Monte Blu: I am not Keith Raniere, but I will deliver a true message of him and his people!

By Monte Blu

During times of adversity, I find it best to step back and deal with ethics. The problem here is that people believe almost anything they see on the internet.  Marck has written that he thinks I am Keith Raniere.

I am not. I am a woman and I have my own independent life. Sure I know Keith Raniere and by trying to help you see how good he is, perhaps I was trying to lift up my life a trifle.

This blog Frank Report is highly unusual in that it purports to bringing out memories, feelings and anticipation of supressives who once were cared for by Keith Raniere.

Most of it is very biased against Keith. They make it out like he is going to hurt people, forgetting he is a living breathing man [and ‘all man,’ I might add] who sleeps [although a lot less than we all do] and sits at the table for breakfast.

Keith is a builder of human beings. He takes the weak  – those who are small and will never amount to anything and instead of doing away with them – as society does – he helps them. He gives them the priceless gift of knowledge.

His life is a wonderful tale of salvation, friendship, dedication and humanity (represented through his teachings.) A laser-like summary of his story could be: Keith Raniere is a man, born like any other. He saves humanity from extermination by nurturing the weak and fearful through his loving hands, But humanity cannot accept his priceless gift and wants to execute him. He tries to keep his mission alive by creatively awakening his followers to come forward and sacrifice themselves not for him but for the mission.

Keith Raniere is a poetic metaphor for pure goodness in a dark and malicious world.

I strongly suggest taking time to study his teachings, sign up for his courses, pray to him [he hears your prayers on some level] and find the obedient disciple within you.

In the case of Keith, the Vanguard of humanity, he worked on his teachings by building it endlessly. No one has ever worked harder than him. He barely sleeps. He is extremely good and wonderful for those who are good and he causes terror; is terrifying, for those who are evil.

Vanguard stands at the vanguard of humanity, says Monte Blu.

Vanguard stands at the vanguard of the foundation of the rest of human history. How he thinks about and builds this foundation will affect humankind forevermore. His foundation becomes our data. His foundation is his precious words. Most importantly, his foundation is the meaning we learn from his words.

How will our history books read tomorrow if the suppressives destroy Keith? Well, although Keith in centuries to come will be seen as a hero, one might hope there would be enclaves of people during his lifetime who record the “truth” of his greatness.

Of course, if Keith can be structurally powerful [and he is] he can eliminate all evil doers through his genius. Then, the history of the world would be irreversibly changed into a more noble civilization.

The web however has lots of lies about Keith – first among them is this abomination called the Frank Report. I am the only one of Keith’s many ardent admirers who uses this blackguard Parlato’s website to reverse his own energy.  But the web is so structurally powerful it could facilitate the substitution of lies for truth, literally subverting Keith’s glorious history. Currently, this potential result depends largely on what you, the reader, choose to read on the net.

The lies or the truth.

Keith carefully thought out and picked the message he gives to the world. Does Frank do the same? No; he just publishes evil about Keith Raniere  He knows such a false message could determine the life or death of the mission and Keith himself. This makes Frank Parlato the near equivalent of Adolf Hitler. Hitler tried to exterminate the Jews and Parlato is trying to exterminate Nxians.

While Jews are pretty OK people, they do not have the truth. Nxians are people taught by a true Vanguard. Parlato knew people would believe the lies he wrote. He will go down in history as Luciferian number #1. The worst person who ever lived. He is Lucifer in my book.

An opposite process of what Parlato is doing – creating lies and and false propaganda – is the being done by Keith – he tells the truth and his messages is the issue of our times.

A short time ago, much of what was said about Keith Raniere remained in the NXIVM community. Data enclaves preserved humanity’s ability to ultimately find truth through independent accounts of data later to become history. Now with what is being put on the web – by this website and other less than honest media – they potentially obstruct the most important data from getting out to the rest of the world: The globally unifying teachings of Keith Raniere who would propagate and facilitate tremendous synergy.

Keith Raniere is working vigilantly to carry on the work of ethics as the Dalai Lama humbly admitted, Monte Blu explained: “The Dalai Lama realized how spiritual Keith was and humbly gave Keith a white scarf of purity, much like a student gives his teacher an apple. In this respect, the Dalai Lama was acknowledging Keith as his guru,” said Monte Blue.

Do not let this be obstructed by falsehoods in the media.

Keith knew this would happen. He knew the devil Frank would distort the data and may destroy all possibility of independent data verification by creating co-effects between data sources and tainting isolated independence.

This is why Keith kept his teaching for select individuals. This is why he had students sign confidentiality agreements. This is why he charged for classes. He did not want to charge. He is a renunciant. He needs no money. He wants to give his wisdom away. But alas the world is not ready for it. He had to be selective for the safety of humanity.

