Flowers Calls Me a Liar Over Nancy and Lauren Salzman Photographs – I Respond

I published a story, Russell, Salzman & Salzman Travel on Thanksgiving; Candid Photos of the Salzmans at Thruway Starbucks.

In that story I published photos of Nancy and Lauren at Starbucks at a thruway rest stop.

In the story I wrote the pictures were provided to me from a source.

That source also wrote me [by email] as follows:

“So, Nancy & Lauren must have gone to New Jersey for the holiday. Unless they went to Brooklyn.

“I ran into them in a rest stop where they stopped to get coffee at Starbucks. While waiting in line, Nancy dropped a glass bottle and just walked away and didn’t tell anyone. She’s an asshole. But they just stood in line laughing and chatting like they’re not going to jail next month.”


Flowers, one of Frank Report’s regular commenters does not believe me.

In fact she calls me a liar.

Flowers wrote, “Disgusting…. you are not only paying someone to follow them around to take pictures of them (isn’t that stalking?). You can’t even come up with a believable lie. The person who took the pics claims Nancy dropped the bottle and smashed it, but where are the pics of that happening? Obviously, the photographer followed them to this location, and then secretly photographed them, and is now trying to pretend it was a random encounter.

“Why do you bother to lie?”

Before I take a moment to explain why it is not economically feasible to pay paparazzi to follow Nancy and Lauren Salzman around, I would like to quote from another comment of Flowers’ when she herself was accused of being near kin in personality to Toni Natalie.

A commenter named Dahlia made this comment, comparing Flowers to Natalie.

Dahlia wrote, “I too agree with Shivani and I’m glad Frank is spotlighting Natalie’s lying ways. Unfortunately, so many people fall victim to people like her because we are unaware until we’ve been stung. Flowers is a lot like Natalie. She draws people in with a tale of woe and then starts accusing the people who believed her, for a time, of harassing her once they realize she’s just spinning a web of lies meant to entrap people into her world of make-believe. Then she castigates these people through any means at her disposal trying to make herself appear more believable. She doesn’t care what happens to others. She only cares for herself.”


Flowers was quick to defend herself, writing in response to Dahlia, “Who am I accusing? Please explain, as you can’t just make baseless accusations without at least offering some explanation on why you believe that to be true.

“It’s pretty funny how you assume you know more about my life than I know. Would you consider group trolling with dozens of newly created sock puppets, impersonation, and intimidation by bogus lawsuit to be harassment? Or is it only harassment if it happens to certain people? Lol!”


Flowers, claims I am lying about having a source who happened to run into the Salzmans and instead insists I hired a paparazzi or someone with a camera, to follow the Bronfmans to get a photo of them at Starbucks.

Let me use your own words, Flowers: “Please explain, as you can’t just make baseless accusations without at least offering some explanation on why you believe that to be true. It’s pretty funny how you assume you know more about my life than I know.”


If I hired someone to follow the Salzmans to take photos for my publication, it would not be different than what mainstream media does all the time. I recall the New York Post hired a paparazzi to wait for days to get a picture of Keith Raniere. They finally got one of him outside his house.

The Salzmans are public figures. It is not stalking to take photos of public figures in public places like Starbucks.


If I hired someone to follow the Salzmans, I would say it. I’d be proud.

But I am not prepared to invest a dime following the Salzmans.  If I get a picture, fine. But I am not willing to pay for Salzman pictures.

And I imagine it would be pretty expensive to hire someone to follow them around, waiting for them to leave their house, then taking pictures of them at a coffee shop or rest stop.


When people leak pictures to me, I accept them, gratefully. I am not looking to challenge them on their unpaid contribution.

It would be different if I paid them. Then I would have requested pics of the broken bottle.


But, Flowers, I believe my source about the broken bottle. Not only because she tipped me off on other matters that proved reliable, but, also, because, like you asked at the end of your accusatory comment, ‘Why bother to lie?”

If we were going to lie, we could make up something better than breaking a 10 cent bottle.

