Circumventing No Contact? Nicki Clyne Starts Up Mirror Instagram – Is It Being Used to Communicate With NXIVM Members?

Nicki Clyne AKA Clicky Nine
Thanks to Shadow State 1958 for this tip.
Since Keith Raniere was arrested in March, some of the top people in NXIVM either shut down, made private or ceased uploads to social media.
However, at least one of NXIVM’s elite started up a mirror or alter ego account – quite possibly to continue communicating with NXIVM members.
While looking through Dr. Brandon Porter’s Instagram account, Shadow State discovered that Porter was following someone called “CLICKY NINE”.
Not Nicki Clyne, mind you – but Clicky Nine.
The name of the account is called “fiendsandframily.”  That’s ‘fiends” not “friends,” and “framily” not “family.”
It is a private account, but perhaps the FBI might be interested in knowing what Clicky is communicating and who her fellow fiends and framily are.
Clicky nine’s motto is, “clicky nine  – in the absence of ego, there is only alter”.
So far Clicky has made 59 posts, has 108 followers and is following 173
With 108 followers – she seems to have somewhere around half of the estimated remaining members of NXIVM.
Clyne, one of the top leaders of DOS, is reportedly in charge of operations now that her spouse, Allison Mack, is barred from running DOS as a condition of her bail.
It is not known if Allison Mack – also potentially posting under some sort of disguised alter ego on social media – or through her mother – or others not officially known to be members of NXIVM – is in contact with “Clicky Nine” and whether she can pretend to have some sort of plausible deniability based on it not being Nicki Clyne but Clicky Nine etc. and the people communicating with Clicky are not actually her.
Nicki Clyne has not been charged with any crimes related to NXIVM or DOS despite her being a top slave master and having retained a criminal defense lawyer.
Not having been charged, Clyne is under no restrictions concerning contacting NXIVM members.
But NXIVM leaders Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, Lauren Salzman, and Nancy Salzman and [hapless] low level [fall girl] bookkeeper Kathy Russell are all barred from communicating with Clyne and others on the Stripe Path.
Normally, one would think it to be extremely stupid for NXIVM member Clyne to try to communicate with indicted members who face jail if they violate court-ordered conditions of bail.
But stupidity runs in the ‘framily” of NXIVM.
In fact, it was Clyne’s public Instagram account showing her climbing trees that led the Frank Report to reveal that she was in Puerto Vallarta – after Raniere fled Monterrey.
The Frank Report publishing this may have led authorities to her locale for it did not take them long after to find and arrest The Vanguard at a certain $10,000 per week villa reportedly owned, in part,  by one of Vanguard’s followers, [redacted].
[More on that later.]
So stay tuned.

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  • I am surprised no one has mentioned this old tweet of Clicky Nine’s..I mean Nicki Clyne in which she mentions her nicknames.

    Nicki Clyne

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @nickiclyne
    …nickels, nickaloo, tricky, nine, katie (long story), clicky nine, knicki, nickity-nackity-noo. i guess i’m pretty nicknamable.

    4:51 PM – 11 Dec 2010

  • The stance in the photo is positive but the darkness of the shutting down that exact positive posture to a small group of followers is knowledge that something is up. Is there a bank nearby? It might smell of executive success x

  • Kristin Kreuk has posted a twitter message sharing a video of a woman talking about her alleged sexual assault, even thanking her for doing it.

    Kreuk says absolutely nothing about the women raped and later branded by NXIVM.

    Kreuk says nothing about Allison Mack, who she recruited into the cult, who turned women into blackmailed branded sex slaves.

    Kreuk says nothing about the women who spoke up about being raped by Keith Raniere in February 2012 in the Times Union expose, which named her alongside that story.

    She has never spoken about Gina Hutchinson who was raped by Keith Raniere and later committed suicide.

    She has never spoken about Kristin Snyder whose body has never been found.

    She has never thanked Toni Natalie for talking about being raped by Keith Raniere.

