Blast from the past: Kirsopp’s notes #1: Raniere and others: Tighe scared and harassed us!

As part of a continuing effort to present fair and balanced information to readers contemplating joining NXIVM and being taught by the Vanguard, Keith Raniere, the notes of State Police Investigator RODGER KIRSOPP may be helpful.

They give an insight into the Vanguard’s efforts to get John Tighe arrested for harassment, and also note the eager attendance of his lawyers Steve Coffey and Pam Nichols.

The investigation concerned a complaint made by NXIVM members regarding “ongoing Aggravated Harassment, Stalking and Unauthorized Use of a Computer, Town of Halfmoon, Saratoga County.

Kirsopp was assigned to investigate. Here is part #1 of his notes;


Investigation concerns the ongoing harassment and stalking of NXIVM members by [John] TIGHE. Additionally, the investigation concerns the unauthorized access of the NXIVM computer database by unknown persons resulting in the access to privileged material.

This material was subsequently posted on the blog site operated by TIGHE named “”.


I interviewed KRISTIN M. KEEFFE, in the presence of Attorney’s PAMELA NICHOLS and STEVE COFFEY, O’Connell and Aronowitz, at the SP Clifton Park BCl Office. KEEFFE provided details what she described as an ongoing harassment of herself and her son, – (5 years)….


I interviewed ESTHER. L. CHIAPPONE, in the presence of Attorney’s PAMELA NICHOLS and STEVE COFFEY…. CHIAPPONE provided details for what she described as an ongoing harassment of herself as a result of her association with NXIVM. CHIAPPONE described an incident at Silver Bay, Lake George, where TIGHE made an appearance in August 2010. …. CHIAPPONE described an incident for the Holiday Party at Apropos (State Route 9, T/Halfmoon) parked in front of the building and taking pictures of people attending the party. CHIAPPONE stated that TIGHE has posted her address, email and phone number information on the website. CHIAPPONE added that she is afraid of TIGHE for what he will do or could possibly do to her…..


I interviewed SIOBAHN HOTALING, in the presence of Attorney’s PAMELA NICHOLS and STEVE COFFEY…. HOTALING described what she feels is harassment by TIGHE.  HOTALING stated that TIGHE has posted her sexual orientation on the blog, including her girlfriend’s name and HOTALING’S email address. HOTALING stated …. that TIGHE did a parody of her song, which he did not have permission to use, and posted it on his blog site. HOTALING stated that she is afraid of TIGHE….


I interviewed IVY NEVARES, in the presence of Attorney’s PAMELA NICHOLS and STEVE COFFEY…. NEVARES described an incident at Apropos on July 16, 2010 where TIGHE made an appearance. [Name redacted] spoke to TIGHE and requested that he leave the area. NEVARES also described an incident in January 2011, for Winterfest (Corporate Retreat) where TIGHE was observed in his vehicle adjacent to Fred the Butcher. NEVARES described an incident where TIGHE’S wife came into Apropos looking to deliver a check to PAM CAFRITZ.

She was escorted out and TIGHE was observed in his vehicle at the front door. NEVARES added an additional incident is documented by TIGHE when he took a picture of NEVARES and her vehicle was posted on the blog after a birthday party for NANCY SALZMAN….


I interviewed NANCY SALZMAN, in the presence of Attorney’s PAMELA NICHOLS and STEVE COFFEY…. SALZMAN describes several incidents where she felt that she has been harassed or stalked by TIGHE. On July 16, 2010 while at Apropos for her birthday party, TIGHE was observed at Fred the Butcher. August 2010, TIGHE made an appearance at Vanguard Week at Silver Bay, Lake George. July 16, 2011, TIGHE made an appearance at Apropos when he was observed at Fred the Butcher taking pictures. August 2011, TIGHE made another appearance during Vanguard Week at Silver Bay. SALZMAN added that TIGHE came to her house on Oregon Trail last winter but she wouldn’t answer the door. He rang the doorbell for I 0 minutes, then returned to his car for another I0 minutes, then he left.

SALZMAN called the police…..


I interviewed CLARE W. BRONFMAN, in the presence of Attorney’s PAMELA NICHOLS and STEVE COFFEY…. BRONFMAN described the incidents at Sliver Bay, Lake George, during Vanguard Weeks in 2010 and 2011. She described the January 2011 incident at Apropos where TIGHE made an appearance when he parked adjacent to Fred the Butcher. BRONFMAN further described the incident during SALZMAN’S birthday party at Apropos, July 2011. BRONFMAN also provide information regarding the unauthorized access to NXIVM databases through the use of a user name and password assigned to MARY JANE PINO…..


I interviewed PAMELA A CAFRITZ, in the presence of Attorney’s PAMELA NICHOLS and STEVE COFFEY….  CAFRITZ provided details about an incident where TONI NATALIE was observed in BARBARA BOUCHEY’S car, a Lexus, outside of a residence at……….-. CAFRITZ provided details on the incident at Apropos on July 16, 2010 where TIGHE … took pictures of cars in the parking lot at Apropos. CAFRITZ vehicle was in the pictures posted on the blog ….-. In March 2011 during a book club meeting at Apropos, TIGHE’S wife came into the building looking for CAFRITZ … TIGHE’S car was observed outside by other members attending the meeting. CAFRITZ stated that TIGHE posted a picture of her townhouse on his website, where he reportedly visited the residence looking for CAFRITZ. On Dec 23, 2011, TIGHE reportedly made a “scare tactic” with his car. He … drove past CAFRITZ and RANIERE while walking on Independence Blvd.  then drove back past them, upon his return trip from behind the walking pair, CAFRITZ states that it appears that TIGHE veers from his driving lane towards them. She states it appears that he was trying to scare us. This incident was not reported to the police…..

I interviewed KEITH RANIERE, in the presence of Attorney’s PAMELA NICHOLS and STEVE COFFEY…. RANIERE advised that he is the philosophical founder of NXIVM and created the curriculum for NXIVM-ESP. RANIERE verified the incident recalled by CAFRITZ when BOUCHEY and NATALIE were outside. He advised that NATALIE has mob connections but was unable to provide specific names or knowledge of the connection. RANIERE also advised that he has knowledge of monetary payment to TIGHE from NATALIE, OHARA, and BOUCHEY. He did not have personal knowledge but stated that KEEFFE and BRONFMAN, would have the information.

RANIERE also provided information regarding the incident when CAFRITZ and RANIERE were walking on Independence Blvd and were almost hit by TIGHE. RANIERE added that TIGHE’S wife was taking pictures. RANIERE advised that he has been advised of posts on the blog site involving what he believes to be threats against himself and others involved in NXJVM. RANIERE provided information in regards to two incidents at Flintlock Lane.

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