Lizzie Harding Needs Help – Accused Husband of Pedophilia Without Evidence

I happened to write two posts on Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Harding Weinstein, the woman who accuses her lawyer husband of being a pedophile, without evidence, and lost custody of her children.

Hearing For Stay-at-Home Mother, Lizzie Harding, Over Removal of Guardian Who Took Her Assets and Made Her Homeless

And Vicious, Crazy Battle Between Homeless Mother Lizzie Harding, and Wealthy Lawyer Husband Brian Weinstein – but Who’s Telling the Truth?

It was the second post that provoked Lizzie’s ire.

She texted me:


[I saw] your BS fluff piece promoting Pedophile Brian Stryker Weinstein.  You willfully misrepresent facts to help the pedo &  desperately try to insert doubt into my competency.  Ha! Good luck with that – you look foolish.   I’ll warn the rest of the advocates about you.

I texted back:

Yeah, you do that. Most people who read the story thought you did not deserve to lose you kids.  But you’re misreading it – a fair and balanced story about your dispute and your belligerent, threatening attitude suggests you may have gotten the results you deserve.

I will contact Mr. Bunting [her guardian because a judge ruled she was mentally incompetent] to see what his view is and contact Mr. Weinstein [her ex husband].

I wonder if you haven’t tried to ruin his life, and, if he is a victim of pedophilia that is a lot different than being a pedophile.  Have you been the architect of the destruction of your family? And do you need mental health help?

I described your arrest on your mask issue giving you the benefit of the doubt. But based on your colossal misinterpretation of my story I can see you’re a belligerent type – who likes to confront and attack first – and ask questions later.

Lizzie wrote:

Your mask is off, Sir.  You’re found out.  it’s sick and despicable what you are doing. Good luck. Cease and Desist with all contact of me.


I did not contact her again. But she had no problem with commenting on my website:

Elizabeth Harding Weinstein:

THIS GUY FRANK IS A TOTAL FRAUD WHO HELPS PEDOPHILES. Look up rapist, pedophile and previous DSS lawyer Nick D’Angelo/. Frank is associated with Nick & aids and abets Nick’s practice.

These pedos are a cult. Parasites. Lowest of the low. So lame.

They abuse Mental Hygiene Laws over their victims to get torture and control them. Brian [her husband] didn’t “hire” O’Connor Professional to get help with an Article 81, Brian hired O’Connor professional to falsify medical documents. It’s a whole industry.

Elizabeth Harding Weinstein:

ALSO- the proper response to anyone making “false” or “exaggerated” claims against a LAWYER (or anyone) is for that LAWYER to bring a SLANDER OR LIBEL SUIT. Duh. It’s not to evict them, kidnap the kids, seize their belongings, seize and dissipate all their assets, and seek Guardianship over someone.

Why didn’t my LAW PARTNER HUSBAND bring a defamation lawsuit for me showing everyone the evidence that he is a PEDOPHILE and A SOCIOPATH WHO SEEKS DESPOTIC CONTROL OVER HIS VICTIMS? Because Brian Stryker Weinstein is a pedophile & sociopath, and the evidence is real. Duh.

You look silly. This is PEDOPHILE PROPAGANDA.

Good luck with your bogus reporting. Are you part of the Volpe/Fox reporting team? This sounds just like him.

Elizabeth Harding Weinstein


You can’t even get the obvious false arrest right.

Online Damage to Husband

Lizzie has been successful in destroying the online reputation of her husband. I ran a Google search on Brian Stryker Weinstein – and Lizzie comes up first and all over the top ten searches.

Number one is

Calling Brian a “domestic violence abuser,” and a pedophile, again without evidence, she tells her story and, to date, has collected 273 signatures.  She provides links to videos. One of these is her needless arrest for refusing to wear a face mask in Briarcliff Manor town hall.

Her story, on, is:

Liz HardingFrom

“Elizabeth Harding Weinstein is a competent and capable 49 year old woman, a Columbia University graduate, and a stay at home Mother of 3 for 17.5 years who has been trafficked into an Illegal, Fraudulent Guardianship by NY Westchester Judge Judge Janet C. Malone as a tool of expediency for domestic violence and seizure of assets during a contentious divorce.

