Court hearing yesterday – with ‘library floors’ worth of discovery, Vanguard’s strategy and Prefect’s defection

Keith Raniere has owned Nancy Salzman for years. But that ownership may now be rescinded.

This marks an end of an era. Prefect is leaving Vanguard.

But first, a little more on the court hearing yesterday.

In a recent court filing, lawyers for criminal defendant Keith Alan Raniere accused the Office of the US Attorney for the Eastern District of NY of not releasing discovery materials to the defense in an accurate, proper, honest and timely fashion.

Yesterday in court, Raniere’s lead defense attorney, Marc Agnifilo, further accused prosecutors of hoarding evidence in an attempt to delay the trial.

He asked Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis to keep the scheduled January 7th start date for the trial.

“The crystal ball has been stolen from my desk,” said Judge Garaufis – indicating much could happen that could prevent the trial from commencing on its presently scheduled starting date.

The lead prosecutor for the case, Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza, said the government has not been improperly withholding discovery materials from the defense. She blamed the sheer volume of material in part for the delay.

Penza said the total amount of information gathered on NXIVM is equal to 12 floors of printed materials from the Library of Congress.

Agnifilo said prosecutors gathered the equivalent to “144  library floors” of data from searches to the defendants’ homes and NXIVM buildings, the majority of which are videotapes.

“They videotape everything,” he said of NXIVM. “If Keith was speaking, they’d videotape it. I’m guessing that the 144 library floors isn’t all email. It’s videotapes. We don’t need to go through 144 library floors.”

Downplaying the value of documentary evidence – emails, texts, videotapes etc. – much of which will likely show that Raniere was running DOS and micromanaging the sex trafficking and other alleged crimes – behind the scenes – Agnifilo told the judge the case is not as much about discovery, as it is about “witnesses.”

He argued the government’s seizure of [damning to Raniere] discovery materials is “going to be irrelevant.”

From this statement, we can deduce the line of Raniere’s defense: Get a group of NXIVM/DOS women to testify that Keith knew nothing about DOS – and blame it on Allison. Also have them testify that Keith was not part of DOS and that the branding and sex were all consensual.

The hope is there will be enough NXIVM witnesses who hold together by the time of trial to offset the frightened and brutalized Jane Doe witnesses for the prosecution –  and the damning texts, emails, and videos  [including some cringe-inducing collateral] – that will be presented to the jury.

Penza claimed that part of the reason there’s been a delay in providing discovery materials is because Nancy Salzman – who is now believed to be ready to flip on Raniere – is claiming the government may have interfered with her attorney-client privilege.

The government, Penza said, will have to carefully review seized documents to ensure they are not breaching her attorney-client privilege before releasing discovery materials to other defendants.

This becomes especially important now that Salzman may have turned on Vanguard.

The goal is to release all discovery materials by December, Penza said.

If the trial were to actually start on January 7th, a December release of discovery materials might be unfair to the defense since it would give them little time to review, research and prepare their defense. However, the trial is highly unlikely to occur in January.

Penza said that it is “highly likely” the government will add additional charges to onje or more of tghe current defendants and, as for potential additional defendants, she said,  “Whether or not additional individuals will be charged is part of an ongoing investigation”.

Utilizing Raniere’s teachings that when a woman says ‘no’ she means “maybe”, and when she says, “maybe”, she means “yes”, I think it’s safe to assume that Moira is saying (a) the current defendants – especially Clare and Keith – will get hit with additional charges; and (b) there will be more people indicted.

If there are new charges – called a superseding indictment – this will reset the Speedy Trial Act provision – and the January trial date will be pushed back at least months.

To settle the current discovery disputes, Judge Garaufis ordered defense attorneys and prosecutors to meet with a magistrate judge, who will mediate ongoing disputes regarding discovery production between parties.

Presently, Mack and Raniere face 15 years to life for allegedly sex trafficking female slaves. Bronfman faces three years.

Raniere remains in custody with no bail. Mack is living with her parents in California under house arrest and wears an ankle monitor. She is permitted to leave home for school, work, and church.

Legatus is also under house arrest at her luxury apartment in Manhattan.  The two Salzmans are not under home arrest.

Russell can come and go as she pleases during the daytime but has to be home each night by 8:00 PM.

All the defendants have been ordered to have no contact with NXIVM members outside the presence of counsel with the exception of family members.

Although I don’t have my crystal ball handy, if Salzman flips on Raniere, it seems to me to portend more flipping.

Last year [July 2017], I detailed how Nancy Salzman, finding out about the branding – possibly from Frank Report – and learning her own daughter, Lauren, was branded with the mark of the beast Keith Raniere, for the first time ever reported – she was overheard to openly argue with Keith.  In the past, she was as docile as a fawning lamb, doing whatever her Vanguard commanded.

At Vanguard Week 2017, she told friends she had breast cancer but would use NXIVM tech to heal it.

