Raniere imitator? Singer William Control has sex cult, brands women and has sex contracts with slaves

Inside an Alleged Abusive Emo ‘Sex Cult’: ‘None of These Poor Girls Could Say No’

Multiple women claim that musician William Control is the leader of a violent ‘sex cult,’ branding women with his initials and forcing them to obey his every terrifying demand.

William Control has released multiple albums and toured extensively in the U.S. and U.K., cultivating an image that deals extensively in BDSM themes and imagery. The William Control websites link to his brand, Submit Clothing; a 2015 interview with the musician is titled “Dark Meets Domineering.”

But according to accusations made by multiple women, Control only purported to practice BDSM; in fact, they claim, he physically and emotionally abused women, ordered many of them to get matching tattoos of his initials, and even demanded contracts from his sexual partners or “slaves,” signed in their own blood. An excerpt from a pledge obtained by The Daily Beast reads, “My body is His to use in any way He should choose, and I will never object to any actions He chooses to perform, or have myself perform on Him. There is no limitation to what kind of pain I am willing to endure for my Master.”

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William Control – he’s no Vanguard!

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  • Yes, these women are more manipulatable, and these men are complete perpetrators in using that to their advantage, but these women still have a choice. It’s just more difficult for them to be more wary because of their insecurity and desire for human companionship. This is not a fault specific only to women. Men tend to be manipulated rather easily by beautiful women as well, but they too have a choice. Trotsky said, “complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness”. These are the type of things rational reasoning is supposed to prevent.

  • There appears to be a disturbing trend where women, who claim to want to be free of sexual abuse, actively seek out abusers.
    The same women who complain about an oppressive Patriarchy are actively seeking out men who are far more brutal than ordinary men.

    Is is something in the female psyche that compels women to seek out these abusive men?
    Do women crave Alpha males, even Alpha males who are abusive?
    Or are these just a few women who are attracted to these “men” because of childhood abuse or some personal traumas?

    • It a combination of factors including suppression of shadows causing a very unhealthy expression of them, mindlessly repeating old patterns, and the “education” system that very specifically teaches people not to think, rather to regurgitate whatever they are told.

      • Until the 1960s and the rise of Charles Manson and his gang of female murderers, it was unheard of for females to slavishly follow criminal men in an almost religious frenzy.
        Something in American society has broken and people have lost their moral compasses.
        Their ability to distinguish right from wrong.

        • I seriously doubt this is true. This has probably been true throughout human history. For example, Rasputin was from the early 1900s and he was man who held sway with many women as a so-called “holy man”, including Russian royalty. His rumored to be porn-sized penis (alleged to be almost as big as the largest penis that exists today) probably also drew many women to him.

        • Do some research into the colonial history of your nation. It was established by antinomian ‘cults’ from England who preached doctrines of ‘free grace’: John Cotton, John Wheelwright, Henry Vane and not forgetting the marvellous Anne Hutchinson: 14 children, many fathers. The foregoing isn’t a complete list by any means, just what I can recall on the fly.

    • 1 – “There appears to be a disturbing trend where women, who claim to want to be free of sexual abuse, actively seek out abusers.”
      No, abusers are good at spotting girls who are broken, insecure or similar, and present a fake image to attract them. Manipulation 101.
      2 – “The same women who complain about an oppressive Patriarchy are actively seeking out men who are far more brutal than ordinary men.” Because all these women are rabid feminists or? Where is your evidence of that? I’m not even a feminist, but this argument is remarkably weak.
      3 – “Is is something in the female psyche that compels women to seek out these abusive men?” No, it is the fact that psychopaths and people with strong psychopathic traits can fake an image of a ‘caretaker’ that someone who has a strong need to be loved often feels she needs.
      4 – “Do women crave Alpha males, even Alpha males who are abusive?” First part yes, second part no
      5 – “Or are these just a few women who are attracted to these “men” because of childhood abuse or some personal traumas?” They do not actually ‘want to’ be abused, they often, as I stated above, can have a need to feel ‘loved’ and ‘needed’ or similar. Massive difference

      • 1 — For all of the talk about #MeToo and women marching wearing Pink Hats, women are proving to be as conformist and slavishly devoted to reprehensible behavior as ever.
        How many women claim to be feminists and still supported Bill Clinton, the man who was accused by Kathleen Willey of sexual assault?
        These are the sexual-assault allegations against Bill Clinton

        2 — How was NXIVM’s Jness and DOS sold to women?
        As female empowerment programs.
        Yes, Ladies, you can be empowered by being branded like cattle and turned into sex slaves for a Man-Child named Keith Raniere.

