Keith Raniere – I Never Forced Any Woman to Be Branded

There is a battle between the US Bureau of Prisons and Keith Raniere. The BOP does not want Raniere to speak to his power of attorney, Suneel Chakravorty. Raniere sued the BOP (and several others) in order to have his communication rights restored.

The BOP was good enough to provide rough transcripts of some prison-recorded calls between Raniere and Chakravorty. Conversations on various topics they had when the BOP allowed them to speak.

The BOP would prefer the two not talk to one another for the rest of their natural lives. Or at least until June 27, 2125, when Raniere gets off probation. He will be 165. Chakravorty will be 135.

Though elderly, I have little doubt they will take up where they left off. And with as much vigor as they had when they were a century younger.

Frank Report obtained the transcripts and reviewed conversations. Oftentimes, Raniere would explain something essential. Something we never heard from his lips before. For instance, he rose to fame because of his pioneer work in branding women on their groins. As part of his novel master-slave multilevel marketing sorority, he set out to brand women. With only one man – him, the grandmaster.

In one conversation, he explains he was misunderstood about branding. It was a little repetitive, and over the prison phone a little too spontaneous. It required editing and correct punctuation. But he made his point.

Here is Keith Raniere on the topic of branding. The illustrations are the choice of Frank Report.

Talk About Branding

By Keith Raniere

If you listen to a lot of the media, I am seen as having branded women against their will.  And often, people think of it as something with a coat hanger or a cattle branding.
When I went to college, a few fraternities did branding, and they did them with metal things made out of hangers.  There is a major fraternity, the Omegas, and you’ll often see an Olympic athlete. You’ll see an Omega brand on the skin. Sometimes, they do large brands of that symbol in multiple places on their body.
You can look up that fraternity. It’s an African-American fraternity. It is extremely influential. There are people who are chancellors of colleges, political people, and things like that.
Keith Raniere with Richard Mays
We have one person in the Nxivm/ESP community who was the first African-American State Supreme Court Justice of Arkansas. He’s extremely influential and worked with Bill Clinton on the Clinton campaign.
When it was first brought to his attention when this news came out about the branding, he said, “I’m branded, you know,” because he’s in the Omega Fraternity.

So, what is the truth here?

Yeah, women were branded. When a woman gets into the sorority – which was testified in court – one of the conditions they had to agree to get into the sorority is having a brand on their hip. It’s a small thing, and they agreed ahead of time.
Out of 150 women in the sorority – I think there might be more – I estimate 20 of them got the brand. The brand is something that the initial eight women decided they wanted.
The eight DOS First-Line with their master in the middle.
I think a guy from, I won’t say what state to keep his anonymity, came and did the branding with them and taught them about it and how to do it. Then there was a woman in the sorority, a doctor, who used a light cauterizing pen. They use it in surgeries. And she was experienced with that, and that’s what was used.
A cautery pen was used.
Dr. Danielle Roberts did the branding on most DOS slaves. She lost her medical license because of it.

So, what was going on?

Women were branded. I did not have anything to do with it. I didn’t brand them. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t even there when my partners were branded.
When Allison Mack and Daniela Padilla were branded, Keith Raniere was not there.


Nicki Clyne – Keith not there for the branding.


Not there when Lauren got branded – the last of his partners to be honored – in 2017.
Monica Duran – Keith not present.


Loreta Garza with her master Keith Alan Raniere – but he was not present when she was branded.
There have been at least two men involved in the branding. The man who branded the first eight women gave them that symbol.


The brand was described as a symbol of the four elements. When turned 90 degrees counterclockwise, there are those who thought they saw the initials K.R.

