Keith Raniere - will the halting of Lauren Salzman's testimony be the issue that reverses his conviction on appeal?

Bangkok: Keith Raniere May Be Free by 2023 – Here’s Why

By Bangkok

Keith Raniere may be free by 2023.

I have spoken to two highly-placed, confidential sources who tell me that the failure of the judge to allow Lauren Salzman to be cross-examined is practically GUARANTEED GROUNDS for a reversal of Keith’s convictions.

The failure to allow a full cross-examination of a witness is NOT a run-of-the-mill error.

It’s fucking grounds for reversal, all by itself. Claviger is living in Fantasy-Land when he tells us otherwise.

But then again, Claviger took six tries just to pass the BAR exam and barely graduated from the NON-prestigious Brooklyn Academy of Law.

Anyway… If the 2nd Circuit doesn’t reverse Keith’s convictions, then it’ll be a miracle.

That’s not the half of it. Holy Cow! Holy Shit! There’s more.

When the reversal happens, the EDNY is in no position — and has no appetite — to orchestrate a 2nd trial for Keith (due to all kinds of external factors).

Firstly…  Lauren will have already been sentenced and granted the benefits of her cooperation deal (a shorter prison term). Those benefits cannot be rescinded afterward, which means she cannot be forced to “perform” in a 2nd trial for the EDNY.

If Lauren, Allison or Nancy is called to the witness stand in a 2nd trial, they can simply say “I don’t remember much” —– and the EDNY cannot have them resentenced to longer terms. They can no longer be made to ‘dance’ like puppets for the EDNY.

Thus, all of those potential STAR witnesses are out the window.

Secondly… Other star witnesses (like Daniella) will not dare to get on the witness stand again.

Why not?

Cuz they already swore (under oath) that they weren’t planning to sue Keith for a huge payday.

But guess what? They have ALREADY DONE PRECISELY THAT. They have established themselves as greedy & tainted witnesses, tempted by the stink of dollar bills.

Thus, their own credibility (in a 2nd trial) would rank somewhere beneath SHIT and DIARRHEA.

Nearly every potential witness against Keith will have tried to grab money from either him or NXIVM in some fashion. Nobody is untainted.

Thirdly, some of these witnesses will have “scattered to the four winds” across the world. Which means they probably won’t wanna disrupt their lives just to return to New York to be part of another media spectacle. They’ll likely just wanna fly under the radar and stay out of a 2nd trial

Fourthly, when Biden appoints a new US Attorney for the EDNY [Mark Lesko, who aided in the prosecution of Raniere has been appointed acting US Attorney, pending a permanent appointment] —— that person won’t wanna risk losing a high-profile case in the media spotlight. So the EDNY will likely be looking to offer a plea deal to Keith.

Plus, Moira [Kim Penza] is now gone. She was the real backbone of the prosecution against Keith.

The NDNY [Northern District of NY] refused to bring a 2nd trial against Keith even though they had jurisdiction to do so.

And guess what? The EDNY will also refuse to bring another trial against Keith.

The EDNY will likely offer Keith a plea deal for probably 6 years —- which means he’ll be home after serving just over 5 years (in 2023). To make it look good for the public, they might add another 10 years of ‘suspended sentence’. But Keith will basically get TIME SERVED.

Or maybe they’ll offer him 7 years, in which case he’ll be home after serving just 6 years —- which means he’ll be out in 2024.

Bing bam boom. He’s free.

Either way, Keith is likely coming home after his conviction is reversed because there won’t be a 2nd trial.

Then, the NXIVM 5 will be dancing on air and Frank will likely be shitting his pants with fear.

Have a nice day.

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  • Great article! It’s nice to know that the Frank Report cares enough for the mentally disabled to publish their articles.

  • Bangkok’s own track record is not exactly promising. The last time I recall him being in thrall to some dubious source peddling authoritative-sounding opinions, he was later proven dead wrong.

  • Translation:
    “JUST you wait! The Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch in 2023 and reward all those who believe in him! You’ll see!! Just you wait!!! You’ll see!!”
    120 years later…

  • Reñida competencia se perfila en NL

    Clara Luz Flores y Adrián de la Garza enfrentarán una campaña difícil


    LUNES, 5 DE ABRIL DE 2021 · 04:30

    Con un virtual empate técnico, llegaron los candidatos punteros a la gubernatura de Nuevo León en abril, luego de que Adrián de la Garza, candidato del PRI y del PRD, obtiene 27.7 por ciento en la intención del voto y Clara Luz Flores, postulada por Morena, PT, PVEM y Nueva Alianza, 23.6 por ciento.

    La diferencia entre ambos es de 4.1 punto porcentuales, de acuerdo con la encuesta de Opinión Pública, Marketing e Imagen/Heraldo Media Group, con lo que se prevé una reñida contienda, a 61 días de la jornada electoral.

    Clara Luz Flores disminuyó en las preferencias tras la exhibición de un video donde platica con Keith Raniere, líder de la secta NXIVN, pues en la medición de marzo tenía 30.5 por ciento, 6.9 por ciento más que en el actual ejercicio.

    También destaca que Samuel García, de Movimiento Ciudadano, con 22.2 por ciento en la intención del voto, se coloca ahora en tercer lugar y desplaza al cuarto sitio a Fernando Larrazábal, candidato del PAN, con 14.6 por ciento.

    Emilio Jacques Rivera, de Fuerza por México, con 1.5 por ciento se encuentra en quinto lugar, Carolina Garza, del Partido Encuentro Solidario, con 0.4 por ciento en sexto y Daney Siller, de Redes Sociales Progresistas, con 0.3 por ciento.

    Mientras, 9.7 por ciento todavía no sabe por quién votar el 6 de junio o no lo ha decidido.

    Nuevo León, al ser polo atractivo para la inversión extranjera y por al ser uno de los pilares de producción manufacturera del país, se coloca cómo la tercera entidad que contribuye al PIB nacional con el ocho por ciento nacional, ubicándose únicamente debajo del Estado de México y la CDMX. Durante este 2020 contó con un 12 por ciento de la Inversión Extranjera Directa con un flujo de 3 mil 366 millones de dólares.

    Entre sus actividades más relevantes, el territorio nuevoleonés cuenta con el comercio, la construcción, la manufactura, la fabricación de maquinaria y equipo, el transporte, las comunicaciones y los servicios inmobiliarios, así como de alquiler de bienes muebles e intangibles. Es la entidad con menor índice de pobreza extrema con 0.5 por ciento, además de que cuenta con el municipio con mejor calidad de vida en el país que es San Pedro Garza.

    Metodología.-Casa encuestadora responsable / Levantamiento y procesamiento: Opinión Pública, Marketing e Imagen Consultoría en soluciones integrales / Diseño y análisis de resultados: Social Research Solutions, SA de CV.

    Muestreos representativos a nivel estatal (hombres y mujeres mayores de 18 años con teléfonos fijos en sus hogares y teléfonos celulares) mediante encuestas telefónicas con robot, enviando preguntas con mensaje pregrabado que contesta el entrevistado en su teclado telefónico marcando opciones de respuesta. El 27 y el 28 de marzo se levantaron 1000 encuestas telefónicas por entidad, y el margen estadístico de error en los estudios es de +/- 3.1%, con un nivel de confianza del 95%.


    Tight competition looms in NL

    Clara Luz Flores and Adrián de la Garza will face a tough campaign


    MONDAY, APRIL 5, 2021 – 04:30 AM

    With a virtual technical tie, the leading candidates for the governorship of Nuevo León arrived in April, after Adrián de la Garza, candidate of the PRI and PRD, obtains 27.7 percent in the intention of the vote and Clara Luz Flores, nominated by Morena, PT, PVEM and Nueva Alianza, 23.6 percent.

    The difference between the two is 4.1 percentage points, according to the Public Opinion, Marketing and Image/Heraldo Media Group survey, which foresees a close race, 61 days before Election Day.

    Clara Luz Flores decreased in preferences after the exhibition of a video where she talks with Keith Raniere, leader of the NXIVN sect, since in the March survey she had 30.5 percent, 6.9 percent more than in the current exercise.