“The fraudulent guardianship was petitioned by Brian Stryker Weinstein, Elizabeth’s Domestic Violence Abuser and estranged spouse, from whom she filed for divorce on June 6, 2020 after finding Brian’s online pedophilia content and sexual solicitation of minors. Brian is a Sr Litigation Partner at Davis Polk, a previous clerk on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, with heavy influence over the courts, and a Board Member of Duke University Keenan Institute for Ethics.   This calls into question the nature of business of Duke’s “Ethics.”

“After confronting Brian in May 2020, Brian went missing, and immediately financially procured falsified medical documents over his victims to get Elizabeth falsely committed, and get a diagnosis of “crazy”, to discredit his victims and give Brian a cover for his pedophilia….


“Brian then used ex parte, and some ex post facto Orders to evict Elizabeth from her home, her children’s lives, and her belongings.   Judges protect Brian and refuse to give Elizabeth due process or a trial on any allegations.


“Since filing for divorce, Brian has unlawfully left Elizabeth homeless, seized her passport, assets, mail and belongings and used familiar judges and police to torture and abuse Elizabeth….

“Brian sociopathically requested the court commit Elizabeth to a long term care facility and force her medications over objection, even though Elizabeth is a previous ER/ICU nurse, with insight into her care, who is on no medications her whole life. Brian’s conflict was clear, Elizabeth’s competency is self-evident, as was Janet C Malone’s intent to traffic Elizabeth no matter what.

“THIS PREDATORY PRACTICE HARMS US ALL.   Brian lays the groundwork to traffic competent people who stand up against pedophilia.   Brian is indoctrinating future generations into pedophilia via influencing boards at higher institutions of learning.  WE MUST CALL OUT THIS PRACTICE AND STAND UP AGAINST IT, OR ALL BECOME ENSLAVED.


More Search Results

Continuing my Google search, I found, under “People also search for,” the following:

All over the internet searches for Weinstein reveal his dispute with Lizzie. It can’t be good for business.  He is a partner with the law firm of Davis Polk. This also hurts their children.

On the first page of my search “Brian Stryker Weinstein,” is Lizzie’s Army, her Facebook page, where she starts with My Husband, Brian Stryker Weinstein, is a pedophile. He is also a very good lawyer, a ‘nice guy,’ a Partner at Davis Polk & Wardwell.”

We have an podcast, with Lizzie saying she is “a survivor of pedophilia, domestic violence and narcissistic abuse.”

There are dozens of postings, videos and podcasts by and about Lizzie, calling her husband a pedophile. While I have not studied them all – of those I examined, I did not find a single instance where she provided proof.

Lizzie has lost contact with her children. Her husband got custody and they are adults or nearly adults, old enough to contact her. Apparently they do not.

I wonder what legal machinations her husband, who’s an experienced lawyer with a prominent law firm, arranged.  He got her guardian appointed. Was it through improper influence?

She presents crazy.

There is a transcript of a hearing where she was trying to get her guardianship terminated based on jurisdiction.

Reading it, it appears the judge might have been willing to do it. But she argues him down for 77 pages, so that he ends up not hearing the motion. The judge asks her to stop interrupting him and she accuses him of crimes.

Like her fight over the mask, when she was fighting to get custody of her children and instead gets arrested. She tries to get a judge to terminate the guardianship and instead goes on the attack on the judge.

Finally he doesn’t even want to listen anymore. She turns the judge against her.

If you look online, you see stories of her blasting Weinstein as a pedophile. From what I could see, there’s no evidence of him being a pedophile. There seems to be evidence that he was a victim when he was young, and he refused to reject or disassociate with whoever abused him. That’s not the same as being a pedophile.

Lizzie accused me of supporting pedophilia because I once had an employee who got charged with sex crimes. It had nothing to do with his work at my place.

I see in Lizzie a propensity to accuse first and not bother much with evidence. Is that what she did with her husband?

