Zogby Poll: Majority of Voters Believe Biden Is in Early Stages of Dementia


A majority (55%) of likely voters surveyed thought it was more likely (much more and somewhat more likely combined) that Vice President Biden is in the early stages of dementia, while 45% thought it was less likely (much less and somewhat less likely combined). Overall, subgroups who normally approve of Trump’s job as president, were the most likely to believe Biden could be suffering from dementia. Thus, majorities of Republicans (77% more likely/23% less likely) and Independents (56% more likely/44% less likely) thought Joe Biden had early-onset dementia; while nearly a third of Democrats (32% more likely/68% less likely) thought this was the case

At the same time, some important subgroups did not believe the vice president was exhibiting a declining mental capacity. While a majority of men (60% more likely/40% less likely) thought it this was likely, women (50% more likely/50% less likely) were less likely to think that the vice president was in the early stages of dementia.

There was also an inverse relationship in the data between age and the likelihood of voters believing Biden had early-onset dementia, for example; as the age of voters increased the likelihood of voters believing Biden was exhibiting early-onset dementia decreased. Younger voters aged 18-24 (60% more likely/40% less likely) and 18-29 (59% more likely/41% less likely) were more likely to believe Biden had dementia than older voters aged 65+ (50% more likely/50% less likely).

Likely voters living in medium size cities (61% more likely/39% less likely) were more likely to believe Biden had dementia than voters living in the suburbs (52% more likely/48% less likely) and large cities (55% more likely/45% less likely). Suburban women (49% more likely/51% less likely) did not think Biden was mentally slipping but men living in urban areas (62% more likely/38% less likely) believed so.

African Americans (43% more likely/58% less likely) were less likely than Hispanics (61% more likely/39% less likely) to think Biden was in the early stages of dementia.

The voters most likely to believe Biden was having cognitive issues were staunch Trump supporters; weekly Walmart Shoppers (64% more likely/36% less likely), weekly Amazon shoppers (67% more likely/34% less likely) and union voters (71% more likely/29% less likely).

The issue of both candidates’ physical fitness will be one of importance in the upcoming presidential election. Trump is 74 and is already taking heat about his health due to some unflattering images of him walking slowly. Questions surrounding Biden’s health and physical fitness will be front and center because the president will use this against the vice president. Truth be told, Biden has not looked that great in his few video appearances, and has yet to really hit the trail with a winning message due to Covid-19. At some point the former vice president will need to be his best if he is going to win over voters, and appeal to important swing voters in order to defeat President Trump. Right now voters have questions concerning Biden’s mental health and stamina, but will it cost him votes in November is undiagnosable at the moment.

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  • And then, franky, you wonder why google is actually censoring you…between the fact this website is full of conspiracy (one being censorship from google) and this kind of stories…

    It sure flies high around here.

  • Alternate headline: “Over Half of Americans Have Dementia – They Don’t Recognize That Sleepy Joe Has Dementia.”

  • We all know who Trump’s advisors are. No comment about that, but Biden’s advisors are largely an unknown quantity. If he wins, who will staff his administration? Nobody knows, but you can be sure that they will serve the same vested interests as Trump’s and Obama’s. They will kiss Wall Street beneath the tail, just as the Whitehouse always does. They will put the fabulously wealthy first, just as the White House always does. The average American will be considered as unimportant as the system dictates that they always will be.

    All you are voting for is what kind of rhetoric you’re going to hear after the election, and who will be the mouthpiece.

  • The dementia is so obvious I feel sorry for him. They are just using him now.
    He will pick a female VP, and step down after 6 months, and voila! Our first female president.

  • In this Time of Troubles with America surrounded by enemies both abroad and at home, can we afford to have a President like demented Democrat Joe Biden?

    Joe Biden should be worried about what kind of pudding they are serving him for lunch.
    Chocolate or butterscotch?

    For example, right now there is an Insurrection in downtown Seattle being conducted with the apparent complicity of the corrupt Democratic Seattle Mayor and the rotten Democratic Washington State Governor.

    This Insurrection is headed by a mysterious well-armed Gangster calling himself Raz.
    Who is Raz?

    EXCLUSIVE: The Mysterious Case of RAZ from CHAZ – BLM Warlord Owns Multiple Guns (including an Uzi), a Tesla, BMW and Jaguar XJ, Millions in Properties, and Is Supported by Dubai Government
    y Joe Hoft
    Published June 16, 2020 at 8:20pm

    Solomon Samuel Simone (aka RAZ from CHAZ or CHOP) is the proclaimed warlord of CHAZ, the multi-block area located in Seattle. Raz hates America but owns multiple guns, luxury automobiles, and millions in real estate.

    More importantly, Raz is supported by the Islamic government in Dubai.
    The leader of CHAZ, Warlord Raz Simone was previously identified running guns in the newly formed country in the center of Seattle. Today, we have more on RAZ thanks to the work of Yaacov Apelbaum.

    Raz the warlord doesn’t only run guns, he owns guns. Raz owns a couple of handguns, which were somehow ‘restored’ through a special intervention after a conviction.

    Raz also owns six semi-automatic rifles, including an AR-15 and AK-47 and an Uzi.

    He has armor-piercing bullets for these guns as well.

