Uncropped Picture of Raniere as a Woman

There have been several readers who have expressed doubt that the photo I published purportedly of Keith Alan Raniere [AKA Grand Master, AKA Supreme Master, AKA Master, AKA Federal Prisoner #57005-177] is really Keith Alan.

“It is the nose that is throwing me off,” says Clifton Parker.

Purported photo of Raniere
Def. Raniere
The Vanguard
Federal Prisoner 57005-177


Orange Country Dreams writes,” That pic does not resemble him in any way – nose wrong, eye color, brows, and cheekbones wrong.”

And etc..

Below is the uncropped purported photograph of Keith Alan Raniere dressed as a woman. The woman in the middle is a Raniere harem member who I consider a victim. I removed her face from the picture.

She is a well known associate of Raniere’s. I don’t care to mention her name. Many of you know her name, just as you know the last name of Cami, Dani and Mariana.

The woman on the left, as readers will easily identify, is Pamela Cafritz, Raniere’s longtime wing woman.

The picture was purportedly taken in Dec. 1992.

The fact that two of Raniere’s harem members were posing with a man – even though dressed as a woman – in a picture suggests the man is Raniere since Raniere is notoriously jealous.

[He once canceled plans to have a baby with Lauren Salzman when she brushed up against a man at volleyball. When Dani kissed Ben Myers, he confined her in a room for two years. When Cami had an affair with Robbie, she lost her chance to be his successor and was ordered to find a teenage virgin to replace her.]

So is this a costume party? Or is it some mystical, pagan, or Luciferian gathering?

The woman in the middle, who was in an intimate relationship with Keith, said she was very disappointed, almost horrified, when Keith showed up dressed as a woman since she had always seen him as a man and did not like this more feminine aspect of him.

She said she was revolted. But if you know Keith, you don’t criticize him aloud.

Perhaps Keith did this cross dressing one time for fun, or perhaps he really did it more frequently. He might really be Keisy Alayne Queef, the notorious cross-dresser who reportedly made his/her mark on the swinger’s club scene not too long ago in Clifton Park, Rochester and various other places of all-night debauchery in between.


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  • Raniere tried but could not be Robert Smith–his beyond late 70s prog rock, “disintegration” God knows, the ladies tried to keep him sexually attractive. Obviously one of the ladies tried to get Vanguard beyond his arrested development of 70s teen dreams. Omg, he looks so uncomfortable. Pammy doing her edgy thing, trying to prove herself.

  • Yup – agree with all. Dude was dressed up as someone from KISS and this was absolutely a Halloween party. The woman in the middle was dressed as Princess Leia. Ho hum.

  • That is Keith Queef Raniere.

    He has the same overbite, nose shape, jawline (not very manly).

    What is strange is how well his makeup is applied. Perhaps he has experience with this regard.

  • Keith is NOT dressed up like a woman, you dumb fuck.

    He’s dressed like a member of the rock band KISS, or perhaps another similar rock band member.

    Frank is losing his grip on reality by trying to portray that photo as Keith being a cross dresser.

    Fuck you, Frank.

    I’ve been personally assured by Jesus Christ himself that you’re an asshole.

  • Why does everyone say he is dressed like a woman? He looks like he is dressed as a hair band rocker…with lipstick/makeup. End of story. And if he does crossdress in private, who cares? This is such a nothing burger.

  • Dear Amateur Detectives and Super Sleuths,

    Re: Keith Raniere “80’s Hair Band”photo

    Why does the photo look touched up when enlarged?

    Here is the answer:

    The original photo was taken with real film. The negative is formed by a Chemical reaction between silver halide and sunlight.

    Then another chemical and artificial light reaction take place to actually make the photo using fixer and developer.

    It’s an entirely different process than a digital photo. Today’s digital photos for what they lack in color saturation and richness, make up for it in minute detail.

    There is always going to be a form of shading when you expand a real photo because of the Chemical/light reaction process.
    The reaction is what makes it look “photoshopped”.

    When you blow up a photo from real film it will look touched up if all you have been examining for the last 15 years are digital photos on your cellphone or laptop.

    What you all are complaining about and criticszing are the remnants of film photo carrying over to a digital photo.

    You people love to go give Parlato and Krclaviger grief about the most frivolous stuff…..

    • One last thing….

      Raniere’s nose and eye color are off just like many film photos were before digital.

      The light and chemical reactions that occur for the negative and later in the creation of the actual photo can cause “shading” and other distortions.

      Anyone remember things like redeye or polaroid photos distorting peoples faces or just regular photos where you looked like a better version of yourself or someone else? Or how about a photo where you looked ugly or freaky?

      Seriously, does anyone remember pre-digital photos?

      • Last last thing:

        The shading is from chemical molecules being hit by light and other chemical molecules attaching to attaching the light altered chemicals. It’s never going to be like a high resolution digital pixel.

        Old film will always be fuzzy, shaded, and blurred when enlarged. Like it was photoshopped….

    • I’m on board with the folks saying this is a Halloween or costume party. The person on the right (still not convinced it’s Keith) appears to be dressed as a glam rocker, not in drag. Thanks for posting the full photo for us to inspect, though.

      I am still wondering about the source of information as to Keith’s alleged alter ego name, Keisey Alayne. Where did you learn of this? Do you know of anyone willing to go on record to talk about it?

    • The photo is definitely of Keith, but I’m pretty sure the look he was aiming for was “80’s Hair Band”, and that this was not an attempt to look like a woman.

      Niceguy, yes, the original photo was taken with film and then it was later copied into a digital format, but I don’t think that accounts for the areas that look edited. However, it could be that someone took a photo of the original picture, and it ended up having a glare due to the glossy surface, and then someone tried to edit out the glare.

  • Halloween Party. This group did that every year. One year Keith dressed as a flasher in a bathrobe with a huge plastic penis.

    I will look for some old photos and post if I find them

    They also liked having a psychic at the numerous parties they had throughout the year.parties.

    This still does not negate the possibility that Keith was a cross dresser!

  • It looks to me like Keith is dressed up as a glam rocker or mad-scientist kind of character. To me this picture doesn’t look like Keith is dressed up as a woman. The long hair and make-up mean nothing. This is clearly for a costume party of some sort. As much as I hate Keith, I think you are really grasping at straws here to say that Keith dressed up as a woman based on this picture.

    • I agree. Clearly a Halloween costume party. Look at the orange and black decorations and bat on the wall. The middle woman looks like she is dressed as Princess Leia (sp?) from Star Wars.

      • And the orange face paint the middle woman is wearing.
        Congrats on all you’ve done, middle woman. I’m proud of you and knew you had it in you.

        • Yup! The orange face paint was the tip off She’ll be forever known as the “Middle Woman”

    • I have to agree here. This looks like a costume/Halloween party from the late ’80s or early ’90s. He and his friend are dressed as glam rockers.

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