Mental Illness?

Brian Stryker Weinstein

There’s reportedly a video, which I have not seen, where Lizzie is confronting Weinstein in the lobby of a hotel, where she is going through his emails. She’s recording it and there is an email shown onscreen about her being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

At first, I felt sorry for her. When you hear the story at face value, this woman’s a victim, and the man a scoundrel.

Now, I’ve begun to feel sorry for the guy; if you look up his internet record, he’s got these allegations of pedophilia. The guy has to make a living.

I don’t know if he played the legal game fast and loose, and swept the kids out of her life. I don’t know why they couldn’t make arrangements for Lizzie to see the children. I’m told the children don’t want to see her. Maybe they do and he’s prevented it.

Her husband petitioned to have a guardian appointed. Did the guardian did get her out of the divorce without a settlement? If he just sold her out to Weinstein’s interests and she doesn’t get any alimony or spousal support, after they were together for a good number of years, that’s improper.

Does she have evidence of him being a pedophile?  Did she discover pictures? Was there a complaint from someone? Online, there are websites that bought her story without vetting.

I want to know what what the Guardian did or did not do? Granted she shot herself in the foot based on the transcripts of her hearing. But did the guardian take care of her, or was he working for someone else?

In the transcript, the guardian tells the court he’s tried to reach her. She won’t respond. He says he gives her money for food. He said he’ll sign a lease, if she wants to rent an apartment. But she doesn’t respond to him.

An Anonymous View of Lizzie

Someone who claims to know Lizzie and her ex-husband wrote to me.  The person, whose identity I do not know, uses the pseudonym, Ann Smith:
Ok, first of all, I am posting under a pseudonym because when others have ever said anything that conflicts with her narrative, she will go after them and their families. She has called people’s employers, stood outside people’s houses, posted personal and slanderous information about them etc. so I prefer to do It this way.
I have known Liz and her family for many years. She is bipolar and when on meds, is a somewhat “normal” person, mother, wife etc. but in 2020 when COVID first hit, she went off the meds and went into a hypo manic state.
She decided on her own that her husband is a pedophile and had been molesting their children although none of them have ever said anything about It and vehemently denied any wrongdoing at all.
Brian was worried obviously about her wellbeing and asked her to be evaluated by a professional and she refused. And still refuses even though she says she is a “competent” “sane” women with nothing to hide.
Her manic state was putting her children in harms way and he had no choice but to get an order of protection and hence she has lost everything: her house, husband, kids, friends. He eventually had a guardian appointed because of her mania and inability to keep herself safe. She repeatedly says she does this all for her kids but in reality she puts them in danger repeatedly by posting their names, pictures, schools, addresses and phone numbers on the internet.
Two of them are adults and can see her if they want but they refuse until she gets help. Brian has given her money all along but she won’t pick It up.
She was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest because when she was asked to wear a mask in a public building. She was also mandated to psychiatric hospital. I could go on and on and happy to answer any questions but the important thing to know is that she is a dangerous woman

I replied: Any more details you can provide would be good

Ann wrote, Good!!
I mean, I could go on and on. One thing that has always dumbfounded me was that she repeatedly states that despite the fact he is a “pedophile” her wish is for her kids to have “an open and honest relationship” with their Dad. So, she “knows” he is molesting them but doesn’t want him in jail, wants them to have a loving relationship with him????? What kind of “safe and protective” mother would say that????
While I know she is sick and needs help, I also think she is an inherently bad person who only cares about herself and will take anyone down who gets in her way. The craziest part is that Brian has never once in these past two years said anything bad about her. He has raised those kids by himself while also trying to fix the messes she keeps making. She has repeatedly violated every single order of protection, has been caught stalking people and has made peoples lives a living hell.
Happy to answer anything else

I asked: Is Brian a pedophile ?
Ann: No. Not in a million years
It’s akin to asking if he’s a woman or if he is black. He’s just not. 
Also, I am NOT friends with him. I know him but I was closer to Liz. So I’m not doing any of this for his benefit. 

