Status Conference: Someone is about to take a plea deal – another superseding indictment coming – Frank Parlato “terrifying” NXIVM members seeking to bail Raniere

During today’s Status Conference for USA v Raniere et al., in the Federal Courthouse for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn, a few revelations were made.

The hearing was at 2 pm and lasted more than an hour.

Most significant perhaps is that Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza informed the court that one of the defendants in the case is about to take a plea deal.  She did not name which defendant this might be.

The defendants are Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack and [fall girl] Kathy Russell.

Using a process of elimination, common sense and some courtroom observation, it is evident it is not Keith Raniere or Clare Bronfman who have chosen to cut a plea deal and escape further prosecution.

Whoever it is will likely have to testify against Raniere and others.

The other interesting fact – although it does not come as much of a surprise – is that Penza told the court there is likely to be another superseding indictment coming in the near future – which will charge some or all of the present defendants with additional crimes and possibly add new defendants to the group already charged.

Nancy Salzman was the only defendant absent from court – due to – it was said – recent surgery.

A very gaunt Lauren Salzman sat directly across from Keith at the defendant’s table, yet made no eye contact with him. She turned sideways and avoided looking directly at the man who promised her an avatar baby more than a decade ago.

Raniere himself was dressed in his brown prison garb – which was described once by former NXIVM member Barbara Bouchey as a virtual cloak of many colors and by Toni Natalie as a shit brown jumpsuit.

Allison Mack – also in attendance – refused to look at her Slave Master, Raniere. Instead she looked down at the floor or at the judge through most of the hearing. This, despite the fact that she has given collateral to her Vanguard that includes the custody of any future unborn children she may have, and damaging info about her nephews being abused.

Kathy Russell appeared positively emaciated and seems to be losing her hair – a common ailment for women on Raniere’s 800 calorie diet. She sat with her new attorney.

The only co-defendant of Raniere’s who looked at him at all was Clare Bronfman. Through much of the hearing she ogled him adoringly and met his eyes constantly. She fairly beamed with joy at the attention she was able to give The Vanguard and that she alone was so privileged to serve the man who led her to her present fate.

Most of the hearing was about discovery – which followed the pattern of an earlier letter filed with the court by Raniere’s attorneys who are demanding quicker, more relevant discovery from the prosecution.

As predicted by Frank Report, the government said it is likely to seek to have the court find this a “Complex Case” which would buy them more time against the Speedy Trial Act provisions.

The defense team claimed that some of the prosecution’s letters on discovery [now filed with the court] were misleading as far as when they actually tendered discovery to the defense –  as opposed to what was stated in the letters.

Raniere’s attorney, Marc Agnifilo continued to push for a January trial date.

Both he and Clare’s attorney, Susan Necheles needed to be able to set their schedules in advance for they had other trials with other clients they could not schedule without a firm date.

The fact of a superseding indictment will throw the January trial date out the window.

The judge did not make any rulings from the bench but invited further motion practice and briefings on the various matters.

There is at this time no hard stop on discovery.

During the entire proceeding, Keith was whispering to his attorneys leading some to believe that he – who is purportedly one of the top three problem solvers in the world  – was directing them [or micromanaging them] during the proceeding.

A problem the prosecution revealed to the court about discovery was that they are having some difficulty determining which of the seized emails might be covered by attorney-client privilege.

They have identified that there are some 26 attorneys who have communicated with the defendants [prior to the arrests] in various seized documents [emails] that might have privilege issues. However, the defendants have failed to confirm which attorneys might fall into this category of privilege.

Insofar that Bronfman-Raniere were a literal litigation machine – they may not even be able to remember the names of all the attorneys they retained in their $50 million [in legal fees] quest to destroy their enemies and sue them into obliteration.

The judge decided that since the discovery issues are complex and convoluted, he will be bringing in a magistrate to help move things along.

The last portion of the hearing was related to Keith’s hopes for bail – and to the Frank Report.

Raniere’s attorney said that everyone who might be willing to post bail is afraid that their names will be revealed by Frank Parlato of the Frank Report. Raniere’s attorneys said that I claimed I get direct info from the prosecutors.

