Bouchey to appear on Megyn Kelley

Irony and indicative of the kind of success one can achieve from Executive Success Programs.
Barbara Bouchey, former girlfriend of Keith Alan Raniere AKA Vanguard, will appear on Megan Kelly Today – tomorrow at 9:)) AM.  She appears live with Kelly and CBC host Josh Bloch.
Bloch hosted the six-part podcast on NXIVM “Escaping NXIVM”, which features Sarah Edmondson’s harrowing story of her involvement and ultimate extrication from the cult that brands and blackmails women.
Bouchey also escaped NXIVM in 2009 with eight other women, the group being later dubbed the NXIVM-9.
Her departure caused hardly a ripple and could have been a gradual exit except that Raniere had to try to punish her for leaving.
He tried every legal trick and wound up suing her repeatedly spending millions of heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman’s money in an attempt to destroy and humiliate her. The lawsuits tended to work in reverse and through discovery, the media and public came to learn that Raniere had blown through more than $100 million of the Bronfman sisters’ money.
Many other secrets – including Raniere’s lascivious lifestyle – were also divulged. Because of Raniere’s incessant and relentless pursuit of Bouchey, he drove her into bankruptcy and ultimately did succeed in getting her indicted.
To do so, Clare Bronfman perjured herself to gain jurisdiction on a computer trespassing charge but the case was dropped when Clare was caught lying.  Because of her enormous wealth, she was not charged with perjury as she should have been.
 Before she left NXIVM, Bouchey was one of the highest ranking members holding the green sash and was one of its top recruiters. She organized Vanguard Week and instituted many of NXIVM’s features prior to her departure.
She has often referred to the NXIVM era when she was one of the top ranking people in it as kind of a “Camelot.”
Bouchey has steadfastly maintained that despite Raniere being a scoundrel (she was in his harem and much of the time, she says, she was completely unaware that he had other girlfriends) the NXIVM courses themselves were nevertheless very good
Tomorrow she will tell some of her story to Megan Kelly. Bouchey also appears in the CBC podcast “Escaping NXIVM.”
Ironically, she appears before millions on the same day that Keith Raniere along with Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lauren Salzman, Allison Mack and [hopeless fall girl] Kathy Russell will, once again, appear before Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis for a status conference regarding their criminal case.
Bouchey will appear before millions and possibly be praised – and those who worked to destroy her are facing years in prison.
Viva Executive Success!

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  • It has your MO all over it you sick twisted twat. Just like the plea deal thread where you show your stupidity.Own up to your stupidity bitch. Sorry NXIVM gave you so little in return for your dollar. Even Raniere couldn’t fix stupid.

    • It seems to me like Kristin is going about living her life like she did nothing wrong and it seems like the legal authorities think so too. In her Instagram pictures and stories she’s put out there she looks happy and not concerned at all with what’s going on with NXIVM anymore.

      • “Truth is going to come out. Maybe you want to be on the right side when it does”.

        Filmed while refusing to talk about NXIVM. and being called out for it. She downplayed her involvement.

        “It seems to me like Kristin is going about living her life like she did nothing wrong and it seems like the legal authorities think so too.”

        She would of lied through her teeth to the authorities if shes even spoken to them. Didn’t see nothing, didn’t hear nothing… Sure.

        “In her Instagram pictures and stories she’s put out there she looks happy and not concerned at all with what’s going on with NXIVM anymore.”

        It’s called pretending nothing is happening. She is being allowed to not publicly discuss what she has done and what she knows. Frank Parlato knows shes full of shit. The CW Network is shielding her from reporters. She would of sat down with the CW and lied through her teeth about her involvement, claiming she thought it was just a self help group. Bullshit.

        • – Filmed while refusing to talk about NXIVM. and being called out for it. She downplayed her involvement.

          So what? She doesn’t have to talk about it anymore if she doesn’t want to. She already made a statement and what she said was true. She took NXIVM courses to overcome her shyness. She didn’t go into details about being a coach and helping teach some courses because she believed the courses helped her, but so what? There is no logical entailment between being a coach and engaging in anything illegal. Sorry that makes you mad.