Still, he is  radiant. He is joyful and hopeful. The web is a global communication network which connects humans in almost uncountable combinations, facilitates a world society and culture, and ultimately can unite or destroy  humanity. In the brightest of futures, people will edify Keith and deem it their responsibility to each other and future generations to uphold and edify him. Through the ethical use of this greatest of all resources – the mind of Vanguard – the effects of our lives will emanate from now until the end of human time upholding noble values recorded in light, readable words and pictures: The words and the image of Vanguard.

Lauren Salzman could be the one way back to Keith Raniere, according to Monte Blu.

Sadly, the web has the potential of a global communication network were truth is changed irreversibly through disproportionate representation. Disproportionate representation is the ignoble use of many lies to overcome truth; where “loudness” is a value superior to validity – in effect the killing of a less politically powerful truth by a falsehood.

In either case, the present is a point from which to proceed. Everything we write on the internet, no matter how small, has global effects – and those effects will propagate for the rest of human history. Will those effects be rays of joy and hope such as Keith wants for us or power driven falsehoods foisted as, and ultimately becoming, reality – as Frank wants?

As you can tell, I am not Keith Raniere. I am his follower. And this is why I am asking you to boycott the Frank Report: We now are initiating the future legacy of humanity. If we are not loyal to Keith – if we do not approach him with noble joy- no amount of compensation will rectify our effects.

Are we willing to uphold the heroic image of Keith Raniere who purposefully kept a faith and upheld honor?

The hallowed halls of NXIVM is the true home of Keith Raniere. He lives there eternally as brilliant and beautiful and loyal to the end. His memory will be treasured forever.

Yes it might take us a lifetime to realize it, but as Keith says , “A lifetime? That’s what we have.”

If you think about it, it is quite a responsibility: but followers of Keith should write a little something on the internet every day about Keith and it will become part of human recorded history – forever!

If humanity is to survive, it must follow Keith Raniere, Monte Blu says.

If one considers the modern era as starting with the birth of Keith Raniere, we do find ourselves positioning the bottom-most cornerstones on which the rest of human history will be built – forever. How carefully should we place such cornerstones? How carefully should you consider what you write about Keith on the web? Do you think we currently live up to this challenge?

If humanity is to grow beyond being a savage arrogant jungle, we as members of NXIVM must think; must care; must love. We must be willing to help each other thereby lifting ourselves up just a trifle. Keith will do the rest. He is the Atlas who never shrugs.

When we write anything about Keith as the foundation of human history we must view it as a type of responsibility entrusted to us by a thousand, thousand future generations – Keith’s messages will persist, with their effects, long after we are all forgotten and gone and only Keith remembered.

Clare Bronfman is trying to make the world more noble by funding Keith Raniere’s lawsuits, says Monte Blu.

Global data and communication has elevated the position of Frank Parlato to one of humanity’s biggest enemies. I can only hope each of us, in our capacity as a Nxian approaches this work of boycotting Frank as humanity’s enemy. [I know a lot of you read Frank Report because you want to know what lies are being written about Keith, and about your friends and about you.  Stop now. Let this be the last time you log on to this odious website.]

Never forget Keith. Although he loves his enemies, he must teach them justice. None of them, not Sarah, Mark, Toni, Barbara, Kristin, Susan, ever left their place in his heart. This is the secret reason why he sued them: To teach them justice – for their own sake. In this respect, Clare is an angel of mercy who helps him. Once they learn and repent, he will forgive them. How hard he has tried to find Kristin to invite her back into the hearth of his love. How hard he has tried to persuade Toni and Barb to become spiritual. You know they left him because he would not submit to their selfish desire to prevent him from teaching others thirsty for knowledge.

As for wayward Sarah – you know she begged and dreamed of being a member of the sorority. Small minded people intimidated her into betraying Keith like Judas betrayed Jesus. And Mark, poor boy, he was misled by his wife – like Eve to Adam …  She has Luciferian tendencies. Sad are the ways of fickle woman since the first man and the first woman.

Monte Blu is asking Mark Vicente and Sarah Edmondson to call Barry Meir [above] of the New York Times and recant what they told him.
Still Keith is in a class by himself. He forgives them. The wisest thing they can do for the sake of the present and future is to recant the lies they said and beg Keith [through Lauren] to be forgiven. He will give you penance and a chance to come back. It might be a good idea to write and publish a statement saying you lied about everything and contact Barry Meir at the New York Times and ask him to write the story of how you lied to him. Then call the FBI and tell them that you lied and ask their pardon. This is the ethical thing to do.

