Pea Onyu caught in lies

[For purposes of this article I will refer to Pea Onyu in the feminine although that has never been established. Pea might be male.]

Readers of Frank Report first met a commenter calling herself “Pea Onyu” during the days leading up to the New York Times bombshell story in October 2017 that led to worldwide notoriety for Keith Raniere and his DOS branding cult.

At that time, only Frank Report was publishing articles about Raniere and NXIVM and most of the world was unaware of this blog and, for that matter, Keith Raniere.  The Times came out with their article on October 17.

Here are Pea Onyu’s first comments, which appeared in the days leading up to the Times story:



Vanguard sees people after 16-day intensive just so they are prepared. Just like you do not teach Algebra to a kindergartner. This is not for His sake but the woman’s sake. Look what happened to the women who were unprepared who he met. They left and lost out. No Vanguard knows best. Do you?


The women are parasites except for Lauren and Karen. Dawn is pretty good but she is stupid. One day long after you and I are forgotten, they will worship Vanguard and know how great he was. Just remember my fine and highly critical fiends, when Christ walked the earth they crucified him with the cross. You are crucifying Vanguard with your tongues and with your written word.


Keith did invent the web browser. It was stolen from him.



Please take down the last image of Keith in a bib eating. If not I will sue you.


Michelle is doing great. We are all doing fine. Stop writing this filthy book about us. Wake up yourself “wake up ” or I will sue you.


Nicki Clyne is still one hot sexy woman. Your comments, Van Douche, are unwarranted and unwelcome; please apologize.


I think you bitches are insane who comment on this website. These [DOS] girls are hot and smart and sexy as hell. They get that way because of the diet and what Keith’s teaching. I agree that the diet alone might be not enough but when you add the nourishment of Keith teaching then they are well fed. So shut up and tell the person who uses the name Van Douche that he is libeling Vanguard. And stop it.


You don’t get it. Keith can turn someone’s life around. He can transform a person totally.


I know you are all going to attack me for doing the right thing but Barbara Bouchey demanded $2 million and now Toni Zarattini demands $2 million. How could that be a coincidence? Then Joseph O’Hara and Toni Natalie always wanted to destroy Vanguard. And Kristin Keeffe stole Vanguard’s baby who he loved so much. And Susan Dones destroyed the Seattle Center. Now you add all that up and it becomes clear that there is a monstrous conspiracy to destroy someone so good. Was not Christ crucified by such as these?


I reject your ignorant characterizations of me. I disagree with everything you write. The proof is here. Open your eyes. Not the physical eyes but the eye of faith. Your eye must be single. I know not because I seen with mine own eyes but because I have faith in the glory of Vanguard. You see the world leads us to terrible places. Toni Natalie, Joseph O’Hara, Susan Dones, Toni Zarattini and others I could name plus defiant Barbara Bouchey betrayed him and they suffer for years. On the other hand, if they would be honest and loyal as they pledged, how far along the stripe path they would be. By the way just to show you how ignorant you are, my name Pea Onyu is pronounced Pay-ah Wan-vo.

[Editor’s note – well at least we know how to pronounce the name, it is ‘Pay-ah Wan-vo.’]


[Keith] did not lose the money. Edgar Bronfman stole the money from Keith. It is not fair that [Barbara Bouchey] extort Keith to pay it back. She should have gone after Edgar B.


I disagree. The names of all of the calumniators should be posted then you can judge them for who they are. Keith Raniere is ethical. They should be ethical too.


And we know they are not ethical. They speak with dishonor attempting to destroy our internal representation of Keith and our community.


I disagree wholeheartedly. Branding is meant for women to train them to transcend pain and to learn to keep their word. It is wrong to do that to men since men already have to suffer and are held to a higher standard. Women are pampered. We are and every woman knows we are and we need discipline.


After this flurry of comments, we heard no more from Pea.  Then three days later, on October 17, Keith Raniere returned from Mexico and on the same day the New York Times story came out with their first story about NXIVM.

As the shit hit the fan about NXIVM branding women and reports of an investigation by the EDNY DOJ was made known – first on Frank Report, then later in mainstream media – we don’t hear again from Pea Onyu for four months.

It was in February when Pea emerged again – for a single comment – while Raniere was in Mexico – and when it was known that the FBI was investigating him.

Pea’s comment after a four-month hiatus was on 2-15-2018 – a month and 10 days before Raniere would be arrested.



Keith has the right to have the computers scrubbed. Why? Because Joe and Toni had lots of stuff on their computer that was confidential and proprietary. Joe was a consultant and Toni was his betraying girlfriend. These two almost ruined NXIVM. They told lots of secret things that it is not right to have told or legal. If a judge or a Special DA seems to favor Keith, it’s because they are only human. They see injustice and lack of ethics and try to instill it into a corrupt system. That Toni and Joe got off shows Keith doesn’t own the system. It is deeply crooked and against him. Both Toni and Joe should have gone to prison for decades for what they did. They ruined NXIVM. Why ? Because Toni was a scorned woman. And Joe was mad because they wanted another consultant. Simple. So they leaked info to ruin NXIVM. Hope they are satisfied. US lost more jobs to Mexico. Now the company is in Mexico and all the US people are unemployed. Happy Joe and Toni?