          – She would of lied through her teeth to the authorities if shes even spoken to them. Didn’t see nothing, didn’t hear nothing… Sure.

          Or she could’ve told the truth to the authorities if she spoke to them. Just because you want to believe she engaged in something illegal or nefarious doesn’t mean she did and no matter how many times you appeal to ignorance that isn’t going to make it so.

          – It’s called pretending nothing is happening.

          Or it’s called not being guilty of anything such that there is nothing to worry about.

          – She is being allowed to not publicly discuss what she has done and what she knows. Frank Parlato knows shes full of shit.

          Frank Parlato was involved in the group for less than a year until he was fired. Just because he has taken on the charge of bringing the group down five years after that fact because Bronfman/Raniere got him indicted on what he believes are false charges doesn’t give him some special knowledge about the intricacies of Kristin Kreuk’s involvement. Sorry that basic logic is beyond your comprehension.

          • No… IT’S BEETLEJUICE!!!!!!! He sensed criticism of Kristin Crook and… WHOOOOOSH!!!

          • He sensed a Sultan post and… WHOOOOOSH!!! It’s Sultan’s Shadow…who has no life till Sultan appears.

      • Kristin Crook has shown zero remorse or guilt that someone she recruited into the cult is going to jail for many years. Mack will almost certainly never have children or a family of her own. Her life is virtually over. She will leave prison old, single, childless, infertile and broke. Kreuk is pretending nothing is happening, as long as she gets what she wants, TV and money privileges. Kreuk did nothing to get Mack out, before or after DOS and has not even spoken about her. Nothing. All Crook cares about is her shitty career and public image. Kreuk just left Mack there to rot instead of teaming up with Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg behind the scenes to try and get her out. Not even an attempt. What a cold hearted bitch.

        • What you and others don’t know is that Kreuk hired attorney’s and detectives to help Mack see the light and exit NXIVM. See hired a deprogrammer and even an exorcist. She brought all the Smallville cast to Mack for an intervention. Also Kreuk has been a confidential informant for the FBI and Mounties since BEFORE she left the cult years ago, and she had to remain silent to keep her cover. And those weekly drives from Vancouver to Tacoma—that was to deliver documents to the Tacoma FBI field office.

          Well, none of this is true.
          Or maybe it is.
          I don’t know, and neither do you know that Kreuk did nothing.

          • Frank Parlato has a lot of sources from NXIVM. He has been calling out Kreuk on her silence. If Kreuk did something behind the scenes, his sources would of told him.

        • – Kristin Crook has shown zero remorse or guilt that someone she recruited into the cult is going to jail for many years.

          Evidence? That’s right you have none. Regardless, recruiting/referring someone into a self-help program which is what all MLMs ask people to do all the time has no causal connection to engaging in illegal activities and becoming second in charge of a master/slave sex cult almost a decade later. Nice slippery slope though.

          – Mack will almost certainly never have children or a family of her own. Her life is virtually over. She will leave prison old, single, childless, infertile and broke.

          While that is a possibility, it is not set in stone. Perhaps if she takes a plea she can turn her life around. A lot of healing will be required and things will never be the same, but she can still live a long life if people are willing to forgive her. But she should have made better decisions and left like others did instead of falling for a reclusive man two decades older with a bad history when she had a career that many only dream of.

          – Kreuk is pretending nothing is happening, as long as she gets what she wants, TV and money privileges.

          I don’t think she has to “pretend nothing is happening”. It was no longer relevant to her life and hasn’t been since she left half a decade ago. The only thing that brought it back into her life was DOS and the Allison Mack/Smallville connection.

          – Kreuk did nothing to get Mack out, before or after DOS and has not even spoken about her.

          How would you know? Perhaps she tried to get her out when she moved on but Allison wouldn’t listen.

          – All Crook cares about is her shitty career and public image.

          I don’t think that’s “all” she cares about. But just like the vast majority of people I’m sure she does care about them quite a bit. If only Allison had done the same.

          – Kreuk just left Mack there to rot instead of teaming up with Frank Parlato and Catherine Oxenberg behind the scenes to try and get her out. Not even an attempt. What a cold hearted bitch.

