Russell, Salzman & Salzman Travel on Thanksgiving; Candid Photos of the Salzmans at Thruway Starbucks

The pretty ballerina, Kathy Russell, and mother and daughter racketeers Nancy and Lauren Salzman, all got to travel, it appears, for the Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Kathy’s lawyers asked permission of the judge for her to go for a one-day trip; the judge graciously granted her request.

Her attorney wrote, prior to the holiday:

Dear Judge Garaufis:

I write to respectfully request a temporary modification of Kathy Russell’s bail conditions to allow her to travel to St. Augustine, Florida for Thanksgiving. Ms. Russell would leave and return from Georgia on Thursday, November 28.

Earlier this year, Ms. Russell’s sister, Kelly, lost her husband. Kelly is spending Thanksgiving with her late husband’s family in Florida and Ms. Russell would appreciate the opportunity to support her sister during this difficult time.

The government, by AUSA Tanya Hajjar, and Pretrial Services do not object to Ms. Russell’s request.

I appreciate the Court’s consideration.

Respectfully submitted,
/s/ Justine A. Harris
Justine A. Harris


Our information on Nancy and Lauren Salzman’s holiday came from another source, who wrote to me as follows:

“So, Nancy & Lauren must have gone to New Jersey for the holiday. Unless they went to Brooklyn.

“I ran into them in a rest stop where they stopped to get coffee at Starbucks. While waiting in line, Nancy dropped a glass bottle and just walked away and didn’t tell anyone. She’s an asshole. But they just stood in line laughing and chatting like they’re not going to jail next month.”

My correspondent was kind enough to snap a few pictures of mother and daughter.

It’s nice to get recent pictures of these two Nxivm stalwarts, women who were quick to turn on their Vanguard leader, Keith Raniere, when they felt the cold assurance of longer prison sentences.

Some might question the ethics of taking and using candid photographs of the winsome mother and daughter. It is debatable. They caused much harm to so many people. They seem fair game. On the other hand, at least Lauren seems to have turned on her lord Vanguard.

She roasted him pretty good at trial. Some say she was the best witness in making him appear to be the cowardly psychopath he is.

The judge nearly had tears in his eyes and stopped the cross-examination, declaring that Lauren is a broken woman, a true victim. Give her credit. She helped bury the rodent.

Nancy, on the other hand, was fastest to get on the plea deal bus. She gave no testimony. It is not known if she helped the prosecution.

One thing is certain, next to Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere, Nancy caused the most pain to the most people. Next to Clare, she was the great enabler of Keith Raniere. If he has a place in the history of great criminals, his Prefect will always be remembered as being by his side.

I think she always understood that Keith was a psycho, yet used him to achieve her own ends. She gave both of her daughters to the monster too.  And she had her daughters shun their own father for the sake of the monster and for her personal gain.

She was number two in the organization, the Prefect, yet is likely to get one of the lightest prison sentences.

It is hard to imagine her repenting or changing. This is “save your ass” time for Nancy. When she gets out of prison in a year or two, she will likely go back to whatever scam involving “helping” others to improve their lives, she can muster. Her reputation is so odious, she may have trouble finding people wealthy and stupid enough to want to retain her dubious services.

On her Linked-In profile she states she is a:

  • Trainer/Consultant Self-Employed  – Present 23 years 6 months

  • Consultant Self Employed  – Present 23 years

With her typical dishonesty, she says not a word about Nxivm or Keith Raniere.  She is just a consultant and trainer.

Kathy Russell got to travel.

No Sentence Dates for Mack and Salzmans Yet

Kathy Russell, Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere have sentencing dates in January. Salzman and Salzman and Allison Mack have yet to be given sentencing dates as of press time.

As for Lauren, one has to believe the best thing that happened to her was her arrest. She cooperated with the feds and will likely get a sentence in the 2-5 year range.

She is in her early 40s. Had Keith not been stopped, she would have likely been with him for decades more, adding to the long list of crimes and harm she did to others.

Lauren Salzman [l] with NXIVM. friends including Ivy Nevares [r].
One of my favorite Lauren Salzman stores is how she, while awaiting impregnation by Keith, who promised to sire for her [and the world] the avatar baby, was doing Exploration of Meaning [EM] therapy on the misguided Ivy Nevares. This poor woman, who was once atop of the Raniere harem, fell because of some ethical breach. But she was also promised the avatar baby.

