‘Mary Mary’, a former insider’s account of NXIVM members

Some of the following is speculation, some observation. Some hard fact.

Take it all with a grain of salt.

By Mary Mary – a Former Insider

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Mary Mary has some insights into the current NXIVM members


Nicki Clyne is possibly the most flippable of the DOS women.  Nicki is kind of two-faced. She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer either.  But she must realize the jig is up.

Wendy Rosen Brooks is trying to distance herself from the indictments. Her daughter has left NXIVM.


[Name redacted] is sitting on the fence trying to distance herself. She was supposed to have been branded but the disruption caused by the Frank Report interrupted her scheduled branding session with Dr. Danielle Roberts. She would have been one of the oldest branded women.

These women have all committed criminal acts. Keith Raniere got them to participate.  They know it and if they thought they might get in real trouble, they might flip.

If Clare is given the green light to contact them, she may be able to hold them in line. They are afraid of Clare and afraid of being exposed in Frank Report.

Like Clare, Nancy Salzman cannot legally communicate with these women – except through intermediaries. Now, Nancy may be ready to flip – and maybe get off of serving any prison time – and Nancy did 10 x the crimes.

If these women knew for sure that Nancy was flipping, they would be far more likely to flip themselves and testify to the financial scheme they all participated in.

Steve Ose was around since the days of Consumers’ Buyline and participated in years of computer corruption. He moved to Texas with his family to work for a former contractor of Clare Bronfman”s.

He needed to get out of town. He is trying to lay low and hopes the statute of limitations passes on some of his computer crimes. He will flip before a fall. He is torn between the fear of the FBI, the fear of Clare Bronfman and the fear of being exposed as a NXIVM member – in his new life – he doesn’t brag about his [former?] devotion to his Vanguard.

Ben Meyers is married to Michelle Salzman. They got married after Keith was arrested and before Nancy did. Theirs was a romance that sprung up when Ben helped jail his girlfriend at one of Clare Bronfman’s properties because she would not sleep exclusively with Keith. There, Ben fell in love with Michelle who helped with the incarceration of the women for 18 months.

Ben also did a lot of computer crimes. He tampered with evidence. He lied in affidavits. He faces the threat of a long time in jail. Michelle has done lots of crooked bookkeeping and also could be indicted.

She assigned Angel Smith to collect the laundered money. I don’t think Angel even knew what she was doing.

I heard that Ben and Michelle pass along messages from Lauren Salzman to Clare and vice versa. Clare cannot communicate directly with Lauren so Ben or Michelle get messages from Lauren to Sara who passes it along to Clare.


Michelle ‘Shelly’ Tarzia – a witness for the prosecution?

Shelly Tarzia, Dazzle Ekblad and Matt McMorris as bookkeepers know a lot.

McMorris has cooked more books than people cook turkeys on Thanksgiving. He is the Power of Attorney for Alex Betancourt, Emiliano Salinas’ lover.

The FBI has spoken to most of them [not Alex] and, as readers know, Shelly is expected to be a witness against Clare and maybe Sara. She handled a lot of their financial doings and they were crooked.  Funny they paid Shelly pretty good money despite Clare’s usual cheapness.

Sean Bergeron is a know nothing. After some 12 years in Executive Success Programs – he is still a waiter and like his Vanguard – one horny dude. He goes after other people’s wives, girlfriends, it doesn’t matter. He was recently visited by the FBI and he spoke to them for some time.

The FBI has also talked to the Rainbow nannies.

The NXIVM world is falling apart. But dummies like Sean will try to stay loyal to Vanguard.

Allison Mack, Dani Padilla and India Oxenberg.

Despite what you reported, I believe Sean is still married to Dani Padilla. She is in Monterrey as is Monica Duran and Loreta Garza. Sean was going out with Chelsea for a time but now he has a new gal and she does not seem to be in NXIVM.

I don’t know if Sean married Dani just to get her a green card. They were together for a time, but Sean always had other women and went after other people’s wives, but that is part of the tech – is it not?

Monica Duran, a slave of Keith Raniere’s, provided her skills in fashion and design and money laundering.

Loreta Garza [l] and Melissa Rodriguez – two DOS slaves.
Loreta Garza would be hard to flip. She is I believe in Monterrey and isn’t going back to the Albany house bought in her name with laundered money. She is hoping that being away in Mexico will help the Feds forget her role in Rainbow and not indict and extradite her. She reminds me of an ostrich burying its head in the sand and hoping no one notices her.

She is loyal to NXIVM but I am guessing she is shocked by Nancy’s alleged flipping.

Other NXIVM leaders are no doubt assuring her that Nancy is not flipping and the report of it is just more lies on the Frank Report.

Edgar Boone was making as much as $500,000 per year between pyramid scheme style pay from his downline and his share of the money smuggling over the border.  But that was years ago. Of course, he did not report all his income.

In recent years, his income went way down. He was always a good salesperson but not a good coach. His head was too confused. As his income went down, his expenses went up.

