Kevin: Stop Blaming Allison Mack and Others as Worst Offenders

By Kevin

I don’t know anything about Keith Raniere, except what’s been reported.

On the one hand, it’s upsetting and disgusting; on the other hand, our Government doesn’t have the best record of being honest.

Take Raniere out of it, and you have a group of supporters who have opinions that people disagree with, but are being treated like criminals. Who have been treated like commodities to chew out on entertainment shows that don’t show they are people like us.

Anyone has the right to disagree with a Marc Elliot, a Damon Brink or the DOS women. But to strip them of their humanity, to stigmatize them, to marginalize and outcast them personally and professionally, says more about us than about them.

Marc Elliot believes Keith Raniere tells the truth.

I’ve never met Damon, Marc, or any of the others. Allison Mack is the only person involved I know, other than Kristin Kreuk.

People who post here constantly claim that ex-NXIVM/ESP members shouldn’t be around kids, even if they’ve never harmed kids.

But this claim only applies to people who haven’t denounced the organization or have mixed feelings. No claims are made about the Raniere detractors, even if those detractors were in NXIVM much longer and played much bigger roles.

And unlike most people who are hated here, they actually made money from NXIVM.

It’s a double standard.

Switch Damon’s name with a defector, and it’s “how dare you suggest so and so shouldn’t be around kids.”

But he’s fair game?

One group uses the media and legal system to defame, slander and bankrupt their enemies. The other group wants to be heard and move on with their lives.

Just think about it. Not asking you to agree with me or share any of my positions.

I never took a single NXIVM class.

I am confused by Keith’s teachings, and believe it’s possible that he may have harmed Allison, and others. I also don’t trust my Government or the NY Times to tell the truth about those things. If Allison is sick and in poor health, she needs to be in a hospital or with her family, not in a prison with a reputation for abuse.

I identify more with the people you refer to as “dead enders.” They don’t deserve the punishment, scorn, or outcasting that they’ve received. My support of these people is not an endorsement of Keith or an organization I know nothing about.

People who join cults are just normal people like you and your family. 

Are people who join cults losers, or are they people looking for a community who maybe had trouble finding one in a traditional family or school setting?

There’s no “payback” that should happen for most of these people. The supporters have unpopular opinions, but aren’t criminals, and shouldn’t be treated as if they are.

The people who support Keith believe he is innocent. They’re not defending crimes against children, because they don’t think those things happened. If they did, that is on Keith, not on the people who supported this community and had no involvement in those crimes.

Collective punishment is a bad idea that leads to places you don’t want to go. Should you lose your job or license for supporting the wrong party or attending the wrong house of worship? We’re headed there, and how we treat these people is an indication of that.

For the sake of argument, let’s say Keith did everything he’s ever been accused of. Would you agree that it would be disturbing if the tampering allegations were true?

That the US Government had to tamper with evidence to win a slam dunk case where they held all the cards?

What does that mean for all cases where it’s not so black and white? It means they’re doing this to everyone, including people who you might believe are innocent.

Maybe on the next episode, Mark Vicente will show the footage or air the recordings of him gaslighting India to not take a production assistant job on a major movie.

Or was that Allison’s fault too?


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  • “If Allison is sick and in poor health… “

    Where did “Kevin” dream this one up? Another dead-ender hallucination, fabricated to bolster their looney beliefs.

    Mack is in prison where she belongs. It’s only due to the good graces of the U.S. Government and the mercy of Moira Penza that the little bitch isn’t serving 20 years for sex trafficking like she deserves.

    Mack ran DOS and Raniere’s sex trafficking operation. She was phenomenally lucky that the prosecutors generously dropped that charge (a slam dunk conviction) in exchange for her guilty plea on far lesser charges. The silly airhead nearly didn’t take advantage of the offer. What a fool.

    A fool she was, and a fool she remains.

    Mack’s minor celebrity status is probably responsible for some of the notoriety surrounding this case.