          Allison got into trouble all by herself. When she crossed the line between victimhood and human accountability is left for the psychological professionals to decide. Kristin isn’t Allison’s keeper. Even NXIVM teaches that, except they take it to an extreme.

          Interesting take though on finding so many different ways to blame Kristin for things she had no control over. You sound butt hurt, like a rejected guy or a jealous girl – certain human motivations aren’t that difficult to discern. Nobody spends an inordinate amount of time saying the same thing over…and over…and over again on things that don’t concern them. Perhaps you can move on one day.

          • “Nobody spends an inordinate amount of time saying the same thing over…and over…and over again on things that don’t concern them. Perhaps you can move on one day.”

            One post = saying the same things over and over again. Well done.

          • – One post = saying the same things over and over again. Well done.

            Sure thing brah.

          • Neither believing the drivel of the Quran or being infatuated by Kristin Kook is healthy Sanjeev.

          • – Neither believing the drivel of the Quran or being infatuated by Kristin Kook is healthy Sanjeev.

            Well…at least I didn’t turn out like you. So that’s a win.

    In 1982 corrupt Chicago attorney Alan Masters, a man involved in bribing judges and owning a brothel, decided to murder his estranged wife Diane before she spilled the beans on his illicit activities.
    With the help of two corrupt police officers, Keating and Corbett, Masters murdered his wife and the two kinky cops dumped her body and car into a canal.
    Her body was discovered several months later.
    Chicago’s courts were and are too corrupt to prosecute a case like this.
    The Feds came in and prosecuted Masters and the two dirty cops using RICO.
    All three received 20 year murder conspiracy sentences under RICO.

    If NXIVM members conspired to murder Pam Cafritz , Barb Jeske or others, they are vulnerable to a murder conspiracy prosecution under RICO.

    Mastermind of Murder: The Volatile and Tragic Marriage of Alan and Dianne Masters

    • I am interested in all these points of view, but how can you poison someone so as to induce cancer? (Pam and Barbara Jeske)

      • Mercury would do the trick.
        It would be a long game to introduce toxins into someone’s environment for them to get cancer, but it could actually be done.
        Not that I am saying that is the case.
        Anyhow, all diseases have emotional causes, which is why one individual can smoke and drink every day and live to be 100 and another one dies in their 50s doing the same thing. Our mindset and emotions make us more and less susceptible to various things.

      • Yes, I’m Gina’s sister. My comment on Barbara & Josh’s “Megan Kelly” appearance is this:

        Pyramid scheme’s, MLM’s, are illegal — but a very good way for a very small number of people at the tippity-top to get rich quick. Even before CBI, Keith started building this human pyramid that became ESP/NXIVM. He was eagerly studying Scientology, had “spies” smuggle Scientology course material to him, etc. starting from at least 1988-89.

        But the ‘97 collapse of CBI threatened to thwart Keith’s pyramid scheming ways. He and his early “wives,” his CBI partners, made an agreement with the NYS / AG to never start one up, again, or be prosecuted.

        Enter Nancy Salzman and, shortly thereafter, Barbara Bouchey. Keith became “Vanguard” and a renunciate who eschewed having any money or property in his holy name.

        Today, Barbara (and you know I do love you and do care, Barb) took some pride and credit in her role of developing, “structurally organizing” (to quote Barb) NXIVM.

        Every last one of these people from Nancy on down the line have been set up and shaped to fit like a brick in the pyramid. And to take the fall for Keith.

        After all Barbara’s valiant efforts, I hope she didn’t take one today by “admitting” she, not Keith, structurally organized the MLM.

        • Hello Heidi, It would be sad and also deluded of Barbara to take significant responsibility for ‘structurally organising the MLM’. Its a fairly routine management task to ‘structurally organise’ anything within the remit of your employment obligations, however this ‘remit’ is everything, and it is given by the Boss. Taking pride in having carried out her responsibilities well, is perhaps something she’s entitled to, but, claiming to be the author of those responsibilities – is just false.
          I sincerely hope you and your family get justice for your sister Gina, God Bless.

        • I have a feeling that violating his agreement with the States not to operate any future MLMs would be the very least of KR’s problems right now. He is charged with much, much worse, and I think money laundering and tax evasion are coming down the pike. The feds are after him under RICO, and for sex trafficking and forced labor (all very serious), and the IRS is probably not far behind. He will soon be wishing all he ever did was to start up another MLM.

