Reader thanks this writer, refers people to Reddit on Raniere

On the surface, with a  purported heart full of love, Keith Raniere talks of ethics on a video. 

There is a bit of activity on the popular website on the topic of NXIVM and Keith Raniere. Indeed there are some posts purportedly written by Raniere.

I say “purportedly” since it seems improbable that Raniere would post under his own name on a popular website denying that NXIVM is cult and that he is not a pedophile.

As in this posting on Reddit: NXIVM is NOT a Cult. I am NOT a Pedophile. These are ALL LIES. These Links Prove it. (self.NXIVMsubmitted 12 days ago by keith_raniere

We can almost assume it is a faux Keith.

However there is a lively exchange from various NXIVM critics – the above post had 35 comments – which should make the site of some interest to NXIVM watchers.

As Raniere once said, in a video widely distributed by his critics, “the brighter the light, the more the bugs”. He was referring to the large amount of criticism his “light-filled” teachings and his life have provoked.

Of course some might say that that criticism is born of dark hypocrisy; that Raniiere’s teachings of gentle love and forgiveness stand in stark contrast to the trail of tears of women whom he has sought to destroy.

But, so as not to digress too far, here is the letter, sent to me today, referred to in the title of this post, “Reader thanks this writer, refers people to Reddit on Raniere”:

“Frank you have so much courage. There are many of us who are grateful to you and in awe of the way you have put your name on the line by doing this. We want to help anyway we can. I have been trying to post links to the Reddit conversations and to your articles as much as I can. People need to be aware.

“Your articles are all being posted on the Reddit NXIVM board. There are some reporters there and I think a lot of Keith’s victims. A lot of people have shared their experiences and I think a lot of it comes from your strength and courage. You set off a bomb and for the first time it looks like people are starting to feel like they have a voice against these bad people. Reddit seems like it is becoming central meeting place where people can talk without saying who they really are.

“I already sent you some of the links but I don’t know if you got them. Here is a link to NXIVM on Reddit. I think you probably are already writing there, but just in case.

“Here are the other ones I sent to you.

“God bless you Frank for what you are doing.”




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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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