The point in this, an investigative journalist depends on telling the truth. It is the whole joy of this work. The thinking through of things, the not jumping to hasty conclusions, and telling the truth, getting at the truth.

Poor Flowers, so many commenters are offended by you. They call you rude, and paranoid. You have few or no fans. Almost every one who is aware of your presence thinks you’re kind of a nuisance, a bit of a boor, a dunce, and perhaps mentally unstable.


For my part, I would not care to lie about a source sending me photographs of two varmints on the move. If I told such a lie, Flowers, it would spoil my whole pleasure and pride in what I am doing on the Frank Report.

As for you, Flowers, I wish you could act more civil. There are other rude commenters here. But at least they have the redeeming virtue that they are amusing.

Flowers you are not funny at all.

Still, I will continue to publish your comments, even when you call me a liar and denigrate the work I work so hard at, but, if you were to go away – perhaps find another site for you rude comments – and I have never said this to anyone before  – I, for one, will not miss you.














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  • Flowers writes

    On December 8 Flowers writes

    “Dahlia, you keep insisting that I’m a narcissist who is selfish and has no empathy, so if that is true, why would I bother to inform Sylvia that there were negative comments being written about her? A person with the personality you describe would not do something like that.
    I have to wonder why you’re so concerned about I might be posting. Its funny since you keep accusing me of being delusional, but youre the one who is obsessed with me.”

    Your motive for contacting Ms Tan and telling her she was being discussed on Frank Report were not altruistic. You were trying to prove a point and that’s what narcissists do. You can’t be wrong and will argue black is white. On October 12, 2018 an article was posted here.

    There was talk of school annuals and you were getting so upset people would not understand that annuals is another word for yearbook. Throughout your comments your frustration is evident so you say you will contact Ms Tan.

    October 14, 2018 at 12:45 pm
    I now consider if maybe I should contact

    Sylvia Tan to let her know she is being slandered in the comment section here.
    There is no evidence she was a NXIVM member, and here you goofy people are dragging her name thru the mud.
    I would if Frank could give her your IP addresses in case she wants to sue you?

    You contacted her in order to prove you’re right. The best result for you was Ms Tan making a comment on the Frank Report backing your position but that didn’t happen. However, you wanted everyone to know you told her about the discussion.

    October 15, 2018 at 2:22 am
    Yes Sultan, Whistler is known throughout the world as the best location for plotting and scheming and dreaming up money laundering ideas, ideas which require the use of special, mysterious annuals.
    By the way, I also left a message for Sylvia Tan to let her know she was being slandered by someone here.

    I do understand Scott Is correct and engaging in conversation with you just feeds the beast within you but I hold on the hope that, one day, you might see yourself for who you really are if the mirror gets held up in front of your face.

    So in answer to your question. Yes, a narcissist would take the action you did. I wish I knew who the people are who have written you the emails you post on your twitter page so I could contact them and let them know what you’re doing. The simple fact you behave in such a way and then have the nerve to post comments here on Frank Report claiming you were just trying to inform someone they were being talked about it laughable. 🌺

    • The laughable part is your obsession with me, Dahlia/Agenda/Leon/etc.

      The only one trying to prove a point is YOU. You also make baseless assumptions about what I’m thinking and hoping for (none of which was even true).

      Perhaps you should focus on yourself and try to understand why you have such an odd obsession with a person whom you don’t even know and who has never done anything to harm you.

      • It’s long past the time you should have taken advantage of that free health care Canada provides and get yourself a good psychiatric evaluation before you find yourself locked up involuntarily. 🌺

        • Typical narcissistic response, Dahlia. Could that be an example of that projection thing you keep talking about so often?

          And even if a person did have NPD, that would not be a reason to lock them in a mental health facility. In fact, in some countries people with NPD have even been elected President of the country. Luckily, that hasn’t happened in Canada yet.😄

  • Hi Frank,

    I was looking at the Flowers’s article thread and I noticed, sadly, not one of the 141 comments was positive. I’m sure Flowers noticed.