Poor Ivy did not know Keith secretly promised many women this boon.

Ivy was jealous and unhappy about Keith having so many other women. She was shielded from learning about some of the others and had to be constantly lied to. Lauren was chief liar. She counseled Ivy.

When Ivy told Lauren, in the confines of therapy, that Keith promised her the avatar baby, Lauren hid her surprise and hurt and consoled Ivy. She told her to have faith in Keith Raniere. She did not tell Ivy she too was promised the avatar baby.

Afterward, Lauren was heard to say what a fool Ivy was for believing she was going to have the avatar baby.

Nice therapist, that Lauren

Lauren Salzman, a therapist much like her mother.

Keith used to mock Ivy in front of Lauren and others [behind Ivy’s back, of course] and shunned Ivy for a time. He told her not to cut her hair as penance and she did so. Her hair grew so long it went beyond her feet.

Yet Keith and Lauren laughed at stupid Ivy letting her hair grow so long.

Ivy Nevares was made fun of by Keith and Lauren because she believed in Keith.

Little Lauren did not know she too was being played for the fool by Keith.

Clare Bronfman

Thanksgiving at Home Perforce

The brutal Clare Bronfman stayed home in her Manhattan apartment on Thanksgiving. She had to. She is subject to home arrest and can only leave home for 90 minutes two times per week and 120 minutes once per week.

It might not matter, Clare is a vegetarian and would not have a sumptuous turkey dinner anyway. She is maintaining, according to reports, her Raniere diet, which appears to be consuming less than 1000 calories per day.

Clare is reportedly running the cult from her apartment. It is not known if anyone chose to visit her on this Thanksgiving weekend. She is required to have an attorney present when she meets with most of her cult followers. This she can easily afford.

Allison Mack also stayed home. She is confined to her parent’s home in Los Alamitos, California, except for outings specifically approved by her Pretrial Supervisor.

Allison Mack is subject to home confinement and wears an ankle monitor.

Allison, too, is lucky to have been arrested. Only 36, she should be out of prison in 5 years or less. She may perhaps be able to resume some kind of decent life like she seems to have had before she met the Salzmans and the Bronfmans who ushered her into the den of the monster.

Had Raniere not been nabbed, how many more years would she have been in DOS, helping to brand, blackmail and sex traffic women in the name of her lord and his great, noble mission?

Finally, as readers know, Keith Alan Raniere enjoyed the holiday at home too, in his cage.

Keith Alan Raniere is presently residing at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY. 


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  • The bottom line is that this is a good looking family. Lauren is beautiful. They all are.

    If this was a group of ugly dudes, none of us would care.

    • That is awesome! FOOL ME NOT RULES ALL! In case my wife catches me posting and to avoid a lecture from Shivani, I’ll just say that Bangcock’s futile existence sparked to life when the Lauren sweatpant pictures appeared.

  • Jolene, I have seen Nancy jogging on Brookwood & Grooms road several times.

    I’d be careful about your warning, kind of sounds like a threat. John TigHe got called into the police for a lot less.

    These two roads don’t even meet up, do they? – Brookwood & Grooms

    Nancy must have recovered well from her cancer surgery and is jogging getting ready for all those lovely ladies in person.

    I’m sure she will make someone a great wife. Her Master Vanguard will not even think it’s cheating, he will see it as survival.

    • Hahah, well that Kinda sounds like a threat towards me. Mine was far from a threat. My point is, these days you can’t even go to a mall or a church service without fear of active shooter but this crazy lady is proudly out jogging alone knowing she hurt many people. Bottom line, they had a sex cult in a neighborhood with kids. That alone makes people uneasy. Her face has been plastered all over, people know who she is. I’m just surprised nothing has happened. Not to mention, she’s supposedly on house arrest with cancer but can run up the huge hill on Brookwood?? That’s pretty damn amazing!

  • I live very close to where the Salzman’s live. I had no idea what was going on until it hit the news. I have seen Nancy jogging on Brookwood & Grooms road several times. She jogs around the area as if she never hurt a soul, usually in black & white jogging suit, black baseball hat & head phones. She’s brave tho, there are plenty that wish they never lived in the area at all. One of these days….I can see an “accident” happening.
    Be careful out there Nancy, we just got two feet of snow and it’s really hard to see around those snow banks

  • The only truly amazing aspect of these photographs is that they show a woman who had cancer smiling and enjoying life despite all she’s been through.

