Kevin Is Wrong – 9 Reasons Why Allison Is Guilty

Allison Mack portrait
Allison Mack was a good master , her slave Michele Hatchette says

Suzanne doesn’t agree with Kevin. In fact, she doesn’t like him.  She previously wrote The One Most Important Point: Camila Accused Raniere of Abuse.

But this is not about Camila. This is about Kevin, who recently wrote:

Kevin Slams Lionsgate Worst Practices in Seduced; Defends Marc Elliot – Not a Criminal

Kevin Doesn’t Like Two People; Defends Allison, Nicki and Danielle

Kevin Calls Bullshit on DOJ Making Volunteering ‘Forced Labor’ – First It’s ‘Sexist’

Kevin Hates What Happened to Allison – Innocent Victim Got Worst of It

Kevin Defends Three NXIVM Victims: Allison, Nicki and Marc 

Kevin: Stop Blaming Allison Mack and Others as Worst Offenders

In short, Kevin thinks Allison Mack has gotten a raw deal. He thinks Sarah Edmondson, who indirectly recruited her, got away with the cash. And Allison paid the price.

Kevin intimated Sarah may not have been a good mother, which I refuted. Sarah always put her child first when I worked with her – which was in the heat of the fight.

But Kevin thinks it unfair that Damon Brink lost a contract with the Vermont Department of Children and Families to host supervised visits between noncustodial parents and their children – because officials were concerned he was unfit to be near children – because of his NXIVM connection. [I defended Brink despite his animus toward me.]

Kevin points out that Sarah made money from Allison, Nicki, and others in prison or exiled to a world where everyone thinks they are fools or pedophile enablers.


Most followers of Raniere, including Brink, struggle to make ends meet because they are tagged as Raniere supporters. Google them, and you will see why they can’t easily find work.

Kevin thinks the case against Raniere sounds bad, but does not trust the government’s version. He thinks the forced labor charge is bullshit. That Allison and the others did not sex traffic Nicole or anyone.

He think that the NXIVM heroes – Mark, Sarah, and India – are more guilty than the so-called bad guys. And as to that, he thinks Raniere might not be so bad.

And, of course, Allison, Nicki, and the other “dead-enders” who support him are innocent. Since their entire support for Raniere is based on their belief he is innocent, they are therefore sincere and hence innocent.

They are following their ideals – which is their Vanguard is ideal.

Suzanne could not disagree more, and she is outspoken about it. And I don’t think she likes Kevin very much.

By Suzanne

Kevin, you wrote that people should be concerned about Sarah Edmondson caring for her children. Why do you think you have the moral high ground to go after people who imply Damon Brink is unfit to be around kids?

Kevin, you are a hypocrite.

You don’t know Sarah (allegedly). Frank knows Sarah. Frank said Sarah Edmondson is a wonderful mother. Repeatedly.

Did you apologize for these egregious, false claims you made about Sarah? No, you just kept doubling down.

The first person on this blog who repeatedly went after a stranger and their trustworthiness around their children was you, Kevin.

You have a shifting, fluid, hypocritical call for morality.

Why don’t you set a sterling example and apologize to Sarah for what you said about her and her children? Then maybe your contradictory stance on Damon would be credible.

Practice what you preach.

Now let’s consider your all-knowing attack on Sarah compared to your, “I don’t know nothing about Raniere, good or bad.”

If you sit in a room with your revered leader, and he tells you:

1.  That moms give blow jobs to their infant children in unspecified and unverified countries.

2. That many children enjoy being sexually molested.

3. That women frequently can only orgasm for the first time while raped.

Allison Mack autographed photo

You are part of the problem as a devoted, paying follower.

If you are part of a community that supports and endorses these ideas, you are a menace to society. And an enabler of the abusive pedophile Vanguard.

4. If you lie to your friends about your boyfriend’s involvement in an all-female sorority, and conspire to brand your shared boyfriend’s initials on their pussies deceitfully, you are an asshole.

Allison Mack

5. If you are getting your friends to pose for graphic pornographic photos, then sending them to your cult leader-boyfriend, and he is responding, “all mine?” with a devil emoji – when they are supposed to be strictly for women only, and kept safe and hidden from anyone else’s view, you are part of the criminal organization.

