As one-year anniversary comes Tuesday, readers asked to submit names for March 26th, the day Vanguard was arrested

Keith Raniere sitting inside a Mexican police vehicle on March 26, 2018. It is our last known photograph of the Vanguard. Treasure it.

We have Vanguard Day – which is August 26 – the nativity day of Keith Alan Raniere.

And we have Vanguard Week – a 10-day celebration of his life, starting August 22, and lasting until August 31 – a “week” once filled with pomp and splendor, celebrated as it was on the beautiful Silver Bay Campus along the banks of Lake George in the Adirondacks of New York.

So what name shall we call the day hThe Vangiarde was arrested – March 26th.

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The last Vanguard Week held at the Silver Bay YMCA campus – a 600 acre site – was in 2017. It was canceled last year following the Vanguard’s arrest on March 26, 2018.

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How choice it was for Keith to appear on the evening of his birthday in Silver Bay to luxuriate in the company of his devotees, kissing women and girls on the lips to show his joy at their appearance. And romping, it is said, in his birthday suit, with his wood nymph-like female followers in the bush and thicket, and under the oak and maple on the pristine hillsides rising above Lake George.

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Speaking of names, there was Winter Fest in January, and in July, the Festival of Flowers,  coinciding with Nancy ‘Prefect’ Salzman’s birthday on July 16.

Allison Mack looks on as Keith Alan Raniere is arrested in Mexico on March 26, 2018.


Last year, on March 26th, in beautiful Puerto Vallarta – on a gorgeous sunny day, at a seaside villa in a luxurious gated community, near the white beaches of Bahia de Banderas in the warm and lovely Pacific  – the Mexican Federal Police came to collect our Vanguard and escort him to the nation of his birth – the United States of America, where willing agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Marshal’s Office were eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Once back in the States – which, by the singular efficiency of the Mexican police, happened to be the same day on which the Vanguard was apprehended and chauffeured from Mexico to the Texas border – the noble Vanguard was arrested on a US federal criminal complaint of sex trafficking and various other criminal charges, and handcuffed and placed in a secure federal holding center in Texas.

Since that glorious day, Vanguard has not had one moment of freedom. For most of the last 363 days, he has been residing in Brooklyn, New York, at the Metropolitan Detention Center where he has obtained numerous appellations from fellow residents, such as Crybaby Jane, Gushing Guru, Keith Manson, and Fuck Boy.

The 12 story building where Keith Alan Raniere currently resides.

Now ,the first anniversary of his incarceration is upon us – Tuesday, March 26, 2019 – it will be one whole year.

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Readers are asked to submit a good and memorable name for this date – March 26th – for us to celebrate what many believe to be the most joyous day of all for those who knew the Vanguard. A wondrous date that deserves a special name – for it was the day when Vanguard was removed from the run of regular human beings, the day he lost his freedom to terrorize, to manipulate women, to brand or blackmail them, to sue or file criminal complaints against  his enemies, and guide his followers’ destruction while pretending to be their life coach and guru – in other words, to be himself – and became instead, on that date, Federal Prisoner # 57005-177.

As Keith once said, “He who has the most joy, wins.”  We all won that day. Society won.

Viva Executive Success!

Please submit your ideas for names in the comments section.


Please note the release date.

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  • Get’m while their HOT folks!

    Allison Mack looks like a little girl in stature of maybe 19 or 20 years old in the photo of her taken in Mexico upon Raniere’s arrest. Guess that’s how Keith liked his women to look. And, to think their first reaction was for someone to find the car keys so the harem could chase after a Mexican police cruiser as it drove Jesus away. Were they all so actually so far gone mentally to expect to catch up to the police car and intervene and rescue Keith from the police?

    Would be curious to know where Nicki Clyne is working now.

  • VK DAY ! Victory over keith …..or….VICTORY KARMA DAY ……EITHER WAY keith’s POOCH IS SCREWED !

  • I’d suggest Parasite Day, using a term Raniere borrowed from Ayn Rand to accuse others of, and that in typical fashion for a hypocritical guru, actually applies to him quite well, probably more so than many of the people he lobbed it at.

    And, how about designating something like Feeble – antonym of intensive, another term NXIVM used, and an appropriate reference to Raniere’s failings – Week, consist of meeting up on a convenient day in the third week of August at the Lounge at Silver Lake (which I believe is open to the public) for coffee and snacks, and then proceeding to one of the real bars in nearby Bolton Landing to roast Vanguard in absentia. Ex-members and critics of Scientology have a number of such gatherings, so it would be fitting if NXIVM followed in the big cult’s footsteps in that regard, as well. Maybe at least one year, someone could organize a full blown high control group and cult education workshop that week, perhaps focusing on lessons learned from the NXIVM case, with Rick Ross as the featured guest speaker.

  • 57005-177 Day
    This day should be called his forever name – as of March 26, 2018, now and forever known only as prisoner 57005-177.
    #NoMoreVanguard #TruthForKristinSnyder

  • The day of tears. Or the day of a million sorrows. The day our hearts were broken. The day of sadness. The day we all died a little or a lot. The day of fear. The dark night of despair. The day when the earth stood still and bleak. The day when evil triumphed. The day when goodness died. But it will rise again. So it was the day of the Crucifixion of our Vanguard.

  • VD DAY

    Vanguard Death day. The end of Vanguard as we know him.

    Could also be fewer Venereal Diseases spread after this day

  • How about: Ultima VES

    In Spanish, the two words mean “last time or last occurrence”.

    Viva Executive Success (VES)

    • Pea, the Day of Infamy was when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

      FDR’s Day of Infamy Pearl Harbor Speech

      Pea: I hope that you and Allison use this experience to learn to respect the rights of others.
      No one has the right to enslave other human beings.
      And I wish that you and Allison use this expensive learning experience to understand that acting like Pimps and Gangsters is wrong.

      “The Arc of Justice is Long but it bends towards Justice and Freedom.”

      Peace on you, Pea.

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