Raniere’s big blunder in bail package

Volleyball does not figure into Keith Raniere's future.

In the bail package, Keith Raniere’s lawyers made an effort to portray him as an ethicist – a man whose ethics guide a community.

They wrote, “In a word, Raniere is an ethicist.”

It did not work.

Those insane texts about “fuck toy slaves” etc. are horrible when taken in the context of a man purporting to be an ethicist – based on ethics the Christian world accepts.

But if the texts are taken in the context of Raniere merely being a “horny dude” – there is nothing illegal about telling a willing girlfriend – who he calls his number 1- that he wants other women – whom he calls slaves – and that he wants to have sex with a lot of them. He’s setting up his own terms. He’s straightforward about it. He’s going to have a harem and he’s the boss and, if she agrees, she’s number one.

In the texts, she agrees. She asks him if he is going to have sex with his slaves – and he says yes, he will if he wishes.

He tells her he wants young women whose job it is to be available to have sex with him 24/7 to give him energy. The girl texting back does not say – “fuck you. That is not my lifestyle.” No, she says she is proud of him and wants to worship his body.

Unless one is putting himself out as an ethicist AND we forget that the real meaning of “ethicist” is not [your definition of] ethical – but rather someone who dictates ethics for a group of people – there is nothing contained in the texts that does not appear to be freely consensual.

Rather than say he was an ethicist, his lawyers might have put in his bail package that ‘In a word Raniere loves sex.” [and not to work hard and that the reason he has zero income is he is too busy having sex.]

That happens to be the truth.

He is in a word, a “sex addict,” a lazy guy with a tall line of bullshit that cons and charms women into taking care of him. They compete to run his errands. They do his wash cheerfully – as if it were a privilege. They wait at home for his call and run if he calls or cry if he neglects to call. None of this is illegal.

I am not suggesting Raniere did not do many illegal things. I am saying he blundered with his ethicist gambit.

The judge, at his recent bail hearing, pointed out he was not found anywhere near his child and baby mama when Raniere was collared in Mexico. Yet, that was the reason he gave for being in Mexico. Not to flee jurisdiction but the ethicist wanted to be with his family. The judge pointed out that Raniere was not “just down the street” from his son and the mother.

Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza informed the judge he was with his “DOS slaves.”

The Judge said, ”Oh, is that what you call them?”

Raniere might have done better if he put in his bail package: “Raniere went down to Mexico – not to flee the FBI – but to be with his son and the baby’s mother, but a number of beautiful women desperately desired to be with him and came to Mexico. When he was arrested, he was with five or six hot women. One of them [who was slightly less hot] paid for an expensive villa just so she could be one of the women who could wait in line to spend some time [and have sex] with Raniere.”

But no, he doesn’t say that.  He says he is an ethicist.

Stupid move, Vanguard.

But let’s look at the texts in two ways – one as an ethicist – with his witless manipulated branded DOS slave – and separately as a sex addict with an informed girlfriend.

ETHICIST: I think it would be good for you to own a fuck toy slave for me, that you could groom, and use as a tool, to pleasure me…
DOS Slave: huh? … not disagreeing, just don’t understand
ETHICIST: But your [sic] my wife…she isn’t…just a tool for you to use for me…
DOS Slave: a person?
ETHICIST: Get a slave… you’re her master…

DOS Slave: I’m ok with you having other slaves, I assume that these are not sexual

ETHICIST: They may or may not be. They would be if I commanded but that is not the reason for the organization

* * *
ETHICIST: It is an absolutely trusted commitment…
DOS Slave: I want to be the one that worships your body….

ETHICIST: Find a life slave and I’ll tell you everything…
DOS Slave: What do you mean by life slave?
ETHICIST:  Someone who has a collateralized vow with you for life…

ETHICIST: I feel badly each time you have to work hard for me to [orgasm]… I thought slaves could remove the burden…and I could get you fresh and not worn
* * *
ETHICIST: What are your thoughts feelings?…

DOS Slave: I feel insecure but at the same time I feel proud of you. You are worthy of following like that
ETHICIST:  So are you… you’re number one…
DOS Slave: I would be proud to stand next to you
ETHICIST: Even naked with 6 other committed naked women?

