Shadow State: Pea is in all probability Nicki Clyne.

Clare Bronfman and Nicki Clyne: Some say Nicki is Pean Onyu while others think Clare is in reality Monte Blu.
By Shadow State 1958
Everyone wonders who Pea is and how he came to be.  I believe the answer lies in the timing of events.
In June 2017, the Frank Report became the first media outlet to expose the DOS cult and Allison Mack’s role in it with the branding and sex slavery.
NXIVM immediately went in a panic mode and battened down the hatches.  Mack was forbidden to talk to the media about the truthful rumors according to the DOS woman Jane.  Like the good German girl she is (ROTFL) Mack obeyed the order giving only one highly-controlled interview to the New York Times Magazine.
As a legal matter such silence is prudent.  As a Public Relations matter such silence only raises more and more questions.
Both Mack and her wife Nickī Clyne are media people allergic to media blackouts.  They wanted to get out in front and spin the story into what they saw as an acceptable narrative.
Mack was forbidden to talk to the media but Nicki Clyne was not.
Hence the Genesis of Pea Oñyu.
Mack spent much of the last half of 2017 traveling out of the country keeping a low profile.  As the situation started to spin out of control with the FBI starting an investigation, Pea Onyu made her first appearance. It was also at this time that Nicki Clyne appeared at a Halloween party dressed in a prisoner’s uniform. Nicki knew what was going down.
From time to time Pea let slip her ties to Nicki Clyne. Like when Pea starts mentioning how Vanguard had trained Iguanas to talk in Puerto Vallarta before he was arrested.  Like her spouse Allison, Nicki likes to perform for people and put on a show.
Nicki Clyne posted a picture from Puerto Vallarta with this caption: “nickiclyne, iguana wish you all a happy valentine’s day!🌹”
I have mentioned elsewhere my reasoning that Pea Onyu is indeed Ncki Clyne.  Who is Pea Onyu? Shadow State thinks it’s Nicki Clyne
The other day Pea made a comment  “Just remember my fine and highly critical fiends.”

Who else spells “friends” f-i-e-n-d-s?

Our favorite stand up comedienne! Nicki Clyne

The use of the word ‘fiends’ is similar to an earlier Nicki Clyne Instagram account where she posts under the name of Clicky Nine.

Pea is in all probability Nicki Clyne.

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  • What purpose does it serve to try to out me? Why isn’t my points more important than my identity? Shadow you have your opinions and I have mine. I try to assert my points honestly without undue rudeness. Your anonymous. I’m anonymous. Let’s leave it at that. And I think Allison is the most wonderful beautiful woman in the world and a great master.

    • Why does your icon keep changing? So you now admit you’re anonymous, when originally you put forth an elaborate explanation of the ethnic origins of your “real” name?

      To prove your authenticity, will you share one tiny, heretofore unknown detail about any of these people you supposedly know? I expect no answer to this.

      If you do answer, please don’t say KAR likes pizza with hot sauce, loathes to bathe, prefers to sleep past noon, watched the entire OJ trial, or anything else that’s already been published.

      It’s hard to honor one’s opinions when they do not ring true or sincere. Example: “I think Allison is the most wonderful beautiful woman in the world…” That is ABSURD by anyone’s standards, unless you are a ten year old Chloe fan. Methinks you are spitting in our faces.

    • Pea, why don’t you ever go to visit Keith? No one except his lawyers ever visit him. Why not tell us why you haven’t? I’m sure he would visit you if you were locked up.

    • No, that’s not how you call it out. You have to publish an article about what an oxygen waster the fat stinky pedo with rodent feet is, then it comes out.

      Make the article about what a hypochondriac vantard is, or perhaps state there is rumored to be a video of him getting his cheeks busted in jail, The lowest form of life will be here lickety split.

  • How difficult is it to skip over articles or post written by someone you don’t have an interest in? Or if the blog is no longer what you prefer stop visiting.
    The person known as Shadowstate shares his opinion and viewpoint. That’s what a blog and comment section is for.
    What I find amusing is all the masturbation assumption. Freaky.

    The FrankReport is kind of a cult in of itself. What this blog needs is some more Kristin Kreuk entries.


  • “You could take over the comment sections and submit stories for Frank to publish, but you’re too lazy.”

    It could also be that I have a life that I enjoy living, a job I enjoy doing and family and friends I love hanging out with–all of which preclude me from obsessively posting on the Frank Report about Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk and Nicki Clyne.

    But sure, lazy works 🙂

    • Yet here you are daily, at least READING all of Shadow’s lengthy comments which you claim to abhor. LOL.


      If you’re so busy with life then WHY spend each day reading Shadow’s lengthy comments which you claim to hate?

      If you truly hate his comments and were truly busy, you wouldn’t be here reading and commenting on his comments, while trying to convince Frank not to post them. LOL.

      Duh. Now go back to your mom’s basement and get ready for your shift at Walmart.

