Bangkok: Suttons Deserve Money, Mack Deserves Perdition, and Raniere Deserves to Win Appeal Based on ‘Ineffective Assistance of Counsel’

Keith Raniere and Allison Mack

Bangkok, who has recently returned to Frank Report after a much-needed sabbatical [for readers], has been most expressive recently. He has something to say about almost everything.  He is wroth with my report that the prosecution in the Keith Raniere case is recommending that the estate of Morris and Rochelle Sutton get about half of the $6 million in victim restitution funds. He is not wroth that out of 117 alleged victims, the Sutton family might get half the total pot of money. He is wroth that I reported it.

He is likewise perturbed that I have suggested that Allison Mack might deserve a modicum of mercy, annoyed that I do not denounce certain individuals seeking restitution, such as Barbara Bouchey and Toni Natalie, galled at my not supporting Tanya Hajjar to his satisfaction, and utterly and completely vexed that our distinguished legal correspondent, K.R. Claviger, disagrees with his assessment of Raniere’s chances at success on appeal.

In a word, Bangkok is aggravated at everything, and adheres faithfully to a saying learned as a child: “The more I complain, the longer God will let me live.”

By Bangkok

This is in response to the post, Government Wants Almost Half of $6 Million in NXIVM/Raniere Victim Restitution to Go to Suttons, a Family Worth [est.] $100 Million:

Kindly stop disrespecting the prosecutors, Frank. Tanya Hajjar is supposed to be your ally. You had no problem letting Toni Natalie (a known liar) ask the judge for a ton of money, without raising so much as a fucken PEEP.

Toni Natalie and Keith Raniere in happier days. Things grew unhappy when Toni found another man which Keith did not like. He sent her letters, and recordings of him playing the piano, to win her back. When that did not work, he stepped up his game and sent her a death chart, intervened in her bankruptcy, sued her, and tried to get her arrested.

Why? Because you’re trying to remain friendly with Neil Glazer. You’ve sold out your principles.

Also, Barb Bouchey asked for TONS of money even though she spent years assisting Keith to keep his ownership of certain money/assets hidden from the IRS.

Hint: If Barb Bouchey had followed IRS regulations (as his investment agent), she would have disclosed to the IRS that Keith had ownership of certain money/accounts/assets under her control.

The $1.5 million dollar ‘loan’ was a bogus loss. It was a ‘gift’ she gave to Keith —- because she LOVED him and worshipped him. He did not steal it from her. She gave it to her Vanguard.

My main point is that you have no problem with Irish Barb Bouchey asking the court for millions, even though she assisted Keith to do harm for many years.

BROOKLYN NY -October 27, 2020 –Toni Natalie and Barbara Bouchey celebrate with a hug the 120-year sentence of their former lover Keith Raniere.

You’re an asshole, Frank.

You’re guided by ‘bias’ and ‘friendship’ with these ex-NXIVM players.

Truth is, the Sutton family LOST that money for real.

The Sutton family actually LOST REAL MONEY equal to that amount [$2.8 million]  —– while the other alleged victims spent years helping Keith to perpetrate NXIVM misdeeds.

You’re not being objective, Frank.

Just like how you now view Allison Mack as a victim —– even though she’s never repudiated Keith even one time. You’ve never read her courtroom statement. It did NOT repudiate Keith. It used the word ‘misguided’ once and that was it. It didn’t even say that Keith was misguided, it said that SHE was misguided in following his teachings, without ever saying that his teachings were bad or repudiating them.

Yet, you’ve LIED to your readers by saying that Allison REPUDIATED Keith, LOL.

Keith Raniere seals, with a righteous kiss, his love for Allison Mack.

That’s not a repudiation. You’re not much of a journalist for lying to your readers.

The Suttons deserve that money cuz they actually LOST REAL MONEY and weren’t a party to NXIVM’s misdeeds, like the many other cretins who are now pretending to be victims.


In response to the post, Further Debate on Impact of Judge Halting Lauren Salzman’s Cross-Examination on Raniere’s Chances on Appeal, our resident legal turd, Mr. K.R. Claviger, has just made a strong point for Keith Raniere reversing his conviction in a post-conviction appeal (2nd appeal) for “ineffective assistance of counsel”.

Mr. Claviger wrote: Judge Garaufis did not prevent Marc Agnifilo from cross-examining Lauren Salzman. To the contrary, he let him cross-examine her for quite some time before he told him to stop badgering her on a particular point — and to move on to another topic.

When Agnifilo persisted, the judge called a halt to the proceedings for the day.

The next morning Agnifilo began the day’s proceedings by making a motion for a mistrial — which was quickly denied by Judge Garaufis. At that point, Agnifilo could have asked to resume his cross-examination of Lauren — but he failed to do so. She was still there — and available to re-take the stand.

Duh, Claviger.

Mr. Claviger has implied that Keith’s attorney was EXTREMELY ‘ineffective’ for failing to call Lauren back to the witness stand the next day. I happen to agree with that assessment.