* * *
DOS Slave: Are these slaves for you or for us?
ETHICIST: There are two types. Both types are for us. One type is in the program: you are their Master I am their Grand Master . . . the other type are very select ones you use to heal us: likely being also of the first type…
DOS Slave: I’m afraid that I will not be comfortable with the others
* * *
ETHICIST: [H]aving one or two young slaves devoted to revving my body sexual to produce more energy would help. It would be there [sic] 24/7 job…


 I think it would be good for you to own a fuck toy slave for me, that you could groom, and use as a tool, to pleasure me…
GIRLFRIEND: huh? … not disagreeing, just don’t understand
HORNY GUY: But your [sic] my wife…she isn’t…just a tool for you to use for me…
GIRLFRIEND: a person?
HORNY GUY: Get a slave… you’re her master…

GIRLFRIEND: I’m ok with you having other slaves, I assume that these are not sexual

HORNY GUY: They may or may not be. They would be if I commanded but that is not the reason for the organization

* * *
HORNY GUY: It is an absolutely trusted commitment…
GIRLFRIEND: I want to be the one that worships your body….

HORNY GUY: Find a life slave and I’ll tell you everything…
GIRLFRIEND: What do you mean by life slave?
HORNY GUY:  Someone who has a collateralized vow with you for life…

HORNY GUY: I feel badly each time you have to work hard for me to [orgasm]… I thought slaves could remove the burden…and I could get you fresh and not worn
* * *
HORNY GUY: What are your thoughts feelings?…

GIRLFRIEND: I feel insecure but at the same time I feel proud of you. You are worthy of following like that
HORNY GUY:  So are you… you’re number one…
GIRLFRIEND: I would be proud to stand next to you
HORNY GUY: Even naked with 6 other committed naked women?

* * *
GIRLFRIEND: Are these slaves for you or for us?
HORNY GUY: There are two types. Both types are for us. One type is in the program: you are their Master I am their Grand Master . . . the other type are very select ones you use to heal us: likely being also of the first type…
GIRLFRIEND: I’m afraid that I will not be comfortable with the others
* * *
HORNY GUY: [H]aving one or two young slaves devoted to revving my body sexual to produce more energy would help. It would be there [sic] 24/7 job…



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  • I see Doc Scotty is still writing abusive comments and barking out orders like a true dick(less)tater.
    Doc, I asked you a few questions on another thread, but I’ll repeat them here.

    *how do you justify the extremely abusive and totally uncalled-for comments you directed towards me yesterday? And how do you consider yourself to be a Christian, which you promote on your show? Is that an example of Christianity?? What a joke!

    *Why did you pretend to not understand what was meant by the term alt-right, when a quick glance at your program topics strongly suggests you know exactly what the alt-right is all about?

    *Why did you pretend to not know which “Stevie” I mentioned (as a guy I thought was connected to Bens BS story) when, in fact, you had recently featured this same Stevie on your program? And your boy Stevie is a bald-headed poster boy for the Alt-rights???

    *So, are you just a liar Doc Scottie, or is your memory so highly impaired that you can’t remember what you did last month?

  • “GIRLFRIEND: I’m ok with you having other slaves, I assume that these are not sexual”

    How naive and gullible is the woman who says I don’t mind you having other slaves so long as it’s not sexual?

    Of course it’s sexual!
    It’s all sexual.

    • The shocking part was she didn’t expect the slaves to be sexual, but when he said they would be, she didn’t mind. In fact, she was impressed and delighted. Talk about mind warp!

  • Actually that would be a lot simpler and “cleaner” defense. Some would even be sypathetic towards the honest really horny guy which has the charisma that makes women throw themselves right at him. So he can’t and doesn’t even bother to resist them.

    But no one will be sympathetic towards the brand of supposed “ethics” that leads to the essentially same thing.

