Further Debate on Impact of Judge Halting Lauren Salzman’s Cross-Examination on Raniere’s Chances on Appeal

Keith Raniere and Lauren Salzman.

Bangkok’s post, Bangkok: Keith Raniere May Be Free by 2023 – Here’s Why, has prompted some excellent rebuttals and a reiteration by Bangkok himself. Since this is an interesting topic for Frank Report readers, let us hear the opinions of Frank Report’s legal correspondent, K.R. Claviger – and of another erudite commenter, Sherizzy, who argue that the halting of Lauren Salzman’s cross-examination is not going to result in a reversal of Keith Raniere’s conviction. And one more shot by Bangkok for the defense.


By K.R. Claviger

Bangcock wrote in his post “I have spoken to two highly-placed, confidential sources who tell me that the failure of the judge to allow Lauren Salzman to be cross-examined is practically GUARANTEED GROUNDS for a reversal of Keith’s convictions.”

Well, Bangcock, if that’s how you described the situation to your “two highly-placed confidential sources”, they may well have responded as you reported.

But, of course, that’s not what really happened at the trial.

Judge Garaufis did not prevent Marc Agnifilo from cross-examining Lauren Salzman. To the contrary, he let him cross-examine her for quite some time before he told him to stop badgering her on a particular point — and to move on to another topic.

When Agnifilo persisted, the judge called a halt to the proceedings for the day.

Marc Agnifilo leaves court after a grueling day of testimony in the trial of Keith Raniere.

The next morning Agnifilo began the day’s proceedings by making a motion for a mistrial — which was quickly denied by Judge Garaufis. At that point, Agnifilo could have asked to resume his cross-examination of Lauren — but he failed to do so. She was still there — and available to re-take the stand.

Sorry to burst your attempt to impress everyone with your “inside information” on the fate of Keith Raniere. Looks like you’re back with the same degree of bluster and buffoonery that led you to insist that the COVID-19 pandemic was a hoax — and that the disease was really no worse than the flu (Since the death rate in the U.S. for 2020 was 16% higher than it was in 2019, it appears that you were just a little bit off on that issue too).

Lauren Salzman. Her nickname was Forlorn.

By Bangkok

Just wanna reiterate that Lauren was such a central and ‘star’ witness against Keith —– that the termination of her cross-examination was simply too big of an error for the appeals court to let slide.

It’s not a matter of ‘IF’ Keith’s convictions will be reversed.

It’s really a matter of ‘WHEN’.

They will be reversed.

The EDNY will not hold another trial because it would be an even bigger media-spectacle event than the first one.

…And even if they did hold a 2nd trial, the witnesses are now tainted and/or not obligated to perform for the EDNY. Keith’s top notch attorneys would pounce on them —– so these witnesses likely won’t wanna return to NY to testify again.

I want everybody on FrankReport to prepare for the fact that Keith Raniere will likely be among us soon.

Keith will likely be free soon.

Contemplate it. Prepare for it. Accept it.

Don’t blame the messenger and hate me for simply stating the truth. You haters.

I don’t like Keith either —– but I’m not gonna drink Claviger’s false Kool-Aid.

The judge fucked up bigtime and his TON of ‘elephant shit’ can’t be swept under the rug.

It simply stinks to high heaven.

Does anybody here REALLY expect the appeals court to ignore this container full of rancid Rhino dung?

We may not like Keith, but his ‘rights’ were violated the moment the judge put Lauren’s personal feelings ABOVE Keith’s freedom and his right to confront every witness against him.

Keith was on trial for HIS LIFE, his freedom. Therefore, simply seeing a woman ‘cry’ should not supersede the FREEDOM of the person being tried.

The LIFE and LIBERTY of any defendant should always supersede the personal feelings of a crying witness.

Have a nice day.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis

By Sherizzy

Thank you, Claviger. You saved me the time of having to list citations stating that judges are permitted to limit the scope and duration of cross-examinations. If the questions are repetitive, a judge is permitted to stop the cross. This is not a rare action for a judge to take, as Bangkok claims.

