Allison Mack Bears Responsibility for Her Criminal Behavior – She Can’t Blame the Man

By Actaeon

True. Allison Mack committed the felonies, now she has to pay her penance. Accept her guilt, no excuses.

After she serves her prison term, the honorable course would be to slink off unnoticed, keep a low profile, and be ashamed of herself. I really don’t want to hear she has written a book about her experiences, or is trying to resurrect her acting career, or is setting up as an advocate for any damned thing. The last thing she should ever do is offer anyone advice. She had her go at changing the world for the better, and it turned to shit for her and everyone she came in contact with.

I don’t want to hear any excuses from her. And the excuses are ready-made: how she was misled. Misled by a man. How she was ill-treated and brainwashed and she bears no responsibility because she’s a woman and women are taught they can’t blah, blah, blah.

There’s a ready-made narrative to absolve her of guilt, but I’m not buying it. And likely as not, by the time Mack is out of prison in five years or so, the current identity-politics nuttiness will have blown over sufficiently that she won’t be able to claim membership in a victim group.

She bears responsibility for her criminal behavior, and she needs to carry it for the rest of her life.

Two First Line DOS slaves – Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack
Mack [left] with the woman who recruited her into Nxivm, Kristin Kreuk. Next to her the enabler of Nxivm, Sara Bronfman – at Necker Island.
Mark Hildreth, Kristin Kreuk, and Allison Mack
Irish leader of Nxivm [DOS] Kim Constable and Allison Mack
Allison with her attorneys.


Allison with DOS slaves.
Allison with Raniere’s singing group Simply Human
Allison with her favorite threesomes partner Dani Padilla.
Allison with the man she ruined her life over – Keith Alan Raniere, who was her Vanguard.

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  • Did you use to date her? You seem to care more than most people. I just googled her name and it’s nothing but you posting angry rants.

  • So you think that after she pays her debt to society, she still needs to suffer more?

    Come on now. People can change. People have the right to move on with their lives.

    Write a book, sale rights for a TV series. Hell make a movie. It’s her life.

    Who are you to say that she shouldn’t do that.

    • “Who are you to say that she shouldn’t do that.”

      Media companies depend on paying audiences to make profits for shareholders.
      Media companies will make NXIVM movies and TV shows based on Catherine Oxenberg or Sarah Edmondson or even Toni Natalie but they will not base any movies on Allison Mack’s point of view.

      “Hey everybody here is a movie about World War 2 based on Heinrich Himmler’s point of view!”

      Moreover, we don’t need virtue signaling from a person who has no virtue.
      We don’t need advice from an idiot.

    • That’s right! Anything goes – and that is what is ruining America. When there is no line between right and wrong, people will go to the extreme of perversion and then sit around and dream up something farther out. Sexual addiction is not something that can be satisfied. There is a continual need for the “next thing.” This does not apply to just sexual perversion. The “anything goes” approach to life leads to anarchy and social breakdown and that is what is happening in America today.

      • “Anything Goes is a good description of contemporary America.
        An Anti-Fa mob in Portland beats up a man and the police do nothing.

        Thousands of people plan to gather in the desert outside Area 51, a restricted military base , and threaten to storm the facility looking for little green men.
        ‘Storm Area 51’ turnout overwhelms Nevada town”

        Mad Magazine shuts down because with today’s news there is no way that satire can outpace the craziness of everyday life.

        • What a fruitloop…
          So now you manage (unsuccesfully) to mix this case with another news about ….Area 51.
          Must be difficult to live in your head.

          • Do you think that the NXIVM case exists in a vacuum?

            Or is NXIVM part and parcel of a society that has literally gone off the rails?

            Where do people get the notion that they can operate a stable of dozens of sex slaves?

            Where do people get the notion that they can storm a restricted military base like Area 51?

            Where does Bill Clinton get the notion that he can consort with a notorious pedophile like Jeffrey Epstein?

            Where did Donald Trump get the notion that he can do the same?