    It was just priceless, that cute sweet Chloe from TV Land was deep into a sex cult, branding women on the pussy with the asshole cult leader’s initials!

    I mean c’mon, you can’t make this shit up! And it was far more interesting than any episode of that dumb Smallville show.

    And it turned out that Allison Mack was a real nasty piece of work. A liar and a blackmailer who absolutely enjoyed tormenting her victims. Insulting them, making them run ridiculous drills, take cold showers, be at her beck and call 24/7. A real sadist, she is.

    And “Kevin” keeps defending her! What a simp.

    Mack was getting paid to pimp out women she recruited. Pimp them out to disgusting fat slob Raniere. Who she was fucking. When he’d have her.

    And she wasn’t doing this against her will. She was enthusiastic about the work. She got creative about it. She loved being Raniere’s slave. Groveling to him.

    “I love you Master (kiss-kiss)” is how she responded to the asshole’s emails.

    Pathetic and disgusting. But this wasn’t just some weird kink she was into. No, she was deep into criminal conspiracy. The faithful lieutenant of sex-trafficker and racketeer and fraudster Raniere. She was the one in the trenches doing the work he was too lazy to do himself. She recruited. She ensnared. She blackmailed. She invented the degrading “assignments” intended to break the spirits of these attractive young women. And she did it in the name of female empowerment!

    All this came out at trial. Not accusation, not allegation. It’s absolute undeniable fact.

    Mack should in justice be serving 20 years for sex trafficking. It’s only by the good graces of Moira Penza and the prosecution team that she isn’t.

    Yet “Kevin” and his fellow dead enders BLAME Penza. That shows how back-asswards they’ve got everything.

    Still, despite the light sentence, Mack is done for. The disgraced former actress will never work again. Oh, she can get a job at Wal-Mart. Live in some shitty apartment or a rented trailer. But she will be forever deeply in debt. Anything she inherits when her rich parents depart this mortal will go to her creditors.

    Good. Why should this nasty ex-convict have a nice life? She has incurred a debt she can never pay off.

    So no acting gigs for her, not even doing voiceover. No invites to Smallville cons. Her name is mud.

    There was a time when I thought Mack could pull of the sorrowful victim act. Blame Raniere for it all, she the poor woman. But Me Too is a spent force. Amber Heard saw to that.

    Mack is well and truly fucked. Good!

  • Where are Mack’s lips? In the photo topping this article they are missing. Is she saving them for when her Vanguard’s penis is released in 120 years?

  • People showing true remorse for their crimes can be forgiven, and in a criminal context receive a lighter sentence. Those who don’t, or even worse, continue to try to justify those crimes, represent a danger to society and should be punished accordingly.

  • Wait, Mark Vicente gaslit people? Stop the presses!

    Of COURSE he gaslit people. He was in NXIVM leadership for 12 years. All the leadership in the cult gaslit people. At least Mark had the balls to get the hell out once he woke up, and he also tried, at great personal and legal risk to himself, to get others out of the cult when he left. Susan Dones, who he tried to destroy when she left, is very vocal in her forgiveness Mark…and anyone who wakes up. She was destroyed by NXIVM, years of lawsuits, etx. Listen to her talk about Mark. If it’s good enough for Susan it’s good enough for me.

    • Mark was recording video and audio all the time. He knew he would profit from this man and knew exactly what he was doing. Mark is a profiteer and self promoter. Mark knew documentaries would need his footage. Mark knew Keith was bad. Btw…did Keith have a sexual falling out with Keith?

  • “One group uses the media and legal system to defame, slander and bankrupt their enemies. The other group wants to be heard and move on with their lives.”

    Maybe Kevin doesn’t know Keith…? Either way, not the best example to use in order to make his point. If it wasn’t for Keith targeting people who wanted to move on with their lives and using legal systems to defame, slander and bankrupt them – to this day, there’d probably be recommitment ceremonies every other weekend and shoeboxes of cash pouring out of Knox Woods windows.

    • If Keith had not used the legal system to destroy everyone he targeted, he’d be a free man today. The boomerang struck deep.

