‘Punch them till they cry’: Raniere had ‘pain contest’ at V-Week for women only – a precursor to DOS branding

She sure could take it and she was proud too!

Clever Keith Raniere arranged for a Mexican martial arts sensei [teacher] to appear at V-Week 2015 to test a group of women’s tolerance for pain.

This may not bode well for Raniere’s assertion that he knew nothing about DOS branding. The pain contest occurred just about the time that DOS was getting started.

The sensei was the marital arts teacher of Michel Chirnetzky.  Hapless Michel brought his martial arts teacher to his life-teacher Raniere with great pride at the V-Week celebration. V-Week used to be held annually in Silver Bay on Lake George in the Adirondacks and was the 10-day celebration of the nativity of Raniere whose followers call him Vanguard.

The sensei was instructed by Raniere to test certain women regarding their ability to withstand pain. The method was to punch the women – harder and harder – until they cried out in pain, winced, or asked him to stop.

The women were ranked by Raniere as to who could take the most pain and, it is said, Raniere enjoyed the unique proceedings. The women who could take the hardest punches were considered the most badass.

Raniere did not test himself on how much pain he could endure. It was assumed by all that he could tolerate so much pain that the sensei’s hands would be in pain and possibly break trying to punch Raniere hard enough to make him cry.

Among the women who were punched till they cried were Allison Mack, Danielle Roberts, Monica Duran, Jimena Garza, Loreta Garza, Dani Padilla, Lauren Salzman, Michelle Hatchette, Nicki Clyne, India Oxenberg and several others in Jness.  India Oxenberg was declared the winner. She was able to take the hardest punches without wincing, Afterward, India was seen gloating about her badassedness. She pleased both Mack and Raniere.

It was a splendid moment for Raniere as he enjoyed how well his female students could take the hard smack and full fist punches leveled at them without crying. He laughed when some of them did cry and clapped when he heard the hard smacks cause them to exhale in a shout of pain.

Because he is a compassionate Vanguard, he directed that the sesnei’s hardest punches – that left big bruises – be directed only at the arms – and not the groin, the stomach or the head.

Raniere seemed to be luxuriating in the hard hitting process and the more pain the women felt, the more joyful Raniere seemed to be – almost as if he were a proud papa watching his little daughters graduate from kindergarten – or perhaps imagining some future joy where the hot branding iron would descend on their unshaven groins.

I don’t think it fair to mention by name certain weak women who displeased Raniere, who were not able to take as much pain as better badass women. Suffice it to say they were not invited to be members of DOS and never got the privilege of being branded with his initials.

Much like Dr. Brandon Porter’s human fright experiments were used to eliminate women who could not take horrifying visuals, the thoughtful Raniere wanted to ensure the pain of the hot iron was applied only to badass women and not weak women who could not tolerate it and were, after all, inferior to men.

As for Michel Chirnetsky, he was proud as a peacock for bringing his sensei to Vanguard. It is reported that Keith and Clare Bronfman arranged some kind of visa chicanery arrangements to help the sensei come to the US.

It was a happy day and, if there were some women with black and blue marks, they kept them hidden. Keeping things hidden became second nature to badasses – and like the brands on their pubic region that contained Raniere’s initials – the punch marks in black and blue were badges of Vanguard’s honor.  Especially for tiny brained India Oxenberg.


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  • Wouldn’t the most badass warrior thing be to not be repeatedly slapped? I was under the impression getting bitch slapped means you need a badass refresher course.

  • It’s pretty obvious this was consensual. Or is someone going to Claim the women were forced ?

    • I refer you to the definitions of the words.

      A sadist only enjoys inflicting pain on someone who does not enjoy receiving it.

      A masochist only enjoys receiving pain from someone who does not enjoy inflicting it.

  • Frank, I heard that India told her mother that she never fucked Keith.

    She admitted to the branding, but claimed there was no coitus between her and Vanguard. LOL.

    Do you actually have sources that know for a fact which girls Keith fucked?

    For instance, did he ever fuck…

    Nancy in her younger days?
    Salina’s wife?

    Just curious if you actually have sources and know this stuff.

    • Can one believe a daughter when he tells her mother about her sex life?

      “No,mom, I’m not a masochistic pervert.”

    • He managed to get them branded, It can be assumed that he could order them to stay over night as well. It is their decision to come forward or not. Why do you want to expose them now? They have technically been victims of rape. Some were forced or have been under influence.
      These are traumatized people. Give them a chance to heal and don’t hit on people who are defenseless.

      • Go tell this to the Jane doe, they became abuser, they have tricked people for their master. What kind of friends are they?Just because they re white privileged girls with cute face does n t make them victim. What about Bronfman sisters, they re too brainwashed apparently but as they are not attractive they re not victims. None of this women are victims, they are too stupid and too obsessessed by themself. They feel better than average people and they have enjoyed the power they had in this shitty group.

  • Where did you get this story Frank?

    I was there, and DOS did not exist then. I was in this class and it was the men who did this exercise while the women watched. It wasn’t punches it was slaps…

    Also India wasn’t there, and Allison and India weren’t even friends yet.

    Check your facts.

    • Was there a slapping session for SOP and a shoulder-punching session for JNESS/pre-DOS ? says:

      SOP and JNESS would do separate sex-ssegregated sessions at Vweek

      Chernitsky is Hollywood. Hollywood is full of stunt-men who do scary-looking but pulled-punches for a living. If one of fhem went through an Intensive, he would obey his Vanguard and not quite pull the punch, then pull the next one even less….

      It’s easy to believe that sociopathic Raniere held a face-slap event for men (who would have bruised faces afterwards) then a shoulder-punching event for women.

      And get totally jizzed about what he could talk his sheeple into thinking was giving them joy…..

  • But I guess I’m starting to understand how he was able to turn these women into abusers themselves.

  • It sounds like DOS was a unique version of Girl Scouts.

    But instead of getting “badges” for selling cookies, helping a baby kitty or picking up trash…..they get “badges” for branding themselves, fucking a 57 year old fat slob, and taking fist punches from a karate man until they cry.

  • Why didn’t VanDouche show off his championship Judo skills with the Sensai? For that matter, why didn’t the former Judo champ just punch the girls himself?

    • My four year old probably hits harder than Raniere can.

      Raniere couldn’t risk having people find that out.

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