Sexologist Wants Everybody to Masturbate as Much as Monkeys and Even ‘Nice Guy’ Does

By Mary Fredericks

In response to my article Hebephilia? Underage Teens Advised to Masturbate, Sext and Watch Porn By ‘Expert’ at Healthy Teens Network, one of this website’s regular commenters, “Nice Guy,” wrote about his excessive need to masturbate.

Nice Guy wrote:

“Dear Mary Frederick- All men & young men crank it to women: Grandpas, coworkers, dads, brothers, sons, uncles, and all other male acquaintances, crank it all the time. My generation started-off with National Geographic and graduated to PlayBoy. Now we have the internet. When I was in college, I had sex with 3 different women in a 24hr period…..And guess what? I still cranked it.

“Men crank it!!!!! Get over it !!!!!! Move on!!! Get a f********g life!!!!! Maybe give it a try and you’ll be less stressed out. Sometimes I even do it to fall asleep. 😀”

Nice Guy may have partly missed the point of my article, which was about adults advising children to watch porn, sext and masturbate. But since he brought up his own private practices, I think it appropriate to respond that, traditionally, in our Judeo Christian society [as well as Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim societies] masturbation is not considered a beneficial practice.

I know of no religion that encourages it. In fact the old adage is that if you masturbate too much you will go blind. I think there is a lot of truth in this. I never thought the adage meant literally blind, but, rather, what the ancients meant, the old wise women and men who taught their children this, was that you will lose your inner or spiritual vision.

However, the old timers may not have known all.  An even older ancestor, evolutionarily  – monkeys and primates – masturbate frequently.


As a woman who has been married for 25 years, is monogamous, never cheated once on my husband, never even looked at another man, and never once masturbated during our entire marriage, I am extremely healthy, mentally and physically, and I pray, spiritually.

I raised two healthy children, one boy and one girl, both in college. We are affluent, and my husband and I earned our wealth through honest, hard work. We never took a government handout. We are devout Christians.

I cannot help but think that excessive masturbation will make people return to the mind and spirit of the primate. That’s my opinion. I force it on no one. Don’t force your opinions on me either. It is my settled personal belief that masturbation, especially if it is excessive, makes a person dull.

The concept of sex, and the energy it invokes, is best shared with another, as God intended – your spouse. That is my view. I think if a teen can, she or he should save themselves sexually for marriage.

Excesssive masturbators wind up lonely and dulll and irrelevant over time, I believe, because they lose their connection with the spirit and become excessively dependent on physical pleasure. They also habituate themselves to having that pleasure alone instead of sharing it. Sharing that energy with the right person might indeed be the very key to using it wisely. It does, after all, when used with the right person, have the power of God – the power of creation. A human life can be created by the combination of one male and one female in sexual union.

I am convinced that sexual energy should not be squandered and that many mental illness are caused by excessive masturbation and that many people who are in mental distress are chronic and excessive masturbators.

If young people were to save this vital and very potent energy for the right partner, true love would come to them, as God intended.  I think this is what the ancients believed and what they believed is embodied in the Bible, and the scriptures of other religions.

History shows that this may be true. Have you not seen from history that when unchastity comes to a society, it soons falls apart. Look at Rome or Greece as examples. This is the very lesson inculcated in the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

Of course, I don’t say I am an expert on everything. I could be wrong. Maybe masturbation will unlock the keys to some golden gate that will make a person more spiritual and wise.  It may be a path. So, in fairness to the opposite view, here is the view of a “sexologist” who wrote to me about her idea that constant mastubation – every day, even for half at an hour at a fingering – is just the remedy for much that seemingly ails a woman.