Then another man did a few other women to demonstrate how to do it. Then a doctor did the rest with a surgical instrument.
It’s always been a surgical instrument. So, there are no hot irons, no coat hangers, no putting them in a fireplace, getting white-hot, or anything like that. It’s done with a doctor, with a surgical type of instrument, almost like a light pen type of a thing, and it was agreed to ahead of time.
They are not held down. It is not involuntary, and a small number of women in upstate New York did it.
Keith Raniere disputes the popular idea of the DOS branding as depicted by MK10ART.
If you look on the Internet about things like scarification and stuff like that, branding is becoming the new tattoo, and many people do it.
They brand themselves all over. They do them on their heads. They do them on their bodies. A famous guy is a ballet dancer who did tiger brands across his body.
So, this is becoming a type of self-ornamentation.
And I don’t know whether it’s a tattoo or a brand, or who knows what different people do. Some people do it with cutting. It’s up to a person what sort of ornamentation they want to do in their body.
Some people do piercing. You know, some people actually pierce their ears. They go through; they pierce their ear, they put a hole right through the thing. You know, we know that commonly.
So, this sort of ornamenting the body, designing the body, using the body as a manifold for different things in a voluntary way, done with a doctor, with a safe instrument, that’s a far cry from my chasing after a woman, pinning her down and branding her with some sort of I don’t know what.
I wanted to clear some of the factual information and stuff brought out in court about this branding thing.
So, yeah, some people did brand themselves, and they have a small thing on their hip. Maybe, two inches by two inches or an inch by an inch. I don’t even know exactly how big it is.

About the author

Frank Parlato


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  • Suneel’s problem is his narcissism. He thinks he is all powerful and can save anybody with his intelligence. The problem is intelligence will not help a morally corrupt Raniere, nor will it change an archaic prison system.

  • Why didn’t all the SOP men get branded by their genitals with Keith’s intials if it was so empowering?

    Or Marianna?

    Why didn’t Keith.himself get branded with the 4 elements on his ballsack?

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          • Your definition would ordinarily apply, but not in this case. Frank has an investigative reporting site. He is telling a story. People who have been reading for years aren’t going back in time to research old articles they’ve already read.

            Different metric here: how long people read the article they’re currently on, not if they’re searching new material. Think magazine, not travel website.

            I guarantee you time spent on each new article is the same, so the adhesion and engagement is the same. Bounce rate not applicable.

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    • Shadow is right, America would have cheap gas now, and be swimming in baby formula and have tampons coming out of our ass, if only Mike Pence would have done as Trump wanted and overthrown a legal election and destroyed Democracy. Paradise!

      • deepstate2020

        It is fascinating that he does not care at all about an earnest attempt to destroy the United States. And that the very seroius threat to democracy came from a person who swore to protect it.

        Allegiance to political party or a politician over your country is unfathomable. Scary. Sad. And stupid.

  • News from Brooklyn MDC

    Feds search for smuggled gun at troubled NYC lockup
    A firearm may have been smuggled into the Brooklyn federal jail complex that houses a number of high-profile criminals, including convicted sex predators Ghislaine Maxwell and R. Kelly.

    Officers have been scouring the troubled lockup for the gun for nearly a week, but it has yet to turn up, the federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed Monday.

    The agency said it received “critical information” on June 7 that a firearm may have been “introduced” to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park.

    “The BOP immediately placed the facility on modified operations status in order to protect the public, staff, and inmates until a comprehensive search could be completed,” agency spokesperson Scott Taylor said in a statement.

    By the way in other news Nicki is back in NYC
    I guess she likes the smell of urine in the subways.

    Times Square is alive and kicking 🗽✨ I’m starting to rethink my “NYC will never be the same” stance. I’m not converted, but I’m open… What do you think? Can it be fully revived? Was it ever dead?

    #nyc #timessquare #dontcallitacomeback #burythelede
    Edited · 1d

    • Nicki has no money to appear in court, but has money to travel to NY. She must have been hitchhiking to save on travel expenses.
      Or else she has been saving for a long time.

  • Wait a second!

    I just realized…. Magoo takes a long vacation right when a certain morbidly obese, bankrupt, philosophical expert on anti-cults also goes on a hiatus from the barnyard of the powerless, AKA the interwebz.

    Are the two of them sneaking off for a secret tryst?

    Maybe to a state where bestiality is legal?

    Perhaps to Connecticut for a family court hearing?