    • Wait for the next hearing. I’m sure Raniere’s Clare-paid-for/high-dollar lawyers read this website. Be sure to bill them for the hours you enjoyed working on that hilarious story, Frank.

  • One last idea, Frank…

    The NXIVM operation known as “Delegates” seems to have been created for handling financial related transactions between NXIVM contractors…..which I believe the IRS is focusing on.

    I know that India ran this company, but she was little more than a senior gofer to manage payments between people (since she’s not smart enough to create a firm like that on her own).

    Can you write an article explaining Delegates in more detail — using your sources — to lay out for us what types of transactions were processed on a daily basis and what the IRS is likely focusing on with regard to Delegates?

    For instance, in a previous article you showed us screenshots of India making payments to various contractors via Delegates……but are those transactions “real” money being sent to bank accounts and reported to the IRS, or are they just internal credits (within Delegates) that go unreported to the IRS? How does it work?

    Your last few articles have been a bit slower than normal, so that’s why I’m suggesting that you give us something like Delegates details and how the IRS might focus on those transactions. Since I believe Delegates will be the heart of many IRS related indictments. 🙂

  • Keith Raniere should have spent some time playing chess to learn how to develop long-term strategies.

    You don’t need a high IQ or even be particularly smart to be manipulative. An acquaintances step-daughter had a 70 IQ, but she was smart enough to cover the B on her Barney lamp with paper and tape when she didn’t like learning the alphabet. She sure showed everyone they weren’t going to say B like your Barney lamp ever again.

    I have never heard of anyone trying to plead Dunning-Kreuger effect, but since Agniflio is reading this, why not give it a whirl? You could probably bill Clare plenty of hours just having your lot get up to speed on it.

    • There are several types of charges that are bundled into one charge, but the key word is “or”.

      Most likely the correct answer is “not yet”. The youngest girl we know of him raping is 12.

      The teenagers that were “camping” in Rosa Laura Junco’s basement for him to have access to them (until some parents caught wind of what was going on, and they all went home to Mexico very quickly) were likely slightly older.

        • YOU see [sic] to have stupidity in common with the previous 2 commenters. Read the question. WHO answered it? ME. Take your fancy psycho-words and put them where the sun don’t shine. QED. LOL

        • Yay smart person!!! What a pleasure. I hope you stick around. Don’t be discouraged by the idiots, we just try to ignore them.

          David Dunning was friends with John Cleese who has a very funny take on the Dunning-Kruger effect (for those unfamiliar, it’s essentially that people with low cognitive ability mistakenly think they’re smarter than everyone else, Tex being a good example):


          • Expian not a lookie-loo. Usually it is better to ignore these guys, but sometimes it’s irresistible.

        • “You see, if you’re very, very stupid, how can you possibly realize that you’re very, very stupid? You’d have to be relatively intelligent to realize how stupid you are.”

  • People are confusing two different things when they talk about Raniere’s take-home IQ test and his claim to have a 240 IQ. The take-home test was how he became a member of the Mega Society – which claims to only allow in people who are one-in-a-million in terms of intelligence (Since the members aren’t separately tested by an independent third-party, there is absolutely no basis for that claim). Raniere’s claimed IQ of 240 is just a number that he made up and also has no basis in fact.

    The person with the highest ever recorded IQ is William James Sidis, who was measured at 250-300. Keith just picked out a number close to that.

    My guess is that Raniere’s IQ score is at least 60 points lower than his pre-incarceration weight. Regardless of how bad prison food is, however, Raniere’s weight will always be well above his real IQ score.

  • Forgot to add…

    I just don’t see RICO as being worthwhile here. Frank, maybe you can write an article giving your opinion?

    Although many people talk about a RICO indictment as being possible, have you heard anything from sources to suggest that this is a realistic possibility?

    The expected 3 month trial length would seem to suggest lots of IRS related financial crimes and money laundering, each of which must be proven separately.

    But I just don’t see the government using RICO here…..since even though it may be legit, I don’t see the government risking a jury acquittal on that charge.