    Frank, I know Flowers is an annoying, crazy, and a MEAN SPIRITED CUNT; But do you think in the interest of holiday spirt you can find it in your heart to forgive Flowers, and post something positive to her.

    At the end of the day did not Jesus Christ forgive Judas?

    Happy Holidays!

  • If you want to see the type of evil Flowers is….look no further than Pamela Karlen. They could be identical twins

  • Just a caution to everyone. Flowers cannot face the truth about herself so don’t expect any miracles.

    • I’m sure everyone will be extremely cautious now, Leon, so let me thank you on everyones behalf.
      Care to explain what “truth” are you alluding to? Lol.

    • Just a caution to everyone. Leon Festinger cannot face the truth about himself so don’t expect any miracles.

      • I can’t see the similarity between Flowers and Leon Festinger? Only one of these posters routinely doxes others using a variety of aliases and insists that innocent people here i) Don’t exist. ii) Are lying iii) Are involved in a highly secretive campaign of abuse against them, here, on the FR, spanning a period of at least three years. Seriously, what are you saying?

        • Who have I doxxed? Doxing means posting someones real name (if they have chosen to be anon) or info such as their address or phone number. I’ve never done that, and I haven’t seen any other commenter here do that either. Since this forum is moderated, there should be no way to doxx anyone, anyways.

  • The idea that a person could be at the same location as these two, know who they are and also read FR is apparently too much for Flowers to believe.

    The accusation against Frank is bizarre. Much like Flowers.

    Lol She asks why there are no pictures of the broken bottle! Conspiracy!

  • I predict Flowers will be changing her name in the immediate future.

    Additionally I predict we will all be able to tell it’s her.

  • Flowers has finally found herself up against a formidable foe in Frank. This little blossom posts all over the World Wide Web and whenever she’s met with someone who questions the validity of her posts or wonders about the accusations she hurls left and right, she turns the tables and labels the commenter a liar, a stalker. When forum moderators try to temper her abusive comments towards others or decide not to publish her rants, she turns on them and gone is the simpering suck up who was always thanking the moderator. She will relentlessly comment whenever she can the name of the forum moderator and claim to be abused by them. This behavior has led to blog comments being forever closed to people who came to count on support from others who found themselves in a similar situation. It also led to the blog owner losing the revenue generated from this endeavor. Frank isn’t like all the others, Flowers. He’s not going to put up with your bs; so, you should take his advice and take your leave.

    • Still waiting, Standing Up/Agenda/ Dahlia/Ms. T/etc…

      You and the hubby are still together, right? No more fake affairs, I hope.

      Can you explain why a moderator would shut down a forum (and lose income) instead of just…well, I don’t know…..maybe MODERATING the comments? Or blocking the people who don’t follow the rules?


    • It doesn’t take much to be a formidable foe of Flowers. All a blog owner has to do is ban her from posting, it’s not difficult. What other blogs has Flowers posted comments on?

      • Scott, they are likely referring to the forum where I was targeted by these criminals a few years ago. After I stopped posting there, they all stopped posting (because they could no longer harass me there….) That forum is not really shut down though, it just has no visitors now. Right, Ms. T?

        • Who is Flowers trying to intimidate with comments directed at a Ms T? I don’t recall anyone using that name commenting here? What’s your game?

          • Is that what the doxxing reference is about? Using the term “Ms. T”?
            Sure, I guess everyone knows who I’m referring to when I use that initial. Lol.

      • Last October there was a post here about Kristin Kreuk and her high school yearbook and a poster mentioned a friend of KK’s named Sylvia Tan. Flowers got herself worked into quite the tizzy and said she was going to inform Ms Tan that she was being talked about on Frank Report. Being a curious sort I checked out Ms Tan’s twitter feed and sure enough she was given a heads up. That’s how I learned more about this strange woman posting as Flowers. She tweets about posting here in FR from time and time and has made comments that are less than kind about Frank and Heidi. She’s even boasted about posting under different names here but thinks Frank still knows it’s her. It’s a glimpse into a bizarre world but shows she isn’t the person she pretended to be when she started commenting on FR. 🌺

  • If someone was following the Salzmans for money I would think we would have more interesting pictures than the ones we saw.