    Raz somehow received a grant for $82,000 from the city of Seattle to open his own studio in a building he purchased with another loan.

    And Raz owns multiple luxury cars, including a Tesla, a BMW and a Jaguar XJ.

    He also owns some prime real estate and rental properties.

    He owns the RAZ fashion line, the Aurora Smoke Shop, a social club called “The Spot”, and the Black Umbrella Corporation. All this came from funding in sweetheart deals.

    Raz’s public relations team has done a lot of work to portray Raz as a gangsta’. Oliver Darcy from CNN has helped him in shaping his image.

    Finally, and most importantly, Raz is connected to Islamists. He is involved in the manifesto, Washington State – the first black Muslim independent state. He also is being sponsored and has been hosted by the Dubai government. Raz’s anti-white and anti-America rants are supported. He also has been spotted attending the Sheik Zayed mosque.

    Of course, the Seattle occupation of CHAZ is linked to Islamists with millions.


    Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 2020

    The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, with the help of his funders and backers from various Red-Green Alliance organizations, is the primary enabler of the lawlessness and anarchy that has descendent and now engulfs NYC. Just like the local sheriff in Tombstone, he too issues directives to the NYPD and DA not to arrest the Antifa and BLM gangs of rioters and persecute their leaders.

    Welcome to the Minneapolis Caliphate
    We know that the Red-Green alliance is behind the riots and that they fully control BLM and other related organizations like ANSWER and Antifa. On the surface, It may not be obvious, but what the alliance is trying to achieve has little to do with the much needed criminal justice system reform. The real objective behind these riots is the creation of independent nation-state enclaves styled after the one operated by the Nation of Islam in Chicago. Once the alliance gets to control the territory, these self-governed entities will have their own paramilitary forces, police, an extortion based economy, and the ability to levy taxes and control their borders. In this vision of a quasi domestic Liberia, these enclaves will quickly expand into nearby neighborhoods, metastasizing and increasing their size and political influence.

    Due to the large and rapidly growing middle eastern population in many large cities in the US, highly saturated ethnic centers such as Dearborn, Minneapolis, Queens, and Brooklyn are ripe for this takeover. The funding for the expansion and growth of these city-states already comes from foreign sources such as Qatar and Turkey (through proxies like Mustafa Gulan), which have a major strategic interest in establishing these bridgeheads in US cities.

    If you think that this is some far fetched conspiracy theory, check out the city of Chicago. The west side is controlled by the narco-cartels’ militias and the south side by the Nation of Islam fruit of Islam battalion. The Chicago Police don’t dare to venture into these areas because of the natives’ superior firepower. The following causality stats illustrate just how these self-governed territories operate. Last week, between May 29 to June 1, 2020 (one weekend) Chicago had 85 shootings resulting in 24 people killed and 61 wounded. This is despite the fact that Chicago has one of the strictest anti-gun laws. Not surprisingly, there were no BLM demonstrations in these locations in support of any of the 24 victims—many of which were innocent law-abiding blacks.

    What Is to Be Done?
    The danger of allowing this trend to spread is that large urban areas like Minneapolis can become pseudo city-states. Ilhan Omar’s and Keith Ellison’s attacks on the police (carried out surreptitiously through their children) and their calls to defund it is just an opening gambit in this game. The rationale is that once law enforcement is out of these neighborhoods, the local chieftains and warlords would be able to form ‘Mogadishu style’ militias that will (depending on the ethnic makeup of the city-state) include either a foreign army of “cartel sicarios” or “jihadi brothers”. Once entrenched, the leadership will start shaking down the locals and making demands for millions of dollars in ‘protection fees’ from the state on the grounds of ‘no justice, no peace’ violence. Once this happens, we can kiss goodbye any enforcement of legal jurisdiction in these locations. An attempt to serve or execute US law in such enclaves will turn into a full-blown military confrontation—a risk that no state politician would dare to undertake. By the time that someone in DC does finally wake up and decides that we need to re-raise the American flag over these territories, they would have to conduct a house-to-house battle of Iowa Jima style operation.

    We know who is funding the Red-Green Alliance and who their leaders, organizers, and activists are. The time has come to act now! Anyone related to these organizations should be arrested and prosecuted, including leading media figures, academics, high-tech executives, and politicians. All foreign citizens involved in these subversive activities should be promptly detained and tried as enemy combatants by military tribunals. They should not have the benefit of access to our court system—where they can drag the process for years. Any foreigners who are even remotely affiliated with subversive political activity—including foreign students—should have their visas promptly canceled and be heavily fined and deported. Finally, violent foreign demonstrators and rioters should be treated as Ex parte Quirin; non-uniformed enemy saboteurs.

    • Protests in more than 50 countries.

      All organised by an evil 75-year-old guy in the hospital with a fake fractured skull.

      You’re right, Shadow; something needs to be done.

      And all because of a guy who was already dead when he was begging for some air.

    • Shadow,

      City state mini countries in the US?

      The United States is not Ancient Greece it Italy in the Age of Enlightenment.

      —The west side is controlled by the narco-cartels’ militias and the south side by the Nation of Islam fruit of Islam battalion. The Chicago Police don’t dare to venture into these areas because of the natives’ superior firepower.

      The United States is not Juarez Mexico.

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