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Here are five more superb pieces by that very talented artist MK10ART.

See more of her work on her Instagram page.

As usual, when I present MK10ART’s paintings and sketches, I publish the artwork first, followed by the artist’s comments, followed by **** and then my own comments on the art or the subject of the art.


#Nxivm attorney for #keithraniere – #marcagnifilo is asking for a new trial.

Has he asked Raniere about all of the women (and ex-girlfriends) of Raniere who were ‘suicided’?

Did he ask Raniere where Pam Cafritz’s body is?

What were in the brown pellet ‘medicine’that he gave a dying woman (#BarbaraJeske)? Or the white drink he gave another dying woman (Pam Cafritz)?

Why did all of the women he lived with (and cats) get cancer in a short period of time (but not him)?

Why were rat poison chemicals found in the hair sample of his roommate?

Who poisoned John Tighe?

Why did so many people at V-week 2016 fall violently ill (except for him and other top #Nxivm people)?

Why were they conducting brain experiments?

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This is a chilling sketch and not a flattering portrait of Marc Agnifilo. One wonders if Marc should inquire about the deaths of women close to Raniere.

But that might interfere with the job Marc has to do – which is to try to get the rascal a new trial.

I personally think Marc is a good attorney. I was impressed with his opening statement at the trial of Keith Alan Raniere. But the reality is he did not have much to work with. His client was guilty as hell.

Former Girlfriend Tells of Hurtful Relationship With Raniere in 1980s and How She Finally Healed

Former Girlfriend Tells of Hurtful Relationship With Raniere in 1980s and How She Finally Healed


One of Raniere’s former girlfriends, Kathy, spent several years with the beastly one. He was in his late 20s and was not recognized then as the Vanguard.

She was with him before he cheated on his IQ test and got it recorded in the Guinness Book of Records in 1989 [for one year before Guinness retired the category of highest IQ]. She glimpsed him when he was just a young asshole without the pretension of grandiose success that he would later use to recruit people into his web of destruction.

Kathy was with him prior to Consumers’ Buyline and they broke up shortly after he launched the multilevel marketing scam.

They broke up when the rascal told her, as an excuse for why he was not around for days on end, that he had cancer and was in NYC for treatment.  He was actually in Clifton Park and Kathy’s daughter saw him there when he was supposedly out of town getting cancer treatment.

I love the framed picture of big smiling Raniere in the sketch above.

Former #nxivm leader #KeithRaniere was caught with a cell phone (again) in jail. The world’s smartest man keeps falling for the same scam.
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He may not be the world’s smartest man but I was ready to argue that he was certainly the world’s smartest prisoner. Now I am not so sure. This is the second time he was caught in prison with a cell phone.

Who is he calling?  There is no doubt he has followers in Nxivm. Nicki Clyne leads the DOS women in Brooklyn. Jimena Garza, along with her husband Omar ‘Cuckie” Boone and his brother Edgar Boone lead the organization in Mexico.

Sara Bronfman-Igtet was heading up Nxivm in France but had to flee recently to Portugal. Kim Constable heads up Nxivm in Ireland.

He could be calling any of these. He might also call Clare Bronfman to discuss future plans with her.

But all the chatter in the world is not going to get him released from prison and back on the streets to be the Vanguard. This talk of getting a new trial or winning on appeal is nonsense. He is in prison to stay.


[Name Redacted] May Be Starting New Makeup Line But She Was Lying About Not Being in Nxivm!



[Name Redacted] had some 15 years in Nxivm. She was recruited by her cousin Franca DiCrescenzo, who is the sex cult’s realtor in the Albany area.

Franca, who is believed to be part of Raniere’s personal harem, recruited numerous members into Nxivm and made a small fortune handling the real estate for all the sex cult members.

Her cousin [Name Redacted], a hairdresser and makeup artist likes to blame me for the failure of her business since I first exposed her close association with the man she calls her Vanguard.

Franca DiCrescenzo

Danielle Roberts the Latest to Experience Executive Success – Will Likely Lose Her Medical License Just Like Brandon Porter

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The path of destruction is wide and deep for those who follow Keith Alan Raniere. Dr. Danielle Roberts is one of the latest casualties. A hearing has been set for her in May before the physicians’ licensing board of the New York State Dept. of Health to determine if she should lose her medical license,

Her violation was essentially branding women, not exactly a medical procedure normally.  But the poor foolish doctor chose to abandon her medical vows to obey the vow she made to Raniere to be his slave.  it was a most unfortunate decision and one for which she will pay dearly for in years to come.

As long as Keith Raniere and his nefarious exploits are remembered, Dr. Roberts will be remembered for her crazed branding of naked women without anesthesia, as they were filmed nude for Raniere.  Dr. Roberts knew she was branding women with his initials but she never disclosed it leading the women to think they were getting a mystical symbol on their pubic region.

She is now part of the history of Nxivm, a large part, in a story that is still being written. Be assured she has a signal role. Mainly because she is an educated woman, a practicing physician who was willing to throw everything away to follow a monster.

Was she a good woman at heart? Perhaps.

I cannot believe she wanted to harm others. But she let a monster do her thinking and it costs her everything. This is part of the lesson of Nxivm – that otherwise good women wound up doing rotten things to other women – in the name of following a noble leader who was actually a psychopath.

Let’s give Raniere credit – as one of the great criminals of our time. Not everyone could take actresses, doctors and heiresses and turn them into criminals.

Sure Charles Manson got a bunch of kooks and smelly hippies to become criminals, but Raniere made successful, intelligent people into criminals and did it for 20 years.

Give the man his due. He destroyed a lot of talented, attractive and otherwise well intended people.

He deserves recognition as a remarkable and notable criminal.  As I have said before it will take some time to realize what a talent Raniere is in the field of crime.

I fully expect him to make an appearance in Tussauds Wax museum in the chamber of horrors alongside Bluebeard, Jack the Ripper and other great criminals of the ages.

Viva Executive Success!



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  • The graveyard piece is magnificent. Thank you, MK10 and Marie.

    Say, what happened to MK’s xcellent GBD ‘deep dive’ post?

    The GBD blog PROVABLY has Keith Alan Raniere diddler catfish scheme written all over it — if it’s a question of anyone claiming that there’s no connection betwixt GBD and NXIVM — that’s a lot of whorseshit.

    • So strange, what stands and falls on this site. Let me guess, did it reference the other Kristin? Kristin Ke.. aka ‘she who must be obeyed’? or perhaps the other K? the one that is not Kristin Kreuk (whose name you can say as much as you like) So it was Ke…?

      So many K’s, so short an attention span..

  • Fantastic art. I find many of the pieces chilling. Great job capturing the cruelty of Raniere and his friends.

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