    Why not catch Lauren on the web with her phone since we all know she isn’t supposed to be on the internet.

    Why not get photos of where they were going? To Grandma’s house or maybe to see Clare?

    Really Flowers, are you a Salzman fan? Are you being protective of your dear Prefect?

    Who gives a rip that these two women that spent two decades abusing the shit out of thousands of people get some photos posted on a blog.

    Is it really so far out there that someone would be in the same Starbuck at the same time. REALLY.

    Let’s hope they were not supposed to be out and about that day and get busted for it. Best Christmas ever if that is the case.

    Nancy Salzman doesn’t look like she needs her daughter to be taking care of her anyway and the Judge should have revoked that right a long time ago.

  • At least this isn’t about finding portraits of Jesus on potato chips. The flower with the ossified skull face in the middle is really something, and thanks for not using any tiger lilies or lilacs. Yet.

    The teeth and tongue flower is too dental. Great balls of fire or nitrous oxide. That is appallingly funny. Alfred Hitchcock Presents Tippi Hedren with a corsage. Awwwwww. Catch a falling personality disorder, and it boomerangs. Thanks for the mental aikido demonstration. It’s mad fun, like finding out how fast you can GO wearing great big snowshoes, a thrill that never dies.

    This has been a long night and by now, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump are awake across the pond. Trump, who has known Prince Andrew for decades, already said at a pre-NATO conference press sessìon yesterday that he “doesn’t know Andrew” but then said its tough. Trump sounds like now he is convinced that he’s really Mariah Carey.

    But wait, the moon isn’t full until the 12th. I hope no one makes a Nxivn/ DOS advent calendar.

    Yes, child rape and getting off on sex-trafficked freebies from Ghislaine and Jeffrey is going to be tough on Prince Andrew, still Duke of York, for the rest of his life. Ghislaine Maxwell will pretend to be helping Andrew ’til the bitter end.

    Nancy Salzman is this same kind of hoodlum. Raniere’s very own Maxwell Smart, only Nancy Salzman knew what she was and is doing. Plus she looks like an extra who signed up to play a monstrosity in a Fellini movie. Her purse is terrifying. It could really be a murse or a hypnotic device used to break bottles whilst capturing new slaves. Or that could be how they carry the plug-in battery-chargers for their ankle monitors.

    Lauren looked hypnotized in Starbucks and unkempt, with baggy man-clothes. Do they wear deodorant? Nancy wears some makeup coverage and dyes that stuff on her head. Both she and Lauren have hairstyles that look like they just awoke from having lobotomies. Who is Lauren serving? It looks like the umbilical cord never fell off. Or could she be in mourning? She never got her avatar baby.

    These two have been diehard cult fiends and could use more notoriety, not less. Santa Claus is coming to town and bringing sentencing dates. He might have a pair of nuts for Lauren Salzman and some broken dark brown carob fish for her mother, already decapitated. Yay!

  • You know, we get that Nan Prefect and weird Lauren are not the repentant victims. I suppose Michelle gets a pass too, for reasons I do not quite understand. Also, Karen U.

    Ah, Karen U. The original Emerson, Lake, and Palmer and Keith fan. Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends.

    That old lady gang was quite powerful and was, interestingly, exactly what became out of control.

    Oh, to hear the conversations regarding how to “control” Keith.

  • All this compartmentalization bs aside (sorry, Karen U and your RPI degree), if anyone seriously believes that the “harem” and old lady gang just “did not know,” did not aid and did not abet, seriously, get bent. No one really believes you. No one.

    Write a damn book about how you “had” to turn your head *even though you saw* what a jerk your Vanguard was. Go ahead and discuss the “mission.” It is just too embarrassing, isn’t it? Freaking Rome Plaza. The shame.

