The Scott and Flowers show —policing comments for rudeness takes time – but worth it

I resemble that remark

Warning – rude comments ahead.

There are still commenters who won’t go along with my experiment to try civility for a week.  They seem to be under an irresistible impulse to be rude.

It takes time to look at every comment and then decide which ones are insulting.  But I have it figured out now.

There seems to be basically two loci of shit storms – they surround Scott Johnson and Flowers.  I am not blaming either of them, but, since they are often rude to others, they attract rudeness and then it spreads.

Reading the comments, it looks like, if the rude comments are sequestered to their own little post [like this one], we can have a lot of fun.  Scott attacking other commenters and they hitting back and Flowers insulting others and getting tit for tat and then complaining about being attacked.

I like to think of Scott as masculine rudeness. He just goes out and insults everyone. He doesn’t claim to be a victim. He has a sort of strength in his nastiness.  Big brain. Small heart.

Flowers, on the other hand, covers the feminine version of being rude and insulting. She often claims to be a victim and expresses pain and sometimes compassionate insight, then at the next moment she lashes out at others – helping to keep insults flowing in her direction.

In their political views, Scott seems clearly Republican, while Flowers I believe is Canadian, and her sympathies seem to lie with the ideals of the American Democrats.  In the end, I assume both Flowers and Scott enjoy being rude and the back and forth with others being rude to them.


Let’s start with the man who is the pioneer of rudeness on the Frank Report. Don’t get me wrong. I like Scott and I certainly appreciate his intelligent comments – when he cares to make them – and I don’t take them down. Scott has had more than 2100 comments. Here are some that I deleted today:


Scott Johnson

In reply to Snorlax.

It’s probably because your brain hasn’t matured beyond junior high school.


In reply to Flowers.

As usual, it’s all about Flowers.


In reply to Mr. Mime.

You still do Pokemon, even after dropping out of junior high school? My radio show is completely over your head, you should try listening to the preschool version starting early next year.


In reply to wallywoo2.

It sounds like blah blah blah because of your lack of comprehension abilities.


In reply to LaLaLad.

They could be as uncaring about others as you are, that’s true. I have more credibility in my little pinky than you’ll ever have in your entire body, you are so clueless.


In reply to Heidi.

Thanks for your clueless comment as well.


In reply to wallywoo2.

Thanks for your clueless comment.


Naturally, Scott attracts a group of detractors, who are often clever and pretty funny.




Mr Mime

In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

I see you follow direction well, Scott. Tell me how AMWAY and MLM’s have taken control over Pokemon next, moron.


In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

One of the many reasons you failed at any type of marketing, and I’d wager holding down a long term job, is your lack of empathy and “walking in people’s shoes” you’re so goddamned fucking annoying and rude.


In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

Your age is showing, Scott. And elementary would be your radio show.



In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

Scott is back just doing his blah blah blah. Frank ask Scott to comment on post instead of readers unless he is going to have an intelligent debate. He is acting just like before you kicked his Amway butt of his soapbox.


Sorry serious readers of this blog, until Frank controls his little boy Scooter, I have to keep asking Frank to send Scotty back to his corner. He’s having another “Hey pay attention to me” days. Guess his wife and kids totally ignore the poor guy.



In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

“They didn’t respond, so I surmise they either weren’t interested or….”

..or maybe they have read this blog and know you have no credibility.



Blue Space Alien

ATTENTION ALL HUMANS: The entity known as Frank Parlato has turned over blog control to the entity known as Scott Johnson, aka “Scooter”, aka “Scotty Potty”. Once the entity known as “Scooter” took over control of this forum, he then locked Frank Parlato out of his former forum. “Scooter” will be your new overlord until the Council of the 5th Density manages to re-capture him and return him to the multi-level facility.


ATTENTION ALL HUMANS: The Council of the 5th Density has uncovered some interesting facts about the entity known to you as “Scotty Potty”, during our efforts to recapture him and return him to his multi-level enclosure. We have discovered that this entity was the original “NPC” (Non Playable Character) upon which all other NPCs were modeled. In case you are unfamiliar with NPCs, they are online bots that repeat random nonsense without any intelligent thought. In short, they are computer-generated bots created to affect social change by filling up online forums with non-sensical drivel. To gain an understanding of what a NPC is, compare the writings of the entity known as “Scotty Potty” here on this page, to the computer generated nonsense generated by this NPC:


Fake Scott Johnson

In reply to Questions.

Hey, you anonymous coward, I’m the one running the site now, not Frank.


In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

Also, the women you listed are MY slaves now and now wear my MY brand of “Ex-Amway”. LOL!