        3 — Just Google around and you will find numerous articles about why women are attracted to sociopathic men.
        “Why are women attracted to sociopaths? – Forums at Psych Central”
        “Why Psychopaths Turn Women On – YouTube”
        “Why Smart Women Fall For Sociopaths, Narcissists And Psychopaths”

        4 — See my answer to # 3.

        5 — Nothing says “I love you” to a woman like her boyfriend (Keith Ranier) forcing her to always compete for attention with 57 other women.
        Raniere’s many girlfriends in NXIVM need to do some deep soul searching about what attracted them to Raniere.

        • 1 – This is like saying, ‘how many evangelists claim to be against adultery and still support Donald Trump, with his “Stormy” family history?’ They support Clinton cause they like his politics.
          2 – Well, because NXIVM poses as a self help group for women. Then it kinda makes sense to make it about women empowerment, don’t you think? Also, William Francis has nothing to do with NXIVM.
          3 –
          a – women are more easily emotionally manipulated than men
          b – insecure women can be made to mistake the socio-/psychopathic character for an actual alpha male
          c – psychopaths and sociopaths are great at manipulating in general, and WAY more of them are men (psychopathy ratio is 10:1 – 20:1 men:women for instance). The few female psychopaths and sociopaths that do exist are also good at manipulating people they have relationships with. If we reversed the psychopathy ratio, I’d guess a lot of men would have psychopath women as girlfriends or wives…
          4 – See above. Women like *dominant* men but dominant =/= abusive
          5 – I think you should read a bit more about how relationship manipulation works. Raniere didn’t walk up to women and say, hey you wanna be one of my 57 branded sex slaves?

  • wonder if he has ‘Die Young” tattooed on his toes? Looks just like any number of lost-boy cartoon-pimps hanging round the short-stay women only hostels of inner london. That 1940’s, too slick for the army look. Fetishising suicide, pain, etc. Probably mad at his dad/mum or jesus or god or the govt. NO college grade average at all, at all. Wasteman.

    • Meh. In the second picture he’s just ripping off the look of Mike Ness of the band Social Distortion from the song “Ball and Chain” video. Mike has a wife, two kids, is a vegan and a nice guy. It’s not the look that makes the copy cat an asshole.

      • yeah whatever dvd, That whole ‘spiv’ look is an old chestnut of a signifier, in this case i’d say the garments equal the man, no offence to your vegan nice guy, who’s obviously ‘subverting’ the whole ‘spiv/pimp’ image thing as just that.

  • It’s a wonder how all these losers get women in such manipulative ways while some of the good guys are sitting home alone. Not all of them of course, because there are enough good women out there who see their value, don’t take advantage of them, and see their worth.

    • Do not, under any circumstances, confuse the biological instinct of women liking ‘bad boys’ (dominant alpha males) with the systematic, intentional, manipulative abuse “men” like William Francis or Ian Watkins or Onision use to prey on their often insecure, traumatized, broken victims.

      • I didn’t say “bad boys”. I said losers. I never liked the “bad boy” term anyway. Women aren’t attracted to “bad boys”. They’re attracted to intelligent, confident, good looking (although looks aren’t as important to them as they are to men) men who are compassionate and empathetic, but also can be dominant when it counts like when protecting them or when matters in the bedroom call for it.

        • Bottom line is the fault is not with the women, these types of ‘men’ are apt at painting a fake image of themselves in order to attract insecure women. Psychopaths and people with psychopathic traits are very good at manipulating people, particularly insecure people, including through fake ‘love’.

    • Darth, I’m the poster child for your point. I met my charming much older ‘bad boy’ when I was 18. Spent 30 years attending to his every need while he brutally abused me. When I finally left him, he killed himself. Focused on my recovery from abuse and eventually struck up with one of the good guys sitting home alone. Wish to hell I would have seen the value in the good guy from the start. But, until I went through the hell of abuse, I didn’t value myself enough to value one of the good guys. Some of us women are destined to learn the hard way. I’m grateful the abuser didn’t kill me before I got to experience a good life with a healthy partner. Of course Nxivm targets young women – the ones unprepared to detect psychopaths. It’s the age-old story of the disordered wielding power and control over the vulnerable.