This means that Keith has two solid appeal chances, not just one.

Marc Agnifilo

Firstly, Keith gets a ‘direct’ appeal (1st appeal) where he can argue that the judge fucked up by cutting off the cross-examination.

Secondly, Keith also gets a post-conviction appeal (2nd appeal) where he can argue that his attorney was ‘ineffective’ by FAILING to do something so BASIC as to call Lauren back to the witness stand the next day.

Mr. Claviger has just implied that even a DUNCE attorney would have attempted to call Lauren back to the witness stand the next day.

Yet Keith’s attorney didn’t do that. That’s the TEXTBOOK DEFINITION of ‘ineffective assistance of counsel’.


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  • Bangkok in his latest writing confused Joesph Sutton with Willie Sutton the famous Bank Robber.

    “A bank robber works hard and deserves a cut of the pie.”-Bangkok

    What is going on in his mind?

  • If I didn’t know better, I’d probably think that my esteemed colleague, Mr. Frank Parlato Jr., is purposely trying to make my comments sound like crazy drivel and blather —– by combining together unpopular comments, written about totally different topics, to make sure they look as out of context as possible.

    So I guess it’s a good thing I do know better. 🙂

    BTW: Even Shivani agreed that the Suttons deserve money —— and she’s 10 times smarter than Frank and Claviger combined.

    BTW: It’s irrelevant how much money a defense attorney is paid when evaluating an appeal about whether he was effective or not. The only thing the appeals court will evaluate is whether or not he made any egregious mistakes that fell below the standard of what a DUNCE attorney would have done.

    Even a DUNCE attorney would have made a motion to put Lauren back on the witness stand the next day. Game over. He’ll win that appeal if he loses his first appeal. Vanguard will be free soon. He’ll be among us. Deal with it, Frank.

    So UP YOURS, Frank. You company boy. You hater. It’s funny that you never talk about your own hypocrisy when reporting SELECTIVELY about certain people in NXIVM.

    I will pray that you drop dead of butt cancer by Christmas.

    See your doctor. I implore you. Get a butt checkup, cuz you’re gonna soon feel some lumps in your ass. Then we’ll see how much shit you talk.

    Have a good day.

  • Thanks for the Sunday night laughs, Frank!


    My favorite part of the article is when Bangkok demands a GoFundMe set up for Lauren Salzman. WTF is wrong with Bangkok.

    • Shadow-

      Did you ever read Brave New World?

      Philip Dick’s Minority Report is not nearly as good.

  • Bangkok knows a thing or two about this topic. That is because Bangkok is the disgraced former federal prosecutor, Dennis K. Burke, who was Clare Bronfman’s counsel until it surfaced in NXIVM court documents that Burke himself participated in NXIVM’s scheme to circumvent federal immigration laws, at which point Clare Bronfman fired Burke. With that in mind, NXIVM did not manage to effectively circumvent those immigration laws. Therefore, Burke’s assistance as counsel with matters both legal and illegal proved ineffective for the Cult. Dennis is definitely qualified to speak about “ineffective assistance of counsel.”

      • Yes..numerous types, some more convincing than others. Among those are digital prints demonstrating sophomoric attempts to conceal his identity in places you’d already suspect were him (simultaneous ipv4/v6 hits from Europe/Arizona from incomplete configurations, and other stuff outside the scope of this post). His leaky VPN packets have showed up in all kinds of places over the past few years. His fingerprints are on all kinds of documents he orchestrates through other people. He tends to be quite arrogant, overconfident, defiant in self-serving ways these days, so generally doesn’t let himself believe he could have ever been wrong about anything or made any mistakes covering his tracks. This applies to more than one area of his persona. It’s who he is at least at this stage of his life. What’s sad is, seems like somewhere deep down there was once a pretty decent guy behind the present tough-guy facade. People who knew him in High School in Arizona seem to remember him as a very solid friend in his younger years. Life has brought him to this bizarre place he finds himself now, arguably working somehow justifiably for the bad guys. Complicated stuff.

      • Frank, that’s my theory as well.

        Bangkok = Burke

        But what if Bangkok has been Burke all along? Or Mr. Apple?

  • I expect a covert effort to pardon Clare Bronfman and all the other NXIVM defendants.

    Enty Lawyer of website “Crazy Days and Nights” appeared on the Ed Opperman radio show and claimed Edgar Bronfman Junior, Clare’s half brother, has agreed to purchase much of Hunter Biden’s artwork.
    Is Hunter Biden the reincarnation of Michelangelo?

    Is Hunter Biden selling artwork or something else?

    Time-stamped transcript

    number one
    customer at that um gallery is edgar
    and from what i understand he’s already

    agreed to purchase whatever isn’t sold
    um so that way it looks like 100 sellout
    um so you know it’s it’s these kind of
    behind-the-scenes machinations that um
    intrigue me

    i wasn’t
    aware of the bronfman thing but that’s
    as hell as heck you might say you know

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