Danielle Roberts the Latest to Experience Executive Success – Will Likely Lose Her Medical License Just Like Brandon Porter

Dr. Danielle Roberts, D.O.

It looks like Dr. Danielle Roberts, D.O. – the woman who reportedly branded more than fifty other women with the initials of Keith Alan Raniere and who supposedly has that same “KAR” brand on her own vagina – is about to experience her own “Executive Success”.

Roberts, who has been under investigation by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) for many months, was notified on March 5, 2020 that a Committee on Professional Conduct will conduct a hearing at 10:00 AM on Monday, May 4th, concerning allegations that the agency has received regarding her conduct as a licensed doctor (See a copy of the Danielle Roberts Statement of Charges).

Danielle Roberts

According to the notice that she received, Roberts must appear at the hearing – and may bring an attorney who is licensed in New York State to represent her during the proceedings (The hearing will be held even if she does not appear).

During the hearing, the Committee will receive evidence concerning a variety of allegations that have been made against her by at least 13 women.


Specific Charges

Roberts better plan to bring her lunch with her on May 4th because the Committee will be considering a total of forty-seven (47) specific charges against her.

In “legal language”, the specific charges that are now pending against Roberts are as follows:
– That she committed professional misconduct by willfully abusing several of her patients (6 charges);

– That she committed professional misconduct by engaging in conduct in the practice of medicine that evidences moral unfitness with respect to several of her patients (6 charges);

– That she committed professional misconduct by failing to use scientifically accepted barrier precautions and infection control practices regarding several of her patients (6 charges);

– That she committed professional misconduct by practicing medicine fraudulently or beyond its authorized scope (1 charge);

– That she committed professional misconduct by practicing medicine with gross negligence with respect to several of her patients (6 charges);

– That she committed professional misconduct by practicing medicine with negligence on more than one occasion (1 charge);

– That she committed professional misconduct by practicing medicine with gross incompetence regarding several of her patients (6 charges);

– That she committed professional misconduct by practicing medicine with incompetence on more than one occasion (1 charge);

– That she committed professional misconduct by willfully failing to file a required report (1 charge);

– That she committed professional misconduct by willfully or grossly negligently failing to comply with substantial provisions of federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations governing the practice of medicine (1 charge);

– That she committed professional misconduct by performing professional services that were not authorized by the patients (6 counts); and

– That she committed professional misconduct by failing to maintain appropriate medical records for each of her patients (6 counts).


Gruesome Details

The various allegations that some of her former patients made against Roberts are described in the notice in medical jargon.

Here, in everyday language, is what those former patients allege that Roberts did:
– She branded them with the initials “KR/AM and/or KR” on their pussies, thereby leaving them with a permanent scar;

AMK10ART’s depiction of Allison Mack and Dr. Danielle Roberts branding a DOS slave.

– She failed to tell them that the brand represented the initials of Keith “Ranieri” and/or Allison Mack;

– She did not collect any medical history information from them;

– She did the branding in an unsanitary environment – and didn’t even bother to clean her cauterizing pen in between brandings;

– She did not use any local or general anesthesia – which caused them to experience a lot of pain;

– She used untrained assistants who not wearing any surgical masks or gloves to physically hold them down;

– She did the brandings on them while they were naked – and the people holding them down were naked;

– She allowed another naked person to video record the brandings via cellphone;

– She refused to stop the branding procedure even when they were suffering unnecessary pain;

– She did not provide any follow-up wound care – or make referrals for follow-up wound care – for the branded pussies;

– She instructed them to take pictures of their branded pussies on a daily basis for one month – and once a week for another month – and to send those photographs to an unnamed third party; and

– She did not create – or maintain – appropriate medical records for them.

In addition to the above-listed medical errors, Roberts has also been accused of failing to report the “undetermined communicable disease” that ran rampant at the 2016 V-Week celebration – and of failing to isolate those individuals who were showing signs of the disease.

This artist’s conception of Dr. Danielle Roberts as a deranged mad doctor may be unfair. She is a physician who put women in danger but first and foremost she is a slave to Master Raniere. She took a lifetime vow of obedience.