Also, as you said, Lauren Salzman was cross-examined for hours and Judge Garaufis stopped it at the very end of the day. Further, she answered Agnifilo’s questions about her intent numerous times before it was stopped. I can’t see anything more that Agnifilo could have gotten her to say. He just didn’t like her answers so he badgered her with the same question over and over.

And, even if the appellate court were to find error by the judge, it would be harmless error given the other overwhelming evidence of Keith Raniere’s guilt. Lauren played a big role but there was very, very strong evidence presented through the other witnesses’ testimony, audio recordings, emails, and texts.

In sum, Raniere will not win his appeal.

And, if, in some alternate universe, his conviction was reversed, the government would most likely try him again and have access to additional compelling witnesses. And, contrary to Bangkok’s contention, witnesses do come back, years after the first trial. Especially in a case like this where so much harm was done to so many. And, if they do offer him a plea, it would be far greater than six years. Probably much closer to the sixteen years they initially offered him.

So, Bangkok, you might want to check the credentials of your two sources. From my position and knowledge, they have no idea what they are talking about.

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  • I agree with the lawyer: it was not stopped and it could have resumed. I don’t think they have any chance.

    I don’t agree that helps KR. Lawyers take decisions all the time: e.g., I have asked enough questions, or further cross-examination might mean my client looks bad – that’s just normal, part of the cut and thrust of it all.

  • Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers are appealing his rape conviction. There were several irregularities in his trial prejudicial to the defense, such as allowing testimony from one of his old alleged victims even though the statute of limitations had long passed.

    Weinstein has a much better chance at winning an appeal than has Raniere. Still I place Weinstein’s chances as slim to zero. It will be interesting to follow the case though.

  • Our resident legal turd, Mr. Claviger, has just made a strong point for Keith reversing his conviction in a post conviction appeal (2nd appeal) for “ineffective assistance of counsel”.

    Duh, Claviger.

    In a separate post —– Mr. Claviger has implied that Keith’s attorney was EXTREMELY ‘ineffective’ for failing to call Lauren back to the witness stand the next day.

    I happen to agree with that assessment.

    This means that Keith has two solid appeal chances, not just one.

    Firstly, Keith gets a ‘direct’ appeal (1st appeal) where he can argue that the judge fucked up by cutting off the cross-examination.

    Secondly, Keith also gets a post-conviction appeal (2nd appeal) where he can argue that his attorney was ‘ineffective’ by FAILING to do something so BASIC as to call Lauren back to the witness stand the next day.

    Mr. Claviger has just implied that even a DUNCE attorney would have attempted to call Lauren back to the witness stand the next day.

    Yet Keith’s attorney didn’t do that. That’s the TEXTBOOK DEFINITION of ‘ineffective assistance of counsel’.

    I’d also like to respond to Claviger’s left wing claims about people believing the virus was a ‘hoax’…

    Dudes…. Kung-Flu was never considered a hoax by anybody.

    It can kill very old & very sick people in higher percentages. Nobody has ever believed otherwise.

    The ‘hoax’ was having the media make everybody believe that it’s killing ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ people in HIGH ENOUGH PERCENTAGES that everybody should be shitting their pants with fear of death, LOL.

    That just isn’t happening.

    Yes, there are a FEW younger & healthy people (outliers) who die from Kung-Flu.

    Just like there are a FEW people (outliers) who suffer serious medical problems from a vaccine injection.

    But it’s not the norm.

    There’s no reason to fear ‘death’ from the virus IF you’re not above 70 and don’t have major health issues.

    Yes, you could get sick and die from Kung-Flu even if you’re younger. But the chances are VERY SMALL.

    Just like you could get sick or die from the vaccine injection, but the chances are VERY SMALL for that too.

    It’s not something to fear. I fear no virus. I fear no vaccine. I am free.

    Claviger is an old geezer who’s terrified he’ll die. What a pussy. 🙂

    • What magic questions would have gotten Lauren to speak to Keith’s innocence? Maybe she wasn’t called back to the stand because she was hurting Keith, and the defense saw no benefit in peppering her with more questions.

