More brilliant Nxivm artwork from MK10ART

MK10ART's splendid painting of Clare Bronfman and the 27 attorneys she has been paying.

Another treasure trove of recently painted and sketched masterpieces by MK10ART.

See more of her artwork at mk10art

MK10ART – a painting of Omar Rosales and Sara Bronfman, based on a Frank Report post: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST SARA BRONFMAN-IGTET: ‘THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY’

The class action lawsuit is Martinez & Leal v. Brontman-Igtet, (Index No. 517921/2018) in New York State Supreme Court. Rosales is the lawyer for the plaintiffs who allege that Nxivm and its leaders, including Sara Bronfman-Igtet, engaged in a longstanding pattern of fraud to recruit students of Nxivm classes.

MK10ART’s splendid painting of Kristin Kreuk (who introduced Allison to Nxivm) wrapping her body around Allison Mack.

In my opinion, this is one of Mk10ART’s most haunting paintings. It was painted before Allison made her plea deal and shows the two Salzmans – who are working with the feds to testify against the remaining defendants – at that time Raniere, Mack, and Bronfman (plus Kathy Russell not pictured). Now we can move Allison up beside the smiling Salzmans. I love the smiles of mother and daughter and the sinister, devious looks in their eyes. They are far from innocent but they cleverly got on the plea bus early and despite their long-standing and large roles in the criminal enterprise known as Nxivm – they will likely get off with the lightest sentences.


Here, MK10ART shows the brand with a sombrero and the Rainbow logo. She writes, “Rainbow Cultural Garden #rainbowculturalgarden a school founded + based on the teachings of pedophile #keithraniere who is currently on trial for a multitude of federal crimes, is still active in Mexico + other countries. Read more at”


mk10art’s comment on her sketch is classic: “The real reason Allison Mack will make a plea deal with prosecutors before the trial starts. Note to defense: It’s all consensual. The prosecutor isn’t threatening Allison with releasing her collateral … The prosecutors didn’t say ‘Make a plea deal or we will use your collateral.'” I love the expressions on the two criminals faces.

Does she or doesn’t she – have a brand?

mk10art “Clare Bronfman told married women not to have sex with their husbands, join DOS, and send nude photos to Keith Raniere.” -www.

Publisher of Frank Report

mk10art Frank Parlato Of I can’t say it’s an exact likeness of me – but rather an impressionistic one.


MK10ART; Catherine Oxenberg, a heroine of the Nxivm takedown.


MK10ART.  One of the great unsung heroes of the fight against Nxivm, the great James Odato of the Albany Times Union. His groundbreaking investigative stories likely saved hundreds or perhaps thousands of would-be students from joining the ranks of Nxivm. His Secrets of Nxivm series, published in February 2012, was the single greatest comprehensive investigative series ever written on the dangerous cult. In that series, Odato wrote, “In Raniere’s Shadow” – where, for the first time in print, it was revealed that Raniere was a pedophile. Odato’s reward for this remarkable series was to be sued by Nxivm and threatened with criminal exposure. He took a leave of absence from the Times Union and then left the newspaper permanently. He was never charged and the lawsuit against him was dismissed.


MK10ART’s splendid painting of Clare Bronfman and the 27 or so attorneys she has been paying. Note Dennis Burke and Susan Necheles in front.


MK10ART. Nancy Salzman with a Hitler mustache. Why Hitler? Because Keith Raniere told her she was Hitler in her past life and had a lot to atone for – and could only do so by following him closely.


MK10ART. A painting of the late Pam Cafritz drinking a milky white beverage – prepared for her by Keith Raniere. He said it was his cure for cancer.

MK10ART. Emiliano Salinas talking with Keith Raniere. An excellent capture of the pudgy Vanguard with his stooge-disciple, son of the former president of Mexico.


MK10ART. Her painting of one of the great heroes of the takedown of Nxivm, Toni Zarattini. He took the greatest risk by standing up to Nxivm – not in the USA – but in dangerous and deadly Mexico – challenging the son of Carlos Salinas. Why? Because he hated the branding. he could not stand for it and be silent. This is MK10ART’s portrait of this noble Mexican.