Based on the notice that Roberts received, it appears that at least 13 women have stepped forward to provide evidence against her.

It will be interesting to see how many witnesses, if any, Roberts is able to produce at her May 4th hearing.

Front row: Vanessa Sahagun, Marc Elliot,
Back row: Jim Del Nergro, Chris Pearson-Smith, Brian Elliot, Sehajo Haertel, Justin Elliot, Michelle Hatchette, Allison Mack, and Danielle Roberts.

Based on how a similar Committee on Professional Conduct dealt with Brandon Porter – who was basically Roberts’ male counterpart in the NXIVM cult – it seems likely she will be losing her medical license sometime later this year.

Whether she will also be facing criminal charges is not yet known.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Jack the Ripper’s method of cutting his victims indicated he had medical knowledge and might have been a doctor. Because he killed in his private life and outside his medical practice, his license would not be revoked.

  • Dear Danielle Roberts,

    I understand these are desperate times and you are in dire straits. How would you like to live in a nice LA Suburb, in a beautiful home rent free? Sound good? As an extra bonus, the home comes with a young virile man named Pablo, who just so happens to be into freaky old chicks with too much Botox. Pablo just happens to be looking for a menopausal woman with hairy areola.
    Pablo is willing to consider you as a roommate as long as you don’t mind an occasional golden shower with an Atomic-Cleveland-Steamer finish.

    Please contact Frank Parlato.

  • Those charges appear at first glance as if they all have to do with 1 incident in which there were 6 victims.

    I don’t think Roberts’ case is quite as egregious a one as Porter’s by medical profession standards, since it was done outside of a what might have seemed like a medical setting, without any false pretense such as research, and instead as part of her personal involvements. But as stated elsewhere, I don’t think she’s entirely blameless and should just be excused, either.

    I think it’s possible that she would just receive some sort of disciplinary action, quite possible including remedial training in medical ethics. Boards are hesitant to take licenses away from doctors, who both have their entire lives invested in them, and who are professionals in short supply, and instead will try to warn and rehabilitate a physician if it seems possible, which is actually a compassionate choice that benefits society – if it works out as it is supposed to.

    • Once NY Disciplinary Committees sink their teeth into someone, they almost never let go. That’s what they do–destroy lives.

      • It sounds as if you are faimiliar with how things work in New York state specifically, in which case I’d defer to your more pessimistic view of her chances.

        That also sounds like a reminder of the difficult balance such authorities try to strike, between disciplining and correcting professionals who seem to have the potential to go on to serve the public well, and removing those who are incorrigible – and that, at least in the eyes of some, they don’t always fall on the side of being lenient.

        • Don’t forget that the NYSDOH already revoked Brandon Porter’s license. And even though most of the charges against Porter were different than the ones Roberts is facing, both doctors were charged with neglecting to properly treat and/or properly report the V-Week 2016 outbreak. Given the current situation with the coronavirus, this is obviously not the most opportune time for Roberts to be going through a review by her peers.

  • “She branded them with the initials “KR/AM and/or KR”
    Claviger, get a brain, please…It was clearly showed that it’s KR only…but let’s ignore the trial that occured and the many proof, right?

  • Did they engage her to do the branding because she was a doctor? I mean, they didn’t have just anyone do it. They picked a doctor for a reason.

    Did she get any training to brand??

  • BTW, I just noticed. The tongue pic — that’s a mock mug Robert’s is making of a famous Albert Einstein photo. Maybe. And maybe that’s what the all the NX tongue pics are about? Besides oral sex and/or childishness as previously suggested? (Excuse my OTness.)

  • All of which (further) begs the question: why was Roberts not charged in the criminal case?

    Sure sounds like some of the same crimes those few who were convicted committed in cold blood — and then some.

    Is this another NDNY vs. EDNY THANG we can thank P. David Soares & Company for?

    Does having a medical license give one an added layer of protection from criminal prosecution these days?

