Marvelous short video of Emiliano Salinas praising Raniere in Spanish – with English subtitles

Emiliano Salinas - he barely knew the Vanguard he says nowadays.


Now that Emiliano Salinas is publicly acting as if he barely knew Keith Raniere, I think this short video should help remind everyone that Salinas was completely on board with Raniere up until the heat from Mexico’s presidential election – just weeks away – prompted him to disavow Raniere.

Right after his arrest, Emiliano acted as if he had nothing to do with Raniere and that his independent NXIVM centers in Mexico were completely apart and free from control of Raniere. Later, he even publicly claimed he was no longer the owner of those centers.  But before Raniere’s arrest, Salinas seemed to be full of praise for his sex slaver master.


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  • Emiliano Salinas, you do not give your master and yourself enough tribute.

    What about the special projects to get false charges against Ex-members in Mexico?

    How about the plot to lure people to Mexico so they could get arrested on these false charges, thrown into Mexican prisons, torture, raped until one broke and told everyone what has been said was just lies? What about the final plan of these people never seeing the light of day again and most likely killed?

    How about your current plan of false charges of extortion you have been talking about in your phone calls with Toni Z? You say you have letters from people threatening to damage you if you didn’t pay them? Where are the letters Mr. Society of Proctors ass that you are?

    Time and time again you are exposed as a lair through things you say, and later are exposed that you, Mr. Ph.D. are not true.

    Now it is time for the effects of your lies to come back and bite your ass. You, sir, are going to be arrested for your crimes. Your plot to have people killed that you and your master created. Your plot to bring cash across the Mexican border so your master would not have to claim their profits and pay taxes. Your plot to help launder this cash and your plot to be involved in human trafficking?

    Unless your willing to go to a country that will not extradite you to the US, (which is punishment in itself as these are not countries most people would want to live), then you sir are going to spend years in a prison in the USA.

    The day you’re arrested will be a day to celebrate for the Ex-NX’s that have had to suffer your plots against them. Your children will have to grow up with the shame of who their father is unless you destroy their ability to have true feelings as your father has done to you.

  • ES proudly proclaims he is a member of the Society Of Protectors. This silly name reminds me of the secret clubs my childhood pals and I created to make us seem special.
    But the fact is, SOP is the harmful male flip-side of JNess…both making women feel like the property of men who will “protect” and dominate them.
    I think DOS would never have happened if JNess and SOP has not preceded it.
    But not enough has been written here, by Frank or insider commenters, to explain their teachings and practices.

  • “A Cult Expert Tells Us Why the NXIVM Story Is Far From Over: Federal charges against leader Keith Raniere and ‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack won’t change the minds of some die-hard followers” by Sarah Berman.

    “years of conditioning have led die-hard followers to expect government crackdown. “The members believe they’re being persecuted,” Hassan told VICE. “They’re thinking this is my honour to be a martyr.”

    • And some of NXIVM’s elite could be liable in civil suits for the tortures they committed against people.

      But to all of you true believers, if you’re getting down and out just clap your hands together and chant:

      “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.
      Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.”

  • Raniere was arrested March 26.

    Allison Mack was arrested April 20.

    It’s May 23. Who will be next? India Oxenberg as CC2? Nancy Salzman for financial crimes? Dr Brandon Porter for psychological torture? Dr Danielle Roberts for physical torture? Clare Bronfman for human trafficking?

    Let’s start a speculation thread !

    • That we are due.

      The thing is who I think should really be arrested may not be first. If Lauren Salzman is the lynch pin of the moment, she needs to come down immediately.

      I feel like it is more likely, though, that India is arrested since she is publicly CC2.

      Nancy Salzman and Clare Bronfman are two arrests that ought to happen sooner than later, as well.

      Then we have the issue of whether Sara will step up to the plate to put herself further at risk and take Clare’s place. As a mother, I would like to think not. Then again, so many other mothers handing their children to Raniere, I realise normal thinking has long since flown the coop, as evidenced by Allison Mack’s mother not caring what her daughter was up to as long as her husband was collecting paychecks from NXIVM.


