Ludwika Paleta Speaks Out to Defend Husband Emiliano Salinas

Ludwika Paleta and Emiliano Salinas

Quien Magazine got an interview with Ludwika Paleta, the actress wife of Emiliano Salinas. She is evidently back in Mexico but without her husband.

His whereabouts are unknown.

The Quien story was written by Arturo Perea.

I am going to attempt to translate the Spanish language story into English. I will also make a few editorial comments when appropriate [in brackets and in bold]

Ludwika Paleta broke her long silence and for the first time has spoken of the scandal in which her husband, Emiliano Salinas, is involved.

Salinas was named by the United States Attorney’s Office as an accomplice of Keith Raniere, the leader of the NXIVM cult, who was convicted of sex trafficking, racketeering, wire fraud, identity theft, forced labor conspiracy, and other crimes.

After spending some time on vacation in Europe, the actress returned to Mexico and said that her husband is well and happy. Despite rumors to the contrary, she said they continue to maintain a relationship of union and love.

“It has been a difficult process. Fortunately, this situation has already been resolved in the United States courts. It has been clarified. Emiliano was not called to testify and he was not mentioned. We are calm and happy that this has already been settled. There is an ongoing legal process where there are still things to resolve but we think it will work out quite well for us, “said the actress on her way out of the Milan Theater, where reporters were waiting for her.

“It has been a hard and bitter time for us, for everyone. I think the most important thing is to make it clear that both Emiliano and I are against and repudiate any act of violence and any act of denigrating any human being, ”said the actress.

Paleta took the opportunity to make it clear that there is no distancing with her husband as stated by a show magazine.  Paleta said she supports Emiliano, and they have faced a crisis.

“We are together and we are strong and we are well and I will always support him,” she said.

Paleta said that she has a clean conscience, that she has nothing to hide and that people who know her know that she and her partner have not hurt anyone.

Asked about the rumors that she has been branded by the sex cult, like other women who denounced Raniere.

Paleta said that many things were reported and that this notion of her being branded is totally false.

“Many things are said but that is not so. There are many things that are said not only of me but of many people [in Nxivm] that are not true. All I can say is that I am calm, we [Emi and I] are fine. I will start working hard and I have taken this time off to be with my family [during the Nxivm crisis. The couple has twins], ” she added.

Emiliano, a businessman and the son of former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari, was named by a prosecutor [Moira Penza] in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, as “co-conspirator.” He created several email accounts used to discredit enemies [and illegally investigate] of the Nxivm organization he ran [with] Keith Raniere, where women were branded on the pelvic area [with Raniere’s initials] and forced to have sex with Raniere.

Following the controversy that erupted in the media, Salinas published a statement claiming that as soon as he learned about the practices in the organization, he broke all ties with Raniere and the cult.

[That is not exactly true as his recorded conversations with Toni Zarattini prove. Salinas knew about the branding and was still trying to keep Nxivm together. This was prior to any media other than the Frank Report writing about the branding and blackmail scheme. To hear Salinas defending the blackmail practice see Grabaciones de audio originales reales de Emiliano Salinas y Toni Zarattini – en español].

[Paleta did not say what she is doing with her Albany house that she purchased at the time of the branding scandal and has not been seen at since Raniere fled to Mexico prior to his arrest.]

Ludwika’s Albany home.


Ludwika bought a home at 18 Silo in Waterford, NY – just a few minutes walk to Keith Raniere’s home at 21 Oregon Trail.

Emiliano’s wife, Ludwika Paleta, sources in Nxivm told me, is an open relationship with Emiliano Salinas. She is reported to have bedded at least one Nxivm male member. It is not known if Raniere himself provided Paleta with sexual mentoring as he did with many of his women followers.


Emiliano, Ludwika and Carlos Salinas at the wedding.


Keith Raniere was the guru of Salinas. Sources who were in Nxivm up until the arrest of Raniere say that Emiliano wanted to leave Nxivm for about a year, but agreed to remain with the organization to help it during its crisis.


Ludwika is known as a sexpot actress.


Three DOS slaves found at the Silver Bay beach at Vanguard Week 2017. Jacquelin Ronay and the two Hubers. [Ludwika] ‘Mika’ Paleta sends her approval.
Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta married Emiliano Salinas in 2013.


Finally, it should be noted that Ludwika came back to Mexico alone, without her husband. Frank Report previously reported that sources said he had fled the USA and was considering living in Cuba in the event he was to be indicted. He was seen in the UK and posed for a picture shortly after my Cuba story was published. That story was picked up in Mexico on dozens of media outlets.

So where is Emiliano now?

Is he still in the UK? Or has he gone elsewhere? Will he return to Mexico? Right now he is highly unpopular due to the horrific media he obtained through his association with Nxivm.

If he is indicted in the US, he might face extradition from Mexico. In Cuba and some other nations, he might be safe. There is no guarantee he will be indicted.