    And you misog’s on here can’t blame ‘possession of pussy’ on this one cuz Brandon skated just as smoothly on thinner ice…so far. What say thou, Clav?

  • “Whether she will also be facing criminal charges is not yet known.” KR Claviger

    Actually Dr. Roberts will be facing the Civil RICO suit filed by Neil Glazer.

    BATTERY (against Defendant Danielle Roberts on behalf of
    Plaintiffs Sarah Edmondson, Jane Doe 4, Jane Doe 5, Jane Doe 7 and Jane Doe 12)

    Defendant Dr. Danielle Roberts engaged in: (i) bodily contact; (ii) made with
    intent; (iii) that was offensive in nature by branding Sarah Edmondson and Jane Does 4, 5, 7 and
    12 with Defendant Raniere’s initials as part of an outrageous DOS initiation ritual conducted as
    part of the Enterprise.
    901. Plaintiffs suffered lasting physical and emotionally injuries as a result of Defendant’s commission of battery upon their persons.

    And in the next Count. Count VII the people who helped Dr. Roberts commit the Battery get sued.

    RESPECT TO BATTERY (against Defendants Raniere, Lauren Salzman,
    Allison Mack, Nicky Clyne, Rosa Laura Junco, Loretta J. Garza Davila, Monica Duran,
    and Daniella Padilla Bergeron on behalf of Plaintiffs Sarah Edmondson, Jane Doe 4,
    Jane Doe 5, Jane Doe 7 and Jane Doe 12)

    Keith Raniere
    Lauren Salzman
    Allison Mack
    Nicki Clyne
    Rose Laura Junco
    Loretta Garza
    Monica Duran
    and Dani Padilla.

    Of course one does not need a Medical License to administer Placebos (Sugar Pills).

    Page 182

  • She doesn’t need any witnesses.

    She’ll simply submit a statement that she was performing these brandings as part of her ‘private life’ and she wasn’t acting in the capacity of a ‘doctor’ —- and she wins on the spot.

    Unless those sluts/whores (who got branded) can produce REAL evidence that Dr. Roberts used her doctor’s credentials while performing or planning these brandings, she’ll win on the spot and keep her license.

    When a doctor goes home at night they’re no longer held by the same standards and they become a private person, unless they knowingly use their doctor credentials to perform a medical procedure or diagnosis.

    Dr. Roberts was filmed doing these brandings and there is no such evidence that she intended to create a doctor/patient relationship with these sluts/whores (uhh, I mean women) who got branded.

    Now kindly deal with that defense, Mr. Claviger.

    Better yet, try to pass the BAR exam again in less than 6 tries.

    • It’s likely the women knew Roberts was a doctor and that was probably part of the schtick to entice the women to “volunteer” for the cauterizing. So you lose again, Bangkok/Pablo. Plus, you STILL haven’t explained why you’re too scared to come on my show and ask your 11 questions plus the Navy related questions. LOL

      • Yes, I think it was Edmondson who said that it seemed comforting that “Dr. Dani” was performing the brandings. So, she was definitely trading on her reputation.

        Also, if NXIVM hadn’t intended to leverage her reputation, they could have had the tattoo parlor “artist” used to do Mack’s brand and show how they should be done, train someone with a steady hand and an artistic bent – the messy brands might actually have turned out better-looking in that case.

        • They didn’t use an outsider because that person/people probably would have reported them. Even a sleazy backwater tattoo artist has higher ethics than Raniere & Co. The nudity, location of the cauterization, initials, etc., would have freaked them out.

    • There was baseless speculation that she had moved to Mexico when it was reported that she had been seen down there – a place that a lot of people of course just visit. She might even have been down there to make connections with NXIVM people – but that still doesn’t mean she moved.

      However, if she loses her license, moving to Mexico, and trading on her NXIVM connections and medical training, might be one of her options. One of the people I ran across spreading a fake wild oregano oil “cure” for coronavirus turns out to be osteopath who lost his license due to malpractice and fraud, and has since become a popular figure in “alternative” medicine.

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