Flowers has actually been around longer than Scott and to date has more than 600 comments. Most of them are intelligent and add to the conversation. But lately her manner of insulting people seems to attract as much negativity as Scott.



– in reply to Heather

It’s Back to the future for you, McFly. … or maybe you really believed Heidi’s account of frozen Jimmy Durante sperm and Mexican bionic noses?  Poor Marty🤡🤓🤪


In reply to anonymous

But not funny coming from you ANONYMOUS, as you definitely are not a troll (in any of your identities)


n reply to Heather.

Excuse me Heather? You have no idea what I care about, or what I think, unless you’re now a mind-reader. And obviously you would fail at that ….badly….


In reply to Shlomo Finkelstein.

I’m not Scott, but hi to you, Shlomo aka Omar, the shit-slinging lawyer.

You’re the fuckwad who suddenly mentioned Whistler trips, and you’re the creep who quickly agreed that this retarded story must be real and that KK MUST be a criminal,…..oh BUT WAIT! Upon contemplation, maybe not. LMAO! Lawyer!?! No lawyer is that stupid “OMAR”.


In reply to TLWR.

Another loser who obviously does not know shit from shinola. Hey TLWR it is not logical to not checks facts before you post and keep looking like a total idiot.




In reply to Antwan.

Flowers doesn’t really care, she just wants to prove others wrong.


The problem with you Flowers is your laying in wait for me to post so you can go after me. You don’t seem to care what the subject matter is. Please stalk someone who appreciates you.



In reply to Heather.

Flowerpot could not care less about the truth. Quit wasting precious time with a fool.



In reply to Flowers

You must not read you own crap. Troll away delusional one


Reply was to the idiot hypocrite flowerpot


Flowerpot is example one of fictional bullshit


Shut the hell up flowerpot= lalalal land nut. Gary just took your crap and shoved them up your ass. Hope he didn’t hit your NXIVM brand scar on the way up.


I wasn’t sure which one to put Zeke in… Scott or Flowers


Obviously the rest. The stupid bitch is a product of Scooter’s vivid imagination. If you ever take time to read a Flowers=TLWR post you would realize it is Scooter Johnson as only he is that delusional


Now wasn’t that fun?  Or as one commenter, with the moniker TB, said, “I hope I aspire a counter culture because some of ya’ll are assholes.”

I hope he didn’t mean me.



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  • Everyone hears “blah blah blah blah blah” when Little Scotty talks because they’ve tuned out his verbal diarrhea.

  • In the past, certain critics of a particular person have been known to received unsolicited deliveries of thousands dollars of products from Amway. There was a repeating pattern of 1) Everyone was known as a critic of a certain person affiliated with Amway; 2) Everyone received Amway product deliveries that had been fraudulently placed in their own name; 3) Amway would provide proof of product orders, yet they were alll traced back to a certain location in Plano, Texas. It seems that a certain person had been using the Amway product order delivery system to harass his critics. Then, this person would cite the unwanted deliveries of Amway products as proof that Amway was engaging in unethical behavior. It was quite a cynical trick, and the easiest way to avoid unwanted product deliveries from Amway is to avoid this certain person.

  • I broke Word Press’ cultural laws by commenting too often. And I received a message as such.

    Final words – Get out of my town.

    • TB
      Do you have any personal experience in NXIVM or another cult?

      You seem familiar, especially because of the high volume of comments. You wouldn’t happen to be “Ditch Black”, using another new alias?

      • My vehicle is the funniest fucking vehicle that you ever laid eyes on, until I get out of it.

        Don’t ever reply to another one of my posts again

        • Do you have any personal experience with viagra and online penis-enlargers?

          Sure sounds like it.

          • Does your license plate read SPRMBANK or SPNKBANK?

            So what exactly does Scott’s cum taste like? Licorice or Crusty Twigs?

          • You sound like an expert in the field. Where did you learn this fine art of cum-tasting? Did you take a course, or is it first hand experience?

  • It’s unfortunate that replies to comments are rude. Learn the difference between a comment and an original thought and gain by clarifying it. If you come off as rude, try harder next time.

    Fact of the matter is that Amway makes some excellent detergent. It keeps the water, wetter if you don’t mind the science pun.

    Also, on the top of my mind is that while many express outrage here about this cult, you don’t see the damage left behind and how it compromised others in the community.

  • Interesting a blog dedicated to taking down a company-dedicated to psychological abuse, brings out comments from people with psychological issues.