In October 2017, the New York Times came out with its blockbuster story revealing what Frank Report readers had known for months – that Raniere had developed a blackmail and branding scheme for women slaves called DOS.

The Department of Justice began investigating and, by March, Keith ‘Vanguard’ Raniere was arrested.

In April, Allison ‘Pimp’ Mack was arrested.

In late July, NXIVM leaders, Clare ‘Legatus’ Bronfman, Nancy ‘Prefect’ Salzman and Lauren ‘I Want My Avatar Baby’ Salzman, plus low-level bookkeeper, Kathy “Fall Gal” Russell, were arrested.

Nancy Salzman told the court she is facing a life-threatening illness. Evidently, she is not exclusively using NXIVM tech to heal herself . She was absent in court yesterday because, the court was told, she is recovering from surgery.

As further evidence that the Vanguard and the Prefect have split – in court yesterday, her attorney, Robert Soloway, sat apart from the rest of the defense team and defendants – at the back of the defense table – as if he were a pariah among them.

Whether Nancy’s daughter, Lauren, also plans to flip is unclear. While she and her attorney sat with the rest, Lauren, though sitting directly across the table from her Vanguard, refused to even look at the ghastly pig Keith during the hearing.

Garaufis ordered the parties to return to court on October 4th.



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  • The foul and rotten come to be transformed
    into what is rare and valuable.
    The rare and valuable
    into what is foul and rotten.
    — Zhuangzi

  • KRs attorney said he had spoken with about a dozen of women in DOS who said that was the best thing they’ve done in their life and it was very difficult to prove in court that they where brainwashed into it. The prosecusion must listen carefully to this and find a strategie around this, because this devil actually has a point.

    • – KRs attorney said he had spoken with about a dozen of women in DOS who said that was the best thing they’ve done in their life

      And this is surprising? There’s always a minority group that is so brainwashed it remains under the influence of cult programming even when the cult is on its last legs. I would like to read an assessment given by legitimate psychological professionals who are willing to interview these remaining members and hear them actually articulate their reasons as to why they believe it to be the “best thing they’ve done in their life”. I’m often wary of extreme praise given by anyone for any type of program, but especially so of participants who have spent several years in a cult milieu. If they superficially regurgitate the same or similar cult platitudes without expounding upon their application to their own life stories in detail then this is a sign that they are still under its influence. If you want an example of what I’m talking about just go watch some of Allison Mack’s old promotional videos of Jness.

      • Kim Jong-un
        Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea

        How many people in Korea would say this guy was the “best thing that ever happened to them” in a heart beat? Prolly EVERYONE — definitely everyone asked by his lawyer.

  • Message to Keith, Nancy, Esther, Karen, what the F is going on? Please call me and tell me all is okay. What is in the news and on Franks report is not good. Call me please and tell me all is good. 907 244 9999

  • the worst job in the world is having to wear a wetsuit and swim around in raw sewage to unclog the sewers in mexico. well it was. now it’s having to watch hundreds of hours of keith raniere giving lectures to prepare for the trial. i pity that person. the only thing that keeps him going probably is hoping against hope that in going through all the evidence he’ll stumble across colateral photos of kristen kreuk’s sweet sweet butthole. dare to dream, friend. and godspeed.

    • I wonder what they’ll find in all the evidence they’ve collected. That “Pea” claims Raniere “ravished” Kreuk.

      • Anyone who believes that Pea has any inside knowledge on NXIVM and is someone other than a troll likely has an IQ of less than 80. Also, you guys sound like perverts and obsessed with Kristen Kreuk. There is plenty of porn to jack off too on the Internet.

  • That picture of Nancy and Keith totally says it all!

    Nancy is just fixated on her Nazi freedom fighter, Van Guard. Beaming with pride in him yet uncertain how long she’ll last with the Bronfmans up there on stage —delivering The Dalai Lama, finally to their savior. And Keith; masked in reverence, cynically astonished, confident he’s “got it” over this Dolly Llama guy. Maybe he’ll even “recognize” Vanguard someday. God, I love Asian pussy.

  • I really hope it’s Nancy. As a terminal cancer patient I know your concerns become the futures of your children and clearing your own conscience of sin. Wether terminal or just Ill a trial and jail time will destroy Nancy and she’s the best hope especially if her daughter’s join her and back up her testimony. Regardless of what has been said I’ve never wanted every person who ever took a course punished. I’d love to see them reimbursed. Those that continued with cult activities after the truth was out are a different group. And there are a whole bunch in the middle that we won’t really know about until, the trial. Thankyou Frank report for making me feel safe giving what after all is only my opinion.

    • I have zero sympathy for anyone who has been involved with NXIVM in any way shape or form. Anyone who gives someone else a four digit sum and over for shitty “self help” making the other person richer is a moron.