    Still wondering what the mission was.

  • Ok. Nan changed her try-gard, faux intellectual glasses. Nonetheless, she still considers herself the HBIC.

    Look, Flowers: You are not from around these parts, and you haven’t seen Nan oogling the pottery at Marshalls.

    Furthermore, you have not seen Lauren taking the back road, always with that stressed look on her face.

    Personally, I wouldn’t take pics. They disgust me and cannot go away soon enough.

    They are brazen narcissists, super creepy, and, believe it, wanting to cash in on anything possible. Public figures.

  • Flowers actual name should be Amorphophallus titanum, the titanum arum. It is the flowering plant with one of the largest unbranched inflorescences in the world. Because of its rotten carcass smell, Titanium Arun is called a carrion plant or a corpse flower. In Frank’s series of photographs of flowers, such a Titanum Arum is also found by chance. I think what an apt, happy coincidence.

  • No. Nan and Lauren are brazen. We see them. For a time it became quite obvious with some SOP idiots bro-ing it up outside.

    Thing is, dear readers, they think they can go under the radar. Brazen. Stupid Halfmoon/CP people, they think.

    I wouldn’t, but, take their pictures. Hell yes. Public figures. Again, brazen, faux woo-woo, fake grifters. If you could have seen the SOP bros outside,

    God, I just cannot stand defense of these people.

    Narcissistic, faux-intellectual Nan, with her idiot glasses, trying too hard (omg, you are such a jerk), with your headphone on, freaking out in your car.

    Lauren, driving her car, taking the back roads. Boo-hoo Lauren, You look so stressed. Go see a psychiatrist. Fuck you and go away.

    Anyone who believes, for a second, that these women are contrite is delusional.

    • “Nan and Lauren are brazen.” Anonymous

      It so fits Nan and Lauren to break a bottle and not own up to it.
      What did it take to wake up Lauren Salzman?
      Mexican Federales pointing machine guns at her head.

      In a few years, both so-called ladies will be back to their old tricks with their Bronfman friends and other NXIVM Flying Monkeys.

  • A Ballad from 1615

    Then was the Scold herself,
    In a wheelbarrow brought,
    Stripped naked to the smock,
    As in that case she ought:
    Neats tongues about her neck
    Were hung in open show;
    And thus unto the cucking stool
    This famous scold did go.

  • Someone was following them around, secretly taking pictures of them, and then Frank published these secretly taken pics. Correct?
    Or maybe Nancy hired a personal photographer and then sent the pictures to Frank.
    Or does it seem possible that a random person just happened to be in the same store they were in, recognized them and decided to secretly photograph them, and then emailed the pics to Frank?

    • “Nancy hired a personal photographer and then sent the pictures to Frank.” -Flowers

      Flowers are you, seriously, now trying to gaslight Frank Parlato? LMFAO


      …Just tell Frank the truth. You forgot to take your Zyprexa; Which in turn caused you to post that nasty comment, and caused you to have unprotected sex with the Elf King of Fairy Land, who is in actuality a gas station attendant at the local Texaco. 🙂

    • Yes, Flowers! This is not only physically and mathematically possible, but such events occur daily. That is: people see persons they recognize from the media, take photographs—openly or surreptitiously—then forward these photographs to media outlets, reporters, friends!

      To be frank (ahahahaha!) Nancy looks standard take-me-to-your-manager type. *shudders* I doubt I’d recognize her in person. But Lauren’s nose is startlingly recognizable, as is her oddly 1920s hair.

    • Yes, Flowers, someone recognized them and took pictures of them and sent the pictures to Frank. The Frank Report has millions of readers and a public Salzman sighting over the Thanksgiving holiday is news. Nothing nefarious about it. Get a grip.

      • They are not celebrities, Shadow. Most people wouldn’t recognize them., and if they did, who would hide behind a rack and secretly photograph them? Would you?

        I can understand Nicki Clyne being recognized, as she was an actress, so that makes sense…. but I don’t agree with posting Nicki’s picture and the name of the business where she works.

