Bangkok Dissects Toni Natalie’s Role as a Parent and Truth Teller – and It’s Ugly

Editor’s note: Toni Natalie and her “boyfriend” Keith Alan Raniere demanded that her son, Michael, go on an extreme low-calorie diet – when the boy was 6 -8 years old. The boy was with Toni during the school year for three years.

Happily, the boy was with his father, Rusty, during the summers and was allowed to eat normally. Over the summer, Toni would occasionally call Rusty to complain that she did not want the boy coming back with any excess weight, according to Rusty.

When the boy returned to Toni, the first thing she did was not hug her son – but rather she marched him right over to the scale and checked his weight. The boy endured three years of Toni and Keith’s abusive dietary regime. Then, on summer vacation after third grade ended, the child begged his father to stay with him and when asked if he could [because she had join custody], Toni readily agreed. The child stayed with his father for the rest of his childhood and teen years and into young adulthood.

An adult Michael, aged 22, went to live with his mother for 10 days – until she seems to have thrown him out, according to Heidi Hutchinson, because he would not follow Toni’s home security rules. According to Heidi, Toni told her that Michael left a garage door open and, consequently, she kicked the boy out of her house. He went back to live with his always-welcoming father.

Here are Bangkok’s wise remarks [culled from a number of his comments] on this unusual kind of parent.

By Bangkok

Putting Toni’s seven-year-old son on low cal diet like Keith did with DOS women 

I’m shocked that anyone would attempt to partially JUSTIFY Toni’s decision to use Keith’s ‘calorie restriction’ on her YOUNG son, pretending as though it was for the boy’s own benefit.

NOTHING that Keith did (related to calorie restriction) was for the person’s own benefit. It’s a means of control.

If Toni was that concerned about ‘weight’ and ‘health’ then WHY THE FUCK did she tolerate Keith stuffing his fat face with junk food every day?

Let me eat cake – Keith Raniere at the time he was with Toni Natalie.

Why did she continue shacking up with a chubby slob like Keith Raniere?

Keith Raniere during the time Toni and Keith put her son on a DOS-like low cal diet.

Why didn’t she demand that Keith get his own fat ass on that same diet?


If Toni’s ‘concern’ about her young son’s weight was really based on love and health, then WHY THE FUCK wouldn’t she consult a pediatric doctor to supervise the boy’s weight and nutrition?

Why would she trust a guy who’s a CHUBBY FATASS to supervise her son’s calorie restriction?

Why would she trust a guy who EATS JUNK FOOD ALL DAY LONG to supervise her son’s calorie restriction?

IMO, that’s akin to trusting a ‘broke gambler’ to supervise your retirement money. LOL.

Toni Kicking Her Son Out

Toni’s garage door story sounds like little more than a PRETEXT to throw her son outta the house — without having to look like the ‘selfish villain’ that she probably was.

A closed garage door would be little hindrance to a team of professionals (hired by Keith) looking to break into her home or do her some type of harm. LOL.

Virtually every home has something called ‘WINDOWS’ which can be easily broken by any intruder who is determined to get inside, regardless of whether the fucken garage door is open or closed…and besides, WHAT THE FUCK would intruders wanna do inside her home?

I know… Maybe look for ‘secret documents’ that Toni keeps there which can lock them up for life? Yeah, sure.

If Keith and his goons had really wanted to cause some type of harm to her — they could have simply waited for her to leave the home and did it then. They don’t need an open garage door for anything.

Toni sounds to me like a loveless mom and a shitty parent IMO.

Despite Toni’s alleged complaints to Heidi about Michael’s poor eating choices – a habit she blames on his father Rusty – Michael DeCook [above] grew up to be a healthy [and not an obese] young man.
She abandoned her young son and, according to Heidi, she tossed him outta her house a 2nd time years later for dubious reasons. That tells me all I need to know about the ‘love’ she has in her heart for her son.

Then… She only reunited with her son when he was finally an adult with an independent job and no longer needed anything from her.

IMO, that’s just another way of saying that she reunited with her son when it was CONVENIENT and she no longer had the emotional/financial cost of raising him.

IMO, that’s not a loving mom. IMO, that’s a loveless mom.

On Marriage to Rusty

Heidi wrote that “Toni claims Rusty was not very affectionate with her and their MARRIAGE WAS OVER in spirit anyway, so [her affair with Keith] should not be judged as adultery.”

This is NOT what Toni Natalie told reporter James Odato for the 2012 Times Union article he published.

Toni Natalie confirmed for the Times Union that she was in a GOOD MARRIAGE when she first met Keith Raniere.