So where is Emiliano?


Paleta says she was not branded and it might be true. She appears nude in films and the brand might be a detriment to her acting career. But is she a DOS slave? Did she quit DOS? These are questions she might be asked. But, of course, DOS women are taught to lie to preserve the secrecy of the sorority.

That does not mean Paleta is in DOS today. I think it highly unlikely. But there was a time when Ludwika was highly supportive of Nxivm, its teachings and her husband’s role as the Nxivm leader of Mexico.

Further statements from her and from Emiliano about Raniere and how they feel about him and his teachings today would be welcome.

Both Emiliano and Ludwika are welcome to give complete and extensive comments about their time in Nxivm and their epiphany and awakening that prompted them to leave.

Not only will their comments receive ample attention on Frank Report and its readers but will also likely be reported on in Mexican media since this case is of particular interest to the Mexican people.


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  • Thank you so much, Frank Parlato, for all your investigations of NXIVM slaves sex cult of Keith Alan Raniere, Carlos Emiliano Salinas Occeli, all staff and the Group DOS of sexual slaves CULT. You opened the eyes of the Mexican society that we see all this very bad example and all this is NOT acceptable by the Mexican society. We have principles, values and good moral. Please continue to inform all your investigations on the matter and Emiliano Salinas that we know he tried to evade any future justice in other countries that do not have extradition laws with the U.S.A.

    Muchas Gracias Frank Parlato por todas sus investigaciones y informarnos acerca de NXIVM el culto de esclavas sexuales de Keith Alan Raniere y Carlos Emiliano Salinas Occeli, su personal y el Culto del grupo DOS todo eso es inaceptable y denigrante para la sociedad Mexicana, en nuestras generaciones siempre han existido los principios y valores humanos sobretodo el comportamiento de buena moral y este tipo de situaciones denigran y destruyen los valores y la dignidad de la mujer, por favor siga informandonos acerca del caso y las situaciones legales de Emiliano Salinas que sabemos esta huyendo a paises donde no haya tratado de extradicion con U.S.A

  • “Nothing will ever come between me and my husband, except perhaps for an ocean and several national borders.”

  • “It has been a difficult process. Fortunately, this situation has already been resolved in the United States courts. It has been clarified. Emiliano was not called to testify and he was not mentioned.”

    Emiliano most certainly was “mentioned,”

    According to this Univision article here, :

    “U.S. federal prosecutors identified Emiliano Salinas, the son of former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, as an alleged co-conspirator of the founder of a secret cult who is on trial in Brooklyn for sex trafficking, money laundering and other crimes, according to legal documents obtained by Univision.”

  • Bahahahahahaha

    What a crock of bull shit
    My husband didn’t have to testify.
    The US DOJ couldn’t get the Mexican authorities to extradite her husband.

    • I doubt the DOJ wanted Salinas to testify. He would have been less helpful than Mack. At least she knew things that could have helped make the government’s case, but she’s too nutty. Salinas is just plain stupid.

  • I am signing off. My spouse is dying. I don’t care about this minutiae anymore – stupid actresses, etc. – other than that KAR gets what he richly deserves. He hurt many of people of all ages (oops – “in my opinion”) – male and female, rich and poor. My thanks to the many thoughtful and astute posters here – you all know who you are. That includes those who have not been seen in ages. Thank you for your efforts and fidelity.

    I appreciate your kind words over time. Do not give up the fight.!

    Heidi, Niceguy, Nutjob, VanDouche, Ionwhitepoetry, Pyriel, Flowers, Somebody, and so many more! Please forgive me if I have not mentioned you by name.


    • Many blessings to you and your husband. I’ve enjoyed reading you in the comment section and wish you well.

    • So sorry to see you go and hear of your woes with your spouse, Orange. You’ve made a tremendous contribution to this blog, I’ve much appreciated your deftly expressed insights and perspective on NX’s background from their CBI days.

      I don’t want to intrude on your time left with loved ones but may take you up on the offer to check in by email regarding my NX-entangled situation with my son and ex at some point.

      Thanks again for all you’ve done — your encouragement and brightness will also be missed!

      • Heidi, thanks. I might have panicked – Today we have options from the doctor.. Not excellent, but we all are terminal, you know?

        I would like to keep on reading and posting if I have anything worthwhile to say. I’ve probably said all I have. As readers will know ad naueam (that is spelled wrong – I know that for a fact) , I draw a parallel between Jim Jones and KAR..

        KAR will never have a spouse to love him. In that we can take some satisfaction.

    • Orange County Dreams,

      I am so sorry to learn this news. I wish you and your husband well!

      I have greatly enjoyed your posts and fresh perspectives. Take care!

  • Those two are so completely in love with themselves, that they couldn’t possibly also be in love with each other.

    A Narcissist’s Prayer

    That didn’t happen.
    And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
    And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
    And if it is, that’s not my fault.
    And if it was, I didn’t mean it.
    And if I did…
    You deserved it.