Moira Penza said that it was made clear that I am not getting any information from them.  She both stated it on the record and I too have said unequivocally that I have never once spoken to anyone at the US Attorneys office or the FBI.

Raniere’s attorney pointed out that I am indicted [thanks to Bronfman-Raniere – on bogus charges, I might add] and I have a self-proclaimed agenda to destroy NXIVM, so potential guarantors of Raniere’s bail bond must be shielded from me. The only way to do that is to seal their names from me [and the rest of the public].

The judge made no decision on sealing the names of Raniere’s co guarantors.

The judge recommended that Raniere put in his new bail package application – without mentioning names then he could decide on whether to seal the names – perhaps if he decided that he was going to grant Raniere’s bail request [something that I think is highly unlikely, but will, if granted, result in Raniere fleeing jurisdiction – with Clare Bronfman].

Raniere’s attorneys objected on the grounds that even this revelation might lead to me discovering who the co guarantors are – which would be terrible since all are afraid of Frank Parlato and my propensity to name Raniere enablers.

The defense said the co-guarantors are so afraid of what will happen if they are discovered by me, and I put their names on the public record, that they are only willing to sign as co-guarantors if their names are sealed.

They are also afraid of what other media might report about them.

After the hearing, numerous reporters in attendance spoke about the excessive worriment over Frank Parlato and the media in general, and were overheard saying they felt the right of the public to know about criminal cases trumps concerns that some who might wish to see Raniere free [and maybe help him flee jurisdiction] are worried about the consequences of being outed.

Besides the media, Toni Natalie was in attendance, along with other observers.

Barbara Bouchey came in about 40 minutes into the hearing – and with her usual graceful presence, she paused until almost everyone in the courtroom turned to notice her – including probably Raniere – which was a bit of poetic justice.

She then gracefully walked up to the front and sat next to Toni Natalie – the two ex-girlfriends of Raniere – both of whom he had once promised to love forever – both of whom he turned on and tried to destroy forever – sitting next to each other – observing Raniere’s fate.

The next hearing is set for Oct 4, at 2 pm.





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  • Get fucked yourself loser. I said it was one of two asshole and one being Mack. Took me a couple of sentences to make more sense than your multi paragraph bale of shit. Look asswipe Russel kept books and saw much more that went on than the turd you have for a brain can comprehend. Russell may not want to spend her old age rotting in prison. No normal man wants to fuck Allie Wack you perverted piece of shit. Only a sick filthy demented pig like you who has to rely on your calloused hand has that fantasy. Even after pointing out the obvious about your worthless life it doesn’t tke any brains to think Allie wack is trying to cut a deal since that has been discussed from her first hearing. Now go fuck a light socket jizzeater.

  • If Nancy is truly suffering from a life threatening illness (not just knee surgery), could taking a plea deal justify her doing no prison time?

  • According to the over-priced defense attorneys and of course Raniere himself, Frank is to blame for most if not all of his legal problems!

    Frank, how could you cause Keith so many problems??

  • So will this evil woman Nancy Salzman go to prison or will the “justice” system just make itself look worthless?

  • Nancy Salzman would be the best possible witness against Raniere! This is such great news!

    Also noting that her critical health issue has been downgraded to knee surgery 🙂

          • I couldn’t see it being Allison, don’t think she’s ready to flip unless she gets total immunity and I don’t think that has ever been on the table! I was going with Kathy Russell because she has so little after all those years and she could possible avoid doing prison time. Only other person I though of was Nancy, provided that Lauren, Michelle and Ben Myers are given leniency.

    • The full article:

      A high-ranking member of the upstate sex cult Nxivm could be turning on her fellow members, it was revealed in court Thursday.

      Prosecutor Moira Penza let slip that Nxivm president Nancy Salzman was “continuing to engage in plea negotiations” with the government.

      Outside court, her defense attorney Robert Soloway didn’t deny the claims that Salzman, known inside the group as “Prefect,” might be mulling a plea deal.