Parlato: Why don’t her children who she is fighting for want to see her ?

Ann: Because she is in a manic state. The few times she saw them in the last few years, she video taped the meeting and spent most of the time yelling at the supervisor for doing his job. Other times she refused to even go because she said the supervisor was paid by her husband. When she did see them she spends the whole time telling them they’re being molested. Told her older son she wanted to “get the demon” out of him etc.
Would you want to see her?? They know she’s sick and they do love her but all three refuse any contact unless she gets serious medical help.
Elizabeth Harding with her children.

Another Anonymous View

Another individual, whose identity I do not know commented about Lizzie. Normally these should not be given much credence, but since Lizzie makes accusations without evidence, and she is a bit of a terror, it is fair to hear what people, who obviously have an interest, and know something about her, have to say.

By Anonymous

Elizabeth has severe mental illness that has gone untreated.

She falsely accused her husband of pedophilia. Elizabeth has delusional schizophrenia, narcissistic personality disorder and I am sure other mental illness. She talks in circles using legal terms she knows from years of being married to a lawyer, but she doesn’t say anything that is factual.

It’s all delusions she believes to be true. She has ruined her relationship with her children, which she was given many chances to repair over the last few years. She was allowed to visit them with supervision but every time she did, she attacked the person rather than spend time with her kids. There is video of her going on a psychotic rant in public during one of the supervised visits with her kids and it is heartbreaking to see her children have to face it.

Watch the videos she posted of her and her children at home the night the police showed up. She is in the middle of a delusional schizophrenic episode and drags her children into it. These three kids will be dealing with PTSD from their mentally ill mother publicly destroying their family.

Anyone that says Elizabeth is mentally ill and that none of what she is claiming is true, she immediately says they are Brian or working with Brian. She calls them “flying monkeys”. Same goes for every single person that was appointed to supervise her visits with her children, every court clerk, attorney, judge, guardian, police officer, former friend, etc..

In Elizabeth’s mind, you are either buying her delusions or you are evil that is working for Brian.

Let’s go back to the beginning of what you wrote in this blog post.

You wrote that Brian texted to Elizabeth, “I was indoctrinated into pedophilia” but that isn’t what he wrote and this is important.

He texted: “I want the indoctrination of pedophilia to stop.”

Everyone wants the indoctrination of pedophilia to stop. What he wrote is what every single normal person would write and agree with. Especially when their delusional, schizophrenic wife is having an extreme mental breakdown and wakes them up at 3am to accuse them of pedophilia and other crazy stuff.

Elizabeth has not been homeless, she has not lacked money. She has been given money all along from Brian. Plenty of money. More than any of us spend each month.

If you watch all of Lizzie’s videos, all of the stuff on her website, all of the totally insane phone calls with court clerks, lawyers, people that answer the phone in lawyers offices, judges offices, police stations, all of the “interviews” she has done on YouTube and Instagram, you will see that her mental illness is her biggest enemy and what has destroyed her life.

Elizabeth went to DC to protest Britany Spears guardianship rather than deal with her own mental illness. She has glommed onto whatever she thinks will bring her attention rather than get mental help so that she can see her kids again.

If you talk to her former friends from Briarcliff Manor, NY, you will hear this has been going on for a long time. They have known about her mental illness for many years. They have dealt with it firsthand. They have been on the other end of her breakdowns.

Everything she is doing actually hurts those that are actually under a guardianship that shouldn’t be. Elizabeth needs a guardian. She is very ill. Elizabeth is not well. Elizabeth needs a mental hospital.

The Woman Is Tortured

Liz Harding

If what these individuals say is true – and much of it sounds plausible, Elizabeth Harding needs help.

Let us look at it both ways. Suppose her husband is a pedophile but she has no evidence. Then she is a tortured woman that the court found to be incompetent. She has been gaslighted.

On the other hand, suppose she is mentally ill, and her husband is not a pedophile, but a victim of her mental illness.  Maybe she believes what she says, or maybe she is just reckless and a liar and mentally ill.

