Creating “The Nasties’ Corner” – for commenters who want to hate and abuse each other

I believe in free speech and I like good manners.

As a compromise and to accommodate all  – starting today, I am going to move comments on posts that have nothing to do with the posts themselves – but are expressions of hatred, anger and mockery toward other commenters – with no semblance of addressing issues actually under discussion in the post – to a brand new section – called “The Nasties’ Corner.”

Here nasty people – usually commenting anonymously – can enjoy abusing each other. Here they can accuse each other of vile things. People can feel free to abuse me also.

The purpose of the Nasties’ Corner is not only to accommodate nasty readers but to make reading the comments section of the rest of the Frank Report easier – since all the nastiest comments can be found in one post – while the remaining posts will feature informative comments that will advance topics under discussion.

In this way, those who delight in demeaning each other can enjoy a special place where it can be indulged and enjoyed and the rest of the blog can remain relatively free of this special behavior.

Yesterday, Frank Report was the recipient of some 160 comments. I am grateful to people interested enough to make the effort to post comments. Roughly 20 of the comments had no discernible relationship to the posts themselves.

Here are some samples of the types of comments I will be moving over to The Nasties’ Corner in the future:



Learn to act like an adult, troll-shill. Your comments usually sound like they were written by a 13 year-old Jr. High student. Most of you troll’s [sic] can’t even use the words “your” and “you’re” properly. You sound like an uneducated group of morons.


In reply to Flower Power.

More bullshit from flowerpot. Go away ya whiney bitch. You add nothing here. Take your meds and go watch your soaps.


In reply to Flowers Dysfunctional Life.

Hmmm….I’ve never discussed my personal life here, freaky stalker troll. But you, being the obsessed stalker that you are, have INVENTED an imaginary life for me in your bizarre posts about me. Why so concerned about my life, freak?

I’ve mocked Scott because of his age?? Uh ….no, I never did that , but so funny that you’re paying close attention to my posts, creepy obsessed stalker freak.

And I attacked “nice” Heather? LMAO. Nice Heather (who is the same troll-shill who used to post as “Mom”) had just posted that she thought every person who had ever taken a NXIVM course was stupid for not realizing that NXIVM was a criminal organization, and so they should all have their names publicly posted here.

Yeah… Heather the troll-shill seems very sweet.

Actually, you’re probably “Heather” writing under a new name again.



In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

Scott, you forgot to mention your agenda to mock, insult and belittle all other posters, as well as your agenda to introduce a totally fake, Alex Jones-style, conspiracy theory narrative, for the sole purpose of throwing in a disruptive red herring.
You need to add those 2 items to your post.

Scott Johnson

Flowers, I don’t have to mock, insult, and belittle you, because you do it all by yourself. Describe my “conspiracy theory.” IDIOT.

[Fake] Scott Johnson

This “Scott Johnson” above is an imposter who posts inane messages for no other purpose than to make me look like a jerk. I am the real Scott Johnson and am a genuine gentlemen. Frank, ban the imposter. DO IT NOW!

Fake Scott Johnson

In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

The “Scott Johnson” above is not only an imposter, but is also an anonymous coward who is afraid to come on to my radio show. This ANONYMOUS COWARD knows I would decimate him in an honest debate where he would not be able to hide behind a fake screen name. Not only is he an ANONYMOUS COWARD, but he likes to promote Amway multi-level marketing scams using my name. Frank, ban the imposter. DO IT NOW!

Scott Johnson

In reply to Sick Scott.

No, I’m not mentally ill, but it’s obvious that you are. Provide examples of what you’re accusing me of being. LIAR.


In reply to Sick Scott.

Hey jizz, Scooter is an asshole but you forgot racist. You left wing turds make Scooter look like he has half a brain.


There is no doubt you are an ignorant a-hole who shares the same nutsack with flowerpot.

What a Freak

In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

Scott, your wife would love for you to have other women. Guess she will have to settle for your hand & a tissue.


In reply to Just Facts.

