Racketeer Sara Bronfman authorized her NYC attorneys to admit that Keith Raniere's claims of genius were "improbable". - "and so what?"

Editor’s note: The case is Martinez & Leal v. Brontman-Igtet, Index No. 517921/2018. It is in New York State Supreme Court and alleges that Nxivm and its leaders, including Sara Bronfman-Igtet, engaged in a longstanding pattern of fraud against students of Nxivm classes. It is a class action lawsuit which means there is still time to join in the lawsuit if you were a victim and paid money for Nxivm classes. There is a chance to get your money back – via Sara Bronfman-Igtet. The following is a report by the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, Omar Rosales. Mr. Rosales was also a Nxivm student for a time.


Attorney Omar Rosales

By Omar W. Rosales 



First off, I wanted to thank everyone that contributes to the Frank Report, and most importantly, Frank Parlato. This website and forum have become a force for justice and have led to many new leads and a greater understanding of the criminal machine known as NXIVM and Executive Success Programs (ESP), Inc. By discussing the issues and hashing out different ideas, we have become a part of the narrative and the history of the takedown of one of the largest and most influential criminal enterprises in the history of New York – the Bronfman-Raniere Crime syndicate.

Second, it has been my great honor to represent each of the class members as we seek our collective justice and day of reckoning for the suffering, fraud, and crime committed by the senior members of NXIVM including Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Sara Bronfman-Igtet, Kathy Russell, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Allison Mack.

The journey has indeed been long, and we are not yet finished. Yet, I can see the bright rays of the morning sun on the horizon.

The Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit is proceeding smoothly. At this point, we have briefed the presiding Judge, the Hon. Paul Sweeney, on various issues regarding the Defendant’s motion to dismiss. The steps in a class action lawsuit are: 1) surviving the Defendant’s motion to dismiss, 2) conducting discovery, 3) certifying the class, 4) preparing for trial, 5) trial, and 6) judgment.

The Defense’s motion to dismiss is quite pedestrian. As an attorney that has litigated 10+ class actions against real companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and AdTelamerica, I can state that this is the weakest motion to dismiss that I have ever read. For your perusal, the motion to dismiss is attached here:

Basically, twelve pages of nonsense. The Defense cannot dispute the extensive criminal charges against NXIVM leadership or the copious evidence of fraud and tax evasion. Nor can the Defense dispute the guilty plea of Nancy Salzman and Lauren Salzman where they admit that NXIVM and ESP, Inc., was indeed a racketeering enterprise. In fact, more guilty pleas are expected.

So, where exactly is Sara Bronfman-Igtet? I think the more important question is, why is she hiding? Would an innocent person alternate their locations between England, France, and Morocco? Wouldn’t an innocent person instead visit their only 100% blood sibling, under house arrest, and offer words of encouragement?

Is there a possibility that the Northern District of New York will pick up the ball and attempt to clean its image with a prosecution of Raniere and unindicted co-conspirators? Will the Albany County DA or New York AG pick up the torch and finally take the last steps to dismantle NXIVM? Who knows? So, why is Sara alternating her locations between England, France, and Morocco? Hmmm…


Since taking on this case, I’ve had several interesting encounters with what I call the Bronfman litigation machine and its smelly tentacles/testicles. Since filing the lawsuit, I have:

  • Been followed by a PI (I encircled him and took pictures of him)
  • Had two credit card accounts hacked (someone called with my account numbers and pretended to be me to get account info, but did not know the passwords)
  • Had an old brokerage account hacked (see credit card hijinks above)
  • Been threatened with a New York Bar complaint
  • Had someone pose as me and attempt to get my tax returns

And none of these things ever happened to me before! Coincidence? Hmmm…

Luckily, I can assure you my paper trail is minimal and my life is not super-exciting. I don’t run up tabs at strip clubs, massage parlors, escorts, etc. I didn’t pay my way into my college or law school (Vanderbilt and The University of Texas School of Law on my own, thank you very much). And I don’t purchase exotic weaponry or have illegal shotguns, bump stocks, or fully automatic weapons in my possession. So, fortunately for me, my life REALLY IS quite mundane when it comes to nefarious activities. (Note: I have never used the word ‘nefarious’ in a sentence as I didn’t grow up in 1920s world of bootlegging, speakeasys, hideouts, or Tommy Guns).