        • This comment from you, Flowers, is truly bizarre considering you’ve posted pictures of the innocent people you accuse of harassing you. Pictures you’ve lifted from social media. You’ve posted information saying one of them was mentally unwell, along with the picture, but said you didn’t believe she was seeking help. You’ve posted pictures of many people who have never committed any kind of crime. People who only made the mistake of crossing paths with you.

          But Frank can’t put up pictures of two people convicted of felonies and awaiting sentencing? Frank isn’t supposed to publish pictures of two people who are under house arrest but are seen out in public? Two people who are jobless but can spring for the expensive java? Come on, Flowers.

          • Pictures…???
            Not sure what you’re even talking about. Sounds as though you might be stalking someone yourself.

          • Pictures, I think I figured out what you’re talking about. On my old accounts, one closed in early 2018, and one this spring, I had posted some information regarding these criminals. This included some emails and messages/posts, and also a few pictures. If you know about that, then you must be one of those people.
            Thanks for finally admitting that you’re still stalking me. Maybe you’ll finally tell me why.

          • So, Dahlia, does this mean you admit to being one of the people who has criminally harassed me since 2013? Because If you read my old accounts, then you must have been following me for years.

        • “I don’t agree with posting Nicki’s picture and the name of the business where she works.” Flowers

          It was Radar Online that posted pictures of Nicki at her work.
          Neither Frank Parlato nor I had anything to do with that.
          That said, if you read the Radar Online story it appears that Nicki is still working for NXIVM, recruiting new slaves and the like.
          That raises the question of whether Bronfman or Salinas money is paying for Nicki’s “work”.
          When I asked Nicki that question in early October she told me to mind my own business.

          As early as May, 2019 Radar Online was publishing stories indicating that Nicki was seen in Clifton Park socializing with young women.

          • Posting pictures of Nicki Clyne and telling people where she’s working is definitely fair game. I agree with you. Posting pics of Allison Mack. Fair. The Salzmans fair. In fact pictures can be taken of anyone in public and published. There is nothing illegal about it.

            Taking a picture from social media and reposting it without permission is not permissible. The person who took the picture owns the rights to that photo.

          • I didn’t say that you or Frank had anything to do with it. I said I didnt think that info should have been posted, and that’s all I said about it.

          • By criminal harassment, I’m referring to theft, vandalism, intimidation thru litigation, creating multiple accounts to troll and attack me, and even a few incidents of in-person intimidation/harassment.
            But your definition of criminal harassment is my documentation of those events?

    • The story says the person taking the pictures happened to see them and was not “following them around.” If they had been “following them around,” we should have pictures from dozens of places by now. Frankly, I wish locals would provide more pictures of these creeps.

      The pictures were probably being taken discreetly, but not “secretly.” These are pictures in the public, not in the bathroom of their long, Raniere-inspirred sans-garlic pubic hairs.

      Frank did publish the pictures. So WHAT?

      Frank said he is familiar with the source, he can probably answer the question whether it is someone that Salzman hired. That would be a strange thing to do, but these NXIVM people are strange.

      Frank said the pictures came from a source who has sent him other information in the past, so obviously not a “random person,” but someone who is familiar with Frank and this website.

      Thanks for the entertainment, Flowers. You definitely have NOT lost your “touch.”

      • Scott, your post only helps to validate my theory. If the person who sent in the photos is a regular contributor to the blog, then even more reason to suspect that someone is paying them to follow and photograph Nancy and Lauren.

        To the people who think it’s reasonable that random people noticed them in that store because they are “celebrities” …..well, the truth is they are NOT celebrities. The only people who woild recognize them would be those who follow Frank Report, or people who personally know them.

        I had a good laugh over the post that claims I write toxic comments all over the web and have caused forums to close down. Please, do tell us more about that. Lol!

        To Frank- doesnt your pal Bangkok repeatedly accuse you of lying and also wishes you would develop cancer?