    Most of us should be so strong.

  • “Allison, too, is lucky to have been arrested”

    Excuse me, but she would have been Lucky if Raniere had been stopped before he destroyed her life…

    She is a victim and waiting for potential jail time (hopefully not) …hardly being Lucky.

    • I see her ( and Lauren and others) as victims, too.

      But here’s the problem….were the Manson girls victims? Should they not have served time?

      It’s an interesting academic question, that walks the tightrope between victim and perpetrator.

      I don’t know the answer. Just opining.

      It’s almost like the ” but for” test–would they have committed the crimes but for the brainwashing.

      I wish them all peace and healing.

      • I worry more about the true victims, the women who were branded and blackmailed under false pretenses.
        Too many people forget about the true victims.
        Allison Mack knew damned well that she was acting under false pretenses.

      • I 100% agree with Fool me Not.

        Glad to get shadow’s feedback. I wasn’t sure what he thought about it. Maybe shadow can write an article on the topic?

        • Nutjob:

          For all of the talk by Fool Me Not about the Manson girls being victims the jury had no trouble sentencing several of them to visit the death chamber.
          No one in California in 1970 saw the Manson girls as victims.

          • Shadowstate, re: the Manson girls, yes they were sentenced to death–rightfully so– but that doesn’t mean they, too, weren’t brainwashed.

          • You can’t tell shadow things like that. It unfairly scrambles his brain. He is incapable of seeing that someone can deserve to be punished and simultaneously be a victim.

    • And maybe she’s lucky that it’s only Raniere that she fell in with, and not someone even worse.

      If this is “Frenchie,” your theory seems to be that your Ally was such a pliable victim that she would have done anything she was told to, and had no personal or ethical limits. So then she would be lucky in a way not to have been under the sway of someone who told her to prostitute or kill herself, or to torture or murder other people, because she would have done that, right?

      The problem is that you never address why Mack was so uniquely malleable, and willing to engage in manipulating and harming others, when there were people like Kristin Keefe and Dani who realized things were going too far, stood up and walked away. She also seems to have had an attraction to manipulative if not abusive bad boy types, if the reports about her relationship with her fiancee are right, and so could well have found herself another one if not Raniere.

      • Anonymaker. Great questions, and if any finds the answer, please do share.

        How did Hitler rise to power? Jim Jones? Manson? And others?

        Some people, for very subjective reasons, are pliable and follow the leader.

        Others see the light and join the resistance.

  • Five Questions

    (1) Why did Kathy need the court’s permission to travel out of state – and the Salzmans did not?

    (2) Why is Lauren traveling together with Nancy (I thought she just had permission to visit Nancy to take care of her)?

    (3) Where is Michelle?

    (4) Where are the Salzmans getting money to travel and to buy Starbucks products?

    (5) Where are the Salzmans living these days?

    • Lauren lives right down the street from Nan. And believe me, they are brazen. No surprise.

      Man, you had to have seen Prefect ogling home-goods at Marshall’s.

    • Yes, where is the money for the Starbucks coffee from? Let me add to that inquiry. I noticed that Nancy Salzman is carrying a Louis Vuitton bag; I am 99% sure that the bag is fake (from the straps). If I am right, she is guilty of having a counterfeit handbag. If I am wrong, where is she getting the money for a Louis Vuitton bag?

    • 1. The story does not say they were traveling out of state.
      2. Because they are both convicted felons awaiting sentencing.
      3. Waiting in the car.
      4. From another stash of cash.
      5. In the same places they were before.

  • Was Lauren able to spend time with her mother to help her recover from her cancer surgery? Does this mean that she can visit her whenever she wants?

    Why wasn’t there a letter to the Judge like there was with Kathy Russell to travel requested? Is it because the Salzman’s believe they are above the law?

    How can they afford Starbuck? Is either of them working? How can they afford to pay for their housing, all the bills that come along with that, cell phone bills, gas to travel, hair cuts, etc when they are on house arrest?

    Neither of them has asked for work release, have they? The FBI must have not gotten all Nancy’s stash of cash. Nancy had most of it at other people’s houses, like her parents.