So, please keep searching. Knock yourself out. You won’t find anything, because there is nothing there.  One thing you may not understand about me is that I don’t give up. I will find a way or make one. And I will fight for you, for this class, for refunds, against this beast, with my last breath.


So, who exactly are these miscreants (I actually do like that word) that are representing our very own on-the-lam heiress Sara Bronfman? Here they are:


John J. McDonough represents Sara Bronfman-Igtet.

John J. McDonough. He is lead counsel for Sara. Although he has never defended a class action lawsuit, he pretends to know everything. Obnoxious and noxious, he does share some similarities with Keith Raniere. Extreme litigation tactics including: witness intimidation and harassment. Trying to hide evidence. Painting critics as degenerates and criminals. Hmmm…sound familiar? There is something interesting. McD’s bio notes the following:

“High-net-worth individuals and celebrities hire John to resolve private commercial litigation when confidentiality and discretion are nearly as important as the ultimate resolution.”

So, is McD working for Clare Bronfman also? Did Clare disclose this to Judge Garaufis?

Rachel Bevans, a young lawyer representing an old hand at litigation – Sara Bronfman -Igtet.

Rachel Bevans. The young acolyte. With three years of legal experience. And never defended a class action lawsuit either. In fact, Ms. Bevans was so confident of her legal abilities, she sent this threatening document to my landlord:

Tell me, Ms. Bevans. On what basis are you threatening my landlord and stating that the Court will hold them in Contempt – if neither myself nor my landlord is a party to the lawsuit?

Then, she filed this doozy with the Court:  Notice of Objection.

In other words, the Bronfman Civil Trial Team doesn’t want Judge Sweeney to know about what is happening in the criminal case. I wonder why???


That is the latest in our quest to issue refunds to students. Knock me down 6 times, I will get back up 7. We will not quit. We will not waiver. We will prevail.



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    • Why ignore the fact your notice of objection is not attached to said link? You say its a ‘doozy’? you advertise it yet give a repeat of the landlords letter, why not fix it?

  • Sounds like the NXIXM slime machine is at it again and posting on the boards (see below).

    So tell me John McDonough, what does it feel like to have a beloved judge call you A PIECE OF SHIT.

    Also, who exactly is paying the legal fees for Sara’s case? If Clare paid and lied about it. Or if you were referred the case by Avenatti and gave him a kickback – you could very easily lose your law license.

    Maybe the FBI has wiretapped you John McDunce. Wouldn’t that be ironic? An indictment with Avenatti, Geragos, and you all together?

    Crooks of a feather… Sink in shit together.

  • Omar, I have a few questions that I would like to ask you about your pending legal action in New York State:

    First, my understanding is that your case is a putative class action lawsuit that has not yet been certified as a class action. Is that correct – and, if so, why do you need to add more plaintiffs now? Wouldn’t it be smarter for other potential claimants to wait and see whether your action gets certified before they sign on with you – and lose out on the opportunity to litigate their claims elsewhere?

    Second, don’t you think that many of the other potential plaintiffs have claims that are outside the boundaries of your lawsuit? If so, doesn’t it make more sense for them to bring their claims via some other lawsuit?

    Third, don’t you think that any other prospective plaintiffs should wait and see what happens at the May 6th hearing in which the presiding judge is going to rule on whether you should be disqualified from pursuing this case because of your problems in Texas?

    I know there’s probably another side to the story in terms of what happened to you in Texas but the bottom line is that you’ve been suspended from practicing law in the Western District of Texas – and you’re required to provide every new client with a copy of your suspension order, which I assume you’ve done in this case.

    Maybe the easiest thing for you to do is provide Frank with a copy of your suspension order and have him post it on Frank Report so that prospective clients are fully informed about your situation and can make informed decisions about whether to sign on with you.

    I really want to see those who have been harmed by NXIVM receive as much compensation as possible. But I also want to ensure they don’t get tied up in a legal morass that’s going to make that impossible.