        • Flowers,

          Instead of attempting to guilt Frank Parlato into forgiving you with snarky comments; Maybe you should try an old-fashioned apology. 😉

          BTW Bangkok and Scott are somewhat humorous is small doses.

        • Let’s be honest. Frank Perlato hired the photographs. He probably did the same to Toni Natalie but unlike Salsmans Toni looks beautiful in every picture candid or not. #MyDreamComeTrue

        • No, my comment refutes your theory (which is really at most an hypothesis, even more like pure conjecture). It makes little difference to me whether the person is being paid or not, or whether they were following the Salzmans or just happened to come across them. The pictures merely record the Salzmans were in the truck stop coffee shop. We don’t know where they were or where they were going. It’s really not very complicated.

          I agree that your comments shouldn’t result in forums being shut down, but may cause you to be banned from making comments, as has been done to me by numerous forums – which I consider a badge of honor, given to me by forum owners who can’t handle the truth.

          I think Frank considers Bangkok’s comments more from a source of humor than bitterness and selfishness. Look in a mirror to see the latter two.

          • I don’t write comments to be entertaining, I write them to point out things that I think don’t add up. I’m not always correct in my guesses, but it turns out that I am usually pretty close to the truth. Why do you find that to be selfish and bitter….since you do the same thing yourself?

            Would the comments be very interesting if everyone just agreed with everything and everyone else?

          • I don’t agree with the assumption that you are “…usually pretty close to the truth.”

            I often disagree with others as well, but I don’t do it like you do.

          • Scott, I have only been banned from one forum, and that was for pointing out the moderator was lying. I do have screencaps to prove how he deliberately misrepresented something, and instead of responding to me, he erased the post and banned me.

    • Who the hell cares either way? Is it really so important? These women, or poor excuses, ruined lives and we need to feel compassion for their privacy? Give me a break! There are people in this world who deserve consideration and compassion and these who spied/hacked/abused people, sure as hell, are not them!

      • Of course you did. It’s what sissy bitches like you do. Always have to get the last word. You usually comment unprovoked though. You’re the chick version of Scott Johnson.

        • Mitchell Garretty,

          OMG! Once again you broach the taboos of homo-eroticism and misogyny . You cast me in the light of a woman and call me your “Sisssy Bitch, meat-socket”, [misogynistic statement]. People are going to think we are an item, intertwined, and riding the metaphorical hobby-horse of love.

          Why so hostile? Is it your dementia? What happened to the apologetic Mitchell? ” I am so sorry NiceGuy for calling you a “kiss-ass [sic].”-Mitch Garrity.

          P.S. We both know you will read my verbose rebuttal to you in its entirety. Don’t pretend you won’t read it. You can’t help yourself. You are as poets say, “A moth drawn to the flame”.

          • Ashamed to say, I read it to the end and somebody owes me an apology.

            Back to important news. Did Actaeon really quit FR over the Keith “hairy chest” picture? It’s a little too bizarre to believe on first read.

          • Nutjob,

            I am sorry I wasted your time. Unfortunately I can not refund the 3 minutes, of your life, it took to read my post.

          • Nutjob,

            Questions which receive answers only lead to more questions. Mr. Parlato knows this better than anyone. Take care your good man!

          • That’s interesting. If one ridiculed a trans/sissy boy are they being misogynistic? I guess the sissy boy would in fact, just as you have, think they are entitled to use such verbiage. After all, identifying as female that is how the language would be perceived.
            You do not disappoint! That’s why I like your post. I think of things from a different perspective.
            Curiously though, are your insinuations that certain men that are posting are homosexuals meant as insults? Because in my opinion that could be construed as homophobic as is defined these days. Suggesting someone is gay should not be an insult Niceguy. Id think you know better.

  • Keith claimed he could walk in the rain without getting wet. Today Albany got 2 feet of snow, and magically none fell on Keith.

