One of the NXIVM 9: Our famous resignation letter has resurrected with new lies

Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and Prefect [Nancy Salzman] during a happier time, when the two were working in tandem to teach the world a new visionary method of critical thinking they called Rational Inquiry. But for the irrational pecker of the founder, and a cauterizing pen, they might be still doing so today,

Guest View by One Who Was There:

This is someone who has known Clare and many of us who left. You are wise to open your ears and eyes to all the data. When I left, no one spoke to me again unless they were leaving. Some of my very good friends never even asked me what happened.

Keith launched a story that we…nine of us… were trying to “extort money In fact, Clare claimed we were trying to extort it from her and tried to get law enforcement in both Saratoga and Albany to bring charges against us. They wanted nothing to do with her charade because it was obvious to them we were trying to get money that was owed to us …borrowed by Keith or owed for work/commissions.

Just to clarify… We asked Kieth and Nancy for the money we were owed … no one else.. trying to spare Keith the embarrassment that public knowledge of his massive loan might bring. Clare was then conveniently put on the board of Directors the next month. Then she claimed she received an extortion demand.  Liar liar pants on fire!

Interestingly, our famous resignation letter has been resurrected once again. Now we have Emilliano claiming that the very same people are working with the latest group of “unhappy customers” to shed poor light on NXIVM and extort money from him… yes… this almost nine year old letter linking people who haven’t spoken to or even met each other.

Care and Emilliano are both liars.

Worse than that, Keith has built an empire of cruel, inhumane, unethical robots who continue to lie and slander good people. People who want to move on become casualties of the mission and Keith’s ego.

I hope some of my old friends will have the courage to leave and call me.

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one who was there
one who was there
5 years ago


What began as a few comments to other posts on this blog as one who was there has spawned a vicious and unfair attack on Barbara Bouchey by Susan Dones and others. Susan has not only authored several lengthy insulting comments, a brand new story blaming Barbara for my words, imported new things I never said but also… spent considerable time and energy to copy / paste the negative comments into the more recent positive posts Frank wrote about Barb.

It is not only hateful and disturbing but makes it necessary for me “out myself.” I will be addressing my few comments and several of Susan’s with attempts to clear up any confusion that either she or the reader may have. FYI…I was enjoying anonymity… as I have been lied about in court filings and harassed by Nxivm in the past.

Points of clarification….
1. The comment was to a posting on Dec. 17th by “A woman from the inside tears apart Clare’s note of support of Raniere.” Frank reposted my comment the next day under a new heading “One of the Nxivm 9: Our famous resignation letter has resurrected with new lies”… which I was unaware of and was not my intention. In a nutshell, this woman on the inside is calling Clare out on “lying” in her letter to 20/20 producers. My comment was from personal experience and things already on public record anyhow….so I fail to understand Susan’s comments about the “harm to others and getting us dragged into court”.

2. Susan has likened my style of writing to Barbara. She would not know my style as she has never seen it. I can assure you that Barbara has never asked me to post anything on her behalf and does not choose to do so herself for reasons that Susan and others are well aware of…
The Bronfman sisters have a pending lawsuit against Frank Parlato… in which Barbara was their financial planner. Not only has she been accused of colluding with adversaries against Nxivm in their other lawsuits (i.e. Plyams, Ross, O’Hara, Dones)… but has also weathered previous attempts by the Bronfmans to have her business licenses removed. She is likely to be deposed again in this case and has decided against the risk of being involved with frank and this blog in any form…which can be verified by Frank.

3. My comment to the Dec 17th post began with “ This is someone who has known Clare and many of us who left” – in reference to the author of the post. Susan’s subsequent reference to Barbara knowing Clare best is irrelevant.

4. I made statements on this post…as I do have an experience of Clare lying about me in court filings regarding our resignation letter (which frank has posted on the blog and exists in several court filings) and claims of extortion (which are also of public record by both Nxivm and Clare and more recently by Alex Betancourt and Emiliano Salinas). We all know this is ridiculous and have to question how my repeating any of it will cause harm.
I do, however, recognize what Susan is engaged in as a destructive campaign to discredit Barbara in the public eye. Quite frankly, this is right out of Nxivm’s playbook….like labeling people as suppressive to discredit and further abuse them…this is obvious and intentional harm.