    Perchance to Tuscon to dance for the pleasure of Stinky Keith?

    Could they be joining Suneel & Eduardo for a magical car ride?

    So many possibilities!

  • Oh god… not another reprinting of Keith’s blather.

    Frank, this is repetitive and boring beyond belief. The complete lyrics to “10,000 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” would be more engaging.

    Do you really have a copy of the DOS manual like you’ve been claiming for months (if not years)? I’m beginning to think you don’t. Prove me wrong… publish it.

    Or how about some inside skinny on the Society of Protectors, AKA the Kook Kuck Klan.

    Freaky sex cult = YES! Repetitive Raniere ramblings = NO!

    Hell, I’d settle for some choice new quotes from Crazy Cunha about her Big Fat Jewish Conspiracy. Maybe by now she’s recovered that list she couldn’t find when the judge asked for it.

    Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

    Viva Crazy, Abusive, Incompetent, Rich Mothers of Connecticut®!!!!!

      • Maybe it is in the same folder of Crazy Cunha’s list of evidence? Have you checked there? Or is that still missing?

        Maybe a dog ate it?

        • It was lengthy – and as I recall it was written by women of the First Line. But I know my dog, he’s a good dog, I am pretty sure he didn’t get it.

          • Frank, hire Suneel to check your dog’s stool for evidence of the DOS manual. Suneel has experience in doing shitty jobs and Clare recommends him.

  • There is a different between deciding to go get a brand with you girlfriends and having collateral hanging over your head & years of conditioning through coercive control that happens in a Cult.

    Most people wont understand how this would happen because they won’t take the time to study how this situation happens.

    There is plenty of research out there from POW, Cult members, people who stay in abusive relationships.

    Even Johnny Depp, the new hero of abusive relationships was under a certain amount of coercive control with his relationship with his mom and that followed through with Amber Heard.

    NXIVM loyalists new go to gal Amber Heard. They believe she is the new poster woman for their case against all the women who blame Keith Rainier for their abuse.

    Not a good comparison. Not all those women can be an Amber now can they? The odds of that happening are not in the loyalists favor.

  • Tully files new motion without Suneel talking to Raniere. Kind of blows Raniere’s law suit out of the water.

  • No one has ever brought up “coat hangers”.

    Why would Keith even say such a thing?

    Who even uses wire hangers anymore?

    I think he secretly wishes they had burned the slaves with a fiery coat hanger.

    You know the creep sits in his cell all day jacking it and fantassing new ways to torture the “virgin successiors” he finds on tinder when he escapes prison.

    Wait. Why hasn’t Keith used his suoernatural ability to control the weather and electronics to flee?

    Anyway. Keith also wasn’t chargerged. With, “branding” so who gives a fuck?

    It’s funny tho’ how vanguard tries to throw 2 other dudes under the bus.

    What a bitch ass little tattle tale coward !

    Keith and Suneel believe this is the kind of easily refuted, boring drivel that us going to turn the tide of public opinion and exonorate Keith legally?

    It would be more productive if they spent the prison visits 0kaying Connect Four.

  • Look at the photo labeled Government Exhibit GX429 and tell me those aren’t Allison Mack’s initials.

    Or the photo directly below it, AM plain as day, with hair stubble indicating exactly where it was placed on the women.

    To see KR in those brands, these scars have to be turned sideways and kinda squinted at. Still, the symbol clearly consists of the initials KR and AM intertwined.

    Allison Mack did that. She had that emblem, that mark of possession, that rancher’s cattle brand, burned into the pubic area of these women, her rivals. How sick is that?

    Raniere put her up to it. He put her in charge of this the way a Mafia capo has others do the killing. He doesn’t dirty his hands with the execution (pun intended).

    Raniere is very eager to run for cover. To make excuses.

    There’s nothing wrong with branding people he says, fraternities do it. You know you’re on thin ice, ethics-wise, when you cite college frat boys as moral exemplars. Frat houses, those bastions of acute alcohol poisoning, date rape, and vandalism sprees, spiced with the occasional hazing death.