            Where did a young woman get the notion that she can urinate on the food at a Wal-Mart store?
            (Teen urinates on Walmart shelf days after woman sullied another store’s potatoes: report)

            Where do Anti-Fa protesters in Portland get the notion they can beat up a man with differing political views?

            Where do millions of illegal aliens think they can demand entry into the United States in spite of its immigration laws?

            Where did Clare Bronfman get the idea that she can twist the legal system to persecute her enemies?

            Where did Keith Raniere get the idea that he can use bogus patent law suits to extort money from corporations?

            NXIVM is proof that America has gone mad.

            Stark raving mad.

  • Vanguard has failed us but Allison is our queen sent from above. Her light shines brighter than ever. Don’t listen to the lies of the media.

    • Yolanda, I have always enjoyed your insights on NXIVM and its Mission to empower women in unique new ways.

      Some 10 months ago I noticed this conversation on the Frank Report and found it most intriguing.
      Perhaps either you or your friend Pea could help me with some of the finer points on this conversation.

      Pea Onyu
      October 7, 2018 at 9:13 pm
      Tell me troll, are you paid to post here or are you a true believer? Is your name a tribute to Ayn Rand or to the moon Goddess Rhiannon, who well serviced our Vanguard in her youthful splendor?

      Ryanne S
      October 7, 2018 at 9:59 pm
      I don’t know Pea because I’m not the inventor of this dumb name Alison is the one who chose it, so ask her!
      Who is Rhiannon?, I’ve heard that name .mentioned before.
      But Pea, you may finally be right about something! How about THAT Captain Shadow!!
      Finally Pea gets something correct!!

      Now Yolanda it seems to me that Pea has a suspicion of who Ryanne S. is and knows her true identity.
      Indeed it seems that Pea and Ryanne S. know each other quite well as if they were at least personal friends if not lovers.
      Is my impression correct?
      And how is it that Allison would give Ryanne S. her name unless Allison gave Allison the name Ryanne S.?
      Is that true?
      And Yolanda, one last question:
      Is Allison still a member of NXIVM?

    • Yolanda, please expand. Diverse opinions rock.

      How can you sing the praises of a woman who has caused so much pain and harm to so many.

      Perhaps because you too caused pain, and don’t think anything that horrible happened?

      Perhaps there are pictures of your own smiling face posted on these pages?

      Just asking. Everyone knows deprogramming doesn’t happen that quickly, so we don’t expect miracles in your response.

    • “Bring back the guillotine”

      I fear that some of the NXIVM members (like Allison Mack) are so mentally deficient that even the guillotine would have a negligible impact on their thought processes.

  • Dearest Acteon Son of Shadow & and keeper of the flame,

    Nutjob, Scott Johnson, and myself all had mirror exploding aneurisms of the carotid artery upon reading the title of this article.

    Your and Shadowstate1958’s prolific and gratuitous Allison Mack articles have now caused life threatening injuries to 3 healthy men.

    I hope you are satisfied!

    • “prolific and gratuitous Allison Mack articles ”

      Cauterizing pens operate at temperatures of around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

      How can a self-proclaimed “niceguy” defend burning symbols into the naked flesh of people?

      How can a self-proclaimed niceguy defend anyone so sadistic as to commit such heinous torture of other human beings?

      • Shadowstate,

        The judge will decide the sentence, not you or I or anyone else.

        It’s in the judge’s hands and the prescribed laws. Sorry, we don’t get to decide Jack!!!

        The judge may show mercy or he may show his wrath. You and I are simple folk and not worldly enough to decide such.

        We can argue amongst ourselves but it’s in the judge’s hands.

      • “Cauterizing pens operate at temperatures of around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.”
        Stop with this BS ,She has Nothing to do with it… They accepted this branding (they all admit), that’s why there is NO CHARGE RELATED TO THE BRANDING ! moron.

        “How can a self-proclaimed “niceguy” defend burning symbols into the naked flesh of people?”
        Maybe because contrary to you , he Don’t twist the fact and consider only what is real, not his fantasy…It’s not Allison’s doing , that is a fact!

        “How can a self-proclaimed niceguy defend anyone so sadistic as to commit such heinous torture of other human beings?”
        She didn’t torture nor did sadistic act…this is coming, once again from a real source, the trial!