    It also stands out that Samuel García, from Movimiento Ciudadano, with 22.2 percent in the voting intention, is now in third place and displaces Fernando Larrazábal, PAN candidate, with 14.6 percent, to fourth place.

    Emilio Jacques Rivera, from Fuerza por México, with 1.5 percent is in fifth place, Carolina Garza, from Partido Encuentro Solidario, with 0.4 percent in sixth and Daney Siller, from Redes Sociales Progresistas, with 0.3 percent.

    Meanwhile, 9.7 percent still do not know who to vote for on June 6 or have not decided.

    Nuevo León, being an attractive pole for foreign investment and for being one of the pillars of manufacturing production in the country, is placed as the third entity that contributes to the national GDP with eight percent nationally, ranking only behind the State of Mexico and the CDMX. During 2020, it accounted for 12 percent of Foreign Direct Investment with a flow of 3,366 million dollars.

    Among its most relevant activities, the territory of Nuevo León has commerce, construction, manufacturing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, transportation, communications and real estate services, as well as the rental of personal and intangible goods. It is the entity with the lowest extreme poverty rate with 0.5 percent, and it also has the municipality with the best quality of life in the country, which is San Pedro Garza.

    Methodology: Responsible polling house / Survey and processing: Opinión Pública, Marketing e Imagen Consultoría en soluciones integrales / Design and analysis of results: Social Research Solutions, SA de CV.

    Representative sampling at state level (men and women over 18 years old with fixed telephones in their homes and cell phones) by means of telephone surveys with robot, sending questions with pre-recorded messages that the interviewee answers on his or her telephone keypad by marking answer options. On March 27th and 28th, 1000 telephone surveys were conducted per entity, and the statistical margin of error in the studies is +/- 3.1%, with a confidence level of 95%.

  • La Razón

    India Oxenberg: esclava sexual

    Dra. Yolanda PicaLa Razón de México
    – 05/04/2021 01:00

    Cuando India nació, en 1991, su madre Catherine (30 años), actriz estadounidense descendiente de la realeza europea, había decidido ser madre soltera e incluir a su hija en todas sus búsquedas internas.

    Desde niña la llevó con chamanes y gurús. Después de que se casó su mamá, India creció rodeada de hermanos, como niña rica de Beverly Hills. En una meditación a los 10 años, guiada por su madre, tuvo por primera vez la sensación de “felicidad extrema”, la cual siguió buscando en su vida adulta.

    A los 19 años asistió con Catherine al primer curso de Executive Success Program (E.S.P., Programas de Éxito Ejecutivo ) de la empresa NXIVM, descrito como “capitalismo consciente de personas que buscaban mejorar sus habilidades de comunicación para perfeccionar sus negocios y ganar dinero de manera ética y humanitaria”. El líder, Keith Raniere, un hombre que se describía como un genio, gurú, filósofo, con un coeficiente intelectual de 240, capaz de resolver los problemas más difíciles del mundo.

    India se sintió atraída por el grupo y decidió ingresar como estudiante para volverse coach, llevando una banda de colores dependiendo de su desarrollo, que iba del blanco hasta el dorado (máximo nivel). Ella hizo una “donación” de 100 mil dólares, su perfil era perfecto para el líder: joven, guapa, rica, de una familia poderosa, de tal forma que se mudó al lugar sede, Albany, NY, a continuar su proceso de “crecimiento”.

    A los cinco años de formación le ofrecieron pertenecer a un selecto grupo de únicamente mujeres llamado DOS, del latín Dominus Obsequious Sororium, que significa: amo sobre mujeres esclavas; el único hombre era Raniere. Para ser maestras las mujeres debían reclutar más esclavas, la “finalidad” era que superaran sus conflictos personales a través de experiencias individualizadas, les pedían “garantías de lealtad” como videos sexuales explícitos y secretos familiares, asegurando su fidelidad por miedo a ser expuestas. A India le “diagnosticaron” problemas para la intimidad, por lo que debía mantener relaciones sexuales orales con Raniere. Su “ama” le autorizaba comer 500 calorías diarias, la mantenía sin dormir, a causa de esto, sufrió desnutrición, amenorrea y caída de cabello. En la fase “más elevada de desarrollo” la marcaron en la zona pélvica con un cauterizador, con las iniciales del líder (a todas se los hacían), experiencias justificadas con la finalidad de “demostrar su fuerza y autocontrol”.

    Catherine se enteró de lo que su hija sufría por mujeres de DOS que desertaron. Ella emprendió un proceso para “liberarla” apoyada por una cuidadosa investigación del FBI. En marzo de 2018 se logró la detención de Keith Raniere en México, a donde había escapado. Actualmente está condenado a 120 años de prisión por tráfico de personas, pederastia, explotación sexual y crimen organizado.

    A India le tomó dos años y medio recuperarse mentalmente con tratamiento psiquiátrico especializado para víctimas de sectas.

    De acuerdo a un trabajo de investigación de los doctores en psicología de la Universidad de Louisiana, Joseph D. Salande y David R. Perkins (American Psychiatric Association, 2018), expertos en el tema, los individuos que se integran en cultos (sectas) no manifiestan típicamente síntomas previos de enfermedades mentales. Usando el modelo del doctor Otto Kernberg, un reconocido psiquiatra estadounidense, de la Universidad de Cornell, se puede entender que algunas conductas que tienen los miembros de una secta funcionan en un modelo de “regresión” en el que se activan operaciones defensivas de la personalidad muy primitivas.

    Quien se une a la secta, al inicio no lo sabe, por el contrario, piensa que se trata de un grupo legítimo, sano, que no abusará de ellos, y que sí les dará un espacio donde encontrar significado a su vida, luchar por un cambio social y una sensación de pertenencia.

    Los temas son variados, política, religión, social o filosofía y comparten premisas: el mundo es malo, ellos son buenos, induciendo estados de división de la mente a través de rezos constantes, o como en el caso de NXIVM, mediante hipnosis buscando el control de sus mentes. Casi todos incluyen privación de sueño, disminución del consumo de alimentos, explotación psicológica y financiera, logrando un control total, antes llamado “lavado de cerebro”, con una dependencia ansiosa del grupo y del líder. Se encuentran métodos como coerción, intimidación, amenazas, abuso verbal y físico, manipulación, deshonestidad, aislamiento de la familia y amigos, control de las finanzas.

    El líder tiene una personalidad psicopática y sabe muy bien lo que busca y lo que ganará con su control omnipotente de la persona.

    India Oxenberg: esclava sexualFoto: Especial
    A través de sus técnicas logran llevar al individuo a un estado de “regresión y degradación del yo”, que activa las relaciones de apego de la infancia temprana, por lo que la víctima necesita la aprobación del líder o tienen sensación de muerte que incluye riesgo suicida, por eso no se puede separar. Entran en un estado de “división de la personalidad” y sienten que están “bien, iluminados mentalmente” por estar en el grupo y los que no pertenecen están “totalmente mal”, esto los lleva a perder la capacidad de pensamiento crítico. Presentan además negación, ya que al ingresar al grupo pensaban que les iba a dar escenarios positivos de desarrollo, al “negar” los aspectos que los dañan permanecen en la secta, aun cuando el líder se encuentre en prisión con pruebas de sus crímenes, lo siguen defendiendo, negando la realidad.

    Keith Raniere logró agrupar 60 mil miembros, a lo largo de 30 años, en diferentes países. Para hacerlo construyó un sistema piramidal que tenía una organización compuesta por individuos igualmente psicópatas (verdugos), quienes se encargaban de reclutar adeptos y de adoctrinarlos en cascada, con una muy importante presencia en México, en donde debido a la gran influencia política y económica de sus representantes, tuvo una gran expansión y muchas víctimas.

    En mis palabras: “Cualquier persona en el mundo que esté siendo manipulada, explotada o en medio de una relación de pareja abusiva, considere que estas experiencias existen en todos los niveles, pero los seres humanos somos capaces de ser libres, de curarnos y seguir adelante con nuestras vidas”.


    La Razón

    India Oxenberg: sex slave

    Dr. Yolanda PicaLa Razón de México
    – 05/04/2021 01:00

    When India was born in 1991, her mother Catherine (30 years old), an American actress descended from European royalty, had decided to be a single mother and to include her daughter in all her inner quests.

