Coincidence? Day after BuzzFeed reveals Trump aide Joe Hagin’s ties to NXIVM – he resigns

Joe Hagin

Is it a coincidence?

White House deputy chief of staff Joe Hagin announced his resignation, the White House said today.

Yesterday BuzzFeed – utilizing in part information provided by Frank Report – detailed Hagin’s association with Sara Bronfman, Basit Iget and, by extension, the sex slaver cult of NXIVM.  He was even invited to an intensive led by Nancy Salzman.

No reason was given for Hagin’s resignation.

Hagin got high praise for leading the advance team for President Trump’s historic summit with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. He will join the private sector upon his departure on July 6.  Perhaps he will work again for NXIVM interests.

“Joe Hagin has been a huge asset to my administration,” Trump said in a statement. “He planned and executed the longest and one of the most historic foreign trips ever made by a President, and he did it all perfectly.”

Will his ability to execute – perhaps for payment of million of dollars – be of some small service to those who may have a historic trial and one of the longest stays in a federal prison ahead of them, to people who now most desperately need his services?

Did Sara Bronfman, who reportedly paid him $10 million in the recent past, reach out to him?

Time will tell.

This illustration appeared yesterday in BuzzFeed of Hagin, suggesting his links to Keith Raniere, Basit Igtet and terrorist Ahmed Abu Khattala. Today Hagin resigned.


The Daily Mail also has an interesting take on the Hagin- NXIVM connection.

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  • Sara Bronfman? – reaching out? To commiserate with somebody? Isn’t Esther Chiappone delegated to perform empathetic responses for her? or is that just for teaching. Who handles her International Coup plotting comms.? Inquiring minds etc.

  • Great news for Nexians.
    There is a new sex cult run by a woman, that explores the universe through the power of the orgasm.

    Report alleges ‘sexual servitude’ at San Francisco-based ‘orgasmic meditation’ company

    Former employees of OneTaste say the San Francisco-based wellness company encouraged them to spend thousands of dollars on orgasmic meditation classes and, in some cases, engage in sexual servitude, according to a report.

    Bloomberg Businessweek interviewed 16 former OneTaste employees, some of whom compared it to “a kind of prostitution ring”

    Michal, another former employee, said she and her husband left the organization with $20,000 in debt, having spent $150,000 combined on OneTaste’s costly classes and retreats, which range in price from a $199 introduction course to $16,000 “intensives.” Multiple interviewees said staffers encouraged them to open additional credit cards to cover the cost, and they acquired serious debt in the process.

  • It’s the NXIVM Curse!

    Everyone who associates with NXIVM has their career cursed.

    Just ask Allison Mack, Nicki Clyne, India Oxenberg, Grace Park, Kristin Kreuk, Kristiana Loken, etc., etc. etc.

    • Though the careers of Grace Park and Kristin Kreuk have been damaged by their association with NXIVM, it is unfair to lump them with those lumps who did get deep into DOS.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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