Introduction of Sexologist in Singapore

From Martha Tara Lee

I am a born and bred Singaporean Chinese who is a relationship counselor and clinical sexologist in practice for 11 years in Singapore. This is my profile
I am also the creator of the current Sugar and Spice virtual sex festival made up of all Asian faculty (runs for 2 weeks)
– It runs Aug 1 to 15
– 2nd run will be Nov 23 – 23
I am also organising a sex and disability virtual festival happening Oct 15 to 19. It will be made up of an international faculty (not just Asians).
I love to explore ways to highlight/ publicise these two festivals created with the aim of supporting more people during these trying times.
Clicking on one of the links – for her book on Orgasmic Yoga, I read:
“Orgasmic Yoga is an intimate way of stretching our capacity for pleasure. The premise is that an individual engages in solo sex or self-pleasuring for 30 minutes a day (with 30 days recommended as a suitable duration). Besides recommending 30 unique daily practices, this book will introduce you to seven tools to have a more ecstatic life: pelvic floor exercises, breath, sound, movement, touch, intention and fantasy. I was introduced to the term Orgasmic Yoga as part of my training towards a Certificate in Sexological Bodywork in 2008.
“Sexological Bodywork was offered as a separate course when I was pursuing my Doctorate in Human Sexuality at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.
“I was told that Sexological Bodywork would be profound and life changing. The practices would equip me with more tools to better support my future clients. That was all I needed to know to enroll. Indeed, Sexological Bodywork shifted a lot of things for me and changed my life. I was able to understand and appreciate through embodied practices how our sexuality is connected to the core of who we are and becomes aware of the link between our sexuality and our spirituality.
“Back then, I did not take the home assignments including Orgasmic Yoga seriously. Much as I love learning, I did what I usually do – just enough to earn the credit necessary to pass. Life would re-present the lessons I needed to learn.”
Let me break this down a bit:
Orgasmic Yoga is apparently, at least in part, the act of masturbating for 30 minutes a day for some time.  Martha trained to get her “Certificate in Sexological Bodywork.” What is that?  A sex worker with a certificate?  She also pursued her “Doctorate in Human Sexuality” at the “Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.”
The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality was an unaccredited, for-profit, diploma mill in San Francisco, California. It was established in 1976 and closed in 2018.  Their unaccredited degrees and certificate programs focused on sex therapy, and sexological research. Its library and archives were a collection of adult films, academic sexological and erotological resources, and sex therapy training materials. I can imagine the professors and students watching porn together.

The State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, an anti-fraud or anti-diploma mill unit of the California Department of Consumer Affairs, determined that the Institute did not meet the minimum legal standards for “offering of bona fide instruction by qualified faculty” in 2014 and it closed shortly after.

Martha may very well be sincere. She may believe her degree makes her an expert. She loves to masturbate and get others to do so and make money from it.
Dr. Martha Lee wrote, “I was told that Sexological Bodywork [masturbation] would be profound and life changing. The practices [masturbation] would equip me with more tools to better support my future clients…  Back then, I did not take the home assignments [masturbation] including Orgasmic Yoga [masturbation] seriously.”
Clicking on the link to her Sugar and Spice Festival we learn that it is designed “to change the belief that people raised in traditional societies are unable to express themselves when it comes to sex.”
Yellow Fever Panel by Mistress Ava & Mistress Eva
The Art of Online Stripping by Joyen Santos
The Sex Workout by Munira Muhris
Teaching Our Children about Sex
Understanding Kink by Mistress Ava and Allure Lim
Orgasmic Meditation: A Path to Living in the Erotic
Orgasmic Yoga
Spice up your Sex Life with Kegels
Kegels: 5 Facts You Didn't Know - Lilly Physical Therapy in Edmonds-Shoreline WA | Free Screening
Talking Race in Sex Work
Mindless to Mindful Sex:
Vulva Pleasure 101 by Jasmine King
Knotty Night Danielle Lopez (Nudista)
Supercharging your Libido
BDSM – Domina Chase and Petrick Peticles

Domina Chase keeps a timid slave called Petrick ‘Pet’ Peticles, a weak creature who is under her control at all times.
So, Dr. Martha, this is definitely not for me. I prefer to be married to a strong and healthy man, who takes his role as father and head of household seriously, as he and I believe God intended. We don’t need to masturbate to find happiness.
I am sorry if it offends you or anyone.
The masturabatory life, or the kink life, may be for you.  I believe in freedom, even the freedom to celebrate the old traditions, and criticize the new. But I would not for a moment try to prevent anyone from following what they believe is best for them.
Indeed, Nice Guy, Domina Chase might be available for your cranking pleasure, but you would need permission, I believe, from her.
Your response, preferably without outrage and anger, is welcome.