Keith Raniere kisses Allison Mack

6. If you encourage women who entrusted you to care for them, mind, body, and soul, to starve themselves to meet the physical ideal of your pedophile boyfriend, you are evil.


Allison with Dani Padilla

7. If you are getting people to perform free labor and, to quote the DOS slave handbook, “at their highest ability” through coercion and blackmail, you are part of a criminal conspiracy.

Blackmailing people is illegal. The people you defend actively participated in blackmailing people. It is a criminal activity.

8. If you are participating in immigration fraud, you are part of a criminal conspiracy.

DOS First-Line Slaves with their master in the middle.

9 If you are planning meetings with eight frontline slaves and their hidden, shared boyfriend, who is the master of a slave ring doing sex trafficking, pimping, forced labor, immigration fraud, identity theft, and all the rest, you are part of a criminal racketeering organization.

Allison Mack and Keith Raniere on the day they met in 2006.

Allison Mack meeting Keith Raniere for the first time

Keith did the things the government accused him of doing. The time for argument was in the criminal court. A jury of his peers found him guilty.

Are you aware that most dead-enders did not sit through the entire trial? They didn’t see and hear all the evidence the jury saw and heard. The dead-enders are not in a position to render as comprehensive a judgment as the seated jury.

Neither are you.

Kevin, keep spinning your wheels. Keith is never getting out of prison.

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Alan Raniere where he currently lives.

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  • From your personal knowledge of Mack and Kreuk on Smallville, why did Mack “break bad” in the cult while Kreuk broke free? Both had been busy acting while in high school and didn’t go to college. Both worked on Smallville for years and mind-fucked by NXIVM for years. Both would be sexual target of Keith. So did Kreuk have more intelligence or more moral character than Mack which kept Kreuk from kneeling in tribute to her master and becoming his sex slave and pimp, like Mack did?

    • Does it really matter why? She could’ve been smarter, more moral, more conservative, less open, could’ve had help from her family or someone else, or could’ve just got lucky. She could’ve been part of NXIVM for different reasons (instead of searching for some meaning or whatever like Mack she was in it only to improve what she thought were particular personal flaw(s)), had other important relationships outside of the cult that kept her less involved, didn’t want to sacrifice her career, was more busy due to it, found Raniere unattractive and/or creepy on a personal level and so kept her distance, could’ve believed the underage sexual relationship revelations in the 2012 TU article abhorrent and slowly extricated herself due to them but made it look like she wanted to focus more on her career, etc.

      Even Michael and Tom Rosenbaum who acted with her for so many years and still maintain friendly relations with her think she’s a “mysterious” person because she’s so private. Kevin likely has zero inside information concerning her from the deadender like motives he’s displayed and all the inaccuracies and/or lies he’s told over several of his responses here.

      • All you said is true, but Kevin said working on Smallville gave him insight into Mack’s personality and character making him speak up for her a full decade later. He also worked with Kreuk so I would like his insight on her, and why these similar actors played such different roles in Nxivm.

        Like you. I can make well reasoned speculation on comparing the choices of Mack and Kreuk, but I’d like to hear his opinion.

    • Keith preferred to go barefoot because his inhuman beastly foot paws could not comfortably fit into shoes an actual person would wear.

      Allison’s cloven hooves also made shoe wearing an uncomfortable challenge.

  • Suzanne – This was a somplete shellacking. An superb retort.

    Kevin’s incessant whining is tired and old. He’s stuck on some sort of repeater mode and the problem is, what he repeats is dishonest and juvenile. He’s a grown man for fuck’s sake but he acts like a petulant child with no friends. He thinks this will help him get friends, but it just makes him look like exactly what he is, a fucking loser. It’s probably why he could never get a job and had to beg for work, cleaning people’s bathrooms just to get by.

    I’ve long been wanting to write something similar but decided it just wasn’t worth the time because he will never change, and every time someone writes something, he takes it as an opportunity to just issue another lame response. But this had to be done and you did a splendid job. The way you call out his hypocrisy, especially when it comes to Sarah’s defense, is unassailable.