      Agnifilo – “Hey Vanguard – here’s an idea. You know that chick that stuck the dagger in our defense, and made you cry yourself to sleep last night? Let’s call her back to the stand, and see what we can get her to say! I’ll start the questioning with THANK YOU LAUREN. MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!”

      Keith -“Nah. I’m good.”

  • Really Amazed! KAR is in Federal Prison and some want him out. The Judge had a decision as the witness succumbed to a relentless defense attorney inadvertently demonstrating her remorse for participating in his scheme to establish a young, well-trained group of sex slaves devoted and branded with his initials with her biological mother, and he is going to get out? Because she broke down on the stand.

    Dream World!

  • Re Lauren Salzman Up Top Photo:

    Frank, thank you so much for posting, yet another, extremely rare photo of Lauren Salzman looking her best. At this time, I know the Frank Report’s most “cherished” young-adult, Bangkok, is haRD-at-wOrk studying her photo.

  • Good grief!!!

    When was it ever such a problem to be a human?

    From my basic understanding, Lauren became emotional on the stand and the judge allowed some time for her to regain her composure.

    The defense never even bothered to call her again.

    And? There was never even really a defense at all.

  • It could be time to admit something here.
    Before encountering Frank Parlato in print, I have always loved many Franks. Not just Toms, Jerrys, Dicks and Harrys! I even had Bob for an uncle and Punky for an auntie. There has always been incredible entertainment. Birth itself is highly entertaining.

    Our biggest cat was already about 3 years old, before Avenatti caused Frank Parlato to provoke my interest.

    Our huge frankie cat’s name is Frankincense, but he’s always been called Frankie. His brother, Myrrh, is called Mario. Their mama is our oldest cat, but she has no recollection that these two pains in her ass are her sons.

    Today Frankie got furious when the automatic sprinklers came on and ruined his snooze out in some BIG BUSHES.

    Hearing the uproar, like dear Judge Garaufis, to the expediency and to the maintenanc of the very firmament of the Court, I arose, opened a door, and that
    took care of the matter.

    Frankie was soaked, too. Just like Lauren Schmaltzman was all wet, when she was excused, for the second time, from further questioning by Agnifilo.

    Amnesiacs with certain agendas seem to overlook the fact that Agnifilo had just been warned before by Judge Garaufis to cease his line and his tone of questioning.

    Agnifilo chose not to comply and continued. He got his just desserts, despite being too hefty to merit another stuffing. His career could be Uber. Twat d’ya think? u no eye kid.

    If anybody wants to wail about anything, send for a B harp. Blow one. There’s a healer is in the great American amalgamation that we all call the blues. Shake shake shake that thang now. No tomorrowland need obtrude. Fly now.

    Thank you for backing artists and for bringing back more of their splendid renditions, so tweaked with glowing surrealistic realities. I love all of this dynamite. Stretchiness is such a passion.

  • What we are forgetting here is that under the Constitution every defendant has the right either personally or through his attorney to cross examine prosecution witnesses.
    It is in the Sixth Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

    Just because Raniere might be a reprehensible person who might have committed illegal acts does not mean that a judge should cut off his right to cross examine the key witness against him.
    Because the stakes are so high with Raniere facing a potentially life sentence means he should be given full use of his Constitutional rights.

    Are Constitutional rights so flimsy that they can be disregarded on the whim of a judge.
    Lots of witnesses have emotional problems while testifying.
    Victims of rape have emotional issues while testifying against their alleged rapists.
    Nevertheless those emotional issues do not allow the defendants in rape cases to be denied the right to cross examine the victims.

    In the Raniere case the judge could easily have rescheduled the testimony for the next day when the witness had time to regain her composure.
    Why the rush?
    After Raniere’s conviction it was about 15 months before he was sentenced.

    • It’s not the judge’s role to call witnesses. If Agnifilo wanted to continue cross-examining Lauren the next morning, he could have called her back to the witness stand — which he did not do.