    Raniere’s such a lying little snake. A coward too. I notice he didn’t get branded. Despite his thinking it’s such a great idea.

  • “Then there was a woman in the sorority, a doctor, who used a light cauterizing pen. They use it in surgeries. And she was experienced with that, and that’s what was used. ” I wonder how Danielle feels about this statement. She’s been adamant in her “malpractice or trial by media” that she was not experienced with branding and wasn’t chosen because she was a doctor. Interesting. Any closer to waking up, Danielle???

    • Dr. Danielle Roberts does not seem any closer to waking up and it’s really sad because she seems like she was a good doctor and seems like a good, sweet, earnest person. She seems really confused – like, she’s in shock – about how she’s ended up where she is…

      • Good, sweet and earnest, Yes.
        Confusion or shock, Yes,
        Unspecified Personality Disorder that keeps her stuck and a victim, Yes.
        Help-able, Shows no signs of emerging from this.

    • 1. I am not what you call a dead ender
      2. I never took a class or pursued a
      business with the group.
      3. Its possible ( based on your position with
      this group ) that your reading
      comprehension here is a little skewed.
      4. He states she had some experience with
      cautery as a doctor, NOT branding .
      5. There were 2 prior branding technicians
      6. He doesn’t reference she was chosen
      because she was a doctor and I’ve
      listened to her ‘malpractice by media’ and
      she breaks down very precisely with
      intelligence and common sense each of
      these nuances.
      7. I sincerely hope ( if evidence was
      planted) that justice reduces his
      sentence to 80 years instead of 120
      8. If all these 8 First Line cooked this up for
      themselves and him, those extra 40
      years should he divided amongst them
      @ 5 yrs. each.

          • It’s actually your assumption. You started your comment by declaring yourself not something before anyone accused you of being it. Which is not only weird but asking for people to view you as such. No one else is starting their comments with clarifiers about who they’re not.

  • KR’s MO has always been ‘plausible deniability’: I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t do it because I love you, but if you did it, it would do so much for my trust in you – and I need complete trust if I am to bestow my sacred seed on you and be sure you’re the right woman to bear my ‘avatar’.

    I would never demand it, but it would be a great idea to reinforce your bond and your wow of obeyance if you could say: ‘Master, please brand me, it will be an honor’ … (and put it on record that YOU wanted it, I have nothing to do with it, I wasn’t there, I didn’t pin anyone down and brand them with a something or other – just in case it can be tracked back to me).
    Who is he trying to fool?

    He just revealed his involvement in that conversation by revealing he knew there were some man who branded the first lot, and taught the ‘doctor’ how to do it. Being the ‘grandmaster’ and a ‘genius’, he wasn’t curious as to what the design branded on his slaves represented? He never asked who was this guy that dared ‘touch’ his property, when a young girl was punished and literally isolated for 2 years for daring to look at another man? Pull the other one.

    For someone who’s a genius, his knowledge of anatomy leaves something to be desired: notice how often he talks about branding ‘on the hip’ to try minimise the impact. ‘The hip’: not the same as being branded near your pubis, is it? FYI, KR, the hip is that ‘bony’ part that protrudes, NOT the soft, hidden part of your belly.

    The tragedy is that a whole bunch of trusting women swallowed not only his seed but his stories wholesale. It’s quite a feat of self control that Suneel C did not burst out laughing at KR’s word salad trying to ‘absolve’ himself of any responsiblity (‘never, ever my fault’ is the battle cry of the narcissist; just watch Amber H or Meghan M in action). Maybe Kool Aid makes tall stories easier to swallow?

    • “ The tragedy is that a whole bunch of trusting women swallowed not only his seed but his stories wholesale.”

      This sentence made me laugh out loud!

  • Comparing nxium to the mighty Omega fraternity.

    He really believes the world outside his cult is peopled by folk with the brains of rocking horses who cannot tell the difference between the historically coherent and empowering decision of the Omegas and the sneaky sexual deviance of lying Renselaar graduate Raniere and his collection of what-less slave women. What a gargantuan liar.