    Since she was a child, she took her to shamans and gurus. After her mother married, India grew up surrounded by siblings, as a rich girl from Beverly Hills. In a meditation at the age of 10, guided by her mother, she had for the first time the feeling of “extreme happiness”, which she continued to seek in her adult life.

    At 19, she and Catherine attended NXIVM’s first Executive Success Program (E.S.P.) course, described as “conscious capitalism for people seeking to improve their communication skills to improve their business and make money in an ethical and humane way”. The leader, Keith Raniere, a man who described himself as a genius, guru, philosopher, with an IQ of 240, capable of solving the world’s most difficult problems.

    India was attracted to the group and decided to join as a student to become a coach, wearing a color band depending on her development, ranging from white to gold (highest level). She made a “donation” of 100 thousand dollars, her profile was perfect for the leader: young, beautiful, rich, from a powerful family, so she moved to the headquarters, Albany, NY, to continue her “growth” process.

    After five years of training she was offered membership in a select group of only women called DOS, from the Latin Dominus Obsequious Sororium, which means: master over slave women; the only man was Raniere. To become masters the women had to recruit more female slaves, the “purpose” was to overcome their personal conflicts through individualized experiences, they were asked for “loyalty guarantees” such as explicit sexual videos and family secrets, assuring their fidelity for fear of being exposed. India was “diagnosed” with intimacy problems, so she had to have oral sex with Raniere. Her “mistress” authorized her to eat 500 calories a day, kept her sleepless, because of this, she suffered malnutrition, amenorrhea and hair loss. In the “highest stage of development” she was branded in the pelvic area with a cautery, with the initials of the leader (they were done to all of them), experiences justified with the purpose of “demonstrating her strength and self-control”.

    Catherine learned what her daughter suffered from DOS women who defected. She undertook a process to “free” her supported by a careful FBI investigation. In March 2018, Keith Raniere was successfully arrested in Mexico, where he had escaped to. He is currently sentenced to 120 years in prison for human trafficking, pederasty, sexual exploitation and organized crime.

    It took India two and a half years to recover mentally with specialized psychiatric treatment for cult victims.

    According to a research paper by University of Louisiana psychology doctors Joseph D. Salande and David R. Perkins (American Psychiatric Association, 2018), experts in the field, individuals who join cults (sects) do not typically manifest prior symptoms of mental illness. Using the model of Dr. Otto Kernberg, a renowned American psychiatrist, from Cornell University, it can be understood that some behaviors that cult members have function in a “regression” model in which very primitive defensive personality operations are activated.

    Those who join the sect, at the beginning do not know it, on the contrary, they think that it is a legitimate, healthy group, that will not abuse them, and that it will give them a space where they can find meaning in their lives, fight for a social change and a sense of belonging.

    The themes are varied, political, religious, social or philosophical, and share the same premise: the world is bad, they are good, inducing states of mind splitting through constant prayer, or as in the case of NXIVM, through hypnosis seeking control of their minds. Almost all include sleep deprivation, decreased food consumption, psychological and financial exploitation, achieving total control, formerly called “brainwashing”, with an anxious dependence on the group and the leader. Methods such as coercion, intimidation, threats, verbal and physical abuse, manipulation, dishonesty, isolation from family and friends, control of finances are found.

    The leader has a psychopathic personality and knows very well what he is looking for and what he will gain from his omnipotent control of the person.

    Through their techniques they manage to take the individual to a state of “regression and degradation of the self”, which activates the attachment relationships of early childhood, so the victim needs the approval of the leader or they have a sense of death that includes suicidal risk, that is why they cannot separate. They enter a state of “personality division” and feel that they are “well, mentally enlightened” for being in the group and those who do not belong are “totally bad”, this leads them to lose the capacity for critical thinking. They also present denial, since when they joined the group they thought that it would give them positive scenarios of development, by “denying” the aspects that harm them they remain in the sect, even when the leader is in prison with evidence of his crimes, they continue to defend him, denying reality.

    Keith Raniere managed to group 60 thousand members, over 30 years, in different countries. To do so, he built a pyramidal system that had an organization composed of equally psychopathic individuals (executioners), who were in charge of recruiting followers and indoctrinating them in cascade, with a very important presence in Mexico, where due to the great political and economic influence of its representatives, it had a great expansion and many victims.

    In my words: “Anyone in the world who is being manipulated, exploited or in the middle of an abusive relationship, consider that these experiences exist at all levels, but human beings are capable of being free, to heal and move on with our lives”.

  • LJA

    Post date 04/04/2021 Post author Staff
    Podría decirse que hay dos lados de NXIVM, uno siendo la organización que ofrecía cursos de liderazgo a líderes empresariales y políticos, y el otro sería lo que se escondía entre los más altos mandos de la organización: una secta con tintes sexuales que ha derivado en la detención de Keith Raniere y sus cómplices.

    El poder de esa última parte de NXIVM se cimentó en el negocio legítimo de los cursos y actividades de coaching, en las que cientos de empresarios mexicanos fueron incluídos en una curiosidad por explorar sus habilidades de liderazgo.

    Hoy en Excélsior se publicó que Arturo Ávila Anaya, empresario de la industria militar y blindaje aeroespacial, fue parte de los cursos de liderazgos -hace diez años- pero que rápidamente los dejó al ver la verdadera naturaleza sectaria de a organización.

    En LJA preguntamos al el también candidato de Morena a la alcaldía capital sobre lo que vio en NXIVM y por qué decidió dejar la organización a tan solo un año (hace una década). Nos dijo lo siguiente:

    El resumen de su experiencia: “A varios nos trataron mal”
    Sobre cómo atrajeron a tanta gente de poder en México, el empresario señala que la relación con los representantes al principio era amable y los cursos
    “parece que ayudan”, para luego dar paso a una serie de peticiones que van desde lo extraño hasta lo irregular, como tener información confidencial sobre las empresas de cada agremiado.
    Acerca del contenido de los cursos, señala que en un principio parecieran inofensivos, así como las herramientas, pero posteriormente vienen las peticiones de involucrarse demás.
    “Querían entrar a mis negocios”
    La mayor alerta para Ávila fue que Keith Raniere, el líder de NXIVM que hoy está en prisión, era visto por el personal de NXIVM y los reclutadores como una especie de elegido.Ávila Anaya dejó los cursos hacía el año de haber ingresado porque los representantes de NXIVM, dice, querían influir hasta en quién se casaría.
    La nota de Excélsior refiere que Ávila Anaya incluso había advertido sobre que algo estaba mal con NXIVM y el culto a Keith Raniere, referenciando una entrevista previa con León Krauze acerca de los peligros de dicha organización.

    Esto fue confirmado por Krauze hoy en Twitter.

    León Krauze
    Recuerdo bien esa conversación en la que Arturo me compartió sus recuerdos (y su decepción) con #NXIVM.
    Ahora lo hace aquí, en

    .@arturoavila_mx, candidato de #Morena a la alcaldía de #Aguascalientes, denunció años antes, en entrevista, que la agrupación #NXIVM terminaría mal porque estaban convirtiendo a un hombre en un dios.




    Post date 04/04/2021 Post author Staff

    It could be said that there are two sides to NXIVM, one being the organization that offered leadership courses to business and political leaders, and the other being what was hidden among the highest ranks of the organization: a cult with sexual overtones that has led to the arrest of Keith Raniere and his accomplices.

    The power of this last part of NXIVM was cemented in the legitimate business of courses and coaching activities, in which hundreds of Mexican businessmen were included in a curiosity to explore their leadership skills.

    Today in Excélsior it was published that Arturo Ávila Anaya, a businessman in the military and aerospace armor industry, was part of the leadership courses -ten years ago- but quickly left them when he saw the true sectarian nature of the organization.