      “It would be pretty unusual for a defense lawyer to not want to hear what the government has to say,” Soloway told reporters before declining to comment further. Salzman was not in court Thursday, as she is recovering from knee surgery.

      The 63-year-old registered nurse would be a powerful get for the government, given her longtime relationship with guru — and alleged sex trafficker — Keith Raniere.

      Salzman even helped found the organization that would later draw in co-defendants like failed actress Allison Mack and Seagram heiress Clare Bronfman — plus Salzman’s own daughter, Lauren.

      Prosecutors have said that some of the most disturbing alleged conduct, such as the branding and starving of women who were to become Raniere’s sex slaves, occurred on Salzman’s upstate property.

      Meanwhile, Brooklyn federal court judge Nicholas Garaufis Thursday ordered that both defense attorneys and prosecutors meet with a magistrate judge, who will mediate ongoing squabbles regarding evidence production between the parties.

      SEE ALSO
      Keith Raniere
      Lawyers for alleged Nxivm leader claim feds are hoarding witness statements
      Defense attorney Mark Agnifilo has accused prosecutors of hoarding evidence in an attempt to delay the trial, and pleaded with Judge Garaufis to ensure they keep the proposed Jan. 7 date set for jury selection.

      “The crystal ball has been stolen from my desk,” Garaufis responded dryly.

      While Penza denied that the government had been purposefully keeping back information, she blamed the sheer volume of material — which she equated to 12 floors of printed materials from the Library of Congress — for the delay.

      Penza also mentioned the government might not be done doling out indictments, saying it was “highly likely” that one of the six defendants could be slapped with more charges.

      “Whether or not additional individuals will be charged is part of an ongoing investigation,” she said.

      Garaufis ordered the parties to return to court on Oct. 4.

      • Well, Nancy’s lawyer isn’t trying to call victims crazy like Agniflio has.

        Agniflio is a scumbag like that, though. He seems to prefer to try to keep things from going to trial by attacking the victims outside of court whenever possible. Checking the press, he doesn’t seem to have a very good track record when the case makes it to trial.

  • i am surprised there were no images posted today of the defendants heading into court. There were a ton of press there but no pics?

  • I hope it’s AM just because it will piss off Shadowperv.

    But actually I hope every single one of the women realizes who he truly is and flips on him.

  • I don’t agree with excluding both Salzmans based on family ties.

    Even though only one defendant is actively engaged in plea negotiations, this does not preclude others from negotiating down the line.

    Nancy and Lauren can communicate freely and privately. Given that all the defendants presumably have their legal teams bankrolled by Bronfman(s), it would be wise strategically for the mother-daughter duo to keep their hands close to their chest in this stage of the game, even to the point of involving only set of legal teams, should they have opened themselves to a possible plea.

    Just my humble opinion.

  • Well Shadow you did stalk Allison and asked her out on a date but you getting rejected by her. Didn’t you blocked by her on Twitter when she ready your love letter to her that creeped her out.

    So yes, you’re perv, a stalker and a total tool!

  • If it’s Allison Mack, she already claimed the branding was all her idea. Also, whatever she testifies to, she will be painted as just trying to save herself at all costs. While I’m grateful for anyone who turns on Raniere, I would also like to see someone testify who knows about all the money laundering an tax evasion. Those types of charges may be easy to prove (follow the money), and would not be subject to the “it was all voluntary” defense.

    Maybe Karen Unterreiner will surface, having made a deal for immunity.

    Maybe Lauren is the one cutting a deal that will involve leniency for her ill mother.

    Off topic – would love to know if Omar’s lawsuit has been served on Sara or her registered agent. Document production in that case may help with the criminal case.

  • I would like to place my bet on Lauren and Nancy both taking a deal together.

    Nancy might actually be too sick to serve jail time, and her cutting a deal with Lauren could help to drastically reduce Lauren’s jail time.

    I would be surprised if Kathy Russell flipped, but I suppose anything is possible.