    If speculation is correct, he’s stalked Allison Mack to the point where she had to get an NCO against him. You called him a ‘menace to society’ and that’s exactly what he is. I hope he goes away. Thanks for writing this.

    • “If speculation is correct…”

      And that says it all. Almost everything you and most people who follow this case believe is based on speculation and unreliable testimony.

      Where did you hear that I stalked anyone? Strange, considering I haven’t lived in the US since 2019 and last had contact with Allison in 2010. No one has ever accused me of any kind of wrongdoing, ever. Not in my professional life and not on my personal life

      You’re right about one thing, I did clean bathrooms and run errands when I was younger. And I’m proud of it. I earned everything I have, inherited nothing from family, stole nothing, hurt no one, never cheated anyone, and never politicked for anything. I paid for my education through the company, and Allison showed me how to do that. So excuse me for not believing that she is the devil when it goes against everything I know about her.

      All of your bullshit about me, and especially about her, is exactly that. The more I compare the nonsense gossip coming from people like you with what the people you call “dead-enders” say, the more I believe them, even if I don’t agree with or understand all of their positions.

      • — And that says it all. Almost everything you and most people who follow this case believe is based on speculation and unreliable testimony.

        Nah. Your fraudulent, conman master was convicted on the rigors of evidence classified as BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT in a court of law on all charges.

        Speculation and unreliable testimony is the definition of what you deadenders provide.

  • Sarah is as much to blame as Alison. Sarah was recruiting young hot actresses in their early 20s with nice tits. Did she not think these girls were going to get hit on, or hook up with someone in the organization? She cashed in big time. Did she not see it at all? Her best friend Lauren was manipulating the whole thing. And Sarah spent so much time with?

  • Most excellent, Suzanne!

    “Kevin’s” pretense of knowing nothing about Raniere or his teachings is as hilarious as it is convenient. Read the trial testimony, “Kevin”.

    This “I know nothing, I see nothing” ruse is straight out of the dead ender playbook, which puts the lie to his claim that he’s not a Nxian.

    “Maybe Keith did some bad things, I don’t know anything about that” is the line the Nxivm loyalists adopt. It’s hilarious that they think they’re fooling anyone!

    Misdirection and change the subject. That’s the rhetorical ploy they learned from Raniere’s Knife of Aristotle. Don’t talk about what Keith (maybe) did, let’s talk instead about what Edmondson and Penza did! Then they present a pile of made-up shit they think counterbalances the actual evidence that got Raniere convicted on all counts by an independent jury.

    See, that’s the thing: “the government” didn’t convict Raniere. A jury of twelve citizens did. After a month long trial in open court. Where Raniere was defended by a very expensive, highly experienced legal team.

    It’s not allegations any more. It’s proven fact.

    He’s in prison because of the mountain of evidence against him. The testimony of his multiple victims as well as copious records carelessly left lying around by him and this criminal racket. “All mine 😈 !”

    Sweet dear innocent Allison Mack and her felonious lover recorded themselves conspiring over the details of the branding ceremony: “naked… held with their legs spread… like a sacrifice”. How stupid can you get? That was evidence at the trial. Tell me again “Kevin” why Mack doesn’t deserve to be in prison. Tell me what a nice person she is.

    Tell me again how this sex cult, this criminal organization, was just a bunch of people with “different ideas”.

    Blackmail, fraud, trafficking, systematic lying. All proven.

    Mack admitted her guilt and avoided certain conviction on the main charge of sex trafficking (mandatory 20 year sentence). That was a gift from the US Government. That was a gift from Moira Penza, the Prosecutor “Kevin” would pillory.

    Because make no mistake, Allison Mack was at the heart of the sex trafficking operation. She recruited, lured, and lied to the women she ensnared into DOS. She knew every aspect of the operation and what its true goal was. And she was being paid for the work, directly, by Raniere. That was proven in court by their March 3 2016 e-mail exchange (which these two idiots predictably preserved).

    Mack in her guilty plea tried to slither around taking responsibility for what she did by claiming she was “mislead”.

    Mislead? MISLEAD!??

    “You have a beautiful cunt”, she told one of her & his slaves, snapping a pic and sending it to him. She thought this was female empowerment?

