politics. Democrat Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut tweeted: ‘If you want to be the GOP presidential nominee, you need to believe the government blew up the Twin Towers, and Osama bin Laden is an innocent man who’s living under an alias in Miami.’ Former Vice President Pence said he was ‘deeply offended’ that I don’t trust that the government told us the full truth in the 9/11 Commission Report. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board pages mocked me for wading into ‘fever swamps’ and were appalled that a presidential candidate ‘really just said that,’ quipping that ‘back on planet Earth, the 9/11 Commission was one of the better efforts at government accountability in recent memory and its findings have never been discredited by anyone credible.’

      Hold on there. Back on the real planet Earth, the FBI declassified documents in 2021 which reveal that the 9/11 Commission flatly lied about potential Saudi government involvement in the attacks. Yes, it’s in our national interest to move on from 9/11 and to preserve a stable relationship with Saudi Arabia – but our best chance of rebuilding public trust is to acknowledge the truth about one of the defining events in our nation’s history.

      A key question confronted by the 9/11 Commission was whether the Saudi government was involved in planning the attacks. The report concluded there was neither Saudi government nor royal family involvement. At the time, questions swirled around a 42-year-old graduate student who welcomed, housed, set-up bank accounts, and gave rent money to the first two Qaida hijackers after they landed in Los Angeles in January 2000 – concerns which the FBI and 9/11 Commission flatly dismissed.

      The Saudi student, Omar al-Bayoumi, claimed to have met the two terrorists entirely by chance; The 9/11 Commission report verified that Bayoumi’s altruism was in the name of hospitality as he claimed. And FBI official, Jacqueline Maguire, testified to the 9/11 Commission in 2004 that Bayoumi’s first meeting at a café with the hijackers appeared to be ‘a random encounter.’

      This is all against the backdrop of a 1998 FBI investigation revealing that rather than attend graduate school as he purported, Bayoumi frequented local mosques, doling out money for various causes and frequently and conspicuously videotaped visitors. The ‘graduate student’ reportedly put up $400,000 to start a mosque in San Diego and all the while was paid a stipend and other expenses as a ghost employee of a Saudi contracting company, the FBI reported. Notwithstanding these facts, both the FBI and the 9/11 Commission emphatically supported Bayoumi’s account.

      Now over 20 years later, the FBI has changed its story. In documents declassified last year, the bureau affirmed that Bayoumi was in fact an agent of the Saudi intelligence service who worked with Saudi religious officials and reported to the kingdom’s powerful ambassador in Washington.

      These revelations are now the focal point in a long-running federal lawsuit in New York, where 9/11 survivors and relatives of the 2,977 people who were killed are seeking to hold the Saudi government responsible for the attacks. Even if the media doesn’t want to litigate the case against the Saudi government, these survivors and family members are – and understandably so.

      There are reasons to believe that successive U.S. administrations hid the Bayoumi revelations to provide public cover to the CIA for critical failures in the lead-up to 9/11. The two Saudis, Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi, were known to the CIA as al-Qaida operatives. The CIA was watching as they joined an al-Qaida planning meeting in Malaysia in early January 2000. But the agency reportedly lost track of the two when they flew on to Bangkok and then to Los Angeles on Jan. 15, 2000. Embarrassingly, the CIA did not alert the FBI for more than a year after it learned the terrorists had entered the United States using their real names and Saudi passports.

      Given the enduring mystery over how the CIA lost track of Hazmi and Mihdhar in Malaysia, former FBI investigators have speculated that Bayoumi might have been asked to approach the hijackers as part of a U.S. or Saudi intelligence operation to recruit them. At the time, former officials have said, the CIA was trying desperately to develop sources inside al-Qaida.

      The CIA has consistently denied that it allowed the hijackers to come into the United States as part of a failed recruitment effort. Former White House counterterrorism coordinator, Richard Clarke, cited this as a plausible explanation for the CIA’s failure to track the first two hijackers and its abiding refusal to alert the FBI to their presence in the United States.

      The government hasn’t done itself any favors since then to build public trust around 9/11 or the U.S. response to it. The Pentagon’s prevarications about celebrity soldier Pat Tillman’s death in Afghanistan – initially claiming he was shot by enemy forces, but later forced to admit that he was killed by friendly fire – is one undisputed case among many.

      These events are important foremost because U.S. government officials continue to lie about other matters of public importance – the origin of Covid-19, knowledge about UAPs, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and so on – with a complicit media that just accepts the prevailing narrative without question. This fuels rampant public distrust. There is no credible evidence that 9/11 was an ‘inside job,’ but ironically when the government systematically lies about Saudi involvement and the media runs interference, that lends plausibility to an otherwise nonsensical claim.