      The Justice Department has moved to seize two residences in Halfmoon where branding ceremonies and sexual encounters involving NXIVM leader Keith Raniere allegedly took place, according to a complaint filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.
      One of the residence is a townhouse on Hale Drive in the Knox Woods development that had been nicknamed “The Library” by Raniere and was where Raniere, 57, repeatedly had sex with an unidentified actress in her 30s who has been characterized by federal authorities as a victim of sex trafficking and force labor.

      The second residence, on Grenadier Court in the same development, is owned by former television actress Allison Mack, who along with Raniere was indicted on federal charges last month.

      The U.S. attorney’s office in Brookyn, which is leading the investigation, said the two properties were “used to commit or to facilitate the commission” of federal crimes.

  • Emiliano claramente es un psicópata y un estúpido. Bien, también es un criminal. Muy seguramente será arrestado y enviado a prisión la siguiente vez que visite los Estados Unidos.

    By the way, this site is becoming popular here in México.

    • Muchos de nosotros hemos tenido serias preocupaciones de que NXIVM continuará sin obstrucciones en México.
      Es una buena noticia que más gente tenga conocimiento de estos criminales.

  • Emiliano is surely both, a psycho and a stupid guy. Well, he is also a criminal. Pretty sure he will fall and sent to jail next time he visits the US.

    • My Spanish is getting better at least reading it! I translated your post above almost exactly as u did here with no google translate used. Gracias. Io parlo Italiano Cosi Cosi.


    “[Raniere] literally would stop having sex with women who were above his preference, which was under 105 pounds,” said the insider.

    “Often times, Keith wouldn’t get hard because women were too fat, which is why they were so obsessed with their weight.”

    The woman said members would be “praised” for counting calories. Many, like Mack, appeared to be “skin and bones.”

    In addition to restricting others, the ex-member claimed Mack went to her own extremes to combat cravings.

    “Allison carries a portable scale to weigh her food,” said the insider. “She would make sure she was eating 20 grams of squash, for example. When she went to teach in Mexico, she’d keep a mini scale in her purse.”

    • I hope she ends up getting help. Not to say she shouldn’t be held accountable, but only that the prosecution should recognize that she has a mental disorder when negotiating the plea deal. It seems unfortunately common for former child actresses to have mental problems and even be institutionalized.

    • A video on this very topic.
      ‘Cruel’ Allison Mack got ‘ slaves’ to starve themselves so they could please cult leader in bed:

      • because you say cruelly she is not in the same situation of indoctrination doing what Keith told her, believing in her hypnotizing teacher

  • They are going after Salinas hard.
    It’s not normal for someone to stare like that for that long.
    Very Jack Nicholson à la One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.

  • Gold doesn’t blow up in someone’s face. It simply disappears. Think about your fourth wall comments btw FN.

    • Not really sure what that means. There was nothing ‘Golden’ about NXSCUM.

      Emiliano Salinas was like the rest of us that got swindled. Except the Salinas family has a LOOOONNNGG reach in Mexico. And Emiliano’s political career is ruined. Mexico has a chip on its shoulder, due to historical exploitation by American companies such as Standard Oil. So, to be swindled by a Gringo Crook is ten times worse for the Salinas family. It looks really bad!

      If I was part of the NXSCUM mafia, I would not be hiding out in Mexico. They would be much safer in Brooklyn MDC.

      Watch what happens.

  • This has already blown up in Emiliano Salinas’s face – being conned by another low-life Gringo scumbag! Oh man.

    If any senior ESP people are in Mexico…wow. Talk about high chance of getting disappeared.

    If Mexican rappers dissolve film students in acid – what do you think will happen to ESP crooks who swindled the Mexicans for Millions with fake schools and forced labor?

    Hiding out in Mexico. Another stupid idea from VanGrifter, Nefarious Nancy, and Scarecrow.

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