  • “(isn’t that stalking?).” Flowers

    I hate to complain but if I were to go back through accusations made against me I would have a complaint similar to Frank’s.
    Once someone accused me of going to Saratoga Springs and being seen in a popular tavern there.
    I had to explain that I had never been to Saratoga County and if I did go there the last place I would visit would be a tavern.
    I would rather visit the famous Revolutionary War Battleground or the Yaddo estate where writers had a summer workshop.

    Why the paranoia?
    If you try to lead an ordinary life with many interests and try to be a good person most people don’t give a damn what you do.
    If Nancy and her daughter Lauren were just an ordinary family out to visit relatives over Thanksgiving no one would be photographing them in a highway Starbucks.
    Instead Nancy and Lauren and the rest of the NXIVM gang had to behave more like Bonnie and Clyde with money laundering and sex harems and political intrigue.

    If Allison and her wife Nicki had tried to live straight lives like Ward and June Cleaver instead of living like the “Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane” on crack cocaine neither woman would merit any public attention.
    Once the FBI has to launch a major investigation of your private life and the agents uncover lurid stories of sexual slavery and blackmail
    your whole private life is fair game.

    The NXIVM story is so outrageous that the tabloid press hesitates to cover it.
    The major players in NXIVM are human train wrecks.
    Most people wish they could take Keith Raniere, Allison Mack, the Bronfmans and the Salzmans and the rest of their retinue of freaks and ass clowns and flush them down the commode.
    The morons of NXIVM have no redeeming moral value.

    Michael Rosenbaum, the actor who played Lex Luthor on “Smallville” analyzed it best.
    He described how Mack tried to recruit him into the cult.
    Rosenbaum turned her down figuring she just wanted attention.

    Well you NXIVM schmucks, you’ve got your attention.
    How do you like it?

  • Frank, wouldn’t your hired stalker follow the Salzmans all the way to their destination? That’s rubbish Flowers!

    • If Frank wanted to hire a stalker he would have hired the best, the one and only Sultan of Six. The readers would then know what’s in their coffee, and how much corn is in their crap.

      • Nope. The very best would be VanGrifter and his inner circle of gutless enablers. They were world-class stalkers. After all, the entire cult getup was a “recruiting”, i.e., stalking clubhouse.

  • No, it’s not the smell of Flowers but rather the stench of Raniere. Flowers is a NX’er for sure. Likely a smelly Salzman.

  • Interesting flowers, you call Frank a liar before you consider the truth. Your assumption has gotten you into trouble. Why are you here anyway? If you think Frank is a liar why waste everyone’s time commenting? I prefer to read a trusted journalist. Next time be more like Frank and investigate the claims. And quit acting like you have multiple personality disorder. You talking back to yourself using a different name is concerning.

      • Scott,

        Peaches is definitely not Flowers!

        The man behind the curtain spoke; and then returned from whence he came into abyss….. like an aberration or unearthly spirit.

        • Frank,

          After today I finally figured out what Scott meant when he alluded to having a secret backchannel line of communication with you. LOL 😉

          This is the last time I will ever bring it up.

          Congratulations on the show! I am glad things are going well for you Frank! You deserve at the very least some modicum of success after defeating a cult – and making sure no new women or girls will ever be abused or murdered by Keith Raniere.

          Through your hardwork and tenacity you have triumphed over evil.

          I was telling a friend about the Frankreport backstory. They were somewhat astonished by the fact that from a simple blog an entire cult was destroyed.

          If we had been friends, and you had asked me my opinion, I would have said: “It will never work; you are wasting your time”.

          • Voila! As if by magic, what I was referring to reappears……I guess I imagined, months ago, Scott mentioning he had his own special way of communicating with Frank….
            From my programming days 20 years ago: Web Servers can grant different levels of access or privileges; And thereby different levels of views/screen views and…
            …Comments/communication for different end-users. Not everyone necessarily gets the same user privileges. I am cool with it I enjoy completely to this website….

            ….Or possibly I am completely wrong and sound like Flowers. Yikes!!!!! 😉

    • What other name am I using, Peaches?
      My assumptions have never gotten me in trouble. Please explain why YOU make that assumption.

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