      As for the delay in Keith getting sentenced, you have heard about this COVID-19 pandemic thing, right? Or do you, like your buddy Bangkok, think that’s all just a governmental scam? Besides, Keith got full credit for every day he spent at MDC before he got sentenced.

      PS: Since you’re apparently of like minds when it comes to how unfairly Keith was treated during his trial– and since you have so much time to write comments on this blog — you should get in touch with Suneel and see if you can help him with his 40 treatises about that topic. I think we’ve been waiting on those for a few months now.

      • What you just commented, again and again, seems to still not be understood by many. I wonder how come. I understood it the first time.

        • People who don’t want to believe reality ignore facts all the time — especially if those facts interfere with their agenda.

        • Anonymous 1:40pm,

          —What you just commented, again and again, seems to still not be understood by many.

          Now you know what the kids in remedial classes are like. They’re all Bangkoks and Johnsons 24/7.

          …And Claviger is the remedial room Special Education Teacher. It’s amazing Claviger has such patience.


      • “As for the delay in Keith getting sentenced, you have heard about this COVID-19 pandemic thing, right? Or do you, like your buddy Bangkok, think that’s all just a governmental scam?”

        “The vaccine is perfectly safe.” Anthony Fauci
        What do you say to music producer who took the vaccine and now has Bell’s Palsy?

        Senator Rand Paul, an ophthalmologist who has operated on patients, has noted how Anthony Fauci moves the goal posts.

        Fifteen days to mitigate damages.
        Thirty days to crush the virus.
        Six months to turn the corner.
        A long, dark winter.
        2022 at the earliest.

        Or how about this sequence:

        60% for herd immunity.
        70% for herd immunity
        75% for herd immunity.
        80% for herd immunity.

        Or here’s my favorite Fauci song and dance:

        Masks don’t work.
        Wear a mask.
        Two masks are better than one.

        As for Suneel I believe Nicki, the female Perry Mason, has a good chart.

        If the Feds wanted to nail Raniere with child sex trafficking they should file formal charges and have him defend himself.

        • —The vaccine is perfectly safe. Anthony Fauci What do you say to music producer who took the vaccine and now has Bell’s Palsy?

          If the vaccine is so dangerous….why did Trump and Giuliani receive the vaccine?

          Come on, Shadowstate, be a man and answer the question!!!

          • Pointing to the “exception” and arguing that it’s the “norm” is a classic tactic of those who try to perpetuate conspiracy theories.

            As of April 6th, the U.S. has administered more than 167 million doses and fully vaccinated over 62.4 million people (18.8% of our total population) — and Shadowstate and his ilk are still trying to convince people that the vaccines are unsafe because a few people have had adverse reactions. My guess is that more people have similar adverse reactions to aspirin — so I guess we should ban that too!

  • Its obvious that Raniere was a pedophile.

    And i suspect the same thing that fionna barnett concludes, Nxivm was mk ultra and a pedophile network. The worse crimes where never judge, like the snuff videos or the pedophilia, we know that Cafritz was at least a child pimp and a baby killer, for the abortions she orquestaded.

    Lauren was very Direct, she confessed somethings but save Emiliano ass or rosa Laura virginityz which is fun because she offered her own daughter to Raniere, so It really dosnt Matter if she was sleeping with Raniere.

    I Belive that Lauren made some deals, you confess we act like if these was a cookie group and everyone Happy, lets not Talk about the satanic luciferian aspect, lest not.investugate deeper into the suspicious deaths or the posible child víctims. Emiliano confessed that he knew about dos and that he and his sister knew about a woman that well kids, but american goverment dont move a finger.

    What people dont know is that all the time these things got covered, the elite have no interest in having a satanic pedophile cult full of celebrities, polititians and even royalty . Why? Because if people.see the past a lott of things cover sense, like the hautte de la garenne or dutroux scandal.

    And in the future what happens the Next time that someone comes with the acusations of Hillary Clinton ripping the skin of a little girl on camera? Clinton is toast in every posible way in these things, and everyone can look the other way, act normal , but there are a lott of children in cages being tortured , today , in these second

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