    In LJA we asked the Morena candidate for mayor of the capital about what he saw in NXIVM and why he decided to leave the organization after only one year (a decade ago). He told us the following:

    The summary of his experience: “Several of us were treated badly.”
    On how they attracted so many powerful people in Mexico, the entrepreneur points out that the relationship with the representatives at the beginning was friendly and the courses.
    “He then gave way to a series of requests that ranged from the bizarre to the irregular, such as having confidential information about the companies of each member.
    About the content of the courses, he points out that at first they seemed harmless, as well as the tools, but later come the requests to get involved more.
    “They wanted to get into my business.”
    The biggest red flag for Avila was that Keith Raniere, the NXIVM leader who is now in prison, was seen by NXIVM staff and recruiters as a kind of chosen one. Avila Anaya left the courses within a year of joining because NXIVM representatives, he says, wanted to influence even who he would marry.
    The Excélsior article states that Ávila Anaya had even warned that something was wrong with NXIVM and the cult of Keith Raniere, referring to a previous interview with León Krauze about the dangers of this organization.

    This was confirmed by Krauze today on Twitter.

    Leon Krauze
    I remember well that conversation in which Arturo shared with me his memories (and disappointment) with #NXIVM.
    Now he does it here, on

    Arturo Avila

    I share the note published by @Excelsior newspaper. On the matter, no more, no less. I recognize the journalistic work of @LeonKrauze.…



    Domingo 04 Abril, 2021


    Inicio #LAREVISTA
    NXIVM, Morena y los demás: Todos, culpables
    Condenado casi a la eternidad en prisión, Keith Raniere se lleva al silencio un sinnúmero de secretos y de aliados que lo apoyaron en su delirante misión por el poder; muchos de los cófrades de fundador de organización de marketing multinivel y secta sexual son mexicanos, dueños de una vida a la que pocos tienen acceso

    Por Fernando Alberto Crisanto – abril 4, 2021

    Keith Raniere. Lugar común podría decir que quería ser uno de los amos del universo, como los estadounidenses acostumbran decirles a los personajes que además de que tienen dinero cuentan con una capacidad que muy pocos logran obtener
    El lugar común podría decir que Keith Raniere quería ser uno de los amos del universo, como los estadounidenses acostumbran decirles a los personajes que además de que tienen dinero cuentan con una capacidad que muy pocos logran obtener, una espectacular habilidad para manipular a las masas, pero Raniere no era Deprak Chopra u OSHO, apuntados a un mercado generalizado: Prácticamente cualquiera que pueda leer y escribir. Raniere tenía una masa mercantil debidamente estudiada; en su mente, la élite.

    Solamente los criminólogos que hayan podido conversar con Raniere responderían si este personaje realmente se creía un elegido o tenía, claramente, posicionada su condición psicopática, pudiendo separar a su personalidad real de la del mesías cosmopolita.

    El caso es que este hombre y un puñado de leales tuvieron la capacidad de ir construyendo un pequeño ejército de élites en distintos países. Y lo asombroso no es que a alguien como Raniere se le ocurriera inventarse su Parnaso de la Lujuria, sino que hubiera personas que estuvieran dispuestas a entregársele incondicionalmente.

    Condenado casi a la eternidad en prisión, Raniere se lleva al silencio un sinnúmero de secretos y de aliados que lo apoyaron en su delirante misión por el poder. Muchos de sus cófrades son mexicanos, dueños de una vida a la que pocos tienen acceso.

    Aquí se presentan algunas claves para entender el ajedrez que unos cuantos en las oficinas de Palacio Nacional están jugando, de manera irremediable e imparable, con NXIVM. Se dice irremediable porque ya empezó el encuentro y es imparable por
    que se ha activado un mecanismo de desacreditaciones para 8 mil personas en México.

    Ocho mil entradas al engaño

    Es imprescindible establecer lo que Raniere veía como negocio en México. En el corto plazo, establecer una lógica similar, aunque, evidentemente, bizarra, a la del Programa AD1 y AD2 del IPADE, formar líderes con características específicas. El IPADE lo hace para fortalecer empresas. Raniere lo hizo para controlar una élite delimitada.

    Hasta aquí, el programa ESP México de Raniere no tiene ninguna rareza. Hay docenas de cursos que imparten todo lo imaginable y que cobran algunos cientos de dólares al mes como colegiatura. Cualquiera que se entere y pueda pagarlo suele ser aceptado.

    Donde las cosas abandonan el entrenamiento ejecutivo y entran en lo absurdo es en combinar a esa clase de cursos con jerarquías internas en ESP México y, después, en ir convenciendo, con esmero, a ciertos inscritos que su misión no es convertirse en un personaje exitoso, sino en un agente de cambio mundial.

    Por último, si a semejante caldo se le agrega el echar a andar una franquicia de escuelas para pequeños a los que supuestamente se les enseñarán cinco o seis idiomas en forma simultánea, se cierra la pinza para la fantasía. ESP trabaja con los adultos, y las escuelas con sus hijos. El camino a la robotización está pavimentado.

    En ese sentido, las buenas conciencias de todos los partidos políticos se asumen asépticas ante semejante disparate, pero olvidan el pasado; si se le ve como partido de izquierda, Morena tiene en el comunismo a una maquinaria que exige docilidad y ceguera ideológica.

    Si se le ve como partido fundado por un ejército de prófugos del PRI y del PRD, las cosas no cambian porque el priato (padre del PRD) siempre ha demandado lealtad por parte de sus correligionarios. Un ESP menos chic.

    El panismo ni remotamente está lejos de tales venenos. Para los ultras, la Organización Nacional del Yunque es el grupo que nació para “instaurar el reino de Dios en la Tierra”, al tiempo que, para los más cercanos al empresariado, su versión azul del ESP se dio en la década de los 80 del siglo pasado con una teoría llamada “Desarrollo Organizacional”.

    En Nuevo León, Puebla y la Ciudad de México, había instalaciones de un consorcio siderúrgico que tenía una dirección de área especializada en el tema.

    Todos los directivos, desde jefe de departamento hasta la dirección general, debían acudir a un club social que la empresa mantenía. Las esposas de tales personajes estaban obligadas a acudir ahí. Y después hubo otro espacio para los niños. Pronto, los días de descanso terminaron como días paralelos de trabajo.

    Como podrá verse, el ESP que tanto ha agitado el régimen actual y sus adversarios políticos es, en realidad, un episodio más de la larga historia del adoctrinamiento cerril que propios y extraños han asestado a los grupos de poder en México.

    La única diferencia es que el componente sexual le pone pimienta para el deguste de la tribuna.

    De lo anterior dan testimonio 8 mil personas que pagaron para hacerse de un lugar en ese circo ambulante del ESP dirigido por un hábil publirrelacionista y un personaje que literalmente se dedica a la difícil tarea de no hacer nada, dada su descomunal herencia.

    Sospechosos comunes

    Mientras ESP operó en México, el encargado de tal proyecto era Alejandro Betancourt, una persona cercana a Emiliano Salinas. Tras la explosión del proyecto de Raniere, Betancourt se supo inversionista; hoy es CEO de PRORSUS CAPITAL, empresa de Salinas Occelli.

    Para sus seguidores en Twitter, Betancourt ofrece reflexiones e ideas, pero también comparte los tuits de Marcelo Ebrard, a quien sigue puntualmente. El motivo no sólo debe justificarse en el interés del inversionista por los temas internacionales, sino en que Ebrard es el verdadero jefe de Mario Delgado Carrillo.

    Bajo la puntual frase de que “el miedo no anda en burro”, Betancourt lanza señales de paz con sus tuits a Ebrard.

    El motivo es sencillo, la investigación que el portal web Animal Político publicó sobre los depósitos de 50 dólares que por seis meses hizo Delgado a favor de ESP México y que generó una penosa reacción del ahora dirigente de Morena tratando de justificar lo obvio. Los malosos piensan si Delgado no podría haberse curado en salud y haber divulgado él mismo su participación en tales cursos previniendo un obvio ataque.

    No sólo eso. Delgado cometió un craso error, que fue dedicarse a desvirtuar hechos de los que nadie lo acusa. Nadie le dijo que tenía esclavas sexuales ni le soltaron que formaba parte de DOS, la secta dentro de la secta, pero cayó en el miedo y detonó el espectáculo.

    El siguiente paso fue la filtración de un video en donde Clara Luz Flores Carrales, candidata por la coalición Juntos Haremos Historia en Nuevo León, conversa con Raniere. Hablan de política a un nivel de profundidad casi de bostezo.

    Clara Luz Flores no era el destinatario, sino Palacio Nacional.