        That is why Niceguy isn’t obsessed about her!

        • I agree Mr. Shadow overplays Mack and the cauterizing/burning, but that is what should be expected, since Mack lives in his head, rent-free. However, the cauterizing/burning was related to the blackmail, which was covered in the trial and Edmondson showing her scar in the NYT story was an apparent important factor in getting the government off their keister.

  • I tried to watch the interview between Raniere and Mack but he was spouting such nonsense and gobbledgook that it was hard to understand what he was saying and then to watch her cry over it made me embarrassed for her.

    Mack does need to face her crimes without making excuses and take her punishment which I hope she does.

    • I tried watching it too, but Raniere was spewing nonsensical horseshit. Turned it off after 2 minutes.

      That is what Raniere did. But listen to Manson and you will notice the same irrational word scramble.

      The sentence structures were strings of complete BS, trapping the gullible everywhere.

  • Frank, what role did Kim Constable play in NXIVM? could you elaborate? She’s blocking people that mention it on her page. You should do a full-fledged article on her to force her out of hiding..she’s public enough and has 100,000 plus followers..a google search on her that links her directly to NXIUM could expose her’ve just mentioned her in the passing

  • Couldn’t she do some kind of televised interview pre or post sentencing? I know the media wold kill for some kind of exclusive on her side, and being an opportunist and performer I’m sure she would jump at the chance

    • Not authorized, I suppose…
      You are often not authorized to speak about an active case.
      She is still not sentenced plus seeing how everyone is hateful and pretends that everything she says is a lie (despite the fact that trial proved she didn’t lie)…why bother?

      • “despite the fact that trial proved she didn’t lie”

        Oh yes, Allison Mack did lie.
        Time and time again Allison Mack lied.
        Let’s just examine the instance when witness Jay presented Allison Mack with internet stories related to Raniere’s pedophilia and Mack’s response was, “Do you think I would work for a child molester?”

        That was a LIE cleverly reworded as a question.
        Allison Mack is always too clever by half, making lies that are not outright lies but are de facto lies.
        And Witness Jay saw right through Allison Mack’s LIE by answering her, “Yes I do think you would work for a pedophile.”

        Before she left, Jay said Mack asked her, “Are you saying you think I’m an accomplice to a child molester?’’
        “Yes,” Jay said she replied.

        Allison Mack is a LIAR just the same way that Toni Natalie is a LIAR.
        More Questions Emerge About Toni Natalie

        Allison Mack is a LIAR the same way Barb Bouchey is a LIAR.
        Bouchey Tells Audience: ‘I Was in Love With a Wonderful Guy’

        Allison Mack is a LIAR the same way as Pea Onyu (Nicki Clyne) is a LIAR.
        Pea Onyu caught in lies

        Frank Parlato said it best:
        How do you tell when a NXIVM member is lying?
        Their lips are moving.

        • Look who’s talking?
          You really dare to say Allison lied? SHE DIDN’T LIE but YOU sure DO IT A LOT.

          You use exclusively rumors, twist the fact and pretend she was behind this and that but when put in front of the fact it’s a lie, you ignore the person and Don’t reply.

          “Before she left, Jay said Mack asked her, “Are you saying you think I’m an accomplice to a child molester?’’
          “Yes,” Jay said she replied.”
          And were is the lie? she pleaded guilty RIGHT AFTER THE ANNOUNCE THAT HE WAS OFFICIALLY A PEDOPHILIAN.
          I remind you that Sarah, Cat (you favorite fake source of info), India, Nicole, Jayes entered in the cult AFTER 2012…

          But of course, it’s not Something you’ll ever consider.
          BTW Jayes lied about several things (her testimony got from ‘India did it’ (pre Allison’s indictement) to ‘Allison did it’
          (it’s a fact, it can be seen on Both Raniere’s and Allison’s indictement…Jaye changed her position.
          During the trial, it is even more evident when she can’t state what “labor” Allison asked but she remember that India asked her to pay for her jewel…

          Why would a “yes” mean that Allison believed the story? it doesn’t LOW LIFE!