      There’s no such thing as a noble lie. The reason the people don’t trust the government is because the government doesn’t trust the people. And yes, a Republican candidate for President really just said that.”

    • “… Russert: This is what John Kerry had to say last year. He said that his colleagues are appalled at the quote “President’s lack of knowledge. They’ve managed him the same way they’ve managed Ronald Reagan. They send him out to the press for one event a day. They put him in a brown jacket and jeans and get him to move some hay or move a truck, and all of a sudden he’s the Marlboro Man. I know this guy. He was two years behind me at Yale. I knew him, and he’s still the same guy.”

      Did you know him at Yale?

      President Bush: No.

      Russert: How do you respond to that?

      President Bush: Politics. I mean, this is — you know, if you close your eyes and listen carefully to what you just said, it sounds like the year 2000 all over again.

      Russert: You were both in Skull and Bones, the secret society.

      President Bush: It’s so secret we can’t talk about it.

      Russert: What does that mean for America? The conspiracy theorists are going to go wild.

      President Bush: I’m sure they are. I don’t know. I haven’t seen Web pages yet. (Laughs)

      Russert: Number 322.

      President Bush: First of all, he’s not the nominee, and — but look, I look forward —

      Russert: Are you prepared to lose?

      President Bush: No, I’m not going to lose.

      Russert: If you did, what would you do?

      President Bush: Well, I don’t plan on losing. I’ve got a vision for what I want to do for the country. See, I know exactly where I want to lead. I want to lead us — I want to lead this world toward more peace and freedom. I want to lead this great country to work with others to change the world in positive ways, particularly as we fight the war on terror, and we got changing times here in America, too. …” 👈 🤔

  • Tom has truly distinguished himself as a litigator in bankruptcy and commercial proceedings, and he has served our firm well as a partner for many years,” said Day Pitney Managing Partner Gregory A. Hayes. “He will make an outstanding Superior Court judge in Connecticut, and the entire firm congratulates him on this honor.”

    So Tommy boy has no experience in family courts. None. Where did he come from anyway? Why was he seated in Nieves court to lead Riordan to believe the motion was returning to her only for her to be shocked by the smarmy ONeill.

    Cuda is exposed for the lying scoundrel he’s always been. His arrogance, like Ambrose, will take him out.

  • Why are they letting Ambrose abuse the system.

    There are many who are in danger of dv and Ambrose is wasting the courts time to put restraining orders against an innocent mom and three innocent teens – to keep them separated.

    Does the public not see this man’s illness?

    He is using the court to “coercively control” his own kids.

    They don’t want the RO. So he puts them in the position where if they hug their mom or run to her he’ll have her arrested? Is that it?

    The restraining order is in their name but he then decides if it’s being violated? So the kids will live in fear and Ambrose will have ultimate control of his victims.

    Cuda – are you really this deviant?

    Time to drop this sadistic play.

  • These teens matter to too many of us. It’s our obligation to protect them.

    Our system has failed them and they are in safe haven. Let them live free of this family court nightmare.

    Ambrose has to go to jail. Without him these kids could be happy with their mom and lives.

    The gal was out long long ago and ran for the hills. Adelman and Grossman are done. It’s Ambrose who id such a psychopath. So malicious that he will not stop until forced to do so.

    Stop taking his money and let these kids go free.

  • O’Neill is too smart to undercharge for his sale of custody to Ambrose.

    Cuda and Needle will have to pay for this too and they will have to pass on the cost to Ambrose. This ain’t gonna be cheap.

    But what are three kids worth? Any price is reasonable if it means ruining the bitch mother.

    • How do they stop contacting the children. Contact one person and their counsel? These are all valid questions.

  • I don’t get how O’Neill is in family court. And how come Cuda is not listed as representing Ambrose?

    I know it was a TRO but he’s still Ambrose’s attorney. Why is Chris goulden still listed?

    Was this a special assignment to deliver the RO by the pro of Jennifer’s law – Alex Cuda?

    It seems he’s thumbing his nose at all the victims by his conduct.

    He’s using coercive control as they use parental alienation – which the United Nations decided was not credible and used as a weapon by abusers like Ambrose in family court.

      • “… Empowering and equipping a movement of thousands of people like you to report things that are wrong, with the support of an in-house team of elite journalists to bring factual, unbiased stories to light …“


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