    • I don’t think any additional named plaintiffs give up their right to sue again, unless a settlement or judgment is made that prohibits them from doing so. By the way, don’t expect Omar to respond, he hasn’t responded to me, below.

      • Scott Johnson,

        …and I thought you and I had an unofficial truce. Scott you just do not give up.

        Scott if you truly want me on your podcast(radio)show please kindly cut&paste and post the following:

        I Scott Johnson grant the individual known as “Niceguy”,permission to directly communicate freely and openly with the cohost and producers of my show. I Scott Johnson acknowledge that the information Niceguy communicates and provides may be harmful to my reputation and standing in my community. I promise as consideration for Niceguy attending my show the following: I will not sue or file civil court action of any nature or against the individual known as Niceguy for defamation and or libel as defined by the state of Texas.

          • Scott ,
            Follow the instructions…..

            ……Put up or Shut up!

            In all honestly Scott you’re just some asshole on the Internet. Scott you are Website Herpes….


            Jim delNegro on the other hand is a fuck.

            Hi Protectors,
            Can one of you, members of the Society of Pussies, please repeat my original request for an invitation to your next get together? I know one of you little pussies is reading everything on this website and reporting back to Jim.

            Please let Jim know that I would still like an invitation; and to forward my invitation to Frank Parlato.

            Thank you,
            Nice Guy

  • Frank could you please post Omar Rosales’ contact info…? Can’t seem to find it …. thank you!!

  • Excellent work Omar! Keep it up! Great post. So nice to know there are people like you out there.

  • Respectfully, a subpoena to a third-party seeking information in a case is in no way a ‘threatening document’. In this instance, Defendants are alleging that Mr. Rosales does not maintain a law office in the state of New York (and therefore would be ineligible to bring this suit in that venue). Their subpoena is directed to the landlord of the alleged office to assist them in confirming whether or not they have a valid defense. I understand why you may have been a bit hyperbolic in describing this subpoena as threatening. The other things they appear to be doing to you are, indeed, threatening or borders on it (especially the PI – so creepy!). The subpoena, however, appears to be perfectly legitimate. Just annoying. Keep on, keeping on, Mr. R. As you know, litigation is for marathon runners, not sprinters.

    • Since the lawyers used the wrong dates on this subpoena, how could it be valid? They request that this information be sent to them by February 20th, 2018. And they even dated it wrong TWICE, as it says 2018 again at the bottom.

      Obviously it’s not legally binding with this incorrect date.

  • Omar,

    You are not alone. It’s how NXIVM zombies do their ligation. Stalking by PI’s, filing complaints with your boards, hacking Iinto your accounts, sending fake letters to different agencies.
    Dont be surprized if the get into your bank, emails and phone records.

    Watch you mail as they have bee.n know to pick it up and return it the next day. Barbara Jeske was arrested for doi g this to Toni Natalie email.

    Jimmy Del Nigro I, if still inside the bowels of NXIVM could be a key player for such shenanigans. Ben Meyers and Steve Ose has been suspected as key hacker for them.

    It oy goes to show that the criminal enterprise is alive and well within NXIVM. Sara is pulling the puppet strings since this law suit names her.

  • When was this lawsuit started? The letter to Rosales’s landlord asks for the landlord to make sure the letter is delivered by February 20th 2018.

    I thought the suit was started just a few months ago, so did the lawyers put the wrong year on the letter?!

    Something is not adding up here….

    • Good catch Flowers. The language at the end is blatantly false. And an error with the date also.

      An attorney cannot hold a party in contempt – only a judge can do that.

      And attorneys can’t just go around sending threatening letters to non-parties to lawsuits. Hello.

      But again – Normal Bronfman litigation schemes.

      Look at Avenatti. Clare thinking she could buy her way out of a jail. How did that one turn out? Avenatti indicted. And now Geragos might also get his ticket to the big House.

  • I think a question asked earlier was a good one. What purpose or benefit do Sara’s lawyers obtain from a letter to a landlord asking about a commercial lease?

