Reddit on Raniere refers to frankreport

Some of those who post on Reddit about Raniere have noted the frankreport.

Daily the traffic to the frankreport increases thanks to people who refer it to others online and by word of mouth.

Reddit in effect shut down the NXiVM subreddit but there is a recent post under this reddit

Here is another sample:

Keith Raniere and NXIVM Cult Exposed by Dedicated Blog: Frank Report

submitted 5 days ago by cultmasta to /r/Albany

The Raniere cult is being exposed for the whole world to see. I think it’s important that our community do everything we can to support this.


Great site. The entire premise of NXIVM is so brilliant. “The reason you aren’t successful? Everyone else holding you back.” So simple, and so powerful. It’s what everyone wants to believe.

Just so you know, that bitcoin debacle a few months ago was just a troll. The good thing about it, though, was it got a lot of people informed about actual NXIVM.

I have not heard of this yet. Can I get a quick TlDr?



RIP your whole afternoon



Yeah, that’s some kind of crazy.

Sounds cool, maybe I’ll check it out


Here is another thread:


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Look up Keith Raniere and Nxivm. There’s a great expose from 2012 in the Albany NY paper. It talks all about the pedophilia. The articles won all kinds of awards.

All the NXIVM links you could ever want to see.

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