    Nuevo León es el nodo de las actividades de Raniere en México. Es evidente que el video es una advertencia; hay muchos cercanos a López Obrador como ex alumnos de ESP México y no detendrán las filtraciones.

    ¿Clara Luz Flores formaba parte de la cofradía sexual de Raniere? El video ni remotamente lo sugiere, pero Flores cayó exactamente en la misma trampa que Delgado; su “estola amarilla” va a salir más cara que los cursos que pagó por ella.

    La realidad es que esa lista de 8 mil personas va a ser dosificada por todos los partidos políticos con miras a las elecciones. La filtración de los nombres de los inscritos en los cursos mencionados es alegría para la tribuna y descalificación automática de un adversario.

    ¿Quién tiene acceso a esa lista? Sin pensarlo demasiado, Betancourt y su protector. El documento permite obtener oxígeno político y, simultáneamente, abonar un poco a las facturas que se tengan pendientes de pago.

    Y, mientras tanto, faltan los clientes de Raniere en todo el país; habrá que esperar qué personajes de todos los partidos sean objetivo de una filtración para bajarlos de sus candidaturas por las buenas o las malas.

    El complot mongol

    Catherine Oxenberg, ex integrante de la secta y madre de una de las esclavas sexuales de Raniere, ha mencionado que se tenía una clara intención de que NXIVM gobernara a México vía Emiliano Salinas.

    La especie es, al menos, irrisoria. El hijo de uno de los enemigos mayores de Andrés Manuel López Obrador en las boletas electorales; el cachorro de un ícono del neoliberalismo impreso en pancartas y pintado en muros, un puntual desconocido para cualquier encuestadora como líder en los sondeos.

    Todo lo anterior sin olvidar un minúsculo detalle. ¿Qué partido político sería el que lanzaría al mar su capital estructural para semejante aventura? No cabe siquiera especular lo que pasaría con el voto duro de aquel instituto que considerara tal odisea.

    Dicen los que saben que una elección presidencial se cifra en cientos de millones de dólares, no en los dineros que el INE señala, sino en los apoyos subterráneos que corren para tal empresa. Suponiendo sin conceder que existiera ese numerario para consolidar la ocurrencia sería de esperarse una pérdida total.

    Si la ocurrencia tuviera fundamento sería una rotunda tontería por parte de Raniere, lo que, de entrada, causa ruido considerando su inteligencia. Si, como lo dicta el sentido común, la especie es una voluta de humo, tiene otra orientación, mucho más cercana a la realidad, la fantasía combinada con el ocio y la avaricia.

    La secta dentro de la secta, la “Dominus Obsequious Sororium” o DOS, nunca podría haber funcionado si no hubiera interesados en ingresar en ella. Todos los grupos secretos se mueven igual, a través de un reclutamiento bien realizado.

    En el mejor de los casos, NXIVM pretendía ser un grupo de poder al interior de otro. Una suerte de logia que permitiera influir en distintos cenáculos que operan en el país, ya sea el político, el económico o el social. No en todos, pero sí en algunos de sus nodos.

    Es dable pensar que Raniere, más bien, imaginó un país bananero a su servicio vía el control de una porción de su élite, no de toda; esto último, a todas luces imposible de lograr. Se hizo de socios locales para pellizcar algunos millones de dólares a sus cófrades y echó a andar cuanta cosa se le ocurrió, como esa vaina de las escuelas políglotas.

    Raniere y Salinas entendieron que en la incredulidad cabe la docilidad más absurda; por eso inventaron una élite a la que sólo se podía tener acceso si ellos lo permitían. Sus cursos, lugares comunes de la superación personal, se vendieron exactamente cómo debían venderse: Como espejos relucientes, siendo carbones opacos.

    Individuos de todos los partidos políticos cayeron en la compra compulsiva de esos espejos, creyendo, a pie juntillas, que NXIVM no sólo era una herramienta para obtener dotes inimaginables para la persuasión; pensaron que formaban parte de un colectivo llamado a ser Los dominadores, los que hipnotizan masas apenas las ven.

    El triste espectáculo de que todos los partidos políticos tienen ex alumnos en ese grupo apunta a la famélica capacidad para discernir por parte de nuestra clase política.

    En 2018, Raniere fue detenido y terminó en la Corte del Distrito Este de Nueva York acusado de distintos delitos, todos graves. Nunca verá de nuevo la luz del sol.

    Mientras tanto, hay otros como él que ya están cocinando sus élites basándose en una obviedad: Si hay personas que se sienten inferiores y buscan satisfacer su necesidad de pertenencia, esos son a los que hay que enfocarse.

    Las ansias de notoriedad se inflaman ante cualquier clavo ardiente.

    Twitter @fercrisanto

    Facebook: Fernando Alberto Crisanto




    Sunday 04 April, 2021


    NXIVM, Morena and the others: All guilty, all guilty
    Condemned almost to eternity in prison, Keith Raniere takes to silence countless secrets and allies who supported him in his delirious mission for power; many of the brothers of the founder of the multilevel marketing organization and sex sect are Mexicans, owners of a life to which few have access.

    By Fernando Alberto Crisanto – April 4, 2021

    Keith Raniere. It is commonplace to say that he wanted to be one of the masters of the universe, as Americans are accustomed to say to people who, in addition to having money, have an ability that very few can obtain.
    The commonplace might say that Keith Raniere wanted to be one of the masters of the universe, as Americans are accustomed to say to characters who besides having money have a capacity that very few manage to obtain, a spectacular ability to manipulate the masses, but Raniere was not Deprak Chopra or OSHO, aimed at a generalized market: Practically anyone who can read and write. Raniere had a properly studied mass market; in his mind, the elite.

    Only criminologists who have been able to converse with Raniere would answer if this character really believed himself to be a chosen one or if he had, clearly, positioned his psychopathic condition, being able to separate his real personality from that of the cosmopolitan messiah.

    The fact is that this man and a handful of loyalists were able to build a small army of elites in different countries. And the amazing thing is not that someone like Raniere came up with his Parnassus of Lust, but that there were people who were willing to give themselves unconditionally to him.

    Condemned almost to eternity in prison, Raniere takes with him into silence countless secrets and allies who supported him in his delirious mission for power. Many of his confreres are Mexicans, owners of a life to which few have access.

    Here are some keys to understand the chess game that a few in the offices of the National Palace are playing, irremediably and unstoppably, with NXIVM. It is said irremediable because the game has already begun and it is unstoppable because
    that a mechanism of discrediting has been activated for 8 thousand people in Mexico.

    Eight thousand entrances to the deception

    It is essential to establish what Raniere saw as business in Mexico. In the short term, to establish a similar logic, although obviously bizarre, to that of IPADE’s AD1 and AD2 Program, to train leaders with specific characteristics. IPADE does it to strengthen companies. Raniere did it to control a delimited elite.

    So far, Raniere’s ESP Mexico program is not unusual. There are dozens of courses that teach everything imaginable and charge a few hundred dollars a month in tuition. Anyone who knows about it and can afford it is usually accepted.

    Where things get out of executive training and into the absurd is in combining these kinds of courses with internal hierarchies at ESP Mexico and then carefully convincing certain enrollees that their mission is not to become a successful character, but an agent of global change.

    Finally, if to such a broth is added the launching of a franchise of schools for children who will supposedly be taught five or six languages simultaneously, the clamp is closed for the fantasy. ESP works with the adults, and the schools with their children. The road to robotization is paved.

    In that sense, the good consciences of all political parties assume themselves aseptic before such nonsense, but they forget the past; if it is seen as a leftist party, Morena has in communism a machine that demands docility and ideological blindness.

    If it is seen as a party founded by an army of fugitives from the PRI and the PRD, things do not change because the PRI (father of the PRD) has always demanded loyalty from its co-religionists. A less chic ESP.

    Panismo is not even remotely far from such poisons. For the ultras, the National Organization of the Anvil is the group that was born to “establish the kingdom of God on Earth”, while, for those closer to the business community, its blue version of the ESP was born in the 80’s of the last century with a theory called “Organizational Development”.

    In Nuevo León, Puebla and Mexico City, there were facilities of a steel consortium that had an area management specialized in the subject.