    • The filing also accuses the government of trying to convince the women that they were victimized and manipulated by Raniere and “Smallville” actress-turned-accused-slave-master Allison Mack.

      As if Keith Raniere and Allison Mack did not try to manipulate women with lies, half truths and blackmail.

  • You guys in the US are really really crazy. Kids shooting other kids, self help groups, crazy fraternity rituals in universities, sex abuse in campus, and then a bunch of guys like this Frank who think they can save the world through gossip. You guys create cults and then get scared by cults… crazy shit…no wonder you have a crazy president.

    • Let’s talk about the British government that allows Pakistani grooming gangs to rape thousands of school girls and then arrests the girls’ parents when they complain.
      The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal consisted of the organised child sexual abuse that occurred in the northern English town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire from the late 1980s until the 2010s and the failure of local authorities to act on reports of the abuse throughout most of that period

    • Hey flowerkook you left wing lunatic….Kids shooting other kids…mostly black and kids who have no parental supervision and their breeders vote democrap in lockstep.Crazy fraternity rituals go on at Canadian Unis as well along with the self help groups.Sex abuse is also rampant in Canada as well as gossip through your leftist media. No wonder shitstains like you are stuck with balless, crazy Justy.

      • Hey there Moronic Fucktard
        Nice of you to write yet another post based entirely on assumptions, including the incorrect assumption I wrote the post you replied to.
        I didn’t, but I did write 2 other posts today which do have my name on them. So if you want to criticize the ones I actually did write, my then I’ll reply back to you.
        Good luck, MF, though I’m bettING that you’re going to need a lot more than luck, soon.


    Under the RICO statute any murder committed in a conspiracy to advance a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization in its operations can be prosecuted in Federal court as part of RICO.

    LRGP Member Sentenced for RICO Conspiracy Involving Murder

    Lots of people who comment on the Frank Report believe that Pam Caffritz was somehow poisoned by high ranking members of NXIVM.
    If the Feds can prove that then we could be looking a a murder conspiracy case added to the indictments.

    This prosecution can take a very dark turn.

    • Who knows if Pam was poisoned. We do know that Keith poisoned Toni’s dog. But if the Feds want to find murder, there are a couple other cases that seem easier to prove than Pam or Barbara. I’d actually be a little surprised if a murder charge doesn’t show up.

      • Because they are more recent cases, if Pam and Barb were poisoned, there might be electronic communications indicating conspiracies of some sort.
        The other cases are far older when computers and the internet were not so ubiquitous.

  • Hey Frank,

    Both you and Toni Natalie speak as if Kristin Snyder’s death was a fishy murder that may have been caused by NXIVM.

    But I call bullshit on both of you.

    It’s not that I don’t believe NXIVM is evil (they are) —- but I think Toni Natalie has so much hatred for Keith that she’s not really using logic when it comes to the topic of Kristin Snyder’s suicide.

    For example, there was a suicide note left by Kristin. If NXIVM had anything DIRECTLY to do with her disappearance and death, that would mean NXIVM personnel faked that note by writing it themselves.

    However, if you read the contents of the suicide note you’ll quickly see that NXIVM would NEVER have written that type of note —- since her suicide note directly mentioned ‘NXIVM/ESP’ as the organization which drove her over the edge mentally (if NXIVM had written the note, they would NOT have mentioned their name in such a bad light in relation to Kristin’s death).

    NXIVM would never have described themselves as such an evil organization, the way that Kristin described them in her suicide note.

    That’s just common sense, since using their name on a suicide note only serves to put their name on the radar of authorities. That’s akin to a masked bank robber holding up their Photo ID to a bank surveillance camera, to purposely put themselves on the radar of authorities.

    Therefore, this logically proves that the ‘suicide note’ was in fact written by Kristin herself and her death was likely a tragic suicide (probably caused by her depression related to NXIVM wrecking her mental spirit, but that’s still not murder).

    Also, even Kristin’s parents admitted that they saw their daughter “descend into mental illness”.