      • I’m sorry to hear about your sad story. But, I’m glad you finally got your life turned around even if it took you a while and you had to learn the hard way.

  • To quote Blue October
    There’s no forgiveness for you, you sick fuck

    See also -> Ian Watkins (lostprophets frontman, search if you don’t know). That slime is in jail now. Can we get this one there too? Preying on emotionally unstable, deeply insecure teenage girls, often with chronic depression or anxiety disorder, is among the lowest things you can do

    • Haha
      A rebel vampire….
      I think you hit the nail on the head with that description.

      Do woman prefer “boys boys”? That old saying has even going around for years, and I think it’s partially true. I think one reason is the so-called bad boys are more outgoing and more confident, and therefore much more likely to let a woman know he’s interested in her .
      From a woman’s perspective, I can tell you guys that can be attractive to a woman (as long as he’s not so interested that he seems creepy )

  • A comment in today’s Joe Hagin story referred to a San Francisco group that is violating NXiVM’s copyrights, and here’s a second one in the same day! A new business model for NXIVM, and new source of money for Raniere to defend himself, copyright infringements. Turn those lawyers loose, Clare.

    • The San Francisco group goes under the name OM or Orgasmic Meditation.
      It is associated with a company called OneTaste.
      It appears to be headed by a woman named Nicole Daedone.

      Looking at this group I understand somewhat so many women’s attraction to the man-boy Raniere.

      OM has centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and London.
      The American cities with OM Centers are places with NXIVM activities at one time.
      The classes are called “Intensives.” A phrase borrowed from Scientology and NXIVM.
      And Intensives can be expensive.

      Looking at their materials it seems with a little modification they could be used by NXIVM’s Jness or DOS units.
      Also the OM cult is associated with Zen Buddhism.

      Here are the titles of some of their videos:

      What I’ve Learned as a Stroker in Orgasmic Meditation
      Business Taboos: Emotional Intelligence
      How to Work With Desire
      How Following Desire Leads to Wellness
      OM How To: Upstrokes & Downstrokes
      More Myself — New York-based OM practitioner and creative director Christine shares the story of her journey through sexuality. She says “I didn’t want anyone to know that I loved sex. To come out as a woman that way. There’s a lot of shame that comes up. I was celibate for 5 years.

      The Director of OM OneTaste has this TED Talk up on Youtube



      In her TedX talk, Nicole shares why she was drawn to Orgasmic Meditation as her life practice. She says, “You get to have this most profound and deep experience with another human being.

      Nicole Daedone is a sought-after speaker, author, and educator focusing on the intersection between orgasm, intimacy, and life. She is the founder of OneTaste, a cutting-edge company bringing a new definition of orgasm to women. The practice at the heart of her work is called OM or Orgasmic Meditation. OM uniquely combines the tradition of extended orgasm with Nicole’s own interest in Zen Buddhism, mystical Judaism and semantics. Helping to foster a new conversation about orgasm —one that’s real, relevant, and intelligent—she has inspired thousands of students to make OM a part of their everyday lives.

    • Tex2
      I can’t see that comment you mentioned, nor do I see a Joe Hagin story dated today. Can you tell us where you see this comment please ?

      • Here is my comment yesterday about the NXIVM like group in San Francisco

        June 19, 2018 at 8:34 pm
        Great news for Nexians.
        There is a new sex cult run by a woman, that explores the universe through the power of the orgasm.

        Report alleges ‘sexual servitude’ at San Francisco-based ‘orgasmic meditation’ company

        Former employees of OneTaste say the San Francisco-based wellness company encouraged them to spend thousands of dollars on orgasmic meditation classes and, in some cases, engage in sexual servitude, according to a report.

        Bloomberg Businessweek interviewed 16 former OneTaste employees, some of whom compared it to “a kind of prostitution ring”

        Michal, another former employee, said she and her husband left the organization with $20,000 in debt, having spent $150,000 combined on OneTaste’s costly classes and retreats, which range in price from a $199 introduction course to $16,000 “intensives.” Multiple interviewees said staffers encouraged them to open additional credit cards to cover the cost, and they acquired serious debt in the process.


  • Shocking as it may seem, there are still NXSCUM supporters that believe in Keith.

    Your guru was a fraud, and a liar from the beginning. Both he and his slavemaster wife are looking at life in prison.

    Contemplate that…

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