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  • Thank you so much for PUBLISHING the article re so-called “teen sex ” from a so-called …em …er…AUTHORITY


    I have a couple of things to add

    A – Thank you for the knowledge things have become so debased…


    C – ANYONE who believes this advice for children of + 13 years of age is good, reputable and family-orientated is as much a pervert as Epstein and co

    D – NO sane or decent parent of a child would advise their 13-year-old to engage in porno and most of this filth

    E – It is more than clear there has been an agenda to corrupt young minds the last 20 years and to steal their childhoods








    With grateful thanks for, once again, furthering my knowledge.

  • Mary,

    My main bone of contention with your thesis……Is that once your child grows up and gains unfiltered access too the internet, the whole disgusting world is available too them.

    If this was 30 years ago…

    …..I’d completely agree with you. I mean that sincerely. I would be completely outraged.

    Mary the world has changed, and neither one of us can wind back the clock.

    • “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

      • I think you meant your main boner of contention, NiceGuy 666. LOL

        When you achieve the “wisdom” to know how to properly use the complex words of “to” and “too,” please continue with your wisdom-building. LOL

        • Scott, are you [redacted]?

          …..Cuz everyone wants what they can’t get.

          Well Scott, when you learn the proper definitions and differences between idioms, proverbs, aphorisms, and parables; I will stop being lazy and correct the auto-correct on my iPhone. Scott I use a smart phone and not a desktop computer like you. Scott I enjoy the fact you proofread my comments. You have so much free time. You must have a really important job. [redacted]

          Do you own a smart phone or a prepaid CVS phone? Or are you still using prepaid phone cards?

          • He uses the library internet Nice Guy. Hey Scott haven’t you figured out yet that hashtags work better at networking instead of [redacted] people/strangers to copy and paste your mission statement against Scamway?

  • My hallucination is that Mary and Dr. Martha Tara Lee have different levels of sex drive. My guess is that the husband of Mary has a different sex drive than Dr Lee’s boyfriends. I’d also guess that Mary and her husband have different sex drives. What a gift and/or coincidence if a married couple has matching sex drives! I wonder if Mary’s husband has regular open and honest conversations with her about this? Good for them if they do have these conversations, and lucky for them if they are both legit on the same page.

    – I negatively judge those who judge the masturbation practices of others.

    – Since the Sox suck and Fenway is closed to fans, is Niceguy up for a virtual roadtrip to week 2 of the good doctor’s sugar and spice festival? I’d say we should do the love abilities festival, but I don’t want to run into Johnson.

    – Fool Me Not made a great point. Does God want me to get ball cancer or does he want me be healthy? I once had an accupucturist tell an uncomfortable me to make sure I ejaculate at least once or twice a week. He said, if only once, make sure to get at least one more good ole boner during the week.

    – Alex made a good point.

    – Tongue O’Sores made an interesting point. What if Mary’s husband wants to get it on, but Mary doesn’t? Is it ok for Mr. Mary to go all Niceguy if he’s thinking of Mary the whole time?

    – Peaches – what do you think Bubba The Love Sponge would say about this topic?

    • Good question, I don’t think he would engage in this conversation to be honest. I was only a child when he would give me bumper stickers and t-shirts and I never felt creepy around him. I don’t think he would agree with teaching teens to masturbate.

    • So glad that you mentioned Kegel exercises without any smutty implications. When I was 13, I decided that if I ever had a baby, I would give birth naturally and at home. Years later when the time really arrived to have a baby, that is exactly how I did it. And months of preparation via breathing exercises and doing Kegel tightening exercises was absolutlely successful, to say the least.

      My baby was born in 1972, in our own bedroom with a doctor attending. One minute ago, as I write here, my beautiful baby was watching mockingbirds surround a hawk in one of our mango trees. Her two sons came outside to join her. Life is good!

      Kegel exercises are very helpful, and for more than one reason.

      Do not allow anyone to make them sound any other way. THAT is disgusting.

  • Dearest Mary,

    Do you believe in evolution, creationism, or egocentrism?

    God intended? How would you know about what God intended?

    Everyman yanks it Mary. At my age I only yank it once a week……If you read my flippant comment, I am clearly speaking of my youth, when I was also getting laid.