Again Pea went silent. Raniere was arrested on March 25 in Mexico. Allison Mack was arrested on April 20 in Brooklyn. Pea remained silent.

It was not until May 25 – a month after Mack was arrested and two months before Clare Bronfman, Nancy and Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russell would be arrested, Pea wrote this:


Why do you mock this? Do you really think 🤔 that there is no people in this world who work in secret to serve their own nefarious ends ? And do you not think that they would seek to destroy the good in people and turn them into monsters? And do you not know that human cloning exists? And would it not be smart of them to want the smartest man under their control and do you not believe that his refusal would have concerned them and they would retaliate? So who’s really brainwashed? You who do not believe in the real global rule. Whether it’s called Illuminati or the privileged few. Grow up. This is real. And before you assholes mock my name ( imagine how immature. Especially that horn dog Hiram ) it is pronounced Pie-a-ya. On-wee. It’s a Bavarian name of great renown in Europe. Only in vulgar America do people display such ignorance!


Pea once wrote that Pea Onyu is pronounced “Pay-ah Wan-vo.” Now she claims it is pronounced “Pie-a-ya. On-wee” and that it’s a “Bavarian name of great renown in Europe.”

In June, Pea emerged again – to defend Monte Blue who was accused of writing something plagiarizing another writer:



To all those who think they see a slight similarity between what Monte Blu wrote and what some person named Lewis or Susan may or many not have written I think it’s a red herring. The point is it is true! What Monte wrote is the Real truth. If two people happen to think the same thought and perhaps express it similarly it does not mean one was aware of the other. Truth expresses itself in certain ways. It’s still truth. In any language. I resent the suggestion that Monte plagiarized this obscure Christian Lewis and I prefer to trust in the message not the style of language. Shame on you people.


I think this is a nasty post and is meant to destroy the judges internal representation of Keith. Lay off. Let justice takes its natural course. Keith is innocent. You try to make him guilty. Are you the judge and jury? I am going to ask that the judge order this website be shut down until after the trial. And to all you trolls and cowards out there I am sick of you mocking out my name. My mother was Aleutiian and my father Bavarian. so Stop it. This is the only website I post on where low life people do that.


Here we go again. Pea, who first wrote that Pea Onyu is pronounced “Pay-ah Wan-vo,” then said it was pronounced “Pie-a-ya. On-wee” and that it’s a Bavarian name of great renown in Europe, now reveals that her “mother was Aleutiian and my father Bavarian.”

As the clock ticked away for the superseding indictment, Pea commented again:



I can’t say that I agree with you John completely about Monte. But thank you for being kind. We all need kindness in these troubling times.


There is both truth in this and not enough truth. I don’t think we will be able to be with Vanguard this year for VWeek and I admit that. But we can still try to support him. He is suffering right now in prison. And no we can’t break in and get him out. And I don’t think we would try to get him escape. The reason for bail is that he could meet easier with his attorneys with us and get decent food so he could be at his best and sleep better and lots of things.


It’s not Pee pee. My name is a proud one. Pea is pronounced Pie-ah. And if is from my Austrian -Bavarian mother. It’s a famous name and is Royal. My last name Onyu is pronounced Yee-wan-ah- woo. It is Kanaka Maoli. My father is a chieftain and my name means “ one who is descended from The God Onan Isam.” This is what Onyu means and you vulgar Americans despoil my name. I ask you again do not degrade me. My name is glorious and I am proud and only in America is any so low as to mock it. —Pea Onyu


So, wait, Pea, who wrote that Pea Onyu is pronounced “Pay-ah Wan-vo,” then “Pie-a-ya. On-wee” now says it is pronounced “Pie-ah Yee-wan-ah- woo.”

Previously, Pea said the name was a Bavarian name of great renown in Europe. Then Pea modified it to “my mother was Aleutiian and my father Bavarian.”

Now Pea says her mother who was Austrian -Bavarian.  Her father is no longer Bavarian but a chieftain of the Kanaka Maoli. And the name is “glorious” and “Royal”  and means “ one who is descended from The God Onan Isam.”

Wait a minute – the God Onan Isam?  Did Pea mean “Onanism?”

The dictionary for o·nan·ism


  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    coitus interruptus.


It is pretty clear that Pea Onyu is not being completely truthful. Perhaps she is a comedienne. Can we conclude she is a troll?  Let’s keep our minds open as we see what Pea does as Clare is indicted and how she admits that Pea is not her real name at all – which of course is a surprise to no one.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on Pea Onyu.






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  • Heideous
    Just Sayin’ nuttin
    You Sooz you lose

    Aka who?
    All one using a collectible brain

    If we can call it that.

  • Pea has had a terrible year in 2018.
    Many of her closet friends have been arrested.
    I can’t guarantee that 2019 will be any better for her.