    Her parents also said that in her last conversation with them, she claimed to have caused the crash of the Space Shuttle Columbia. That means Kristin was driven into a state of being batshit crazy (which only strengthens the suicide scenario).

    I think Toni Natalie is so blinded by her hatred for Keith that she’s really making a ‘leap of ignorance’ on certain issues like Kristin Snyder’s death.

    You seem so inclined to support Toni Natalie (because she’s your friend) that you won’t write an article to address this issue in an unbiased manner.

    Shame on you Frank. Give us the truth regardless of your friendships with Toni.

    You’re a logical guy Frank, right? If you believe that NXIVM wrote that note then you’d have to be batshit crazy too, since they’re not capable of writing negatively about themselves.

    Just because Keith is an evil fucker who deserves life in prison (which he is) doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to throw out all logic and just believe whatever fairy tales Toni wishes to assign to Keith.

    If Kristin committed suicide because NXIVM wrecked her ‘mentally’ then that’s a tragedy, but it’s not murder.

    What say you, Frank?

    • When I said that NXIVM could not have written that suicide note —- this includes the fact that NXIVM would not have instructed Kristin to write such a note under duress (if NXIVM chose the words to be written, they would not have been so negative about NXIVM).

      • Or Keith thinking he is ever the clever one would have deliberately included NXIVM to say nobody from NXIVM could have possibly been involved because they would never point the finger at themselves.
        One can always spot people who don’t play chess.

    • Do you think it’s possible that NXIVM did write that suicide note (or was it proven to be in Kristen”s handwriting? I can’t remember) because Kristen had already badmouthed NXIVM to several people, and so it was already well-known that she had possibly incriminating evidence against them? So, if NXIVM knew she had told people the truth about them, (and that what she told people would come up on an investigation of her death) they knew they had nothing to lose by including her NXIVM comments in the note.
      If they could paint her as mentally unstable, then that would help to discredit her accusations against NXIVM.
      She had claimed to be pregnant by Raniere, but since her body was never recovered , that could not be verified.

  • I genuinely believe that anybody who thinks NXIVM courses are any good whatsoever has just not gotten over the brainwashing.

    I genuinely feel like I spent years recovering from a 5 day intensive, only to discover I had more things to come up and clear out when all this new broke.

    If I could change one thing, it would be when other people got up and walked out on the second day, I would have gone right behind them like I wanted to. I felt some weird obligation to stick it out since I was on the pretty girl scholarship.

    • P.S. Not even a segment about NXIVM could get me to watch Megyn Kelly. American news should be on the list of CIA approuved torture devices, along with vegan dinner parties.

        • @Pretty little liars
          Think about people….if all these beautiful actresses had to pay for their courses, why would this self-proclaimed “pretty girl” get her courses for free?

          Doesn’t seem very likely, does it?
          That’s because pretty girl is another lying troll. Probably another misogynistic man who thinks pretty women get everything for free
          Just sayin’

          • An ugly cunt like you would never have to worry about it. Fat ugly and stupid is a way of life for you.

      • Pretty girl scholarship?
        Too funny.
        How much y’all wanna bet that @Just sayin’ has never taken a NXIVM class in her (or should I say HIS) life..
        He’s a troll-shill.

      • I did not pay for my intensive. After Raniere skulking around oogling me at an event, multiple people pressured me to go talk to him at a pavilion, but I refused.

        I always found him creepy and repulsive.

        This was right at the time Jness was starting, and I was repeatedly, strongly invited (harassed) to join that.

        I have seen rumours of it being a regular strategy of theirs. I expect it is true, but can only speak for myself.

          • No, and that is a weird leap to make.
            I think they were pressuring me to go talk to him alone because he told them to.

  • Was Barbara brain dead? You had to be blind not to see Keith was having sex with his adoring harem. This is like the case of the wife is the last one to know her husband is having an affair. Barbara, stop playing the naive innocent. You were plenty vicious and a stupid fool to get so sucked into this criminal enterprise. Now you are looking for your 15 minutes of fame.

    Barbara committed her share of criminal acts while she was in her position of power along with Kristen Keefe, Sara Edmonson and her husband. They all liked it and participated in the scam cult as long as the money kept rolling in.