    Using RICO would give the defense too much verbal ammunition to use at trial……since their lawyers would argue that the government is trying to turn Keith into John Gotti and the mob.

    The defense would mock the government during closing arguments if they use RICO, and it only takes one juror to hang the jury. Why risk having the jury think they’re overcharging?

  • Frank, here’s a few things I’d like to get an update on in future articles… Maybe you can tap your sources for some info.

    1) You said India’s lawyer was shopping a national interview. Did you hear any updates? Was she turned down?

    2) The government was able to get Keith’s college GPA, but I’d like to know if they have (or can get) his SAT scores too. If he didn’t get absolutely perfect SAT scores then he’s not a 240 IQ. It would just be amusing to see his SAT scores.

    3) Why would Clare (NXIVM’s financial backer) ask India and Nicki to work for chump change at a restaurant? She’s supposedly paying for their lawyers but not their paltry rent? It makes no sense. If they weren’t working, they’d have much more free time to plan their likely trial strategy for protecting Keith.

    4) Toni Natalie and Chet Hardin seem to disagree with you on the issue of Keith’s 240 IQ. I’m curious why Toni and Chet are pushing the narrative of his 240 IQ as being legit and verified…….while you’re going out of your way to discredit that belief by claiming that Keith took a self administered IQ test at home with no time limit (and supposedly getting help from a girlfriend). How do you know a girl helped him? Who’s your source? Sounds like bullshit to me Frank, since Karen U. is not a genius so how the fuck could she score 240 on an IQ test? Please explain this in a new article.

    • Answer #4) Back in the old Saratoga in Decline blog days, Gina Hutchinson’s sister Heidi often commented. She stated that Gina was a genius and that Keith had the assistance of Gina and Karen U on that take home exam, because she witnessed it. Karen is a brilliant woman. She passed her actuary exams which is not an easy task to do. Many of us who have followed and worked this story for years have felt that both ladies were 10 x smarter than Keith.

      Frank can back me up on this.

      • Raniere needs a special kind of genius to earn a potential life-time prison sentence while sleeping the daylight hours away and carousing around all night like an alley cat.

        America does not need any more geniuses like Keith Raniere.

      • Unfortunately IQ doesn’t prevent one from being emotionally manipulated, whether one is male or female.

    • The RICO statute specifically mentions extortion and money laundering as predicate acts.
      Apparently Congress thought that a case like this NXIVM case calls for RICO.

      • The Congress had the mafia in mind when the RICO Act was written, but it’s been used successfully for a variety of white collar crimes since that time.

    • Because extortion is considered a predicate act of RICO every time Raniere and Mack took or archived pictures or videos of women to extort those women into having sex, they committed a RICO Act.

    • SAT scores are completely different than intelligence quotient. Not that I want to be in a position to be perceived as defending the scumbag, it’s like trying to equate IQ with GPA.

      IQ is more about thought processes, and GPA / SAT are more about being able to regurgitate information like a trained monkey.

  • Start a trail. Get caught lying about why you were in Mexico. Welcome to the world of NXIVM lairs, the judge got his first taste of the lies to come. Throwing the word ethical in was priceless, especially when you were not with your son and girlfriend when you were apprehended, but with other woman of sexually interest. What a complete idiot.

    • This cult thought reforms you into thinking that it’s OK to not tell the truth or lie for the cause, whatever it may be as long as it’s “noble”. That means you can do so by omission, ignorance, or silence.

    • Raniere was too used to too many years of people buying his b.s. He may have bought into his own b.s. and believe he is superhuman.

      • I totally agree with this. It was / will be his downfall. He believes he is invincible. Up until now, he has never had to: 1) Work for anything; 2) Pay for anything (financially); 3) Sacrifice anything; 4) Defer gratification; or 5) Suffer consequences. He has enjoyed way too much for way too long. So I do not weep for him in his current situation, which he richly deserves. If he, by a miracle, gets acquitted, hopefully he will be released a broken man. But he will still be still dangerous.

  • Does anyone know if it’s true about Horny having STD s? Isn’t there laws preventing knowingly passing these on?