    Also, I love that the judge said submit the bail application without the names of the co-signors to save all this debate about it. There is no way he is going to grant bail to someone who already had to be brought back from Mexico, so what is the point of worrying about who the pretend co-signors are ??

    • – Also, I love that the judge said submit the bail application without the names of the co-signors to save all this debate about it.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the judge was laughing his ass off in private at these unheard of requests by the defense lawyers, especially when they use Frank Parlato and this blog as a reference for sealing the names of the co-signers on a bail package for a defendant who is an obvious and huge flight risk. LMAO.

      • It really is ridiculous. I think it all just shows how desperate they are. It’s all their own words that are going to screw them in their e-mails and texts.

        I am guessing with the judge it is a mixture of laughing at them with at least some annoyance tossed in since he is dumping them off to a magistrate for their discovery bickering. Smart move on the judge’s part to duck out of whatever nonsense he can.

  • Notice how hateful Allison Mack’s fans are?
    Referring to people as “Douchebags” and “Pervs” and “Stalkers.”

    They are just as hateful as their heroine Allison Mack.

    Moreover, they fail to acknowledge that Allison Mack sees herself as a Joan of Arc.
    A martyr to the cause.

    From Allison Mack’s Instagram page of Joan of Arc.
    allisonmack729″Every man gives his life for what he believes. Every woman gives her life for what she believes. Sometimes people believe in little or nothing, and so they give their lives to little or nothing. One life is all we have, and we live it as we believe in living it…and then it’s gone. But to surrender who you are and to live without belief is more terrible than dying – even more terrible than dying young.” #joanofarc #greatestheros #belikeyou #standforwhatyounknowistrue

    • When I see a picture of Allison Mack I can’t help but thing how gullible and needy she was to join NXIVM in the first place. Then there’s how much she enjoyed her role of “Pimp Mack” and how cruel she was/is.

      Never watched Smallville and never heard of her really before I started reading FrankReport.

      I don’t think she has many fans left, just a small handful.

  • To all of you dumb fuckers.

    It’s Allie Wack likely taking the plea deal.

    It’s not Kathy Russel and it’s not Lauren Salzman.

    See my 2 posts below for the reasons. Read and learn.

    • Your two posts are bags of hot air. You really go out on a limb there don’t you dipshit. Mack’s lawyers have been working on a plea deal from day one dickhead. You not bringing forth any new revelation jizzbreath. Russel and either Salzman could also be trying for a pea asswipe.

  • I think it could be anybody except Bronfman taking a plea deal.

    A few months away from that guy may clear up a lot of thinking and allow logic to creep in. Let’s pit together a pecking order list. I’m choosing Kathy Russell.

  • I think it’s telling that both Lauren Salzman and Kathy Russel were described as gaunt looking–to me that suggests that they are still following Raniere’s insane diet plan. I would hope that if they were away from his toxic influence, they could get there lives back in order.

  • Don’t be surprised if this case does not begin until October 2019.
    The Judge’s wish for an October 2018 start was always unrealistic.

    AUSA Penza stated that almost half the NXIVM leadership with a sash engaged in criminal behavior.
    While not all will be charged in this case, there could be follow up cases charging other defendants in other NXIVM related criminal conspiracies.

    NXIVM was a giant international conspiracy stretching across North America into the British Isles and North Africa.

    And the FBI has twelve terabytes of electronic data to sort through.
    Twelve terabytes is the equivalent of 2500 standard definition DVD movies.
    It is a huge amount of data.

    As for who might flip my money is on either Nancy Salzman or her daughter Lauren Salzman.
    I believe that Nancy is sorry that she failed to protect her daughter Lauren from the monster Raniere.
    Nancy failed at a mother’s most important job, protecting her children from danger.
    And now that Nancy is seriously ill, she might want to try to make amends.
    Also I believe the Frank Report in a story from last year said that Nancy was shocked at the branding.
    Nancy is an older woman for whom branding women would be outrageous.

    Why would Lauren flip?
    Not only Raniere’s long history of lies and betrayals.
    (There will be no avatar baby for Lauren.)