    I have no sympathy for these perpetrators turned victims.

    Maybe when the IRS gets involved, we will see more members face reality and that they were part of fuel that kept this evil machine running for 20 years.

    • Love is blind, deaf and dumb. And in the case of a psycho, sociopathic Bluebeard like Keith — aided by doctors and shrinks using hypnosis, terrorist indoctrination tactics and such — mind altering.

      Bouchey lost her life savings — upwards of $1 million to the pedophile perv — plus 18 years of her youth between the time she spent in the cult and the time spent struggling to free herself from their legal clutches.

      Judge not, Scott Rot, lest ye be judged.

      • – Love is blind, deaf and dumb

        I’ve thought the saying “Love is blind” is dumb. I don’t think it’s ever been labeled deaf and dumb.

        I think it is dumb because real love is sincere and known, straight from one heart to the other. It is felt and witnessed in action. It is given and received, i.e., it is reciprocal, although as many ancient traditions in both East and West have said or implied, “it is better to give than to receive”.

        Love is witnessed most in familial relationships, between an equitable husband and wife relationship and parents and children, especially through a good mother and her children. If one knows this reality, it can easily be seen that VanDouche doesn’t really care for or feel love, which is sad for him. He commanded many women to have abortions – some even allege indirectly killing the mother for them, e.g., Kristin Snyder and Gina Hutchinson – and couldn’t care less about his child with Kristin Keeffe. But that maternal instinct for love in the latter was easily overpowering enough to change things for her.

        One of the stupidest phrases I’ve heard today is “love yourself”. Love can’t be applied to the self. You can be happy or content with yourself, but you can never love yourself. Love has always implied an other outside of the self.

        • Agree Raniere cannot feel love, on any level. In fact as said elsewhere, he is a blatant anti-Semite and woman hater. I think he takes pleasure in manipulating others. He must be completely hollow inside.

          I suspect he has no contact even with his father, the last remaining close relative. I am still trying to find out about the lawsuit between them, likely in the 1990s.

        • So agree about self-love. I feel the same way about ‘self-esteem’ – surely esteem is something you’re held in by others, not something you bestow on yourself.

    • Agreed. I’m sick to the back teeth of Sarah Edmondson being given a free pass. She plays the naive little victim when she was a complicit perpetrator who profited from crimes knowingly. She thought fuck all the real victims of NXIVM, as long as she got all that dirty coin. If you stick your finger in shit, you will get shit on your finger. It’s not hard to understand is it? Will these criminals ever face punishment, i.e. prison time for financial crimes?

  • Ugh. Again with the there’s so much good in the program blah. Who cares? Of course there was. That’s how the trap was laid. Get over it.

    Every good person this cult touched, it corrupted in some way, some more than others, because the head honcho was dirty, insincere, manipulative, controlling, and corrupt.

    • A good book about why people join cults and radical political movements is the classic “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer.
      Long story short people join cults and radical political movements for basically two reasons.
      For a sense of identity.
      To belong to something larger than themselves. To have meaning in their lives.
      It’s a classic book and very short and you can find it in libraries and used book stores.
      It explains why people would join NXIVM.

    • Interesting how the article acknowledges Allison Mack was part of the inner circle very early on, but Kristin Kreuk who joined first, recruited her and was deep in the cult, lied and said it was “blatantly false” that she herself was in the inner circle. She also retweeted Sarah Edmondson’s lie that she was never in the inner circle. Allison Mack was no deeper in the cult than Kristin Kreuk. Kreuk was NXIVM’s most high profile member. Every thing Mack did, Kreuk did. The smell of bullshit is strong with Kristin Kreuk.

      • I always defined “inner circle” as mostly the decision makers in Albany. Kreuk MAY have been involved in these decisions but nothing in the article implies she was. Being “high profile” isn’t inner circle.

        • The article states Ally Wack was inner circle from the beginning. If she was, so was Kreuk. Inner circle means connected to those at the top like Raniere, Nancy Salzman, the Bronfmans etc. There is a reason Kreuk and Mack were invited to Necker Island. Only top trusted people were invited. According to the man who exposed that secret NXIVM meeting, money laundering was planned on the island. That sounds pretty inner circle to me. Making decisions about the crime of money laundering.