    – Anon

    • Hahahaha – Perfect! Could very possibly be the Raniere creed.

      As for all the side characters – they strike me as a pack of self involved idiots.

  • Ludwika:

    I will be passing through Clifton Park on my way to Saratoga at the end of this week. If you want, I could stop by for a dip (in your pool of course). We could head over to the track and you can watch me get separated from my money, much in the way your husband and his Vanguard separated thousands of lost souls from millions of dollars. At least I have some (small) chance of getting my money back.

    We can review some pictures from Frank Report and I will, once again, try to convince you that real men do not wear green shirts and dance for the benefit of other men, and real Harvard graduates (like your husband and “Nippie” aka Mr. Sarah Edmondson) do not and should not take direction from a man who was hard-pressed to earn a diploma from RPI.

    Thanks, Frank, for running pictures of this “sexpot actress”. I was getting very tired of the endless pictures of the ditzy waifs, Mack, Kreuk and Clyne, none of whom I found particularly pulchritudinous even before they were put on concentration camp diets.

    One thing all of these women have in common: I had never heard of a single one of them until I started reading the Frank Report. But (with apologies to the other Frank, Old Blue Eyes), Ludwika has gotten under my skin. Expect multiple frenzied posts from me in the future either defending her or character assassinating her, I haven’t decided yet.

    • All of Them Witches—–

      A word to the wise: if something actually happens to Ludwika’s house, guess who the number one suspect is? Hope you have an alibi if Fate decides to visit. You are playing a silly game.

      • foolishPride:

        Thanks, I see your point.

        Nothing like “words to the wise” from someone who calls themselves “foolish”?

        But you are right. After all the threats (?) I made against Domrod Ludwika (aka Casa Paleta) in my post (I guess someone translated it into Spanish for you?), a meeting at the sexpot’s home would be unwise. If the law came a calling, I would just hide in the closet anyway, like a real Vanguard does.

        So change of plans Ludwika: Meet me on Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs on Saturday night. I will be wearing a tee shirt that says “Fuck me, I have a 2.6 GPA and a flaccid penis.” That should make it easy for Ludwika (and the police) to find “the number one suspect.”

        Horse racing is a silly game. Making irreverent posts on the Frank Report is a silly game. Both are relatively harmless forms of self amuse. Like you say, “silly”.

        There is silly and then there is “stupid”. Stupid like devoting one’s life to or spending one’s money on a convicted con man/sex trafficker.

        A word to the foolish: You are playing a stupid game.

  • Why didn’t Ludwika return to her lovely home in Saratoga County?
    Will NXIVM Mexico be holding a V Week celebration South of the Border?
    And Ludwika, ask your husband how the weather is in Havana.

  • I’d take her statement with a grain of salt – or two.

    Maybe they do have some curious but satisfactory sort of relationship, but she’s probably also got a good publicist advising her not to stir up controversy regardless; and if she were say angling for an eventual divorce settlement, she would be wise to be demonstrating that she could be counted on to keep up appearances so long as she is well-kept.

  • Any pics of Paleta on Necker Island or did she join after? BTW- do you know exactly when in 2010 your Necker pics are from?

  • He really made a fool of himself dancing and saluting Raniere, at Vanguard Week 2016, but Vanguard Week 2019 seems a more subdued affair, with an entirely different focus.

    • Paul—This linked video sucks almost as much as your momma! Da video has nothing to do with nothing—- sit on my middle finger bounce motherF’r

  • “Ludwika is known as a sex pot actress”. As if anyone in her social environment would be known for anything other than a well trained Capuchin monkey! Ok, Keith is well above them in this respect and taught them a good lesson by peeing over them all. Perhaps literally whenever he pleased! Oh yes, I think that includes Kristin Kreuk, whose looks have been demonstrated to be directly proportional to her stupidity!

      • DirtyRatBastard,

        I respect your right to do that. I have already had experiences with very good looking women and I tell you, the ones that are also stupid, that combination kills libido FAST for me, no matter what their physical stats are. But, if that’s your thing, go for it. Do them all if you can, it’s all the same to me.


  • Perhaps I’m remembering incorrectly, but recall mention at the Frank Report that Ludwika and others met with Clare Bronfman not so long ago, privately and while Bronfman was under house arrest. This was a few months ago and before Raniere was convicted. The Frank Report article said that the meeting was at Bronfman’s Manhattan place. It was mentioned in that article that Bronfman met with Nxivm members from Mexico and managed it by choosing individuals who didn’t happen to be named on a list of Nvivm participants with whom she could not have contact.

    Not much, if any, credibility coming out of Ludwika’s remarks, which sound like whitewash and not a very effective attempt, because she is still looking for some way to promote Nxivm. It looks like she is continuing to promote the viability of her group as valuable and looking for expansion, particularly in Mexico.

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