          “Allison Mack is a LIAR just the same way that Toni Natalie is a LIAR.
          More Questions Emerge About Toni Natalie”
          “Allison Mack is a LIAR the same way Barb Bouchey is a LIAR.
          Bouchey Tells Audience: ‘I Was in Love With a Wonderful Guy’”

          Oh so now because a few have lied , this must be a proof that Allison lied? what a nutjob!

          “Allison Mack is a LIAR the same way as Pea Onyu (Nicki Clyne) is a LIAR.
          Pea Onyu caught in lies”
          Except for extremly limited person (intellectually) like you, Pea Onyu isn’t Nicky but a simple Troll…
          He or She continuously follow exclusively the news…
          When Nancy was said to “collaborate” after her arrest , he or she started to go against Nancy but as soon as it was shown to be untrue, he or she praised Nancy again.
          Same with each of the other défendants…
          If it was Nicky ,she would have clearly know what was happening.
          I’m not surprised a lowlife like you Believe to this troll :
          You are living exclusively in the lies, you never like when you hear the Truth…when you do, you just ignore it and create a stupid fake story to pretend You are right.
          But you are never ! Old man, you are so so wrong on so many point, and i’m not talking only about the BS you point but your WHOLE LIFE.

    • I doubt that she would accept an interview offer. She has already talked herself into trouble in previous interviews, and her lawyers would most likely advise against it.

      • “I doubt that she would accept an interview offer. She has already talked herself into trouble in previous interviews, and her lawyers would most likely advise against it.”

        The only way Allison Mack will ever tell the whole truth is if the DOJ indicts her for child sex trafficking and she has to testify as part of a plea deal to avoid real punishment .
        And there are plenty of stories about Ms. Mack on the Frank Report being involved in such activities:

        Neighbor: Allison Mack befriended 8-year-old girl – and seemed to be grooming her- said to have fondled her

        Transcript of interview with neighbor who claims Allison Mack molested 8 year old girl

        Allison Mack and sex cult leader Raniere may have trafficked teen and preteen girls from Chihuahua, Mexico

        Meet Kim Constable – leader of Rainbow Cultural Garden Ireland – NXIVM member and – according to her – a true executive success!
        I will say this:

        There is circumstantial evidence that Allison Mack monitors the Frank Report.

        Yolanda Cortez
        July 30, 2019 at 1:59 pm
        Allison is a wonderful and pure soul. She has been sent to us as a blessing. Don’t listen to the haters Allison!

        To all those with nothing better to do than attack her, I say judge not lest ye be judged!

        (Yolanda Cortez is another pen name for the talented Nicki Clyne.)

        And on top of that the Allison Mack tribute page is still posting new photos of the Queen of the Cauterizing Pen posting her a special birthday greeting.

        Happy birthday Queen Allison, love you always ❤❤❤ #allisonmack #chloesullivan #smallville #powergirl #inspiration #beautiful #gorgeous #amazingwoman #greatactress #blessed #unique #extraordinary #exceptional #angelic #heavensent #captivating #majestic #devine #freeallison #goddess #queen #phenomenalwoman #intelligent #compassionate #hero

    • Amway (and other MLM scams) distributors are sometimes “members” for years but don’t do hardly anything. Some of them pay the ~$50 annual renewal fee and stay signed on as a “member” but all they do is buy some of their favorite products. They don’t try recruiting new people, go to any meetings, buy the training tools, etc. They are technically members but do almost nothing. For Amway in the UK, because the regulator tried to kick Amway out of the country, Amway agreed to there being no cost to become and remain a “member,” so you are a “member” until you resign or die. In the event you die, Amway still counts you as a member. Perhaps Kristin Crook’s NXIVM involvement was similar to the above Amway “member” discussion. Unless/until we get more specifics regarding Crook’s actual behavior, this argument will go nowhere.

      • It says she still did EM’s and still benefited from NXIVM. She was actively with the cult still. Bad. Bare in mind, she was named in the pedophile expose in 2012 and was still there in 2016. Sick.

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