  • I think this is a real possibility. Most cult members that haven’t been indicted yet are either laying low or they’ve fled. Nicky has disappeared since her “wife” for green card was arrested. Nicky can’t really go to Canada because she may have a problem getting back into the U.S. so Mexico is perfect for her. She has friends there and she’s never struck me as mensa material, is still a cult member, posting as Pea is one way to either express her views or screw up the truth. I think she’s somewhat like El Chapo who craves a hug according to this article.

  • Frank, isn’t it bad enough that Shadow State 1958 takes over the comment sections in most of your posts but now you’re letting him turn your site into his own personal editorial page? His “articles” are completely biased and in many cases filled with his own opinion masquerading as facts. Please stop this–the integrity of your site is at risk.

  • Shadow, maybe Pea really meant fiends. Or maybe she tried to write friends but made a mistake. Too many variables to know.
    I still doubt its Nicki writing as Pea. Pea just seems to be using information she could have read on FR, and she keeps changing her stories And I don’t see any reason for Nicki to write these posts. What purpose could it serve?

    I think the posts are probably written by a few different people.

  • “Pea Onyu” was a joke from the day the name first appeared. The writer(s) are much too absurd and inflammatory to be sincere posters. The icon changes frequently and the content is forever the same – not one iota of new or insightful information. Another poster recently pleaded for just ONE nugget or detail that is not already available – got nothing in response unless I missed it. When asked specific questions, the poster goes silent. I guess the posts have entertainment value for some, but it’s a waste to read too much into them or spend time responding.

  • I feel we have already spent too much time on this shitpump known as pee brain. It’s a troll. Trolls need attention. Please stop feeding it. The way it rationalizes statutory rape is sickening and a waste of time to read. Who is the world’ biggest ass goblin? pee brain. That’s who.

    #don’trespondtopee #dontfeedthetroll

  • Pea Onyu is just a troll. Stop believing it’s a former/retired TV starlet. After all, if it’s really a NXIVM cult follower, why should it be a public person ?
    My guess is that it’s just a bored male in his 30ies… So get a life, so-called « Pea Onyu » !
    I even wonder what « meself » is doing here 😬

      • Come on ! Stop pretending you really believe it ! I have nothing against you, but I think that you need to keep your feet on the floor about Pea Onyu.
        Don’t you think it’s a little bit big ? “My beloved Vanguard blah blah blah”
        Sometimes people I like tell me that I am wrong and sometimes I have to tell them. It’s not because we don’t agree that we turn against each other ! So I agree with you oh many points but about Pea Onyu I think that you’re caring way too much. Way too much about what is just a troll.

        • Shadowperv is a drama queen. He is the typical cuckold who fit in perfectly with NXIVM under his master Keith. That is until his master dismissed him for harassing shadowpervs fellow slave Allie Wack

          • Agree. Shadow was jealous of the sexual relationship that Raniere had with Mack. Shadow and Raniere are about the same age and the same soft pasty build. Like the other beta cuckold males under Raniere they were also extremely jealous of their master.

        • It’s obvious Pea Onyu is a troll. Thing is, Shadowstate desperately WANTS Pea Onyu to be Nicki Clyne. For the second-hand connection to AM. That’s why he takes ‘her’ posts seriously and tries to reason with ‘her’. He thinks if ‘she’ leaves NXIVM, ‘she’ll’ be eternally grateful to him… and who knows, she might even arrange for Shadow to meet with her dear friend Allison!

          • I believe he wacks that lil winkie to Clyne and Kreuk also. He is a lonely lost old guy with no life other than celebrities. His aging mother should not be giving him money for subscriptions to those teenie magazines

        • Pea Onyu posts like a parody of a NXIVM member. They’re completely taking the piss. It’s blatantly obvious to me, it’s blatantly obvious to you, it’s blatantly obvious to anybody who’s ever encountered a troll on their internet travels … and that’s the vast majority of people. I just don’t understand why Shadow takes his/her/their posts so SERIOUSLY. Is it autism? Is it a need to believe? If it’s the latter, WHY does he need to believe?

          • Because Shadowperv is Peabrain. He has made a fictional character that he feeds and reels in the other goofs here who take his trolling seriously

  • Shadow where is your proof? you don’t have any if it is Nicki or not.

    Again i ask for the third time why don’t Frank just fire you already?

    First you make claims that Allison Mack’s Mother has been trolln here and now you say that Allison Mack’s fake wife is trollin you? what’s next you’re going to cook up a story that Allison Mack herself is trollin Frank Report?

    I bet you will because you’ll do anything to burn Allison even cook up fake stories that you have no proof of.

    Get some help Shadow you’re unhealthy obsession over Allison isnt good for you.

    • you’ll do anything to burn Allison
      Allison did everything he cold to burn a brand into her slaves.

      Allison Mack’s fake wife
      Allison had a better relationship with her fake wife than with her fake boy friend, Keith Raneire

      Let Pea openly deny that she is Nicki Clyne.
      As the wife of a top NXIVM leader Pea’s statements have a certain authority that an ordinary troll does not.

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