    • If it’s like Scientology’s strategy, which Keith and Clare seem to have followed in going after enemies and ex-members, it’s to harass targets as much as possible, to rattle them and make their lives miserable. The purpose is to encourage current opponents to settle or drop suits and silence them, and to dissuade future ones from filing suits or speaking out at all.

  • Omar,

    The setup is the letter to your landlord.

    If you submit that letter as evidence to the NYSBA, I guarantee it wasn’t printed on McDonough’s computer or actually sent from his office and of course his hand [fingerprints]never touched the letter.

  • Omar,

    Reporting them to the Bar association is probably more trouble than it’s worth if the other attorney has connections. In fact that is most likely what he wants you to do then he can claim to his cronies you are harassing him. Long story but something similar happened to a Nassau county attorney.

    Good luck with you case!

  • If Sara had not dragged Clare into Nxivm, Clare’s life would be fine.

    Doesn’t Sara owe Clare something. Should Sara reimburse Clare for some of the money she had lost? It only seems fair to me.

    • I don’t buy the Clare apologism. She took to the role of henchwoman and enforcer, going to great expense to ruin the lives of people she hardly knew herself, much too readily and aggressively to be just a corrupted innocent. She strikes me as the sort who most likely would have gotten mixed up in something else nasty – which there’s even plenty of in the horse world that she once inhabited.

      Sara seems a bit more like the hapless rich girl looking to buy what had been missing her life, and getting mixed up with the wrong people. But she could be just as bad, just better at hiding it under a cute facade.

  • I think the Bronfmans, and maybe a few others in the NXIVM inner circle, are going to get their comeuppance though all the civil suits – new ones filed against them, not the ones they used to use to harass enemies.

    Tax and regulatory actions, like fines over immigration and customs violations, may contribute to a sort of death by a thousand cuts.

    I’m glad to see someone take them on. There was real fraud perpetrated, so such suits are legitimate.

  • I forgot to mention…One of the Presiding Judges in the Kings County Supreme Court called John McDonough ‘A PIECE OF SHIT’ after McD interfered with a case and the Judge had to order a mistrial. Here is the story:

    I think it says a lot, when a beloved Judge with 40+ years experience calls an attorney ‘a Piece of Shit’ and makes wanted posters with a bulls eye on his face. Then the attorney whines like a crybaby. The Judge was well-respected for siding with homeowners who were being screwed with by mortgage lenders during the housing crisis.

  • I don’t get it. What benefit can Bronfman’s Attorney’s get from a copy of a commercial lease? Can anyone shed some light on this?

  • Omar, your case looks pretty weak to me. It will be easy to bring former students forward who would state they got benefits from the NXIVM classes. You put on a good show, but you’re just the Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The footnote at the bottom of page 2 of the defense’s dismissal request says it all. It’s time for your own curtain call from the legal “profession.” Perhaps you can learn how to be a highway flagger. Try directing real traffic rather than trying to direct traffic to your lame lawsuit.

    Why didn’t you post your response to the defense’s dismissal request, or put your explanation to the specific points in your post?

    The letter from Bevans is linked twice, was that intentional or an error that indicates yet another data point regarding your incompetence?

  • This cult stalked me too. I’m not sure if they stopped yet or are just aimless zombies. They’re all brainwashed, irrational, and malicious.

  • Raniere really fooled Clare. Two ex-Nxivm’s in upstate NY have allegedly stated that Raniere started taking Viagra when he started bedding Clare Bronfman.

    Sorry Clare that was fake to.

    Dearest Clare,

    You should look at yourself in the mirror you look like one of the horses you used to ride fucked a librarian. Did you believe Keith Raniere was actually attracted to you?

    He likes 15 year olds after all.


    • The ex-NXIVM in question had to allegedly go to their own doctors to and pretend they needed the Viagra. Keith had his secrets. LOL

      • Hi Clare,

        Now that your head is clearing from Vanguard fog perhaps you want to get tested for human papilloma virus before you get cancer like all the other women that bedded Keith.

        Oh wait I am sorry there is no cure for the virus.

        Well, on the bright side you will always have something to remember your true love Keith Raniere by.

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