Not often does someone comes along who is a true friend and a Vanguard. Keith Rainere was both to all of you. Do not lose this precious gift of human life and lose the true savior that you were vouchsafed to meet.


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  • Monte Blu is sadly intrapped by a madman.
    Dear Ms Monte Blu,
    do not think by showering this man Keith Raniere, with praise and adoration that one day you will sit at his side as a queen, you will not. He already has a queen, it is his ego, it is himself. People like KR, at the core of their being, hate weak people. The more they deceive those around them the weaker they become to him and the more he hates.
    Move on with your life and pray that one day you will forget this little shitass….

  • >”While Jews are pretty OK people,”

    lol at this transition in paragraphs i knew it was satire but still probably written by keith

  • This is some funny stuff right there. I nearly chocked on my word salad. I needed a laugh for the day.

    If its not Keith its his brain dead flock crowd sourcing some Vanguard fan fiction, or maybe its Pam writing from the grave or just maybe Keith is wearing a dress and his female alter is writing this crap.

    I especially liked this nugget : ” while Jews are pretty good people they do not have the truth” – Racist much?
    Monte Blu are you implying that Jews are an inferior race. I have always thought Keith to be anti-semitic. So just maybe Keith is finding too much time on his hands south of the border down Mexico Way.

  • Right…. so poor boy Mark left because of Eve. It couldn’t be anything to do with what he discovered about Vandouche, his high-ranked Flying Monkeys and the organization in general??? Nope nothing to do with that! Must be that Eve threw him off track…. Uh-huh

  • VanDouche wrote a number of times under “Keith Raniere” towards the end at over ten years ago, so you can compare what was written by “Monte Blu” here to what was written there and see if there are a number of similarities to warrant the notion that they are the same person.

  • If Raniere is all these things, if he is the Good Shepherd of the small, why did he abandon his clueless flock?

  • If Monte Blu is calling for a boycott of Frank’s blog, does that mean that this is the last time we will hear from her?

  • Dear Keith. No one says bogus humanitarian words like “IGNOBLE” -other than you. You are such a sad little man. But don’t stop writing! you should make it a persistency, and you might get better!

  • Thanks so much Monty Python. That’s some FUNNY shit, and I needed a good laugh.

    If Keith is such a wonderful person, and so ethical, why does he do so much to hurt and destroy people? Or are you claiming most charges against him are false? Of course, you also claim it was ethical for Keith to have sex with 12 year olds. The children he raped later pressed charges against him, so I don’t think they believed being raped by Keith was an experience they enjoyed.
    Statutory rape is against the law, Monty, as you know. Since you admit that Keith did commit Statutory rape, you know perfectly well he has broken the law. But yet you believe that laws don’t apply to Keith? He should be able to break any laws he wishes because he’s a self -appointed God?
    Wow, perhaps that an excuse all the criminals can use to try and have charges against them dropped…”I’m a God and laws don’t apply to me”…

  • Okay – I just read the entire thing. The over the top language, the ideas expressed are so over the top and beyond rational thought that this Monte Blu has got to be a writer of satire. There’s no way one can read or write this stuff with a straight face.

    > He will give you penance and a chance to come back. It might be a good idea to write and publish a statement saying you lied about everything and contact Barry Meir at the New York Times and ask him to write the story of how you lied to him. Then call the FBI and tell them that you lied and ask their pardon. This is the ethical thing to do.< Monte Blu


    • Now compare this with “If you were the judge of your wrongs, to right them would be impossibly hard. But you are dealing with people who think differently than you. You remember the anger and spite with which you did these actions – this was so intense, you imagine it to be impossible to undo. When you deal with compassionate people, if you take way the ‘intensity of emotion, the actions maybe are not that bad and possibly easier to rectify than you can imagine.”

      from Keith Raniere’s letter to Toni Natalie, available for reading here:

      They both seem over the top in very similar ways.

    • Yep. This is VanDouche thinking he’s smarter than everyone else. It’s effectively a double entendre. None of these things ridiculous things he believes about himself. It’s an over-the-top self-ego masturbation that only the gullible people would believe. It’s his way of saying, I’m the leader of fools who have a lot of money controlling every aspect of their lives and there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Repent Sarah and Mark!

    Repent by recanting the truth you told and tell all that you lied.

    Repent by lying now and telling all that you told lies.

    Upside down is right side up. Left is right. And forwards is backwards.

    Repent now and take your place in the word salad Universe of Vantard!

    Repent in this confusion to return to his world of grandiose delusion!

  • > [and [Keith is] ‘all man,’ I might add]< ~~ Monte Blu

    LOL this is where I stopped reading…. because whoever this person is, he/she is also a liar. Or, so swept away by bullshit that the ability to discern the truth is greatly diminished.

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