    President Trump and President Bill both banger tons of broads…

    And guess what they both became President…If you think morality and wealth are intertwined with God you must not get out too much.

    PS Dominana is an ugly chick. Not my type even after a 6-pack. I wouldn’t bang Dommina with Scott Johnson’s dick and Mr. Shadow pushing.

    Is she your cleaning lady?

    If yes, you might want to make sure your husband has condoms.


    Considering almost all young people have access to the internet the point of your article is moot, no relevance whatsoever. 30 years ago you’d be right to be concerned…..You are just 3 decades late.

    • “God intended? How would you know about what God intended?”

      Since teleology is blazingly obvious in Nature except to the moronic new atheists, and people who have minds can use them for their “end”s, one of which which is to know the “ends” of Nature, they can therefore know what God int-“ended”.

      But I wouldn’t expect a fraudulent nice guy who wanks much of the time to understand this.

      That people CAN do anything, doesn’t imply that they SHOULD do anything, and it’s obvious to anyone with a still functioning mind that the only reason people wank is because it’s sensually pleasurable (like drugs) due to that pleasure being instilled by Nature into the sex act for the primary end of procreation along with the presupposition of intimacy and family raising that is supposed to come along with it, and not for the pleasure of just wanking and/or getting off.


      • —That people CAN do anything, doesn’t imply that they SHOULD do anything, and it’s obvious to anyone…….

        …And it’ obvious…..To anyone too much eating or even exercising are bad for you. Kapish?

        I only stated masturbation is normal and doing so once a day is normal for younger men. I never said anything about doing 24/7.

        Fraudulent Nice Guy?

        Sticking up for healthy/normal in the face of the puritanical and tyrannical Church Lady is being nice.

        Everyman you know has yanked it. There is nothing obscene or wrong, unless you never leave the house.

    • Nice Guy there are some things one can’t unsee or foresee. In the comments community, like a terrible rumor, you may be known as the town wanker. Upside is, at least your balls are cancer free.

      • Peaches-

        My balls are 100% cancer [free] and healthy.

        ….If I followed Mary’s advice, I would need a wheelbarrow too carry them around in.

    • So there is hope, studies show protection against prostate cancer kicks in only if you whack it 23 times/month. LOL

      NiceGuy 666 passes out after two beers, so he CAN’T bang anything after a six pack. LOL

  • I get the authour’s rudimentary sentiment but she seriously needs to read The Secret Life of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4 (written by a woman btw). Therein, you will find answers.

  • Keith taught us that to masturbate except with him in mind was vile and disintegrating. So, I agree with the author but only to the extent that there are exceptions when the Man commands his slaves to practice it. Our leader sometimes gave us permissions which made it expressly auspicious and he gave us permission to enjoy it and we did. #loveyouPriapis

  • I feel obliged to salute NiceGuy for sharing his infallible wisdom at all costs (i.e,. even if the comment is off-topic).


  • “78 percent of adults in the world masturbate, including: 96 percent of British men, 93 percent of German men, and 92 percent of American men; 78 percent of British women, 76 percent of German women, and 76 percent of American women.”–relationships-300638644.html#:~:text=55%20percent)%20of%20masturbation.,76%20percent%20of%20American%20women.

    • Freedom is no freedom at all, unless you have the individuality to decide, to assess, to experiment, to experience your own adventures, intimate or not. Regarding peoples’ choices about sex, I tend to be quite interested in maintaining privacy.

      For generations, men have been the majority, in every branch of my family. We females love our guys just the way that they ARE and always used to make sure that there were plenty of freshly washed handkerchiefs in the bedrooms, the baths and down in the game room. Today it’s boxes of tissue.

      MYOFB and mind it well. Our pleasure and our intimacy is our own.

      • So true, Shivani, if only people would truly understand they are entitled to a private life. In this age of full and relentless disclosure, prefer not to ask or answer impertinent questions about my intimate life.

  • Men who don’t regularly ejaculate have a substantially higher risk of prostate cancer.

    This data indicates release in the absence of an available partner is not only recommended, but may be necessary to avoid cancer and other associated health risks.

    • In that case, it sounds like Nice Guy is cancer-free. If Nice guy were my husband, I might be a little offended that he was wasting all that energy cranking it up sans wifey.

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