Either way, the woman needs help.

I do not know if there is anything anyone can do. But someone should put it on the record that she has provided no evidence that Brian Weinstein is a pedophile, that there is a substantial internet record created by Lizzie that he is, that, if untrue, it is hurting him and their children, and that if she does need help, either help in exposing the legal fraud perpetrated on her, or help for her mental illness, this should be addressed.

For those who evaluate her story, they have the right to examine the facts and demand evidence.

Stay tuned for more.


To hear Lizzie’s side of it:




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  • Elizabeth Harding’s video “MAY 21, 2020 ACTUAL KIDS AT HOUSE” shows that she is the abuser and pedophile. She goes into each teenager’s bedroom without knocking and sexually assaults her son. I feel so bad for these kids. Their lives are destroyed by this sicko.

  • Anyone whom has told lies and knowingly in their hearts stand with evil, understand those are His concerns.

  • This is so pathetic. You look foolish. “Anonymous” sources? Who are friends with me but not Brian? Who disavow that Brian cut off all access to funding and deprived me of housing to torture me for exposing him? Who SWEAR he’s not a pedo?

    How stupid do you think your readers are, exactly? You have NO INTEGRITY, Frank.

    I love how you brush over the relationship with pedo and rapist D’Angelo. Smooth.

    And NO EVIDENCE, when Brian acknowledges his pedophilia in writing and videos? you omit that point, and only refer to him saying that he wanted the indoctrination of pedophilia to stop, WHICH IS IN ADDITION TO HIS OMMISSIONS. Duh.

    Keep digging your hole to expose yourself as being a procured “reporter” who aids and abets pedophiles. Gross, Frank. Gross.

  • Is this the same one that prioritized arguing about wearing a mask at the court house over fighting for her children? If recall then that, and few other things, were a massive red flags that there was huge holes in her story and her take was most definitely not enough to go by.

    I do agree the guardian system has massive problems, most of which begin with judges that do not do the key job of re-evaluating their decisions every step of the way (human ego, the source of so much wrong with the world). Hopefully events like the idiotic long fight Britney Spears had to go through (something most people don’t have the money to engage in) will lead to something useful to make it better. Having said that, I remain unconvinced this case is an example of that abuse.

  • There are many parallels between Lizzy and the wife in the Ambrose case. The difference is the degree of the batshit craziness between the two mothers.

    • Perhaps, and one difference is certain – Weinstein seems stable and employed. Ambrose is unemployed because he plagiarized scripts from another TV show.

      That’s an indication of his character. As for being batshit crazy – what kind of father deprives the children of their mother when they want to see her?

      Lizzie’s kids do not want to see her. The Ambrose children are desolate over not seeing their mother.

      • If I were Ambrose, I would be really afraid to have my children associate with Karen because obviously she has been poisoning the kids against him. Like what on earth would inspire them to go on his phone and take screenshots of his personal pictures as well as his Internet history and send them to the mother? I think she must’ve given them that idea.

        It is really not cool for one parent to enlist kids as soldiers/spies against the other parent…it is ultimately damaging to the children. Or if she did not ask them to do it and they did it of their own initiative, she should maybe teach them about respecting at least a little bit of Dad’s privacy and not go and splash Dad’s private photos all over the internet.

        I can see she was grasping at straws trying to say if he looks at porn, he must be a pervert (gimmie a break) but publishing Ambrose‘s selfies did nothing but attempt to embarrass him. Taking selfies doesn’t mean you’re not capable of caring for kids or you’re a bad person. And she should not have tried to use the pics the kids sent her as ammo against Dad. One day, they might feel so guilty about that. In my opinion, the way Karen is going about this she is just shooting herself in the foot. If she would cooperate with the courts and start acting like a mature grownup, she would probably get some visitation/custody.

        And did she really not show up in court claiming it was because she had Covid? But she refused to give them proof that she had Covid? Sounds like she doesn’t really care that much about seeing her kids.