  • Frank,

    the problem I have with your blog is the yellow press articles and the useless fights in the comment sections. The articles and comments which are related to NXIVM are in the minority by now.
    In science we call this signal-to-noice ratio, where the signal is the information you want to transmit and the noise is distracting artifacts. By putting up useless and most likely unrelated articles like those about Senator Gillibrand you weaken your own message. The connection between NXIVM and her is so weak, not even the GOP itself is playing this card. Only the tinfoil hats of some conspiracy theorists start to glow.
    Is that where you want the discussion about NXIVM to end? In a political cesspool filled with trolls, who throw insults at each other?

    What this leads to is a situation in which NXIVM leaders can rightly say that Mr Frank Parlato is not interested in fighting NXIVM and exposing their criminal activities, but running a smear campaign against groups of people with different political views and different ways to lead their lives.
    Exposing Keith Raniere and NXIVM is what brought you in this position and the leaders in jail in the first place. Do not throw that away for some clicks by alt-right users and Kristin Kreuk haters/defenders. Your job is too important.

    • Frank’s “job” when it comes to exposing NXIVM is essentially over, he told me as much several months ago. The Feds have moved in, started the indictment process, raided the facilities and have copious amounts of material, and are working through the legal/prosecution process. There will still be some small stories on the fringes to expose, but it’s time to move along, there is little of consequence to see when it comes to NXIVM until the trial. And the trial may never happen, they may settle.

    • The issue with Kirsten Gillibrand is directly related to the corruption that allowed Nxivm to thrive for years, those that took bribes, wether DAs, cops, attorneys, and politicians who ignored the danger signs and now pretend they never knew they were there in the first place. Without the Kirsten Gillibrands Nxivm would/could have been shut down years prior to branding etc… Albany became a Nxivm cesspool with nowhere for members wanting out to safely go.

      • Prosecution of crimes is not Sen Gillibrand’s job. She is in the part of the Senate, which is part of the legislative branch in the Constitution. Seeing NXIVM thriving was not due to too soft laws. It was due to the fact that the laws were not applied. This is something other people have to answer for. You named these people, but not by name.
        The courts and the DAs have to be held accountable for the decisions they made and they are supposed to make them without any sort of political influence. If they are not independent, they need to be replaced.
        The main issue is that some of these people are elected officials who need money to get into office in the first place. Guess who sponsors them? Mainly people who want their favors returned. If they pay manage to pay it from their own pockets they see it as an investment and need a certain return of investment as well. This counts for other positions as well.
        From my point of view this makes several high ranking officials bribable. The problem is that there is no person interested in going after corrupt officials, be it Senate, White House, DAs, Sheriffs or Presidents & VPs. The potential for misuse depends on the job they get, but it is frightening how much influence sponsoring has.

        • The White House seems very interested in going after corruption. Have you been paying REAL attention and not to the phony media. Gillibrand is a major part of the problem and may have had NXIVM connections. Since NXIVM has only recently come to the eyes of most, best to relax and let true justice take its course.

          • The White House seems very interested in going after corruption[…]

            That is actually a good one. Made me smile at least. You mean the president who hires lawyers to pay hush-money is going after corruption? Oh come on.

            Btw, basically all the people in the WH or Senate are part of the problem. They either invested own money or company money and the donators expect a return of investment. Even Trump uses it to make money by renting houses to the state and foreign governments. Don’t be that naive.

        • Aw another goofy leftist that is stuck in mama’s basement watching CNN Love the Trump attack on the corrupt democraps, globalist and their evil ilk

          He has put the United Nations on notice for their arrogant nonsense.
          He has and is exposing the national media for the leftist activism base it is.
          He has fought the self-tarnished media more effectively than any other.
          He has exposed the Democratic Party as corrupt, issueless, and powerless.
          He has exposed the fecklessness, and fraud of the GOP.
          He is quietly remaking the GOP from their own ashes.
          He has exposed the deep state to public view. And is just beginning.
          He is exposing the corruption of our bureaucracies by the Obama administration.
          He is exposing the insanity of the hard left, and their utter lack of decency.
          He has driven mad the constituency of #nevertrumpers on the right. Exposed.

        • One of Trump’s greatest accomplishment is bringing out into the open how corrupt the media has become. Until Trump most people believed in the honesty of those clowns. Now not so much.Only the willfully ignorant still believe in the media tooth fairy imitation.

          The most corrupt media are owned by wealthy family foundations. The same foundations which support climate change, open borders and a world government. Much like we have anti-monopoly laws, there should also be laws governing the non profit sector that prevents this kind of monopoly of ideas.

        • Yea let’s forget O-holes corrupt FBI and DOJ. But you loved him

          These FBI cunts were all over Trump, going so far as to use govt/intel resources to try to frame and destroy him, yet they looked the other way on Clinton influence peddling, money laundering, charity fraud, destruction of State Dept. emails, conducting govt work on private server, exposing classified info….