    All managers, from department heads to general management, had to attend a social club that the company maintained. The wives of such people were obliged to go there. And then there was another space for children. Soon, the rest days ended up as parallel work days.

    As can be seen, the ESP that has so much agitated the current regime and its political adversaries is, in reality, one more episode in the long history of the pig-headed indoctrination of the groups in power in Mexico.

    The only difference is that the sexual component adds pepper to the taste of the tribune.

    This is testified by the 8 thousand people who paid to have a place in this traveling circus of the ESP directed by a skillful publicity man and a character who literally dedicates himself to the difficult task of doing nothing, given his enormous inheritance.

    Common suspects

    While ESP operated in Mexico, the person in charge of such project was Alejandro Betancourt, a person close to Emiliano Salinas. After the explosion of Raniere’s project, Betancourt became an investor; today he is CEO of PRORSUS CAPITAL, a company owned by Salinas Occelli.

    For his followers on Twitter, Betancourt offers reflections and ideas, but he also shares the tweets of Marcelo Ebrard, whom he follows punctually. The reason should not only be justified by the investor’s interest in international issues, but also by the fact that Ebrard is Mario Delgado Carrillo’s real boss.

    Under the punctual phrase that “fear does not ride on a donkey”, Betancourt launches peace signs with his tweets to Ebrard.

    The reason is simple, the investigation that the web portal Animal Político published about the deposits of 50 dollars that Delgado made for six months in favor of ESP Mexico and that generated a painful reaction from the now leader of Morena trying to justify the obvious. The bad guys wonder if Delgado could not have taken care of his own health and disclosed his participation in such courses himself, preventing an obvious attack.

    Not only that. Delgado made a crass mistake, which was to dedicate himself to distorting facts of which no one accuses him. No one told him that he had sex slaves nor was he told that he was part of DOS, the sect within the sect, but he fell into fear and detonated the show.

    The next step was the leak of a video in which Clara Luz Flores Carrales, candidate for the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia in Nuevo Leon, talks with Raniere. They talk politics at an almost yawn-inducing level of depth.

    Clara Luz Flores was not the addressee, but the National Palace.

    Nuevo Leon is the node of Raniere’s activities in Mexico. It is evident that the video is a warning; there are many close to Lopez Obrador as alumni of ESP Mexico and they will not stop the leaks.

    Was Clara Luz Flores part of Raniere’s sexual brotherhood? The video does not even remotely suggest it, but Flores fell into exactly the same trap as Delgado; her “yellow stole” is going to be more expensive than the courses she paid for it.

    The reality is that this list of 8,000 people is going to be dosed by all political parties with a view to the elections. The leak of the names of those enrolled in the mentioned courses is a joy for the tribune and automatic disqualification of an adversary.

    Who has access to this list? Without thinking it too much, Betancourt and his protector. The document allows to obtain political oxygen and, simultaneously, to pay a little to the invoices pending payment.

    And, in the meantime, Raniere’s clients are missing all over the country; it will be necessary to wait which characters of all parties will be the target of a leak in order to remove them from their candidacies by hook or by crook.

    The Mongolian Plot

    Catherine Oxenberg, former member of the sect and mother of one of Raniere’s sex slaves, has mentioned that there was a clear intention for NXIVM to rule Mexico via Emiliano Salinas.

    The species is, at least, laughable. The son of one of Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s greatest enemies in the electoral ballots; the puppy of an icon of neoliberalism printed on banners and painted on walls, a punctual stranger to any pollster as a leader in the polls.

    All this without forgetting a tiny detail: which political party would be the one to throw its structural capital into the sea for such an adventure? It is not even possible to speculate what would happen with the hard vote of that institute that would consider such an odyssey.

    Those who know say that a presidential election is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, not in the money that INE indicates, but in the subway support that runs for such an undertaking. Assuming without conceding the existence of such amount of money to consolidate the occurrence, a total loss would be expected.

    If the occurrence were well-founded, it would be an outright foolishness on Raniere’s part, which, from the outset, causes noise considering his intelligence. If, as common sense dictates, the species is a wisp of smoke, it has another orientation, much closer to reality, fantasy combined with leisure and greed.

    The sect within the sect, the “Dominus Obsequious Sororium” or DOS, could never have functioned if there were no takers for membership. All secret groups move the same way, through well-conducted recruitment.

    At best, NXIVM was intended to be a power group within a power group. A sort of lodge that would allow it to influence different cenacles operating in the country, whether political, economic or social. Not in all, but in some of its nodes.

    It is possible to think that Raniere, rather, imagined a banana country at his service through the control of a portion of its elite, not all of it; the latter, clearly impossible to achieve. He got local partners to pinch a few million dollars from his confreres and started up anything he could think of, such as the polyglot schools.

    Raniere and Salinas understood that in disbelief there is room for the most absurd docility; that is why they invented an elite to which one could only have access if they allowed it. Their courses, commonplaces of self-improvement, were sold exactly as they should be sold: as shining mirrors, being opaque coals.

    Individuals from all political parties fell into compulsive buying of those mirrors, believing, at face value, that NXIVM was not only a tool to obtain unimaginable gifts for persuasion; they thought they were part of a collective called to be The Dominators, the ones who hypnotize the masses as soon as they see them.

    The sad spectacle that all political parties have alumni in that group points to the famished ability to discern on the part of our political class.

    In 2018, Raniere was arrested and ended up in the Eastern District Court of New York charged with various crimes, all felonies. He will never see sunlight again.

    Meanwhile, there are others like him who are already cooking their elites based on one truism: If there are people who feel inferior and seek to satisfy their need to belong, those are the ones to focus on.

    Lust for notoriety is inflamed by any burning nail.

    Twitter @fercrisanto

    Facebook: Fernando Alberto Crisanto

  • We were put in contact with Bangcock by Two Lawyers who are familiar with this website. They assured us that Bangcock is a very knowledgeable person and by invoking the judicial principle of Coram fratribus meretricis luxuriabantur we were obliged to assist.

    We verify all that Bangcock has written here. Also, based on our conversation with them and their considerable legal acumen, we encourage them to apply for membership at the bar.

    • I can confirm two highly-placed confidential sources.

      Both what they have stated here. And that they are in fact two highly-placed confidential sources.

  • Yay, another eye-roller from the non-lawyer Keith lovers.

    Let us assume that “failure of the judge to allow Lauren Salzman to be cross-examined” is true on its very face (It most definitely is not, but for sake of this silly little mental exercise, let’s say it is).

    All this means is it increases the likelihood of Keith’s case being heard by the actual judges of the 2nd Circuit. That is it. Practically every defendant convicted claims innocence and attempts appeals. Most never make it past the clerks to even reach the eyes of a judge. The very tiny fraction that do then get quickly dismissed by the judge. Of that fraction that remains, they then get a chance to be added to the schedule to be heard before the judges.

    Which is why you know these couch lawyers are full of shit. Most of their theories assume how TV depicts these things are true. That speedy fair trials occur. That everyone involved is interested only in justice. That the justice system is even about justice. That things like appeals are a process that at most takes months, but rarely years. It might not even be 2023 before Keith’s case is even heard by 2nd Circuit, must less a decision is made. Yeah, it can take that long.

    The right to a speedy trial has always been relative and only applies to the initial conviction, it does not apply to the appeals process. That has no timetable. It can go as fast or as slow as the clerks and judges involved want it to go. The judges could decide to hear the case tomorrow…and then proceed to not made a judgment until the year 2025 if they so chose to.

    Which ironically takes us back to Keith’s biggest mistake he ever made – branding his harem. If not for that, he would not be in jail. And now because of that, there will be no rush to get him out of jail. No judge wants to be known as the one that freed the harem brander. After all, they still dream of sitting on the Supreme Court (unlikely for them but that’s why it’s called a dream). It’s not to say they will not do it if Raniere’s lawyers make a good case, it just means they have no motivation to hurry the process along so Keith’s appeal will go through the slow grind of the justice system at the same multi-year-long pace as everyone else’s.

    As for odds of the feds not retrying if the case is entirely overturned…again branded his harem. The sexual sensationalism of the case almost guarantees that they would seriously consider doing it, if only because some ambitious attorney could make his bones on the case for higher office or better paydays at a prestigious law firm. The one that got Keith convicted the first time moved on to a multi-million dollar a year position for example. So, yeah, it’s a literal coin flip on a retrial. Truly depends on why the case was tossed and the ambition of whoever is assigned the case after.