    Kreuk released a weak tepid statement denying being part of DOS because the press were on her back. She did that for damage control, not to help the women. Back to silence again.

    How can this woman be so openly hypocritical? Does she not see it? Does she simply not care? Why is she thanking a woman for sharing her alleged sexual abuse, when she won’t even talk about the awful rapes NXIVM? She keeps her mouth shut about NXIVM but opens it for something that has nothing to do with her.

        • I know.
          The NXIVM people are running scared.

          I tipped off Frank and Omar that Sara B had deleted her Twitter account.
          There is a way for the FBI to preserve an account for up to 30days ftr it’s deleted.

          • It is really DUMB if you are on the run, to post Instagram pictures of your location.

            Plus, her disguise (Yanks cap and reflective sunglasses) is not very effective. And you can see more details of the location in the reflection of the glasses.

            WTG Nicki…keep up the good work.

            More news soon!!!

          • Poor Nicki.
            Battlestar Galactica was the zenith of her acting career.
            Her stand up comedy flamed out and her journalism job fizzled out.
            And when she finally formed a stable relationship it was with a sex trafficker.
            The trick of communicating through private mirror or alter ego social media accounts is really going to set off the FBI.
            I’ll be looking forward to your good news.

  • Porter has only one post, Shadow. Did you see the date on that post before he changed the privacy settings? I wonder if the post was made at the time he opened the account.
    Looper – how can you see Nicky’s followers list if her account is private?

  • I have just spanked it over Kristin Kreuk, again. I used up my last jar of vasalene and had to resort to using goose fat. In between spanks, I come here to white knight her.

  • I know where that picture was taken, but of course do not know when it was taken. Clicky Nine is standing at a gas pump at the Stewarts at the corner of Rte 246 and Guideboard Road only about one mile from cult central: Knox Woods. Lana would say, Nicki you really are a dumb fucking blonde.

    Head on shot pf the Stewarts from Google Maps:!1s0x89de116e2c6b5511:0x387d7b3245716022!2m22!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m16!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e5!2m2!1m1!1e4!2m2!1m1!1e6!3m1!7e115!4s/maps/place/guideboard%2Broad%2Bstewarts%2Bclifton%2Bpark/@42.8378251,-73.7396777,3a,75y,188.83h,90t/data%3D*213m4*211e1*213m2*211sMBy2j0TzLPA5LqojJ0yB8Q*212e0*214m2*213m1*211s0x89de116e2c6b5511:0x387d7b3245716022!5sguideboard+road+stewarts+clifton+park+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e2!2sMBy2j0TzLPA5LqojJ0yB8Q&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi-mO3BlMjdAhVDQq0KHQIyDGcQpx8wCnoECAoQDg

    And no we have not seen her or anybody walking thru Knox Woods and reports from Stage run/Oregon trail are the same.Since the neighborhood watch committee’s cover was blown any remaining Espians have avoided being seen out and about. There has been no news to report.

    • 1. Is it a surprise she took a selfie near where she lived(es)?
      2. How does the photo make her a dumb f#cking blond? I thought all blonds were f#cking dumb.
      3. Does being a bottle blond still qualify a woman to be f#ucking dumb?
      4. The photo from Mexico was pretty f#cking dumb, but how does this photo makes her f#cking dumb?
      5. Who is Lana?
      6. What does the “neighborhood watch committee do with all of their time, now that NXIVMs have skipped town?
      7. Are you really a reporter/correspondent, and if so, roughly how much money do you make annually?

      Enquiring minds want to know.

  • Nice find ShadowState! I do wonder where she is. I’m not sure she would return to Canada because she may not be able to return (willingly) to the U.S. My bet is somewhere in NY or Mexico.

    • Thank you.
      “Clicky Nine” is in a strange predicament.

      As a foreigner if she is convicted of of any crime with a potential sentence of a year or more, she can be deported from the United States.
      Even if the Judge only sentences her to a 6 months or less, if the potential sentence is a year or more, Nicki Clyne can be automatically deported from the United States if the potential sentence is a year or more.