    But NXIVM leapfrogged over Lauren, who had more seniority, to make Allison head of the harem.
    And Allison enthusiastically became a harsh vicious, sadistic slave master.
    Allison was harsher than the late Pam Cafritz and was probably more sadistic than Lauren would have been.

    Even if Allison were to flip, she can not save her DOA acting career.
    And Allison is close to Nicki and Clare and Sara.
    According to the Frankreport Nicki Clyne was the NXIVM person most upset with the exposure of the branding.
    Nicki Clyne was not upset by the branding itself, just the exposure of it to the public.

    And note how Lauren twisted her whole body to avoid Raniere.
    That’s more than looking away or looking down. Lauren wants ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Raniere.

    “A very gaunt Lauren Salzman sat directly across from Keith at the defendant’s table, yet made no eye contact with him. She turned sideways and avoided looking directly at the man who promised her an avatar baby more than a decade ago.”

    • Wrong. Lauren ain’t testifying against her mama. Plus she’s not facing nearly as much minimum time as Allie.

      Try again.

      It’s Allie Wack most likely.

      1) Allie Wack is facing 15 years minimum sentence in federal lockup (no parole in federal system).

      2) Allie Wack is still relatively young and attractive, and even though her acting career is kaput, she can still offer a great fuck for any man willing to wife her up, buy her a home and pay the bills.

      3) Frank confirmed that Allie Wack is said to be going back and forth constantly in her mind (on the idea of a plea deal). Frank said that one day she’s mentally open to the idea of a plea, but the next day she’s mentally back with NXIVM — which is common among people who are slowly losing their “brainwashing” or “cult programming”. This means it’s only a matter of time before she comes to her senses and pleads out.

      At least I think Frank said that, since I read that in an article recently but can’t remember where.

      It’s Allie Wack who’s taking the plea, since it’s obviously not Lauren or Nancy since one won’t plead without the other.

      • All you know is what you read here you brainless balless wonder. Allie Wack is only attractive to low life perverted shit like you. Allie Wack is going to do some serious time whether she deals or not. Only a loser like you will be jacking off to her “attractiveness” after her prison term regardless of any plea she cuts..

  • I doubt one the Salzmans cut a plea deal without the other, so that leaves only two. We will soon know. Bet Shadowperv aka Chad Krowchuk Jr will know for sure. My guess is Kathy Russell for obvious reasons..

    • It’s mostly likely Allie Wack taking the plea, you douchebag.

      1) Kathy Russel is facing far less of a sentence than Allison.

      2) Kathy Russel already changed attorneys (expensive attorneys likely paid for with Bronfman money). This probably indicates she was resistant to a plea deal and wanted a new attorney who wouldn’t keep pestering her to flip on Bronfman to save herself. The fact that Bronfman paid for her new attorney should say it all, since she wouldn’t be paying the expensive legal bills of a woman seriously considering a plea deal to testify against her.

      3) Kathy Russel indicated a need to keep working for Bronfman/NXIVM in her bookkeeping job. Kathy seemed devastated at the thought of ever breaking away from them. She’s an old lady. Her entire life is behind her. She has nobody or nothing left in life, except Clare Bronfman. She has nothing else to live for in the future except Clare Bronfman’s approval and financial support.

      4) Allie Wack, on the other hand, is facing 15 years minimum sentence in federal lockup (no parole in federal system).

      5) Allie Wack is still relatively young and attractive, and even though her acting career is kaput, she can still offer a great fuck for any man willing to wife her up, buy her a home and pay the bills.

      6) Frank confirmed that Allie Wack is said to be going back and forth constantly in her mind (on the idea of a plea deal). Frank said that one day she’s mentally open to the idea of a plea, but the next day she’s mentally back with NXIVM — which is common among people who are slowly losing their “brainwashing” or “cult programming”. This means it’s only a matter of time before she comes to her senses and pleads out.

      It’s Allie Wack who’s taking the plea, since it’s obviously not Lauren or Nancy since one won’t plead without the other.

      Get a clue douchebag. It’s not Kathy Russel. It’s Allie Wack. And fuck off.

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