          **** you Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and other FBI conspirators. Same goes for DOJ conspirators, Clintons, and Obama and his goons Lynch, Rice, Power, and the rest. We paid your salaries and bene’s, and you fucked us, knowingly, willfully, criminally.

          Trump, you absolutely must make these people pay. Supporting rule of law in this manner would be one of your major accomplishments as POTUS.

          • Keep in mind that when the unredacted FISA warrants and 302’s are released it will show the criminality all the way up to the top of the Obama Administration. Also, Great Britain and Australia’s involvement as a significant colluding force, where espionage and treason will be at the forefront of the attempted coup against Trump, his campaign and the American people, this is not only a domestic conspiracy but foreign as well.

    • I agree with your sentiment,for the most part.

      I have thought before that I wish Frank flagged or categorized articles like this seperate from his main articles. I think some of these are actually productive and good for the overall discussion/debate on NXIVM… others are a side show that can be entertaing but sometimes just distracting from the severity of the topic at hand.

  • Frank,

    Why you need to repeat the insults, it just seems to bring out more.

    The question is what do you plan to do about those who have comments that have nothing to do about the post and why does someone need to post 15 comments on one thread that doesn’t even comment on the post itself?

    What action do you plan to take. You have said in the past if Scott said one more nasty comment he was out of here. Well he’s back and he has been nasty. Are you a man of your word or are you just going to let him continue to be offensive?

    If I wanted to read about MLM’s such as ones selling soap, I’d be visiting those pages. If I wanted to read one insult after another I’d visit HATE blogs

    Some poster are hateful or obnoxious that they bring out the worst in others. So why keep those that bring out the worst in others around and are mean spirited?

    It would end the infighting. Personally I don’t want to hear Scott go on and on about his issues with his soap company to get through the comment section. If he wasn’t around more than half the comments you posted here would be gone.

    This is a blog about NXIVM. If you want to make it about MLM scams that let your readers know so they can work together to do another blog about NXIVM. We have supported you all these years. Those that want to know about NXIVM wants to come here but you have control the trolls, obnoxious and haters.

    Some of us are just sick of having to wade through the BS you have allowed to get to someone who has something to say other than insults or continues to self promote their own agenda.

    Just block the IP addresses as several have asked you to

  • She is also shown repeatedly to be a liar. And I do disagree with frank that you have a big brain. That was too funny. It is every bit as small as your heart and your pecker for that matter. Never mind your ballsack…..that is non existent.

  • I do represent the quote at the top of this page. You can be confident that although I can debate anybody regarding MLM scams with half of my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair (thanks, Rush), my heart is similarly sized. Why else would I be educating others about MLM scams since 2005, when I learned of Amway’s tool scam?

  • Flowers, on the other hand, covers the feminine version of being rude and insulting. She often claims to be a victim and expresses pain and sometimes compassionate insight, then at the next moment she lashes out at others – helping to keep insults flowing in her direction.

    So true Frank. No wonder she was such an easy mark for NXIVM

      • I doubt flowers was Nxivm, I feel bad for her most of the time. There are many types of illness and at minimum she seems to have two personalities. The last thing I want is to fight with someone I don’t know and whom I would never be friends or enemies with in my world. All I ask is for her to leave me alone , I will gladly do the same for her.

        • Heather, YOU are the one who keeps mentioning ME, as you just did in your last comment,. Then , if I decide to reply back to your mean comment (and all your comments directed towards me are passive aggressively mean), then you cry bully.

          If you dont understand what I mean by the term passive aggressive, consider your last remark where you imply that I suffer from multiple personality disorder. That is a very rare disorder, Heather, and I definitely do not experience any symptoms of this disorder.

          I suggest you not try to diagnose people online Heather, especially people you’ve never met and whom you know nothing about.

          And if you dont want any responses from me, then dont make any comments directed at me. Pretty simple, right?

    • Sigh
      So I guess it’s ok for people on this blog to continually accuse others without any evidence at all? Why claim I was a NXIVM member, when I’ve said repeatedly that I never was? If I had been a member, I wouldn’t lie about it.

      The real question is why do you feel the need to lash out at me , Anonymous? Have I insulted you in any way? If so, feel free to provide the details of my “assault” against you.

  • Frank, you do realize that this doesn’t make ME look like the bad person, right?You should consider that one of the comments attributed to me was not even mine, and the one to Heather was actually to Marty (unless Marty is really Heather) …and since Marty insulted me first , I figured he was hoping for a response. Why else would he chose the name “Marty” if he didn’t expect a smartass remark?
    I admit to the mean comment to Omar , but I only wrote that because its so obvious that Omar has lied about a number of things….as I’m sure your aware.

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