        • I believe Nicki will end up in prison too.
          Not as long as Allison but still a time in stir.

          And believe it or not I believe that Nicki and Allison actually love one another.
          Maybe not a sexual love but they see one another as partners.

  • Credit where credit is due. Good work, shadowstate.

    I am still waiting for Nicki Clyne to be charged regarding fake marriage / immigration fraud.

    • Nicki, or should I say Clicky Nine, can be charged in the sex trafficking and maybe also enforced servitude and money laundering.
      Perhaps the mountain of evidence the FBI has will reveal other crimes by Clicky Nine.

      • I agree.

        It’s just they went for such slam dunk charges with the first round of superseding indictments, I can only presume they let her go free because they can get more evidence when not everyone is on bail restrictions.

        • Usually in a complex case like NXIVM the Feds do the investigation first and then bring the indictment.

          NXIVM is unique because the FBI was worried, with good cause, that Raniere would flee.
          The FBI was also worried that NXIVM would begin releasing the blackmail material against the victims.
          So they did a rush indictment against Raniere and then against Mack.
          And the superseding indictment was to reset the clock so that the FBI would have more time to investigate.
          There will be two or more waves of superseding indictments.

          But now that the case has been declared complex by the judge the FBI will have more time to investigate and bring additional charges against these six defendants and other defendants.

          Remember that the FBI has some 12 terabytes of information to comb through.
          That is the equivalent of 2500 standard movie DVDs.
          And according to AUSA Moira Penza almost everyone in NXIVM with a stripe is either engaged in criminal activity or a witness to criminal activity.
          There are over 150 people in NXIVM with a stripe.

    • Yeah sure, I bet the penalty for that is a $250 fine and a day of picking up trash, and maybe deportation back to Canada without a day in jail. I’m sure that’ll be a productive use of prosecutor’s time.

      We have millions of illegal citizens who use fake SSN’s to get jobs (since you can’t get a job without an SSN) yet the authorities don’t give a flying shit. So no, this isn’t something you should be waiting for.

  • If she was the genius who thought this would be a good idea, she would deserve to be retroactively aborted. How hard can it be to have email dead drops? How hard can it be to communicate in code using a PGP implementation with end to end encryption?
    And these people call themself millenials and digital natives. They have so much money to burn but still no encryption, tor browser and dead drops.
    Instagram will grant access to the account if the DoJ is interrested in seeing it. It could be interesting.

    FFS: Nicki use a dropbox created with fake personal information and hand the information over to the required people via lawyers or “friends” directly. And do not use pictures of yourself on instagram when you are running a criminal organization.

    • These guys are the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.
      I’m trying to imagine the old time gangsters putting all their information up on Instagram.

      “Oh and BTW we’re in Puerto Vallarta hiding out from the FBI. Look at the pretty iguana.”

      These guys are little girls playing at being gangsters.
      Like Allison Mack calling her women “Bad Ass Warrior B—–es”
      I’ve met real Bad Asses and they don’t advertise it.

    • You could alternatively use SSH to remotely access one of your own computers to share data. SSH is encrypted and does not monitor where and when you accessed. If you transfer data within the USA it will not even be monitored by the NSA. The data will be encrypted on the SSH server. On top of that you can use a public/private key set to ensure that only the right person can read it.

    • Tor is an NSA project, but for the most part, you’re right. Dead drops and NO pictures would be basic common sense.

      If it was me, I’d use book code in all my comms, using 3 different books.

      Forget about encryption; the minute you encrypt emails and send them, you trip Carnivore, so your emails automatically get sent to review (and for the record, encryption is not as secure as people think it is).

      Shadowstate may have just caught a whole bunch of NXIVM’s leadership violating their bail conditions. I’m sure the DOJ would love to know about that, and I-gram will grant them access to her account, no problem.