Hey there Moronic Fucktard
Nice of you to write yet another post based entirely on assumptions, including the incorrect assumption I wrote the post you replied to.
I didn’t, but I did write 2 other posts today which do have my name on them. So if you want to criticize the ones I actually did write, my then I’ll reply back to you.
Good luck, MF, though I’m bettING that you’re going to need a lot more than luck, soon.

ShadowState sucks balls

Oh fuck off with that shit! Assclown


In reply to Flowers.

An ugly cunt like you would never have to worry about it. Fat ugly and stupid is a way of life for you.

Serious Paper Cut

In reply to Just Facts.

Do you miss your Mother with that mouth loser?




In reply to 💋my ass.

Hey flowers your ass smells just like the rest of your body. Your putrid stench should forever leave here. Take your feministic crap to some alt leftist site where you fit in with your ignorance.

In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

No, I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of your useful (non insult, off topic) posts.
In fact I can count them on just the middle finger of one hand.

Scott, move on, please, to some other blog where people don’t know yet how worthless your comments are.


Fake Scott Johnson

n reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

How dare you post using my good name! I am the REAL SCOTT JOHNSON. LOL.

Libtards like Sara will never escape the Grey aliens and CIA implants that the FBI put in my head.

I read about it during my 4 years undercover at Scamway. LOL

Scott Johnson is a moron spammer

In reply to Scott Johnson (@ScottTexJohnson).

Every time the mirror looks back at Scotty, the mirror cracks into a thousand pieces. If Scotty Potty had any sympathy, he would spare his mirror the stress.

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  • No stupid. Don’t try to over analyze and leave your ass hanging out. It is as simple as people being sick of the poster going by “flowers” and her constant feminism victimhood comments. She is a delusional idiot who adds nothing but constant bitching and moaning here. She needs to remove the stick out of her own ass before constantly whing about others. Kara

    • The irony is that I believe Flowers is the guy who used to call himself Mike S. and a few other names.

      So Flowers (who is a guy hiding behind a feminine name) accuses me of being a guy, and accuses others of being misogynistic when he is the real misogynist.

      It’s mental illness, really.

      • Hi trolls
        “Kara” and “Just running my mouth “, who I’m sure are one and the same person…or did Kara just suddenly materialize here?
        The irony is I believe “Just running my mouth” is the same troll who writes under dozens of names, often pretending to be a female.
        Here’s a hint, dumbass- no woman would say that she was on the “pretty girl scholarship”.
        You trolls are getting dumber each day.😁

  • Just wanted to commend you for taking this action, Frank. A lesser man might have banished these chauvinist pigs 🐽 long ago. You have the patience of a real Sicilian Don.

    I’m sure now that you’ve confined these self-promoting tyrants —trying to turn your blog into their own unpaid advertisement, ego stroke or a stalking ground to incriminate the object of their sick obsession — more victims may feel safe to publically cheer on your efforts here and, perhaps, share their stories, if anonymously, as part of their healing process. Even reading the comments section, especially, is, I’m sure, emotionally tough for some of us.

    Good on ya and do hope this nastiest corner works before more drastic measures need be taken. Love that computer nerds pic! OMG, is that REALLY Bill Gates?! He looks like a water lizard!

    • Good one, Mr. or Ms. Appreciation.
      One needs to really think about that comment to get the true meaning.

      I appreciate the effort.

    • Like the posts where you refer to all former NXIVM members as stupid and you suggest they all be publicly named? How is that an appropriate comment, “””Heather””” or should I call you “Mom”? Since that’s the name you used to use.

  • Does anyone know if AM is still in plea talks? Nancy wasn’t in DOS, so wouldn’t the gov’t still want someone from DOS to testify?

  • I agree Flowers. Women are abused in this website. Keith tried to empower us. Frank wants women to go back to the dark ages. Keith was advancing a new enlightened era. And patroarchal men and their laws assume that we women are victims just because we exercise the same prerogatives as men do in fraternities.
    Flowers come join us help set Keith and by extension all women free. End make oppression.