    Lying to, blackmailing, entrapping women into sexual servitude for her Master, that was female empowerment?

    Mack is a chronic liar. She has no moral sense. She was, and quite possibly still is, a loyal and enthusiastic member of an international criminal cult.

  • Allison doesn’t support keith anymore, now she’s in jail paying for her stupid choices, everyone in the community without exception knew keith was bad and said these horrible things, there were no honest people in this cult, everyone was foolish, some of them were smarter, and left the ship before it sank.

    • How do you know she doesn’t support Keith anymore? Sure she does and will. She’ll need money and a job when she gets out. Keith’s minions will need to support Allison. Allison has been blacklisted and shunned from society. The only ones that will take her in again are fellow culties. NXIVM/Executive Success Programs is just like the mafia…once in, you can never get out. The only way is if she cuts off EVERY nxivm person off cold….changes her number, deletes social media profiles, and goes under a new “stage name” and makes new friends. Once she contacts one NXIVM/ESP person again…..Allison will go back downhill. Most people who join cults…NEED cults to live. These people aren’t able to live without a cult because they have low self-esteem and/or emotional issues…and/or dependency issues to abusers. It’s the domestic violence cycle. Even prison won’t teach Allison (or Nancy or Clare) a thing. They will come out more crazy. Watch for when it happens. NXIVM 2.0: the sequel.

      • Before the trial, she withdrew her support for Keith, just because you don’t take her word for it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. You don’t know what’s going on in her head and what she’s going to do, your judgments are a result of your contempt for her. Let’s see how she acts when she gets out of prison, she still hasn’t told her side of the story. If the others can get a second chance, so can she.

      • Interesting, according to your argument all of the nxivm members who have been around for several years, including Mark Vicente and Sarha Edmonson qualify to have that path you wish for Allison, and then ask why Kevin is so supportive of Allison.

  • I have no idea what kind of mother Sarah Edmondson is. I don’t know her, and I don’t want to know her.

    My comment was designed to point out that people who associated with this organization were being treated differently based on whether they continued to support the group or not, and not based on what they actually did or their levels of involvement.

    That if it had been someone else besides Sarah who defected and went to the NYT, and if Sarah remained loyal to the organization that made her so much money, that the same people who defend and support her would be calling her an unfit mother, just as they make comments about Damon Brink, even though he’s never done anything to hurt kids.

    Why is it fair to say that a low level, rank and file member is unfit to be around kids due to his association with that group, when not making the same judgement about someone who had much higher rank and was much more involved in the running of the organization?

    It’s a double standard that punishes people for their beliefs and associations, and not for what they actually did or their level of involvement.

    Sort of like how Sarah and Mark are suing Danielle and Nicki in a lawsuit that references the unsafe nature of NLP psychology when practiced by an unlicensed person, when it was the lead plaintiffs who used EMs/NLP on the defendants, and not the other way around.

    When we hold everyone to the same standards, only then do we see how unfair these standards are, how unfair it is that one group is held to them in the most strict manner, while the other group, whose members had more involvement, isn’t held to them at all.

    Regarding Allison, she hasn’t had a chance to speak for herself in almost five years. I think I’ll wait to get her side of the story before I put my faith in institutions that lie to me every day and actively work against my interests and the interests of every person trying to make an honest living.

    • Regarding Allison, she hasn’t had a chance to speak for herself in almost five years. I think I’ll wait to get her side of the story before I put my faith in institutions that lie to me every day

      Yes the government lies to us non-stop.
      But where does the government say that slavery is OK?

      Face facts.
      Allison Mack is as dumb as a box of rocks.

      • Allison Mack was a lost soul that got hijacked by Keith and his cohorts. She got rich by acting in some third rate series about Superman, then rightfully thought “how is what I’m doing now is of any relevance in the world” (spoiler alert: it isn’t) and started searching for a more meaningfull direction in life. Then she met Vanguard and the rest is history……she definitely was taken advantage of in many ways but she also allowed them take advantage of her. Many former NXIVM members said it was the slow drip over years that didn’t make them see the obvious. I suspect this was also the case for Allison. But this can never be an excuse for the crimes she committed.