NXIVM always gets the money out of their members not vice versa.

Edgar has been paying something like $200,000 per year for Rainbow for his triplets and for other NXIVM-related expenses. His father is wealthy, so he does not have to worry about bankruptcy.

His brother went to jail for a drunken driving death crash. He fled to Chicago and was nabbed by Homeland Security, I believe – and brought back to Mexico where he served some prison time.

So Edgar saw his brother try to flee Mexico and get caught in America. He saw his Vanguard flee America and get caught in Mexico. Edgar wants to flee but he realizes that he probably can’t – so he is waiting to see if he will be indicted.

He stopped tweeting in July a few weeks before Clare was indicted. He was expected to be indicted himself.  His fears are not entirely unwarranted.



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  • Methinks I spy little Lauren Salzman directly behind Keith.

    And that’s most definitely, no question, Mariana Fernandez, gross Steve Ose and Monica Duran right where you guessed.

    Great updates from this mystery contributor and Barb!

    • Heidi, we should talk. I use Skype and have a freeconferencecall.com number, so you don’t have to give up your phone number either way. Which do you prefer? Name a couple of early morning/evening times to talk, and I’ll let you know which works for me, thanks.

    • She is not in the picture..this is before her involvement with special K ,although her sister is there-2nd row down Dani Fernandez(the one they imprisoned ) next to Becky Freeman .Also,Franca Decrescenzo is next to Keith

  • Mary Mary: Who is in the picture that Barb bouchey Shared? This has to be from somewhere after 2000 and before 208.

    ROW 1 – L- R Female (yellow) and Steve Ose ?

    Row 2 – L – R is Dani Padilla, Barb Bouchey (green) , Keith aka VanFraud, Marianna F (?) ( Orange ) Female (orange), Female (yellow)

    Row 3 L – R Female, Female, Female, Female (green) Maybe Dawn Morrison when she had dark hair, Monica Duran ?, Male,

    Row 4 L – R Male, Female, Male (yellow), Male (yellow)

    • This picture has been floating around for a while…Sarah Edmonson and Mark Viincente shared it on the A&E special they did months ago..just saying.
      Others in the photo Franca Decresenzo,Becky Freeman, Sean Bergeron, Marcello Ortiz, Sarah Peters

      • Lauren is not in the photo.This was the V teem..responsible for working to put together vweek..Lauren would never have assisted in such a lowly position

  • “Nicki Clyne is possibly the most flippable of the DOS women. Nicki is kind of two-faced. She is not the sharpest knife in the drawer either. But she must realize the jig is up.”

    I believe that Nicki might have known that this matter was serious at least as early as Halloween 2017 when she dressed in the prison costume.
    Perhaps even the summer of 2017.

    If Nicki pleads guilty to any crime punishable by at least a year in prison, then the US government can immediately deport her.

    I believe that Nicki is either lying low in New York City or has already quietly returned to Canada.
    But her career in movies and television as well as her Comic Con appearances will soon be at an end.

    I also believe that Nicki has set up some kind of back channel communications system that allows her to send and receive messages with other NXIVM members.
    She might or might not use the name Clicky Nine but she can sporadically communicate with those NXIVM members she wants to reach.

    “Circumventing no contact? Nicki Clyne starts up mirror Instagram – is it being used to communicate with NXIVM members?”

    And I believe Nicki loves her wife Allison and would find it difficult to flip against her.

    The marriage between Nicki and Allison might have been designed in part to create a spousal privilege claim that would help Clyne avoid testifying.

    • “I believe that Nicki might have known that this matter was serious at least as early as Halloween 2017 when she dressed in the prison costume.
      Perhaps even the summer of 2017.”
      I wouldn’t use choice of Halloween costume as an indicator of how seriously she took the matter.

      “But her career in movies and television as well as her Comic Con appearances will soon be at an end.”
      Most of her work was filmed in Canada, and since the media is focusing on her roll as “Married to Allison Mack” rather than her own NXIVM related activities she might be able to salvage something once the attention dies down.

      “And I believe Nicki loves her wife Allison and would find it difficult to flip against her.

      The marriage between Nicki and Allison might have been designed in part to create a spousal privilege claim that would help Clyne avoid testifying.”
      This part I agree with, even if the marriage was immigration related it seems the two were/are close. But she also seemed close to India and with her defection Clyne is likely being pulled in multiple directions, loyalty to different people, the person she was vs the person Ranierre turned her into, so on. I think she’s probably standing on shaky ground and where she lands is the most in question because of it.

  • Why is Raniere wearing a white necklace, the lowest colour – I thought he was beyond all sash colours?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, just trying to understand as an outsider.

      • Thank you!

        I’ve noticed earlier that Nancy Salzman’s gold sash is thigh length, while the other coaches’ sashes only reaches to about mid-torso, regardless of colour.

        I didn’t know that the sash length was another layer of symbolism, can you please elaborate? TIA!

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