    • Pea,
      FYI many colleges are cracking down on fraternity hazing including branding.
      Moreover, when the frats brand their initiates, it is a short ten second process.
      The goofy Dr. Danielle Roberts branded women in a 20 to 30 minute process without either antiseptics or anesthesia making for a painful process vulnerable to infection.

      On top of that your friend Allison sold the branding to women as just a small tattoo not a heaping big brand like ranchers give to cattle.

    • Pea, Keith was advancing nothing for women other than his own abuse of women: sex without intimacy, expecting women to be subservient to mens’ needs, statutory rape, involuntary imprisonment of women (the Jane Doe who was held in a room because she was not attracted to Keith) and endless harassment, via litigation, of women who dared leave him (hence, abusing the Bronfman girls and their trust fund). If this is great to you, fine, but for any cognizant female, we can pass.

  • Interesting that Frank chose to mention my comments , but not the comments, that I were replying to-, which are all comments which have nothing to do with the topic and which written strictly to insult me.
    Take note of the comment by “Flowers dysfunctional life” to which I replied back . Please explain why that comment is allowed, but I’m not allowed to defend myself from a comment which insults me for no reason?
    Frank, if you’re going to remove the comments of people who defend themselves against a bully , you need to remove the comments written by the bully, otherwise you are also a bully.

    • I wasn’t singling you out Flowers. I just began with yesterday’s comments and quite possibly you were responding to someone who commented the day before.

      • No. I was responding to the post you mentioned titled “Flowers dysfunctional life” ….which appears to be written by the same troll who constantly calls me names such as “dumb cunt” . So if that is allowed, then “moronic fucktard ” should be allowed as well
        If men are allowed to refer to the women who post here with insulting names, then us women should have the same privilege.
        Fair is fair.

        • Your post is exactly why women should have stayed in their kitchens.

          If the old order was kept intact, we wouldn’t have to deal with whining from the mouths of overly emotional women, who seem to forget that life ain’t fair.

          • Well then Jim Jones, I propose we make it a little fairer by holding down your hero Keith and branding him with the initials of all the women who he had branded . Sound good to you Jim? Since us women are only useful for cooking, I think we could manage to do that.

          • Jim T, so you’re a follower of Keith’s? Because that, and statutory rape (which also seems to be part of the “old order”) are pretty much what Keith proposed for women. I will pass, thank you.

  • I’m amused by the choice of picture for this article. It’s not really a bunch of nasties, but a bunch of uber-nerds. That’s a company picture of the employees of Microsoft circa 1976. That’s a teenaged Bill Gates in the lower left corner and a 20-something Paul Allen in the lower right.

    • I wish I was part of that group of nerds. But being way too young at the time I could’ve never been. If I was I would’ve retired a long time ago.

    • Yeah, why is Frank using a picture of super smart people, most who are rich and successful, to represent trolls who he claims are spreading hate messages on his blog?
      Was Frank unaware of who was in this picture? Is Bill Gates to be considered a hate-filled troll?
      I’m confused.

        • Wow. I never knew that Gates was also a cult leader! Amazing the things we can learn from Scott.
          Keep posting your words of wisdom and inspiration, Scottie.

          I hope Bill Gates doesn’t decide to sue you for defamation of character!😂😃😁

      • The selection of the picture was just tongue in cheek attempt at humor. It wasn’t intended to actually insult Bill Gates and his colleagues. In fact I think Keith also had recourse to use Bill Gates saying in a text that if women were branded with Gate’s [or Lincoln’s] initials nobody would complain.

  • I really like hearing people’s comments, opinions, experiences, theories and insights. I do not like reading people calling each other moran, assfuck, bitch, cunt and idiot.

    That does not belong in any civilized conversation.

    Are we not after the same goal? Or are we descending into a fifth-grade insult fest? Why on Earth does Frank have to spend his valuable time weeding out the crap?

    • That is just it… Trolls don’t have the same goal at all. Their only goal is apparently to spread their own misery as far and wide as possible.