    And Pea was with Raniere when he was arrested n Puerto Vallarta, a resort city famous for its iguanas.

    • He was teaching the Iguanas to speak saying “I Guana learn to talk to the humans.” It was his little joke. But I was amazed because they were learning to talk.

      Pea was in Puerto Vallarta when Raniere was arrested.
      Who else was in Puerto Vallarta at that time?
      Our favorite stand up comedienne.

  • “Just remember my fine and highly critical fiends, ”
    From Pea Onyu

    “for fiends + framily”

    From Clickynine aka Nicki Clyne

    Who else spells “friends” f-i-e-n-d-s?

    Our favorite stand up comedienne!

  • The picture at the top of this post is exactly how I imagine this troll looks. Male or female.

    #Don’trespondtopee #Don’tfeedthetroll

    • Exactly my thoughts when I read your comment on how you had imagined she looked!! At least whoever it is wants us to think of her looking like that. Funny how she defends Monte?? Hmmm

  • She once claimed her name was Hawaiian, and that she was a Princess. I can’t remember what month that was, but I remember writing a reply to her about it.

    • It may be a name KAR gave her from a previous life? But My guess is they came up with it a year ago as an insult to posters.

    • It was Alaskan and Aleutilian but nowhere near Bravaria. However, For SS58 the closest person that travelled to Austria/Germany has gotta be AM. Yodelhayhoo! Also, Mozart was born in Zalzberg and opera is very prevalent there btw. Make of that what you will…

  • Flowers says she started commenting in the fall 2017. Did she disappear as well? It might be time to check the archives. Flowers often remarks she was never involved in NXIVM but wants it know she’s from Vancouver. Pea wants everyone to think she’s deeply involved and has insider information. Just a theory.

    • Columbo
      I’m surprised you know who Columbo is.
      I didn’t disappear, but I’ve certainly not posted here every day, or even every week. And sometimes I used a different name.
      But what’s interesting is that I can’t find my posts from yesterday, where I mention that I started posting in Fall 2017. I also mention, in that same post, that Scott started posting April 21st, and Shadow started on April 22nd.
      My post was removed? I need better glasses?
      This sounds like a mystery only Columbo can solve.

      • Ma’am, I’m sorry to say you just might want to check your glasses because the comment is right where you left it. You say you’ve posted under different names? Do you mind sharing those in order to further the investigation?

        • Columbo, hmm…can’t find my comments …maybe I wrote it on an older thread? I couldn’t remember what thread I replied to, but I was reminded of it when I saw your comment about it.
          The other name I posted under?…I think it was Free Speech. I also posted with this icon, but other names. And this name , but with a different icon. But I can guarantee that I never wrote any posts using the name Pea Onyu.

      • Posts under my real avatar have also disappeared in past week. I admit they were a mixture of personal info and responses to posts that apparently did not make the sense I hoped they did. Probably due to rx. I take.
        I apologize but am only human and reacted to painful comments .
        My goal is to be more empathetic to both espians/ expians and other posters minus one.
        One man has caused harm to many , every time I fall for his disappearance, shame on me he returns worse than ever.
        Pea is a damaged person. Male or female let us try to pray for her with a real god.

        • How can somebody cause harm to many just by making a few anonymous comments?

          Do they not teach kids about “sticks and stones” in the Vancouverite district?

          Words are merely words.

          But shame on you indeed, for I suspect he may come back again at any time.

  • I really get a kick out of Pea’s comments. If she is a troll, she is a very talented one. If she is for real, it shows the power of her indoctrination.

    As for the pronunciation of her name, I leave you with this scene from “Young Frankenstein.”

  • Now that VanDouche is pretty much done, out of the kindness of my soul in its wasting many years of my time, I have been on the look out for the next guru on par with VanDouche for the remaining NXIVM faithful to help them in their need for a spiritual guru to tell them what to do. He hails from India and his name is Nithyananda. The sheer magnitude of his genius and eloquence is simply indescribable in words, so here is a clip of him on the YouTube:

    • Keith is the inventor of this technology that animals could be taught to speak in various languages. This is a patent he was working on in Mexico. He was teaching the Iguanas to speak saying “I Guana learn to talk to the humans.” It was his little joke. But I was amazed because they were learning to talk. Another victory for the world postponed by the DOJ.
      As for the rest of this post I will prove I am not a troll. Look for my reply after this Beastly man finishes his diatribe on me. The only good thing about this is that he is repeating some good arguments I made.

  • lol. She/he/it is so funny. Pea : I am German born, though not Bavarian, I am aware of all the names and nicknames of the German/Bavarian royals, and “Pea” is not among them. Why do you even bother with this?

  • Is she saying Pea Onyu is her real name? If so, then she has already revealed her true identity which she claims she doesn’t want to do. Check her IP address. Do all posts under her name match? Where abouts in the world is she posting from? And what is going on with Jane the Girls By Design DOS slave recruited by Kristin Kreuk, the cowardly lier?

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