Quote from Times Union article: “Toni Natalie was in a good marriage and was raising a young son when Raniere invited her to the Clifton Park headquarters of Consumers’ Buyline”

No matter what Toni claims in her 2019 book (which is full of self-serving statements), it doesn’t change the fact that in 2012 James Odato printed that Toni was in a ‘good marriage’ when she met Raniere.

Times Union reporter James Odato reported that Toni told him she was in a good marriage to Rusty. Her story changed over the years to where she wrote in her book that it was loveless and devoid of affection on the part of her husband.

IMO James Odato likely wouldn’t have printed that statement unless Toni CONFIRMED this for him (long before she had a book deal).

Thus, I’ll take Odato’s word over Toni’s self-serving book ANY day of the week. LOL.

Thus, in my opinion, Toni appears to be attempting to rewrite history to make Toni’s questionable morals seem more ‘normal’.

This is no small matter.

It cuts right to the HEART of Toni’s CREDIBILITY as an author.

It also cuts right to the HEART of her MORALS as a human being.

On Publicly Insulting Her Son’s Father in Her Book

Toni did not spare her third husband Rusty a number of cheap shots in her book.

It’s almost ‘unbelievable’ that Toni would take such gratuitous shots at a man she shares a son with – in her book.

I guess Toni cares about Toni first.

Her marriage to Rusty was not part of the NXIVM takedown storyline and there’s no reason to knife him in the back (figuratively) and portray him in the worst of ways to the public.

Glad that Frank is speaking to Rusty to get his side of the story. I’m all for the truth even if it paints Toni in a better light.

Thus, if Rusty confirms that it was a bad marriage and that he was truly a bad husband who was okay with her fucking Keith while they were married, then it should be reported that way. {Frank Report will have an interview with Rusty on Toni and his relationship with her coming soon.]

However, it still won’t change the fact that Toni may have lied to James Odato for the 2012 article by calling it a good marriage even though she’s now changed her story.

Therefore, it’ll still mean that Toni has a veracity problem.

She can easily change her story whenever she thinks it’ll benefit her.

Thus, I’m left to surmise that Toni’s only reason for knifing Rusty in the back is to attempt to ‘preemptively’ discredit him and stave-off his future challenges to her constantly changing stories.

For instance… Her huge failure as a mother is something she likely wants nobody to hear about IN DETAIL — thus, by trashing Rusty first, she’s likely hoping that other media outlets won’t want to hear his point of view and will paint him as a guy with an ax to grind.

She’s hitting out at him before he can hit back in the media. It shows she’s very cold and calculating.

What about her son’s feelings?

He likely loves his dad. Did Toni not consider that?

It’s especially ‘cold’ IMO because her own son likely loves his father and doesn’t wanna see him trashed in the public eye just to promote Toni’s book sales and image.

If she truly loved her son more than anything on Earth (like most mom’s would), then she’d have just kept quiet about Rusty and not gone out of her way to trash him in the public eye.

This tells me that Toni likely cares more about her own public image than she does about her son or his feelings.

It’s also comical that Toni complained about Rusty’s parenting abilities to Heidi (about food) since at least Rusty was around to love and raise their son — something Toni wasn’t even around for.

Toni first ditched her son (she didn’t raise him) — yet she then complains about Rusty’s parenting skills?

I think she needs to see a mental health specialist IF these things are really true, LOL.


Toni Natalie has a tattoo on her back which reads – “‘In War, Truth is the First Casualty. . . But Not This Time”. The advertising from her book speaks of her triumphs including, “Today, Toni is happy, reunited with her son, and surrounded by friends and family….” But she has no living parents or siblings and the last time her son lived with her [for 10 days – about 8 years ago], she kicked him out.

Rusty loved and raised his son like a good parent does

The fact that Toni could complain about Rusty’s parenting (after she abdicated her own parental responsibilities for selfish reasons) is beyond ‘Twilight Zone’ material.

It’s clear that Michael is the most important thing in the world to Rusty.

It’s also clear that Michael is NOT the most important thing in the world to Toni (either now or back then) — which is completely ‘counter-natural’ to the feelings of a loving parent.

If Michael was the most important thing in the world to Toni —- she would not have made unnecessary insults against his father in such a public way.

If she loved her son more than anything, she would have considered her son’s feelings and remained silent on the breakup with his father — that is, she would have put her son’s feelings above ‘profit’.

Shame on her.

I also believe Rusty’s story over Toni’s story any day of the week.

The truth has a way of being self-evident.

Thus, it’s clear that she’s not only guilty of trying to humiliate her own son’s father (which is bad enough, if she claims to LOVE her son) —- but it looks as though she may have lied while doing this. That’s adding insult to injury.

She seems to be going out of her way to hurt what remains of her family (her son), just for the sake of profit.

More Than a Narcissist?

I’m not convinced she’s just a classic narcissist. I believe it’s probably more than that.