    Where was child #2, Michelle Salzman? Guess she wants nothing to do with her mom and her older sister. I wouldn’t either. Michelle was treated like the red-headed stepdaughter anyway. Lauren was called Chip. Chip off of Nancy’s shoulder. Lauren was handed everything in NXIVM, lots of money and Michelle was given nothing except maybe Raniere as a sex toy.

    On another note,

    None of Clare Bears’ family invited her to come to spend Thanksgiving with her even though she has many half-sibling family members who live in New York City. Guess she is really the black sheep of the family at this point.

    • Nancy and Lauren don’t have to worry about working
      They have Clare Bronfman to pay all their bills
      Just as it used to be for Raniere, things just appear for them now
      Their commissary accounts will also be full while they are behind bars. Clare will make sure of that.

  • Question for Anyone: For those on house arrest and still awaiting sentencing — does the house arrest count toward time served, therefore reducing their actual (and ridiculously short) prison time?

    • Home confinement AKA house arrest does not count towards a prison sentence. Thus, the only “credit” that most of Raniere’s co-defendants will get is for the day that they were processed (Allison was actually incarcerated at MDC for a couple of days – and she will also get “credit” for those).

  • Thank you for the recent snaps of the 2 Salzmans. To whoever ran into them and took the pictures, wow! That must have been a sight to behold, and by sharing the photos here, you have given some of us a lot to see.

    In particular from Nancy Salzman, the pictures speak those 1,000 words. Briefly, pride and remorselessness appear to be still pouring out of her. A buffo toad in Starbucks! Venomous.

  • Lauren truly is broken, isn’t she? If she were at all confident, she would have nothing to do with her mother ever again, and certainly not be seen in public with her.

    I note she also has a phone – what are her restrictions on internet use (are there any?)

    Lauren doesn’t seem to be dedicating much to self care either. Stained sweat pants in public? I feel a teeny, weeny bit bad for her. Maybe it’s just the holidays making me mushy.

    Also, if you’re polling, put me in the camp that says it is ok to publish photos like these – they’re public figures now.

  • Dear Frank, I read that a “Bronfman woman” , from Canada, bankrolled Ira Einhorn: The Unicorn Murderer …. was this Clare Bears mommy ???

    • Ira Einhorn was supported by Barbara Bronfman who had married into the family.
      So whatever she is she is not a blood relative.
      But Barbara Bronfman and other members of the family supported the murderer Ira Einhorn and helped him escape to Europe.

      Nonetheless the Bronfmans appear to be attracted to shady scummy characters like themselves.

      Here is a rundown of Ira Einhorm the environmentalist who murdered his girl friend and stuffed the body in a trunk and then escaped to France with Bronfman money.

      The Rest of the Story
      The Bronfmans – Accessories to MURDER?

    • Python Swope, the internet says it was Barbara Bronfman who assisted Einhorn, and that Barbara was married to Seagram heir Charles Bronfman. Wiki says Charles is the son of Samuel Bronfman, and brother to Edgar Bronfman, Sr.

    • It was an aunt by marriage, of the girls – Holly, if I recall. The extended Bronfman family has something of a history of culty involvements and, apparently, attraction of their women to charismatic bad boy types.

      • It looks like I stand corrected about the name of the Bronfman involved with Einhorn – I was on the road and wanted to make sure the basic question got answered, but didn’t have time to fact-check thoroughly.

        Holly was the name of Einhorn’s victim, but another member of the extended Bronfman family named Holly is a follower of an Indian guru.

        Raniere and Einhorn are both what I would call grungy gurus, seemingly unattractive characters and for some reason typically cavalier about personal hygiene, who have a certain charisma in person.

  • To Nancy and Lauren – NEVER SMILE AGAIN!. You never know when someone may be lurking in the bushes and snapping grainy pictures.

  • The American legal system is too lenient towards these NXIVM scumbags.
    Like the British who just let the convicted terrorist Usman Khan out of prison to have him attack and murder two people with a knife in Central London.
    Oh, but we must feel sorry for these criminals and let them be rehabilitated.
    You can’t rehabilitate the Devil and his minions.
    Mark my words, as soon as the dust settles ALL of these NXIVM miscreants and reprobates will be up to their old tricks.