    Notice I don’t bother to get into the merits. It takes more than that the quick summary provided by Keith’s buddy to get a successful appeal. What happened before, during and after is taken into account, the circumstances, would that testimony changed or impacted the case results and a slew of other questions that there is no point in getting into the weeds on because again – years away before it matters.

    Branding his harem…the “gift” that keeps on biting Raniere in the ass. Oh, the irony.

    Ultimately, this multi-year process is why I keep saying his followers need to direct their energy elsewhere and anything they say or do is pointless and silly.

    Anything is better than this “Waiting on Godot” place they are currently in. Their efforts to twist everything into a defense of Keith are well and truly wasted – and prevent them from moving on. If they truly care about the flaws of the justice system, they shouldn’t bother with websites that defend DOS and Keith. Instead, they should focus their energy on innocent people who do not have access to Keith’s resources and help them get free, regardless if their case seems applicable to Keith’s or not. Even better than getting further ensnared in the quagmire of the justice system, they should simply move on away from it all. Find a new career in a new state, a new significant other and settle down in whatever version of happy they seek to find. The only thing preventing them from effectively “disappearing” is their desire to be seen and heard.

    What happens now is well beyond their ability to have any impact. Their attempts to create websites, to use social media, etc. to “defend” Keith is literally an exercise in futility. The judges are not looking at that. It’s not on their radar and never will be. Even if they hear the case, it will be on the minutiae of the trial process itself and the details of the case as presented during the trial. Anything beyond that will be ignored unless it’s true, genuine new evidence which is not the direction Keith’s lawyers are going in (They’re looking for malfeasances on the part of the prosecutor and the judge and failing that, the incompetence of Keith’s defense attorney).

    So, to ALL of Keith’s followers, I say – move on. Use your energy anywhere else. Watching grass grow is literally more productive than what doing now for your Raniere. What happens next, happens without you and even without Keith. It’s in the purview of the lawyers and the slow grind of the justice system.

  • And has Bangkok been a KR ghostwriter this whole time unbeknownst to the rest of us ? Very peculiar Bangkok Vanguard

  • Someone has disordered thinking due to an alarming blockage of vision. Panniculus might be the cause. How bothersome, to have accepted a fupa so large that one can no longer locate one’s testes. When someone becomes a Siamese twin to a vat of lard and celebrates by calling itself Bangkok, this unattractive phenomenon can occur, though.

    Apparently this dude watches the law as though he were submerged in a caboose-sized hot tub crammed over the top with cole slaw and special pig fat mayo. In other words, blindly whilst off in hamhock fantasyland. Oinky oinky.

    However, this is a holiday, and Frank Parlato might be being charitable and even to rotten eggs(?) Or perhaps the 2, now notorious watercolor lawyers really are getting better at shopping around for new jabberwockies to advise, probably all for the price of a round of Brewmeister Snake Venom.

    Please bring back the paintings from the artists. Or bring back Toni Natalie, with hair and makeup tips for aerial performers. She told Judge Nicholas Garaufis that she lives alone these days, and Toni might need a leg up, or maybe even TWO legs up, so she can dance on the ceiling like Lionel Richie and bask. Who does not love basking?

    Tripe is so very, very unattractive. How disappointing it is, damn it all. There is no prize in this Crackerjacks box. No tiny plastic Angkor Wat statue, just the halitosis of an angry, scatalogical twat, who wants Frank Parlato to turn upside down, to get cancer and also diarrhea. Parlez-vous poop pile?


    Is Bang. blackmailing the owner of this website or something? Or is Frank just being too motherly? Why quote the Bugs Bunny school of law, written on used toilet paper, as if it might be a scroll of foresight from some doofus who just pulled an ouiji board out of his Merle Norman baby alligator briefcase? For the sake of satire? If so, let us remember Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl, or even Rodney Dangerfield.

    Whatever the reasoning or lack thereof for banging the Kok, I am truly not fond of these big, smelly, loud farts. What is this, the Gong Show?

    My delicate stomach has just sent out for some chai with plenty of ginger. And maple syrup. See, the consequences have already begun. A resurrection will be necessary. Silly wabbit.

    Too many stinkers. Suneel Chakravorthy might recycle his pee as a beverage, and now Fupaboy is loitering and quite possibly cannot even get up from the toilet unassisted, because of the fork and knife superglued to his palms.

    By gum, Bang-that-Kok and Chakravorthy could be a match, made in Clifford Park. For life, even. Love is in the polluted air. The gooses are out again.

  • Found this article from 2018:

    “Kreuk severed ties with the group in 2012, soon ­after the Albany Times Union wrote of allegations that Raniere had sex with underage girls”.

    What nonsense is this? Not only did Kreuk not leave NXIVM in 2012, she certainly did not care about the paedophile allegations in the Times Union expose she was named in, in 2012.

    Here, she is thanked on 5th May 2015 for encouraging someone on his NXIVM course:

    That is not someone who cares about the paedophile allegations three years earlier.

    Frank, you were interviewed for that article. Why did they say Kreuk left in 2012 and specifically because of the paedophile allegations? Did you tell them that or NXIVM insiders trying to protect her? Or is it just bad journalism?

    • I don’t know how the publication concluded she left in 2012. I do not think she left prior to 2016.

      • I think the most likely reason for Kreuk to leave quietly and slowly:

        “She may have also been afraid of Raniere. He might have had something on her that could have been used against her. I am not suggesting collateral [[blackmail worthy material deliberately gathered by Raniere or his slaves] per se.

        “Raniere was good at gathering information about people. In one of her exploration of meaning therapy sessions, she might have revealed damaging information about herself to Nancy Salzman who would have certainly shared this information with Raniere.

        “Kreuk might have feared he might damage her in some way, putting her in a ‘damned if I leave and damned if I stay’ scenario that required her to delicately escape.

        “Who can blame her for trying to save her hard-won acting career, especially if she joined Nxivm with good intentions?”


      • Spanky is very upset by this comment.

        He believes he “saved” Kristin Kreuk from Nxivm by contacting her FATHER at work.

        He thought he was going to MARRY Kristin Kreuk and have [redacted] babies [redacted] with her.

        It causes him so much internal strife that he did not save Kristin Kreuk from Nxivm and that she could not give a flying carpet (see what I did there😜) that he is alive or what he thinks.


    • I agree with Sultan. Kristin Kreuk is beautiful. The thought of her undressing is glorious. Something I picture every night. I intend to have it every night too. I plan to make her my wife. After that, she won’t be undressing for anyone but me.

      Sultan, because I honor your loyalty to her, I will consider you for best man at my wedding to Kristin.

      It will be an honor to have you at the wedding and reception in Vancouver.  However, as much as I respect you Sultan, I will not let you join us on the honeymoon. I will send you a few pictures of Kristin for your solitary pleasure. Do not share the pictures.

      I don’t believe in long engagements so I plan to propose within two months after I have my first date with her. Sultan has inspired me to see she really is special. There is no one on earth like her.  I also agree with Sultan she is a great actress. I know Sultan has loved her for years, but I believe she needs someone like me.

      • Toni Natalie is more beautiful and more importantly, probably not yet taken. And Natalie possesses what Ms. Kreuk sorely lacks, a rich experience and inner beauty and an incomparably attractive character.

  • Just wanna reiterate that Lauren was such a central and ‘star’ witness against Keith —– that the termination of her cross-examination was simply too big of an error for the appeals court to let slide.

    It’s not a matter of ‘IF’ Keith’s convictions will be reversed.

    It’s really a matter of ‘WHEN’.

    They will be reversed.

    The EDNY will not hold another trial because it would be an even bigger media-spectacle event than the first one.

    …And even if they did hold a 2nd trial, the witnesses are now tainted and/or not obligated to perform for the EDNY. Keith’s top notch attorneys would pounce on them —– so these witnesses likely won’t wanna return to NY to testify again.

    I want everybody on FrankReport to prepare for the fact that Keith Raniere will likely be among us soon.

    Keith will likely be free soon.

    Contemplate it. Prepare for it. Accept it.