  • I’m sure Nicki and the other remaining brain dead of NXIVM members are also the ones trolling this site, especially those constantly maligning Sarah Edmondson. They all follow the same pattern of language in their posts.

    Think about this question. Who has the most to lose because of what Sarah knows?

      • Sarah Edmondson held down women too. She filmed the events. She listened to the women screaming in agony and she forced them down. They are all creepy weirdos.

          • Sarah Edmondson is only talking to the FBI providing she gets a plea deal. Perhaps a guarantee she wont be prosecuted for what she has done regarding financial crimes. She wouldn’t say a word if she knew she was likely to go to jail.

            She did not go to the FBI when she was making big bucks from the financial crimes of NXIVM. Only when she was personally affected did she turn. It’s not the DOS stuff she is talking to them about, it is the crimes she would of participated in and profited from.

          • Reply to Anonymous:

            “Sarah Edmondson is only talking to the FBI providing she gets a plea deal.”

            That’s the way the system works.
            If Edmondson wants a plea deal she has to provide honest and complete testimony.
            The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    • “Think about this question. Who has the most to lose because of what Sarah knows?”

      Why shouldn’t Sarah lose anything too? Sarah knows stuff because she did stuff. If those still in NXIVM get punished, so should she. She was not forced to do anything. Sarah profited from crime, held down women to be branded and then gets angry that it’s Raniere and Ally Wacks initials and cries. She is the same as all the others. A criminal and not a victim. The only difference is she left and some didn’t. Lock them all up if real justice is to be served.

      • Who said Sarah did anything illegal? Maybe the Vancouver operation was completely legit. Maybe all of the money that was collected was sent to headquarters back East and it was those who managed it there that didn’t report the appropriate taxes, so Sarah would have nothing to do with any tax evasion or money laundering schemes. What proof do you have that she did?

        Everyone who has watched any reporting on NXIVM that Sarah gave interviews in know why she did what she did during the branding. She’s already related her story a number of times and explained herself. And no she is not the same as the others. No one is the same as anyone else except in the eyes of those who generalize and impose group think.

        • If she is talking to the FBI in an investigation to bring down NXIVM on criminal charges, it means she knows about crimes.

          Is she spilling the beans on everything? Is she holding back information to protect herself? If she was some innocent naive participant, she would have nothing to tell the FBI.

          Her tax records and bank details would make an interesting part of the investigation.

          • The FBI requires it’s cooperating witnesses to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
            If Sarah Edmondson holds back anything, the government can tear up the plea deal and prosecute her.
            And that has happened.

    • ShadowSpanker is obsessed over Ally Wack. His life revolves around her 100%. The comments section of Frank Report has been taken over by stalkers over Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack. They need to be in the looney bin along with the NXIVM assholes.

      • Let’s hear what “Pea Onyu” has to say about this story?

        Brandon Porter was stupid enough to actually follow Clicky Nine.
        Did the crazed Doctor actually believe that no one could see through such an obvious pseudonym so it was safe to publicly follow it?
        Is Clicky Nine the only NXIVM figure to be using mirror or alter ego accounts to try to evade FBI scrutiny?

      • 14/36 comments on this page are from you, Shadowstate. Try saying what you want to say in fewer posts, for fuck’s sake.

        No wonder people get annoyed with you.

        You’re “working to destroy a terrible cult…”

        How, exactly?

        By posting the same shit on Frank Report, over and over again?

        By always needing to have the last word?

        By chiming in on comments addressed to specific people that aren’t you?

        You really are obsessed with NXIVM, but by your own admission, had absolutely no involvement with them, at all, which basically makes you a fanboy.

        Christ, what a loser you are.

      • You aren’t doing shit you obsessed narcissistic asshole. Get back to us when the feds interview you for what you know. All you are is some celebrity obsessed old pervert. Trust me junior NXIVM was going down without your help. You could hopefully drop dead today(please) and NXIVM is still going to be brought down.

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