      • The boomerang had to fly far and long to meet Keith Raniere in Chacala, Mexico until March 25, 2018. Until that date, his life was very successful according to his wishes. After all, it was 58 beautiful years. And this is the greatest part of his life.

        Watch it again to enjoy it.

        Frank Report [Youtube]
        NXIVM EXPLAINED: Keith Raniere Arrested in Mexico

      • Perhaps but its No reason to persecute genuine people who did not file lawsuits & worked extremely hard to help others.

  • Agree we need to be more concerned with the fbi tampering. Our government violates laws and manipulates evidence constantly. Because they say so, it must be true. It’s a rigged system. Raniere should get time but give him a fair trial. And 120 years?? I don’t know the stats but it seems extreme.

    • Where’s your proof the FBI tampered with anything? The only ‘evidence’ we’ve heard comes from KR’s lackeys, and he who pays the piper calls the tune. According to the orange ape, the FBI also ‘tampered’ with the docs found at Mar-a-lago – lol! He’s already had a fair trial, and whatever about the 120 years, deserves to be in prison for a very long time.

  • When Kevin makes statements like, “switch Damon’s name with a Defector…” Kevin neglects to mention that the objectional previous statements made about a nxivm “defector” (pretty grandiose term, but whatevs Kevs) and their children were made by…Kevin. No one else.

    That’s a pretty glaring omission.

    A more honest statement would have been ; ” I, Kevin have made horrible, unfounded statements about Sarah Edmonson and her fitness to be around her own children. Now I realize, that I don’t like those similar statements being made about my friend Damon Brink. Maybe it’s hypocritical of me, but, I, Kevin, now call for an end to such baseless statements about anyone in or out of Nxivm or ESP”.

    But that would require intellectual honesty and self-awareness which Kevin lacks. Kevin is a fundamentally dishonest and very flawed defender of the dead-end lifers.

    Kevin uses lots of manipulative wordplay and tactics. Kevin likes to say “we” and in this particular comment above “us.”

    That’s so culty and sales tactic 101. No, Kevin. I do not want to sign up for the 14-day intensive. Even with the discount if I sign up right now.

    There is no “we” and there is no “us”there’s Kevin and then there’s individual other people who have opinions. Kevin’s strange attempt to “team” everyone is bizarre and clumsy.

    Kevin your agenda has always been crystal clear to everyone but yourself.

  • “Allison Mack is the only person involved I know, other than Kristin Kreuk.”

    Since you know both, Kevin, why did Mack end up Kieth’s sex slave but Kreuk did not?

    • Certainly it was NOT because Kreud was smarter and was very awake, it helped a lot that she has a father who was more aware of her and that her acting career was more focused on the cinema at that time (she was filming “the legend of chun li”) Although not well, but I guess the criticism from the fans gave him the blow he needed to wake up.

      • to Anon 11:17—If you are right, maybe Kreuk should thank Sultan for warning her father that Nxivm was a sex cult.

        to Kevin—From your personal knowledge of Mack and Kreuk on Smallville, why did Mack “break bad” in the cult while Kreuk broke free?

  • But Kevin you wrote that people on this blog and in the world to be concerned about Sarah caring for her own children.

    Why do you think you have any kind of moral high ground to go after people for implying the same about Damon?

    Kevin, you are an absolute hypocrite

    You don’t know Sarah (allegedly) and Frank does know Sarah Edmonson. Frank said that Sarah Edmondson is a wonderful mother. Repeatedly.

    Did you apologize for those egregious false claims you made about Sarah Edmondson? No, you just kept doubling down on them.

    The first person ever that repeatedly went after a stranger and their trustworthiness around (their own!) children on this blog was you, Kevin.

    You have a very shifting and fluid and hypocritical call for morality.

    Why don’t you set a sterling example And issue a formal apology to Sarah Edmondson for what you said about her and her children?

    Then maybe your contradictory stance on Damon Brink would be a little bit more credible

    Kevin practice what you preach.

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