          • Inner circle means people like Pam, Salzman, Keeffe, Barbara, etc., people who lived in and around Albany and dealt with the internal financial machinations or secret happenings of NXIVM, or people like Salinas and Alex. Celebrities aren’t necessarily part of the inner circle, just people considered VIPs and good for publicity. Thus, travelling to Necker Island would mean nothing with respect to being inner circle. Allison Mack only became an inner circle member when she moved to Albany, started fucking Raniere in 2013, and eventually became second in command of DOS.

          • No, the article suggested Mack was in the inner circle soon after joining. Ask the author what she meant by inner circle. Kreuk brought Mack in. If Mack was in the inner circle early on, whatever that definition means, so was Kreuk.

            As for John Tigue, he released the photographs. Either a leaker/whistleblower provided them and the information or he had access to their computers. In his article, he released the pictures, names and roles of the executive board, he named two individuals involved with the money laundering (Siohban Hotaling and Juliana Vicente), he revealed Juliana Vicente’s NXIVM number and he made the very specific claim money laundering was discussed. Where did he get all this information from? He was reliably good at exposing NXIVM. The Necker Island trip was secret, or at least they wanted it to be. Kreuk and Mack were not there because they were celebrities, they were there because they were trusted NXIVM insiders.

        • According to John Tigue, who released those Necker Island photos, money laundering was discussed on the island. Seeing as Kreuk and Mack were on the island for a secret summit, they would of participated in such discussions with the other few invited people. The article posted above states Allison Mack was “inner circle” straight from the beginning. Maybe others had bigger roles to play regarding money (Salinas, Benecourt etc) but being close to these people means they must of known more than the average course taker.

          How do you know Allison Mack started fucking Raniere in 2013?

          • First of all, the article doesn’t even define what “inner circle” means. It uses the term rather loosely. It only says Mack was invited into the inner circle “very quickly” whatever that means. Even her boyfriend at the time went with her to meet the inner circle. It says nothing about Kristin being a part of the inner circle.

            Was John Tighe on the island? No. So how does he know what was discussed?

          • 1) The article says “Mack was invited into NXIVM’s inner circle very quickly,” but no mention of Kreuk being so involved, only that she was shy.

            2) Why do you label the Necker Isle Summit “secret?” You make It seem NXIVM was hiding it from authorities.
            And I thought Keith wasn’t even there…some summit.

          • The article was about Ally Wack, not Kreuk.

            Read the article. Tigue specifically claims they did not want publicity and Raniere was too much of a chickenshit to leave Albany:

            “None of the participants at these meetings wanted their attendance to become public knowledge but, in all three cases they did and in all three there was a lot more going on than just a little socializing by old friends. The spring of 2010 saw NXIVM in a bind. Continued negative press here and in the mainstream media had severely cut enrollment in the Capital Region. In spite of this, the increasingly paranoid and agoraphobic cult leader Keith Raniere was loath to leave the region – and was, in fact, pretty much in hiding at the time. Under these circumstances, Sara Bronfman called a conference of the leading figures of NXIVM to plot the future of the cult. Sara picked up the phone to her old buddy Richard Branson and made arrangements for a plush conference in a beautiful surrounding. Sara was in charge of the exclusive guest list which included Nancy Salzman and Jim Del Negro as Keith Raniere’s personal emissaries. After pleasantries, cocktails, and sex, attendees got down to the business at hand. NXIVM’s Executive Board was created with key positions given out to trusted personnel.”

          • Thanks for your response…a couple quibbles…

            “The article was about Ally Wack, not Kreuk” Actually the article was about Vancouver actors involved in NXIVM. Mack was featured because she became “inner circle” and worse. Kreuk would have also been so featured if the reporter or her sources had knowledge she had done so too, instead of just being mentioned in passing.

            I don’t know how factual John Tigue’s Necker article is, but when he writes: “After pleasantries, cocktails, and sex, attendees got down to the business….” the fact that he threw in “sex” without explanation makes me suspicious he is capable of exaggerating what went on to entice readers.

            Thanks for being civil.

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