I am saddens me to have been dragged into this cruel vendetta against Barbara and I would stand by any of the Nxivm 9 who were being falsely accused or slandered. I have always been proud of everyone one of us for questioning Keith about what we didn’t agree with and severing our relationship to Nxivm when we realized that his conduct and that of the leadership did not match our values. I felt it an honor to stand with these woman.
I remain supportive of anyone who has been victimized by this gang, and will continue to be truthfull and honest about everything that occurred
Thanks for listening,
Angela Ucci

Barbara Own Your Post
Barbara Own Your Post
5 years ago

OK, whoever put this post up, there are some of us that know Barbara really well and she is the one that writes with the (… in between words…). I have email and text that show this writing style. You state that Barbara will not post on the blog… some of us know that is a half truth.

There are us that know she writes or tells others things to write than has them post for her or to send to Frank for her so your not fooling us with Barbara doesn’t post on the blog. She just does the Raniere foam of posting, she gets others to do it for her so she can have “clean hands”.

Barbara would easily recalls who was sent what letters. I don’t even have that information, I don’t have the two different letters.

Barbara recalls the “massive loan”, it was her massive loan to Raniere and she had asked other students to also lend Raniere money that she personally signed for.

Barbara refers to Raniere by his first name, Keith (he was her lover for years). I call him Raniere.

Clare in one of her lawsuits against Barbara did claim that Barbara tried to extort money from her showing the resignation letter to the board. BINGO, Barbara had to have a hand in writing this post. NXIVM tried to do this in my case, not Clare.

This post was from one of the 9 people who left, the title and the content of the post are a give away. It wasn’t me, Susan, I own my work on the blog.

I know most of the other women who left with me didn’t know Clare Bronfman very well.

I would hate to see the other seven women get dragged into a court case because Barbara (or whoever wrote this) doesn’t have the gut to speak for herself

If your going to write something that is so easy to pinpoint a small group of people, own it or you harm everyone involved. That is the ethical thing to do.

5 years ago

I payed a % for courses I did not take because always something happened and the payments where never returned, when I asked for them to be passed for an intensive their excuse was that it was a different company and that it could not be done…. they are the thiefs! Try to post something on your own media and then you will see what extortion is all about. Stay quiet and live a happy life, that is what its all about…. with fear for the most ethical people in the world building an ethical world, speak out and die!

one who was there
one who was there
5 years ago

This post was a comment to the woman’s post who was calling Clare out on the lies in her media statement.It began with a statement about her seeming to know Clare well . I happen to know that Barbara will not post on the blog as she has been accused of that in Nxivm lawyers before. It is not the platform she chooses. Yes, she did get us the meeting with Keith and did bring us together, so she was essentially..our leader.

5 years ago

Since Susan owns her post this could only be written by Barbara Bouchey. Bouchey knew Clare Bronfman the best out of the NXIVM 9, she was the Bronfman’s financial planner, she was a NXIVM insider being one of Raniere’s lovers for years and was on NXIVM Board for years.
Why would she just not sign her post?

To the nxiters and expians from the sidelines as an outsider
To the nxiters and expians from the sidelines as an outsider
5 years ago

Time to band together go on the offensive and file a class action lawsuit against these fools if one hasn’t begun already.Perhaps peter skolnick would consider the case or advise if someone willing to handle

5 years ago

I was one of the 9 who left and I had not talked to Toni from Mexico since he left NXIVM about 2006, nor I have talked with him since.

NXIVM claimed I attempted to extort money from them but no law enforcement has ever come after me and it’s now almost 2018.

I only know one ex-DOS member that I know of Sarah Edmondson and I’ve only talked to her after she left about her leaving. Never once did we plot against NXIVM to destroy them. Keith is doing a pretty good job himself of that.

These charges are as Edgar Boone would say “Bull Shit”.

Filing false charges is a crime and what Keith, EMI and Alex are doing is a criminal conspiracy.

5 years ago

I can attest that I am one of the latest people who has been falsely accused by these sickening liars and added to the list of their phony extortion claims – along with the New York Times – I have never met any of the original 9 – I hadn’t even heard of ESP in 2009. Furthermore those charges were dismissed in the USA, so how frigging stupid to resurrect them in Mexico? God, I pray these criminals are exposed. And SOON.

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