    Don’t blame the messenger and hate me for simply stating the truth. You haters.

    I don’t like Keith either —– but I’m not gonna drink Claviger’s false Kool-Aid.

    The judge fucked up bigtime and his TON of ‘elephant shit’ can’t be swept under the rug.

    It simply stinks to high heaven.

    Does anybody here REALLY expect the appeals court to ignore this container full of rancid Rhino dung?

    We may not like Keith, but his ‘rights’ were violated the moment the judge put Lauren’s personal feelings ABOVE Keith’s freedom and his right to confront every witness against him.

    Keith was on trial for HIS LIFE, his freedom. Therefore, simply seeing a woman ‘cry’ should not supersede the FREEDOM of the person being tried.

    The LIFE and LIBERTY of any defendant should always supersede the personal feelings of a crying witness.

    Have a nice day.

    • I love how you and Bangkok try to help one another by repeating the same lie over and over. Judge Garaufis did NOT deny Raniere the right to cross-examine the key witness in the case – and no matter how many times you keep saying it, it’s never going to turn out to be true.

      PS/Here’s another freebie for you: Trump did not win the 2020 Presidential election.

      • “Trump did not win the 2020 Presidential election”

        He did though.

        1 in 4 voters were immigrants or children of immigrants who should not even be in the country.

        That is what liberals want. Mass uncontrolled replacement migration from non-white countries and you know it. They cast out real American votes.

        Plus the draconian scum left wing media spreading their hate and lies to tell people what to think. Trying to link Trump and Trump voters to the death of black criminal George Floyd, blaming Trump for the Chinese People Virus, etc. They have boasted about having left wing/blm terrorists and rioters on SPEED DIAL should Trump get the win and they would continue their months of terrorist riots. An article in possibly Time magazine boasted about how they stole the election.

        Trump didn’t lose the election. The election was stolen by the left wing juggernaut.

        • How is this comment referring to the chinese people virus not racist. I thought frank was trying to better in screening racist rants. This garbage is why i can barely read frank report. I went from daily reading to checking in once a month if bored. Frank has breed a disgusting group of commentators and uses their hate speech to increase views. I am continuously appalled more by the narrow minded commentators than by the actions of the febble minded cultists this blog used to be about.

          • Here, here! Shadow is every bit a hoodwinked cultist as the members of DOS. I wonder if he has a Trump branding on his pelvis?

          • The comment about Chinese people is racist. So is the comment about non-white immigrants. You can add to that pile the rampant sexism that manifests in the comments about the women’s looks, bodies, weight, reproductive status, sex lives, etc. I’m grateful this site existed at a time when few were talking about the story. And I’m grateful it still exists so that, for example, it was hard for a gubernatorial candidate to get away with lying about past affiliations with the group. But it doesn’t help the narrative when many of the repeat commenters look as questionable as the diehard cultists.

        • ‘1 in 4 voters were immigrants or children of immigrants who should not even be in the country.’

          Just like the UK: the overwhelming majority of your population is immigrant. Historically and actually. All that view suggests is that you come from a prior group of immigrants who feels to pull up the very same drawbridge that allowed you your sense and right of belonging to a homeland. The only differential is time.

          All life gifted with legs and wings: move. All over the place. Only some of us behave like fruits that have not fallen too far from the tree. Cut your pettyfogging grievance with ‘liberals’ it makes no more tangible sense than the rest of our deranged and maniacal global political discourse.

          I concentrate on loving my neighbour even with the 6am on a sunday morning power-washing of three by now pristine front steps. F*ck the government and all its attendant ideologies. School the half-wit in YOURSELF.

        • –1 in 4 voters were immigrants or children of immigrants who should not even be in the country.–

          T-Rump married two immigrants. Four of his kids are children of immigrants. T-Rump’s father was a child of immigrants.

  • Who is Bangkok? I dont mean what’s their name — I mean, who are they relative to NXIVM, and why should we believe anything from someone who wont tell us who they are?

  • I have spoken to two highly-placed, confidential sources who tell me that the failure of the judge to allow Lauren Salzman to be cross-examined is practically GUARANTEED GROUNDS for a reversal of Keith’s convictions.

    Well, Bangcock, if that’s how you described the situation to your “two highly-placed confidential sources”, they may well have responded as you reported.

    But, of course, that’s not what really happened at the trial.

    Judge Garaufis did not prevent Marc Agnifilo from cross-examining Lauren Salzman. To the contrary, he let him cross-examine her for quite some time before he told him to stop badgering her on a particular point — and to move on to another topic.

    When Agnifilo persisted, the judge called a halt to the proceedings for the day.

    The next morning Agnifilo began the day’s proceedings by making a motion for a mistrial — which was quickly denied by Judge Garaufis. At that point, Agnifilo could have asked to resume his cross-examination of Lauren — but he failed to do so (She was still there — and available to re-take the stand).

    Sorry to burst your attempt to impress everyone with your “inside information” on the fate of Keith Raniere. Looks like you’re back with the same degree of bluster and buffoonery that led you to insist that the COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax — and that the disease was really no worst than the flu (Since the death rate in the U.S. for 2020 was 16% higher than it was in 2019, it appears that you were just a little bit off on that issue too).

    • And of course, “highly placed” people always risk their livelihood on a whim gossiping about court cases to random people who then blab to blogs. Especially if it is “confidential”. Then they will guarantee appeal outcomes. Because that is totally legal and highly probable it happened.

      I am pretty sure this post is a joke.

    • Thank you, Claviger. You saved me the time of having to list citations stating that judges are permitted to limit the scope and duration of cross-examinations. if the questions are repetitive, a judge is permitted to stop the cross. This is not a rare action for a judge to take, as Bangkok claims.

      Also, as you said, Lauren was cross-examined for hours and Garaufis stopped it at the very end of the day. Further, she answered Agnifilo’s questions about her intent numerous times before it was stopped. I can’t see anything more that Agnifilo could have gotten her to say. He just didn’t like her answers so he badgered her with the same question over and over.

      And, even if the appellate court were to find error by the judge, it would be harmless error given the other overwhelming evidence of Raniere’s guilt. Lauren played a big role but there was very, very strong evidence presented through the other witnesses’ testimony, audio recordings, emails, and texts.

      In sum, Raniere will not win his appeal.

      And, if, in some alternate universe, his conviction was reversed, the government would most likely try him again and have access to additional compelling witnesses. And, contrary to Bangkok’s contention, witnesses do come back, years after the first trial. Especially in a case like this where so much harm was done to so many. And, if they do offer him a plea, it would be far greater than six years. Probably much closer to the sixteen they initially offered him.

      So, Bangkok, you might want to check the credentials of your two sources. From my position and knowledge, they have no idea what they are talking about.

      Claviger is on point.

    • He was only off by 16% for 2020. For Bangcok, that’s a bull’s eye for someone who otherwise misses his targets by much more.

  • Should there even be a retrial, it is common practice to use the sworn testimony of witnesses from past trials or hearings if the opposing side had the opportunity to cross examine the witness, and if the witness becomes unavailable. “Unavailable” can mean everything from the witness not being found, to the witness refusing to testify, to something in between. Bangkok cries wolf for all but maybe Lauren Salzman, and even there the standard is the toughest to overturn on appeal: abuse of discretion. Courts are given wide latitude in how they run their courtrooms, including admission of evidence, and allowing or stopping a witness from testifying falls under admission of evidence. I anticipate that KAR will be in custody for the rest of his life.

    • At least one competent person with relevant experience has spoken articulately (above). As this all amounts to rumor and conjecture at this time, which is moot. Other than doing the obvious, stirring the pot and translating into click bait. I’m with RAA above, and will believe it when I see it. Which is unlikely.

  • I like how Bangkok trims down a 120 years sentence to 6! It takes him less than having a slice of strawberry cheese cake!

    Such talent! I’d start up a church of some kind if I were you, Bangkok! You know it’s a tax free business and you’re SO good at doing that work, i.e. talking.

    We’ve already heard Claviger had to sit for his Bar exam 7.5 times before he failed it again, but it’s always useful to remember salient points.

  • Mexican contacts are already acting. Raniere will not serve the full sentence. He will leave much earlier and will go to live in Mexico.

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