    He is not in the same league as anything he claims to be. His contempt for the intelligence of everyone including his remainders is blindingly obvious.

  • Keith ordered exactly how he wanted his intials branded onto the women’s pubic area (his slaves. That he hand picked for their appearance) Keith wanted the branding ceremony fully naked with legs spread and recorded explicitly for “collateral”. That is recorded on his walk with Allison Mack. Keith controlled every aspect of the deceptive design. No “sorority” or “fraternity” operates in this manner.

    Keith also wanted to inflict maximum pain

    That is also recorded. There are stupid little chants about “pain is love” type sentiments.

    Keith was fucling the front line slaves. And all were sexually commited to only Keith. Keith purposely hid his role as “grandmaster” of the slave ring. There is no similarity to a sorority.

    Frank. You need to post that DOS manifesto. The real one. Not the rewritten history.

  • The prestige of a Harvard degree is tarnished by all the idiots like Suneel. How could anyone with half a brain listen to Keith’s drivel. Cry Baby Keith is following Big Bubbas orders in the SHU

    • Suneel is no dummy; but his common sense and good judgement need to be questioned for getting seriously involved with Raniere. Suneel has achieved a measure of notoriety from these encounters but it is not the kind of reputation I’d want to accrue.

  • Thank you for sharing with us the content of these conversations.

    I’m just wondering about one detail evidently not mentioned by KR: when these women agreed to be branded, was that before or after they submitted their collateral?

    • “Collateral.”


      There was only blackmail material.

      “Collateral” is a real word whose definition can be found in any English dictionary.

      Stop repeating NXIVM cult propaganda.

      Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

  • “ Women were branded. I did not have anything to do with it. I didn’t brand them. I wasn’t there.”

    He wasn’t there in person, but he had plenty to do with it:
    – some brandings were videotaped. I assume to help him rub one out….
    – he instructed Mack on the exact protocol of the branding procedure (audio recording of his instructions);
    – he was in real-time WhatsApp contact with Mack during at least one of the branding sessions (according to Lauren’s testimony);
    – he created DOS and was the “grandmaster”

  • What a fucking liar. Keith is recorded, “This is not a democracy” dictating both the design and deception of the brand design.

    Keith watched the naked branding videos (women WERE held down) and stated tge slaves should be “held down naked, like a sacrifice” in a “submissive” pose.

    It wasn’t a fucking sorority. It was a slave ring. With porn on demand. “Seduction assignments” spying on perceived enemies. Blackmail. Starvation. Cages ordered to lock women in the basement. Sworn sexual allegiance to one man – whom was kept hidden from the other women as the leader.

    When you get it a fraternity brand it represents the organization. Not an individual man or woman who has blackmail on all of the participants and is controlling their pubic hair grooming and weight. The dudes aren’t branding their ducks or balls with some old lady’s intials. And lying to their friends about it being a “symbol”.

  • What a fucking liar. Keith is revirded, “This is not a democracy” dictating both the design and deception of the brand design.

    Keith watched the naked branding videos (women WERE held down) and stated tge slaves should be “held down naked, like a sacrifice” in a “submissive” pose.

    It wasn’t a fucking sorority. It was a slave ring. With porn on demand. “Seduction assignments” spying on perceived enemies. Blackmail. Starvation. Cages ordered to lock women in the basement. Sworn sexual allegiance to one man – whom was kept hidden from the other women as the leader.

    When you get it a fraternity brand it represents the organization. Not an individual man or woman who has blackmail on all of the participants and is controlling their pubic hair grooming and weight. The dudes aren’t branding their ducks or balls with some old lady’s intials. And lying to their friends about it being a “symbol”.

  • For making prodigal claims like being one of the world’s greatest problem solvers or learning to speak in full sentences at one, Keith likes to disassociate through mediators and play dumb all the time. Does Keith know where his orange jumpsuit came from, or is he telling the other prisoners it just magically appeared like his other clothes did when he was living outside the confines of a cell block?

About the Author

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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