        Unless somebody is holding her prisoner somewhere and she wasn’t able to go, makes no sense all if she is really so desperate to see her children. It is starting to sound more like it’s not about the kids, she just wants to make life hell for her ex-husband while she sits on her ass doing jack sh@t.

        She is taking advice from the wrong people, like it sounds like her ex-lawyer actually believed the conspiracy theories from that anti-Semitic ass clown at the CT family circus and that’s why she was disbarred.

        OK so Ambrose’s is out of work. What about Karen, does she have a job? Double standards much?

        • There are at least two of us that are highly suspicious of Karen’s claims. If her husband had pictures of naked Latino boys on his laptop, as she claimed, he would be arrested for possessing child pornography. She’s a master manipulator and a professional victim. Give me a break.

          • As her husband said to the custody evaluator of the website Latino Boiz that he apparently visits – the Boiz are over 18.

            They just look younger.

          • I agree regarding her being a professional victim. She needs to “woman up” get a job, get some ethics, and grow a few brain cells. Because she is taking the stupidest and most counterproductive approach to trying to get some custody of her kids. WAKE UP

          • Watch what you say. You will be judged accordingly.
            It’s a Promise.
            He loves good will or a good chill? LOL

      • For clarity, my prior comment was that Liz and Chris are potentially a good match. Wasn’t making any comparison with Karen as there isn’t one to be made.

  • No words other than wow and this woman clearly needs help. I’m no matchmaker but it seems like this Liz woman and Chris Ambrose could very well be a match made in Heaven 😂

    • I do feel compassion for her, but I feel more compassion for her ex husband and children.

      Lizzie is obviously someone who refuses to stay on her medication.

      Lizzie is to use the colloquial, “functional crazy”:
      She can’t be held in an institution, because she is capable of acting sane and doing what she needs to such as taking her medication.

      There is no helping Lizzie.

  • This woman is seriously not well. I feel terrible for her ex-husband and children.

    After reading your post, I watched everything I could find. All of it has been put out there by Liz and all of it reveals that she is mentally ill. Every video and especially the transcript. It amazes me that she put up that transcript thinking it helped her case when, in fact, it does a great job of showing exactly why she needs a guardian. As do all her videos of her violating the order of protection, refusing to follow simple requests, etc. You can see how exhausted the police were with her antics.

    I know she is ill but it makes me angry that she is making real victims look like they are lying. I think she must be a horrible person who is also mentally ill. She is hurting all DV and incest victims with her hatred. She is hurting her children.

    Of course, a judge took them away from her. She kept telling them their father is a pedophile. She even does it in front of the supervisor for her visits. In the video of the night police brought her the papers (before the kids were taken), she said in front of her children, “My children will go to foster care if anything happens to me.” That is not a loving mother. That is a sick, selfish mother.

    She needs to be institutionalized. ASAP!

    • You will be institutionalized.
      That’s a Promise.
      In His Name, Today, Amen
      Watch & Believe~

    • I think it is possible. She is rabidly anti-mask. I’m not so sure masks work but I am not rabid. I heard she told her son when he wore a mask that Satan had got into him and made him wear the mask.

  • For the sake of her children, I hope Lizzie gets the help she needs. When you first posted this story, I was honestly dumbfounded you didn’t see anything wrong with her behavior.

    I’m glad you made this additional post.

    • I had the exact same reaction. There were big blaring signs of mental illness on her part and, more importantly, falsity of her allegations against her husband. Just Clicking on one or 2 of the stories made it all too clear. Especially the video interrogation of her husband taken in the middle of the night — looks like it’s the start of these events.

      In an unhinged conversation in which he remains remarkably calm. He denies being a pedophile over and over again. But she forces him to say he’s against pedophilia in general — Which she later points to as proof that he admitted something. It’s all nonsense. And portraying him as some dark powerful attorney force is also off. Davis Polk is a really big respected elite firm. It’s not out of some John Grisham movie. I can’t even watch videos where those kids are present. How awful.

    • You have already been Judged today by my Father in Heaven.
      Ask Him, and I am Positive He will show you and your crews.
      In Jesus Name, Amen

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