    How much loot did Nancy Scumbag Salzman launder over the years?
    She even advertised her laundering services to Sir Richard Branson on two occasions.
    She hands over 500 Grand to the Feds and admits to hacking into Rick Ross’ computer and waltzes away from serious penalties.

    And Lauren Pimp Salzman, her reprehensible daughter, locks a young woman up in a room for 18 months to compel the person to have sex against her will and now Pimp Lauren and her demonic mother are waltzing around a Starbucks.

    “I ran into them in a rest stop where they stopped to get coffee at Starbucks. While waiting in line, Nancy dropped a glass bottle and just walked away and didn’t tell anyone. She’s an asshole. But they just stood in line laughing and chatting like they’re not going to jail next month.”

    This passage describes the scummy egg-sucking Salzmans perfectly.
    They wreak havoc in Saratoga County for almost twenty years and leave behind a mess for others to clean up.
    Recent stories in the Frank Report about Kristin Snyder indicate that Nancy Salzman might have orchestrated Kristin Snyder’s mysterious, permanent disappearance.
    Do the Salzmans give a rat’s ass about the havoc they have spread?
    No Way, Jose!
    They can’t wait to get back into the business of running a criminal gang.

    Cruella Bronfman and Allison Pimp Mack are cut from the same cloth as the Salzmans.
    Once a Racketeer, always a Racketeer.

    • Disgusting….you are not only paying someone to follow them around to take pictures of them (isn’t that stalking?). You can’t even come up with a believable lie. The person who took the pics claims Nancy dropped the bottle and smashed it, but where are the pics of that happening? Obviously, the photographer followed them to this location, and then secretly photographed them, and is now trying to pretend it was a random encounter.
      Why do you bother to lie?

      • Oh who fucking cares? These people enabled a cult for two decades. They lived off of people’s sucking up sucking thousands of dollars of money out of them for what they could learn from a $10 self help book abusing ethics and young women in the process for the whims of a conman. They fucking suck and deserve to be followed and shamed wherever they go. They don’t look remorseful one bit for what they did. They got off easy but they shouldn’t be forgotten so easily.

        • Re: Who Fucking Cares

          Exactly. Please make these unrepentant grifters go away. They know they will get a slap and a white lady “prison” thing and come back, with books, documentaries, etc.. Lo, so it goes.

          It would be fitting that they go to Mexico in the end, but! The Frog Queen of Mexico and her Henry James novel evil mother still….

      • The person taking the pictures was being discreet. Perhaps they thought if they took a picture of the broken bottle, it would have attracted attention to them from the Salzmans. Would you rather have pictures of the Salzmans or a broken bottle?

      • Flowers it was random that I saw them, why if I followed them on the thruway would I only take these pictures? That’s an idiotic claim. And why would I take a picture of a broken bottle? You’re a moron.

      • It is true, I really was not locked up against her will, she voluntarily agreed to remain confined in her room, that shows the degree of deterioration of common sense and the self-confidence that KAR followers suffer,

      • Close enough. She was “locked up” from the perspective that she was in the country illegally, was under age, had not source of income, had parents and siblings who worshipped Raniere/NXIVM, etc.

  • They are sleazy and henceforth should be labelled as the Sleazemans. The Sleazemans were the enablers of VanFraud for the longest time. They knew he was a fraud, what he was doing, and should forever be shamed wherever they go. I see no remorse in them whatsoever. They are happy they will get minimal time. Fuck em.

    Oh, and if they’re in a public place anyone is allowed to take their pictures. There is no invasion of privacy whatsoever.

  • I don’t see anything wrong in publishing pics of Nancy and Lauren. They’re fair game and interesting little tidbit about Nan dropping the glass and then not bothering to pay for it or apologize. Sounds like she hasn’t changed a bit.

  • Nancy still has that smile on her face.

    “I got away with almost everything! A short sentence in a minimum security prison is nothing compared to the fun I’ll have when I get out and pick up all the money I hid!”

  • Frank, why so mild? The judge will not pronounce his verdict until January, and the next indictment is still pending, which will surely take place. New prosecutors, new grand jury, new charges, new trial, new convictions, new judge, new sentences for each defendant.

    • Scott,

      Simmer down, Inspector Clouseau! Your questions, Scott, are always so relevant and pertinent to the topic at hand.

      “Did they order Grandes or Ventis with room for milk? Did they pay by cash or card?”
      -Scott Johnson

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