Frank should consult a psych expert (for an article) regarding what you know about Toni’s behavior as a parent and the bogus claims made in her book — and ask them to classify what type of personality she may possibly have.

It won’t be a real diagnosis of course (since it’s being done from afar) but they can probably offer insights into possible personality/mental disorders which Toni may or may not suffer from.

I just find it hard to believe that any psych expert could look at her behavior, failures and actions over her life —- and say that she’s 100% normal. lol.

With regard to Toni’s behavior…

Here are 4 ‘separate’ things which tell me that she loves herself more than her son.

1) When her son was young and miserable around Keith, instead of making Michael want to remain in her custody (by breaking away from Keith and his harsh dieting methods) — she chose to remain true to her selfish lifestyle, while simultaneously abdicating her parental responsibilities.

2) Instead of visiting her son regularly (after that point) and trying to make an ‘effort’ to remain in his life in some meaningful capacity, she instead placed her own selfish lifestyle ahead of her son by remaining out of his life for many formative years, even though she allegedly lived in the same general area for a while. What kind of mom does that?

3) When her son was older around 2010-2011 (according to Heidi) Michael had come to live with Toni for a while — but within a short period of time, Toni was angry with her son (and allegedly kicked him out of her home) for superficial issues like “not closing the garage door” or “eating the wrong foods”. What kind of mom tosses their son out of her home for such superficial reasons? I’ll tell you what kind — the kind who love their own lifestyle more than their own child.

4) When writing her book, she made unnecessary insults against her son’s father without even thinking about the pain it may cause her son. She KNEW that her son loves his dad yet she still went out of her way to publicly insult his dad gratuitously. This tells me that Toni doesn’t care one iota about her son’s feelings and has never had a TRUE ‘change of heart’ about the abdication of her parental role.

In my opinion, that’s much more than just garden variety ‘narcissism’.

….and when you add up the other bogus elements which Frank has shown exists in her book, I’m pretty sure that any psych expert would have a FIELD DAY examining Toni’s life and telling us what types of personality/mental disorders she may or may not suffer from.

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  • Maybe no one’s commenting on your regurgitated stinkfart of a story bc your deep-seeded, ugly, mysogenistic sickness is showing too much, Banger.

    Better pop a few more Respiradols before banging out your next pathetic piece of deranged, banal bullshit.

  • Hi Bangkok,

    I feel bad that nobody commented regarding this “shit” article you took the time to write. 😉
    Don’t be blue. It was not so bad.

    I think you feel a special connection between Toni Natlie’s son and your own crappy childhood. You do. Do you not?

    Is there a Rusty in your life? Or is your dad more along the lines of Scott Johnson, except with a good job and plenty of money? I think your dad is a scmuck like Johnson because what type of father refers to their son as a “retard”?
    You are definitely not retarded.

    Bangkok you are an intelligent dipshit!

    Have a nice night you little dipshit!

    P.S. I hope your dick didn’t hemorrhage after beating off all weekend.

      • Amway Johnson,

        WOW!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

        You actuality know what a library is/for?


        “I don’t waste my time”should have been “I will not waste my”.

        Advanced grammar is tough. I realize your home schooling only goes so far. So sad. 😭

        • WOW!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!

          You actually know what a telephone is for, you’re just too scared to use it.


          You’re an idiot. Advanced thinking is tough. I realize your mama dropped you on your head several times. Intentionally. So sad. LOL

  • #1.) A Low Calorie diet is totally inappropriate for a growing child.

    #2.) MK10Art has published a drawing depicting the dead puppy in the refrigerator which the boy was forced to see on a daily basis.

    #Nxivm puppy in the freezer story “But #ToniNatalie told me the story of how a despicable #KeithRaniere blamed Michael for his puppy’s death when its death was clearly accidental.”

    “While it made Keith seem like quite a monster, as a mother myself, I did not understand Toni’s acquiescence to Keith’s punishing the child the way he did. Had anyone ever tried to lay a guilt trip on my son, like Keith supposedly did on Michael – over carelessly “killing” his own pet – when the pup’s death, according to Toni, was an accident, I would have stood up to the man and objected.I draw a line with anyone who abuses a child. But it was far worse.”
    “According to Toni, Keith made her keep the body of the puppy in their freezer and Keith [with Toni’s full knowledge and consent] made Michael stare at the dead puppy for a certain length of time every day – in order to teach him the consequences of his action.”
    “Toni described this as more of Keith’s brutal behavior and his monster-like tendencies. But I gleaned something different from her horror story. That she was a horrible and unfit mother.” Read more

    #Day4 #Freeze #inktober #inktober2019
    #Nxivm #ToniNatalie #cult”

    #3.) I have said this before and I will say it again.
    Many if not all of the women in NXIVM are too twisted to really make acceptable parents.

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