      I do find it interesting that Mike S (now apparently a.k.a. Flowers) and Scott J. have to seek out random websites about something they have zero personal experience with just to attack people.

      It would be a lot easier if everybody could just realise how pathetic it truly is, and ignore them.

      • I don’t write as Mike S (whoever that is ) and I’ve never noticed any comments under that hand let, either, so I have no idea what you’re referring to.
        Also, I don’t seek out random websites to insult people.I dont even post on other websites. Perhaps you need to stop writing baseless assumptions about people you don’t even know.

      • My suspicion is that most of the shit posters, whether posting anonymous or using a handle, are not random trolls. I think most of their activity here is a concerted effort by individuals with a vested interest to undermine the value and credibility of FR.

        I modded an anti-scientology forum (WWP) for a while, and there are obvious similarities between the two cults, in their teachings and brainwashing, but more on point here – in their litigious and aggressive response to criticism.

        With access to nics behind anonymous posts, IP addresses and lurking activity, there were obvious patterns behind what from the outside appeared to be isolated idiots posting random crap.
        We knew in advance which nics would work in concert, which ones would be sent in to aggravate specific posters, the lurking hours of each account, and most of all when OSA (scientology’s enforcement branch) had declared an ‘all hands on deck’ – when something important was going down, so maximum distraction and chaos was warranted.

        It’s so tempting to call these posters out on their cuntiness/dickery, which is why I think this corner is a brilliant idea. A mud pit that won’t distract from relevant discussion in other comment sections.

        I’m just feeling bad for Frank, having to weed through the mud with each new post – Thank you!

        • Thanks Appeti
          Finally someone who sounds knowledgeable. I agree it’s not random trolls, and I’ve already experienced this same scenario on another website a few years ago, and these trolls are following the same MO as those others did.
          Can you tell us the name of the antiScientology website? What does WWP stand for?

          • Flowers, WWP stands for Why We Protest. Their website is

            It got launched in 2008, as a direct result of Scientology trying to erase from the www a video of Tom Cruise being above and beyond crazy, blowing his own Scientology horn, because apparently there were no-one else capable of giving him proper accolades.

            Scientolgy made a huge mistake in pissing off a bunch of internet savvy kids (4channers) by forcing it down from multiple news sites.

            They launched international monthly protests, and got thousands of young people engaged in singing and dancing in front of their ‘churches’, compared to a previous protest which included at most a handful of critics.
            WWP was their online hub, and for years following it was the most active anti-scientology forum on the net. It is still up and active, but most of the initial energy is gone.

    • Oh, I forgot “perv”. I saw Anonymous’ reply, below. I don’t really understand how Trolls operate. Just to get people off topic into hate-fests so as to intimidate the potential valuable posters? (Like ex-NXIVM members – who would be afraid to post because of the vitriol here?)

      Don’t you want to hear from these people? Don’t you want to help them? Many were grossly misled and severely damaged accordingly. Do you want to help these people, or do you prefer calling each other schoolyard names?

      Honestly, I have never been on a website like this one. Open arms, there are not.

      • OCD,
        In regards to defending former NXIVM members, that is what I was doing when I called out another poster ( who was obviously a troll) who had written a post which referred to all former members , and those who ever took a class, as too stupid to realize that NXIVM was a scam.
        She then suggested they all be publicly named because she thought they were stupid people.

        Why are those posts, calling all former members stupid, allowed on the board, but not the ones criticizing those posts?

        • Flowers, I think it’s fair enough to criticize or disagree with any poster. But maybe we (as a group) can do so in more civil terms or just ignore the really hateful ones.

          • OCD
            Why? If these trolls are allowed to act like misogynistic creeps or spoiled, entitled toddlers having tantrums, why should we ignore their rotten behaviour?
            What’s the purpose of ignoring it? Ignoring it hasn’t stopped them, as noted by their uncalled for posts calling me vile names.
            Bullies need to be reprimanded.