MK10ART. Mob boss Carlos Salinas is thoughtful as his son Emiliano puts his hand on Raniere’s shoulder. There are some who think Carlos Salinas masterminded the arrest and deportation of the ugly one – in order to end the vicious one’s hold on his son.


MK10ART. Ah those were the days — Keith Raniere with Toni Natalie ca. 1997. She was with him for some 8 years as his girlfriend. He was a scoundrel then but hid it fairly well and when Toni found out to what extent he was an execrable bastard, she left him – the world’s smartest man. He went after her with a vengeance and it worked out rather badly for Keith in the end. After she left him, he predicted that the next time he saw her she would be either dead or in prison. He was off by a little, Actually, the next time she saw him – he was in jail.


MK10ART. Her tender portrait of the late, beautiful Gina Hutchinson who purportedly committed suicide in 2002.


MK10ART. Clare Bronfman funded and founded the Ethical Science Foundation which conducted human fright experiments, live brain studies, and other dubious and ethically challenged undertakings. Look at Clare Bronfman’s expression. It captures her whole Nxivm experience in a look.


In her portrait series, MK10ART captures two of the old guard of Nxivm, convicted felon Lauren Salzman – now a cooperating witness against Bronfman-Raniere, and the late Barbara Jeske, another cancer victim. Raniere originally diagnosed Jeske with carpal tunnel syndrome and discouraged medical treatment. She actually had brain cancer. Happily for Raniere, he had her sign over all her assets in a will drafted days before she died.


MK10ART. Another great painting – Keith Raniere kissing his primary pimp-woman, Pam Cafritz, daughter of DC socialites Bill and Buffy Cafritz. Pam would help Keith procure women and little girls for him to fuck. Happily for Keith, when she died she left him $8 million.


MK10ART’s splendid interpretive painting of Kathy Russell, Nxivm’s ballerina-bookkeeper who was always willing to take the fall for her Vanguard. Has anything changed? Will she take a plea deal or be led foolishly to stand trial alongside Raniere?


MK10ART — NXIVM Tarot Card – World card with Allison Mack going to court. She got great fame, far greater than she ever achieved as a TV actress. She also got to be a pretty damn good actress – at her allocution.


MK10ART. Allison and her parents defy all logic and defend Raniere despite Catherine Oxenberg’s dire warnings.


Truly one of my favorites. MK10ART’s glorious representation of the fool himself playing volleyball. This time aligned against him are Lauren, Nancy, and Allison. MK10ART writes, “In #Nxivm heyday – #keithraniere enjoyed playing volleyball against his starving and sleep-deprived women. He made up his own rules and rarely hit the ball. But there was always a gaggle of females watching and cheering him on. Now he is in the game of his life as #NancySalzman #LaurenSalzman and #AllisonMack are testifying against him in court.”


MK10ART – a painting of Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack. MK10ART often portrays Kreuk with a snake’s body. Here she has her body wrapped around the woman she recruited into NXIVM, Allison Mack.


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  • Running the serious risk of insulting Frank, I am compelled to say Nancy Salzman’s portrait is the obvious winner of this most artistic collection of portraits. The mere glimpse of that stunningly perfect smile is enough to send a budding shiver of love over the viewer’s glazing eyes!

  • Hey Frank,
    It would be cool to hear more about Toni Zarrantini. I couldn’t find much in past articles on FR. Just the one about a bogus NXIVM article accusing him of trying to make money by bad mouthing ESP/NXIVM. But what did he do exactly? How involved was he? And how/what made him get out? And then what did he do to blow the whistle?

  • The sketch of Raniere kissing Catfritz is excellent. It captures the vileness of their being and sick unholy union.

  • I just burst into tears seeing Gina’s portrait for the first time! Thank you, MK10. It’s so beautiful with the green earth Goddess Skydancing through rainbows 🌈

    It will be cherished and treasured forever.

    • It is lovely Heidi.

      I think Frank might have burst into tears seeing his portrait 😜

      I do love this art work though. Glad there’s some place for it every time Instagram bans it.

    • Warmest best wishes Heidi! A truly beautiful portrait of your sister Gina, may she rest in peace.

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