    • Heather, the issue of whether one will get an STD is all about chance, particularly since the Grand and Glorious Vanguard refuses to wear protection.
      The more sexual partners Raniere has the more likely he is to encounter one with Herpes and contract it himself.
      There were at least 57 women who have been named as potential sexual partners for Raniere.
      And Mack herself claimed DOS had up to 100 or 150 members.

      It’s like a game of Dice.
      The longer you keep rolling the dice the more likely you are to eventually roll up “snake eyes.”

      If Mack and the other women of NXIVM wanted to avoid Herpes, the best way was to not have sexual relations with the man-slut Keith Raniere.
      Failing that then they should have required him to wear a condom.
      Of course they never required Raniere to do anything.

      • It’s not only chance. For example, ironically Raniere would have had a very low chance of getting an STD from Stormy Daniels (such as the 2007 recruitment party Ben mentioned), as porn stars are tested regularly.

  • As I despise Nxvim language I will say two things . 1. Girlfriend is completely taken by surprise here, as close as they appear to be it shows how secretive even the inner circle is.

    2nd. The smartest man in the world wrote the bail package, I don’t think a highly paid attorney would have gotten him bail either, but it sure would have sounded more intelligent. Just my opinion.

  • Screw the claims of a very high IQ. Let’s forget that he had a 2.26 GPA. For a schlubby looking guy like this to have figured out how to have a parade of women waiting on his every whim, you at least have to admit he is smarter than he looks (but then again, he would have to be).

    • He is a leech, a taker, and an opportunist. If not, he could have used his “platform” and legion of adoring followers to undertake or support some valid societal issues. (He told Toni Natalie that Consumers Buyline was his “platform” to do better things for the world – bullsh**!.) But no, he was far too absorbed in his own comforts, needs and lusts to pursue anything but his own benefit. That’s why it’s so good to see him in punitive detention now.

      • Even alleged social mouvements like In Lak’ech was really just about draining Mexico of more cash and women.

        Very good to see him locked up.

  • “…When he was arrested, he was with five or six hot women. One of them [who was slightly less hot] paid for an expensive villa just so she could be one of the women who could wait in line to spend some time [and have sex] with Raniere.”

    Few tough moments today, and that chuckle is much appreciated, as well as a refreshing reprieve from the nonsense of yesterday.

  • Love that picture. Our daughter plays volleyball, but then again, shes a fourteen year old girl. Let’s hope that pic gets circulated and gets the Vantard beaten senseless on sheer principle alone.

  • The dumbest person here wasn’t Raniere but the person who offered up the $10,000,000. It demonstrated to the judge and prosecutors that she is so committed to Raniere that she will desperately do anything for him. Dumb move, Claire!

  • I would have loved spiking a volleyball into Raniere’s face. I don’t know how short he is, but I’m 6’5.5″ (6’6″ on a good day when I’m walking tall). However, the only balls that will be slammed into his face in the future are Bubba’s.

  • When NXIVM women accepted the idea that Raniere must have several women but the woman must have a single man, this makes total sense. After all, Muslims can have up to 4 wives, why should Raniere settle for a single girlfriend for sex? After all, he should be able to spread his highly intelligent sperm far and wide, for the good of the human race. It’s the only “ethical” thing to do. Guess where Mormonism got started? This is the same thing, substituting “ethics” for any religious “messiness.”

    • These man need to be able to support their women and children and have the allowance of their women. You can only marry a second woman whe your first allows it.

  • I am so glad that the Judge sees right through Raniere’s bullshit. Not that it’s difficult to see right through it. His lawyers are doing a piss poor job, but what else can they do with what they are working with? They know he’s a sex addicted scum bag. But, they are there to do what they were hired for and they know where their payments are coming from. I suspect they will milk as much $$ as they can, all while knowing it’s a lost cause. What choice do they have? Somebody had to represent Keith. Might as well line the pockets of these lawyers in the meantime. I am curious as to what will happen once Clare is indicted and has her cash flow come to a screeching halt. How will his lawyers behave then?

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