          • Who did I bully, anon?
            The troll who keeps writing shit about me and slandering me?
            The troll who called all people associated with NXIVM stupid; and wants their names publicly posted?
            Or the troll who is really a male, but is pretending to be a “pretty little gjrlie” ?

      • OCD, Please see my post 6.09 pust just above – I meant to reply to you here.

        Just my 0.02 about what is going on here, fwiw 🙂

  • NXIVM brings out the worst in people.

    How can anyone become so invested in these characters, many of whom are personally deplorable in the truest sense,
    to lose all sense of decorum and good manners?

    Anyone who has been involved in RICO cases, as a participant or even as a casual observer, would understand that this case is really a classic RICO case that is slowly unfolding like any other RICO case.
    It’s all very predictable.

    The government is looking for witnesses who are insiders and know where the bodies are buried.
    Nancy Salzman has lost a lot of power to Clare Bronfman since 2009.
    Her daughter Lauren was passed over for a major position in the cult in favor off Allison Mack.
    But Nancy and Lauren still know where the bodies are buried.
    And the government will focus its efforts on flipping those two women.

    The government gave Allison Mack every opportunity to flip early on.
    But the government does not play games and if Allison is still in thrall to her Vanguard, she will have to take the fall.

    This game plays out in conspiracy and RICO cases all of the time.
    The first person on the bus get the best seats.

    Allison Mack’s fans should chill out and stop acting as crazy as Allison.

    • I do not watch much TV. I tend to watch older shows like St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue. I thought Hulu’s Looming Tower was pretty good. I’d never heard of Kreuk or Mack or Grace Park before I started reading Frank Report.

      But I must ask, at the risk of being called nasty, how you come to have so much knowledge about RICO cases? I somehow don’t see you as a once indicted defendant in a RICO case. If you had to go to Wikipedia to explain to us all what “lis pendens” means, I’m assuming you are not a practicing barrister (nor am I)(Black’s Law Dictionary, probably to some extent available online, might serve as a better source of information w/r/t legal terminology).

      In the comments section to the Frank Report, what I enjoy reading most are comments from former NXIANs. From residents of the Albany area who have watched the story unfold. (I have a dear friend from Clifton Park who had never heard of NXIVM, Raniere or ESP (Excessive Sex Program) until I brought him up to speed).

      What I would really appreciate hearing is the opinions of criminal lawyers, some of whom have chimed in already and hopefully will continue to do so in what might turn out to be the world’s most protracted speedy trial. “Casual observations” and speculation, while harmless, really don’t move the dialogue that far forward. Send in the experts!

    • To tell Shadow to STFU! Post less than 40 times a day and when you finally post something with good info in it (like possibly the above post), people may take it seriously. You water down yourself and then wonder why readers are bitter about your incessant posts. Meanwhile, the relevant info you sometimes have gets ignored or belittled because you cry wolf 40 times a day.

      • Well said. Put Shadow, Scooter and Flower girl in the same corner and this place will become much more civil and interesting.

      • “you cry wolf 40 times a day.”

        NXIVM is a pack of ravenous wolves.
        For close to 20 years this cult has terrorized the Albany area and extended operations into Canada, Mexico and the British Isles.
        It’s high time someone called “wolf” on NXIVM and bring out the firepower to destroy this cult and its top members.

        The State of New York is apparently too corrupt to do the job.

        • “The State of New York is apparently too corrupt to do the job.”

          Another pedantic pronouncement from the man some call “The Perv”.

          Rather hillarious, Shadow, coming from a man living in “The Land of Lincoln”, a state which has seen four of its last seven governors sent to prison….

          You say you’ve never been to Albany. If you had you would realize that your statement that NXIVM and its strabismic shaman have “terrorized the Albany area” is as laughable as your blatherings about “The World’s Smartest Man” and his two home schooled benefactors being poised to take over both Mexico and Libya.

          The seriousness with which you make some of these preposterous statements cause them to be pure comic gold.
          Maybe Nikki Clyne will be seeking you out for material soon?

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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