Nancy Salzman Is in Prison; but Did She Blow It Badly By Seeking Delay?

Nancy Salzman

Nancy Salzman, 67, is in federal prison. She reported on Monday.

She was convicted almost three years ago, in March 2019, the first of five defendants to take a plea deal in the NXIVM prosecution. She was sentenced to three-and-a-half years on a single racketeering conspiracy count.

The sixth defendant, Keith Raniere, went to trial, was convicted, and sentenced to 120 years.

Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere

According to the US Bureau of Prisons, Salzman is at FCI Hazelton, a medium-security prison for male inmates, and high security facility for females, in Preston County, West Virginia. The prison’s nickname is “Misery Mountain” and houses around 600 females, some of them the most hardened in the federal system.

According to her attorney, Robert Soloway, Salzman had been assigned to FCI Alderson, a prison camp, nicknamed “Camp Cupcake,” [AKA Martha Stewart’s Prison] with a report date of January 19th.

Salzman then chose to seek a one-month delay in reporting in order, she said, to take her 94-year-old mother to a medical appointment, which she claimed no one else in her family could do, and also because of the COVID conditions at Alderson.

The request for the delay may have been the mistake of her life, next to deciding to partner with Raniere.

Salzman went from an assignment at a minimum-security camp at FPC Alderson, where she would reside dormitory style, without walls or prison cells, to FCI Hazelton, where she will be behind gated walls, with stern COs, likely in a cramped prison cell, and surrounded by all manner of women from violent offenders to drug addlepated and mentally ill inmates.

This dramatic change in locations – from one West Virginia facility to another – may have been caused by any number of reasons.

There may have been no open beds in Alderson on February 21st, when she was to report, though there was on January 19th.

It may be for some other bureaucratic reason.

She may have been assigned to Hazelton because of medical reasons.

The assignment to Hazelton may be temporary or permanent.

It is a 3 hr 46 min (210.1 mi) drive via I-79 N from Alderson to Hazelton.


FPC Alderson


FCI Hazelton

One thing is certain. She was to report to Alderson in January and the BOP now lists her as being in Hazelton.

The real reason for the change, however – though it may never be a matter of official record – may be because of the contents of the letter her attorney wrote to Judge Nicholas Garaufis seeking the delay in reporting.

He chose to tell the judge about the bad conditions in Alderson because of their “failed” COVID response – and he disputed the BOP’s report on the facility’s safety.

Asked what a new inmate could expect, a former inmate told the Albany Times Union, “Nobody’s going to beat you up…. the camp situation is, if you get into a fight, they’re going to send you to an FCI (Federal Correctional Institute). The camp is the easiest time you can do…. once you get to a camp, you’re not going to do anything to blow that.”


Dormitory beds at Alderson.

Soloway wrote that Salzman “is very fearful of entering into a facility [such as Alderson] that is in the throes of a failed response to a COVID surge and is reportedly unsafe.”

To complete the picture his client hoped to paint for the judge to consider in deciding whether to request for a delay, Soloway quoted news reports castigating the BOP and a prison consultant who said how bad it was at Alderson during the COVID surge to support Salzman’s delay request.

The judge granted the delay.

In the intervening month before her original “Report Date” and her new “Report Date,” it appears that the BOP changed her assignment from Camp Cupcake to Misery Mountain.



Salzman’s prisoner number is #25533-052.

Viva Executive Success!



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  • I don’t know Nancy Salzman or any more f this group but I found her to be very sincere in both her story , her willingness to truly try to understand the wrong she participated in. I think she doesn’t deserve to be in prison. She never branded any women or even knew it was happening !

  • True to NXIVM teachings. Your self-esteem is determined by being able to see the options and choices we have in our lives. Nancy made the choice to tell an ethical lie to the judge regarding her role in the care of her mother.

    Now Nancy lives with the consequences!

    Let’s hope Nancy learns to make better choices at Hazelton.

  • “Did She Blow It” was the headline question in this post.

    Considering how all the Nx defendants got themselves in legal trouble, maybe it’s “Apropos” to say Nancy was part of a group blow job.

  • Nancy does not deserve to be in a medium facility. She is not a violent offender. I hope she is able to teach others how to be successful when they get out. Nancy is an awesome human and I am grateful for her. I’m praying she is out early.

    • She put herself there

      She lied about being the only one able to take her mother to her medical appointment and was fearful of COVID.

      Nancy would be in Camp Cupcake and a month into her prison sentence done.

      • airr, Lair- you’re a bad speller to boot. How would you possibly know the family dynamics to make that statement? Unless you are one of the disgruntled family members yourself trying to get power and recognition or just a troll with nothing better to do than to make random assumptions about someone else’s family matters.

  • It does not provide any feeling of satisfaction to make someone suffer even though she made others suffer by being complicit with Raniere.

    I hope Nancy stays healthy, completes her time, and is able to help some inmates get their GEDs and life skills necessary to live outside prison walls.

    • Salzman is not that smart, really.

      Helping others get their GED, well maybe.

      Hope she has a good experience, stays safe, and reflects on how she ended up there.

      How she repays for all her crimes against all those she harmed and makes amends to them all might help her move forward with her life

  • CIVIL CAUSE FOR Show Cause Hearing & Status Conference
    BEFORE JUDGE: Eric Komitee, U.S.D.J.
    DATE: 2/17/2022
    TIME IN COURT: 45 Mins.
    DOCKET NUMBER: CV 20-0485
    TITLE: Edmondson et al v. Raniere, et al

    FTR LOG: 1:42 – 2:31

    Plaintiffs: Neil Glazer, Zahra Dean,
    Clare Bronfman: Ronald Sullivan
    Sara Bronfman: Jaime Wareham
    Dr. Roberts: Dr. Danielle Roberts (appearing pro se)
    Nicki Clyne: Nicki Clyne (appearing pro se)
    Dr. Porter: Dr. Brandon Porter (appearing pro se)

    SUMMARY: No later than February 25, 2022, Plaintiffs shall file (publicly) a copy of their December 17 letter, redacted as discussed on the record. By February 25, Plaintiff shall file (i) a second amended complaint as discussed on the record and (ii) a chart (under seal) that includes the full names of the plaintiffs who are proceeding pseudonymously or on a first-name basis. The supplemental materials submitted with Plaintiffs’ December 17 letter shall remain under seal for the time being. The parties — including pro se defendants, if they choose — are ordered to meet and confer, and let the Court know by February 25 if they come to agreement regarding the sealing or redaction of those documents. Defendant Clyne’s motion to compel [138] is moot in light of the above.

  • Sucks to be in prison. Too bad the apprehension she is feeling was not present when she was committing the crimes that put her there.

    • No judge decides that, they can only recommend. The decision about the choice of the prison is the sole responsibility of the BOP.

  • I think you may not have this right. Their website says it’s medium and that it’s also a medical facility. › locations › haf
    FCI Hazelton – BOP
    Jul 19, 2021 — FCI Hazelton. A medium security federal correctional institution with a secure female facility.

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