      • ” I have no idea what kind of mother Sarah Edmondson is…”

        but I had no problem speculating that she was a dangerous and terrible one…

        That’s actually the truth about what Kevin has written in the past.

        What kind of human being accuses a total stranger of being dangerous to their own children — when they do not know that person and have absolutely no evidence empirical or otherwise to back it up?

        An absolutely horrible person, like Kevin.

        But it gets even crazier folks.

        Kevin waits and never apologizes, never clarifies anything about his spurious Sarah Edmondson claims and then gets high and mighty to another commenter who makes a similar implication about Damon.

        That’s everything you need to know about “Kevin” and his character.

      • She’s been riding that smile her whole life as her only way to get things….she’s a lost soul who needs normal friends not from a cult.

    • That’s a lot of words Kevin. But they don’t really say anything. The simple fact is you accused Sarah Edmondson of not being fit to be around her own children. That was you Kevin. Writing that comment with absolutely no basis or evidence. Then you criticized another person who did the same thing to Damon. Much later. Just fess up. You are a hypocrite and you had no right to make such a wild and baseless vile statement about Sarah Edmondson. That’s a s*** thing to do to a total stranger and her children. You owe her and her family an apology.

        • ..said the butt-hurt cult-member about the whistleblower who helped bring down their cozy cult.

          I’m guessing sarah’s neighbours and her “hired-hand?” whatever that is? are just getting on with their lives, oblivious to your whining about ‘fickleness’ – something anyone of you dead beat ex-culties would be qualified at leading a Masterclass in.

    • Kevin you made those comments quite a long time ago about Sarah you were called out on it and you doubled down don’t try to act now that you’re on some kind of moral High ground and pointing out something by your attack on Sarah. You’re just a petulant person who resorted to the most Petty Lowdown tactics to go after a person that you personally hate.

      Even if the absolutely transparent Monday morning quarterbacking of your despicable comment had an iota of Truth in it what a horrible thing to do a person to make a point. But there was no point making it was just you being disgusting and vile and venomous. And now you are criticizing another commenter for making a similar comment about your dear friend Damon. Give it up dead Ender you’re the one who’s unethical.

    • Regarding Allison Mack, she had her chance to speak for herself in April 2019 when she pleaded guilty to racketeering and conspiracy.

      She’s an admitted felon. End of story.

    • I agree on Lead Plaintiffs using the NLP/EM’s tactic , & then suing who they used them on….case dismissed..

      So Rank wasn’t a thing? The sashes were a definitive representation of one’s rank within the organization Keith, Nancy & low & behold…

      Sarah Edmonston wearing a Striped PURPLE Sash (which Frank denotes as the highest rank just before Nancy Saltzman) in that picture where she’s smack in the middle of Emiliano & Barbara Jeske . That seems to indicate she held a HIGH RANK to me, js.

    • Oh. Okay. Kevin’s comment about Sarah’s children was “designed”.

      Kevin just put total b******* about Sarah’s family out into the universe and on a Blog quite awhile ago and left the lies there to live on the internet forever because Kevin knew that someday far in the future somebody might comment about Damon Brink?

      And Kevin would craft a teachable moment? Lol.

      That is almost as unbelievable as the claims about Keith’s intelligence and piano playing.LOL.

      Kevin is a paragon of virtue and just teaching us all about morality by doing totally immoral things. LOL.

      Guess the ends justify the means, eh Kevin?

      Maybe the person who commented about Damon Brink and children is also setting up some elaborate long game lecture about parity in online criticism of Nxivm and ex Nxivm members. Lol.

      Or maybe it was kevin? Kevin is the only person who has admitted to making comments about ex-cult members and their children. Maybe no one commented about Damon in a timely manner so Kevin posted the comment so he could follow through on his well-designed reveal of teaching us all. Hahaha

      Jeez. Kevin. What an ass clown.

    • I’m sure she had the chance to speak for herself. Nancy did, she did a documentary while awaiting sentence FFS. Alison has chosen not to comment so respect her choice if you love her so much and with that you will have to take speculation, based on the fact she pled guilty, graciously.

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