    • Heather, don’t say “terminal” – we all are that, from the day we are born. You have expressed very kind sentiments here. I hope you stay with us and continue to contribute.

      • Ditto, Orange. Heather’s brought a beautiful, gentle light to this blog of we, many of us, also seeking recovery from a cancer of sorts in NXIVM. Glad she’s back to life on here and the trolls didn’t spook her off for good!

      • “Anon, you’re an idiot. Those who blame those who were scammed instead of the scammers are total losers.”

        No. People who spend thousands of dollars on complete and utter bullshit are stupid, whether it’s NXIVM or any other nonsense. People who buy smart watches are stupid. People who spend all their savings on a sports car they can’t afford are stupid. Women who bleach their assholes are stupid. Basically, if you waste your money and life on bullshit, you are stupid. “Self help” is such pointless nonsense. Instead of getting on with their lives, insecure people try to be someone and something they are not before they take action, thats if they take action at all. If you want to do something in life, you do it because you want to. You don’t need to give a worthless human being thousands of dollars and your vagina to get on with your life.

  • Any idea why the government hasn’t moved to designate this as a complex case yet? One would think they could have done this at the superseding indictment when they added all the new charges and new defendants. And it would take all this noise from Agnifilo about demanding that trial start January 7 off the table. One would think Agnifilo is raising this issue for appeal, but doesn’t believe they’ll actually stick to the date.

    I wonder if Agnifilo knows that the next round of charges and defendants is going to be the Mother of All Indictments, probably involving all sorts of money laundering and tax evasion charges. Perhaps the government is chuckling quietly as they see what he’s doing, because they know he’s pissing into the wind given what’s coming. Sucks to be Vanguard on about now.

    • They may be saving that in case they need it for a delay tactic.

      No reason to use it before they actually need to.

    • The back-and-forth over whether the DOS branding was coercive and abusive, or consensual and empowering, would become less important amid charges of money laundering and tax evasion. As horrible as the branding is, it may legally be a grey area, even with the issue of collateral.
      If NXIVM could be implicated in tax fraud and money laundering than the show is over for them. I guess the challenge is proving Keith was the mastermind.

      • You may well be right that tax evasion becomes the focus with a superseding indictment. There may be two forks in the tax evasion/money laundering case: one if they are just doing it to evade taxes on the profits from Nxivm in Mexico, and another thing entirely if they’re laundering money for rich Mexican Nxivm members. One would think, however, that the richest Mexican members have plenty of other ways to launder money or move it out of the country that are far more effective than using Nxivm members to courier cash to Albany.

        I bet they still fight as hard as possible to win on the sex trafficking cases, because it will play well in front of the jury, and possibly because the sentences if convicted would run consecutively to ones for money laundering. In other words, if you rob ten banks, you don’t get consecutive sentences. You get a longer sentence but they don’t give you 8 years x 10 robberies = 80 years. But if you engage in rape and bank robbery, you get rape plus bank robbery consecutively.

    • It depends on what and who Nancy gives up.
      The more she gives up, the better the deal.

      In Chicago Heights, Illinois a drug dealer named Otis Moore gave up several cops, including the Deputy Police Chief, who were involved in drug trafficking.
      The Feds were willing to give Otis a lesser sentence and dropped potential charges against Otis’ mother.
      This was back in the 1990s.

  • Even the videos of Raniere spouting off his BS philosophy have to be examined because he might have accidentally revealed past criminal activities which he and other NXIVM followers engaged in.

  • Although I’m sure there are mixed emotions, it must feel good for Nancy to be able to get away from Keith. She’s wanted to give him the finger so badly, but knew it was suicide if she did. She knew about Keith being a sociopath before ESP started. She just let him change her mind about him.

    She saw how horrible Keith was to Toni and her brother. But she let herself get sucked in as part of the problem. Call it bad choices, call it stupidity, call it “da voodoo”. It doesn’t matter. I’m happy Nancy can finally kick Keith in the balls and provide give some hope for herself and daughters.

    Here’s some unsolicited advice for Nancy – get your apology ready for Toni. She probably won’t accept it, but she should at least give you the gift of allowing you to say it (get it off your chest).

    • Over the years Nancy saw all the Old Guard of NXIVM slowly disappear to be replaced by newer, younger more ruthless women.
      Old timers like Toni Natali, Barb Bouchey, Barb Jeske and Pam Cafritz.
      Even Nancy herself had been shunted aside in favor of Clare Bronfman.
      And Nancy’s daughter Lauren had been passed over in favor of Allison Mack.

      Since some women associated with NXIVM died under mysterious circumstances, I hope that Nancy can shed some light on whether NXIVM helped “speed the plow” for these women.
      Inquiring minds at the FBI would like to know.
      RICO can handle murder conspiracy cases committed to advance the operations of rackets.
      What about it Nancy?
      Raniere can’t hurt you now.

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